Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Discovery of a New Species: HOMO PERFIDIS

I don't doubt I speak for someone OTHER THAN myself when I say I am quite sick of politics and government. Sufficiently left alone, everyone is always a hell of a lot better off. They're even better off figuring out FOR THEMSELVES what sort of help they need or even if it is needed. Rackets are crimes, and should be conducted, if by anyone, ONLY by private groups and individuals at great risk to themselves. I don't need someone to conduct anti-racket rackets. That I do NOT need. I prefer the Law of Nature and Lex Talionis.

In this context, would everyone kindly convert public institutions into glass houses and get the hell out of mine? Thanks. Because if that had been the case, then we wouldn't NEED the FBI.  SUMPTUARY LAWS ARE JUST ONE EXAMPLE.  If you can't understand the injustice of a sumptuary law, then don't even pretend to understand justice at all.  Rackets, a form of social action resembling in its action the debilitating and deceptive effects of a chemical, ingested as such or released into a body through the action of a parasite which carries it. Public service is to be for those who are willing to be utterly laid bare TO THE PUBLIC, and the offices of government cannot be an exception. Instead of spying on the public, the public should be spying on the government, or else they shouldn't be spying on each other AT ALL. If anything, the government should be spying on itself in every direction, so that everyone in government knows what everyone in government is doing, and then those people should be spied on by the government for the rest of their lives, whether they continue in government or not.

When it comes to the damage these corrupted institutions have done, it goes back far enough, sometimes to their very founding, as not to be a controversy. But as to exceptions to the rule, they're exactly that. I care a hell of a lot less about what a few heroes do in such organizations than about how much harm a single one of them does, let alone the greater percentage of them. At a minimum, the structural conditions of these institutions, which are racket-enabling instead of racket-combating, cause far more harm than good.

I am sick and tired of people pretending or acting as though they have business managing and investigating the lives of others for any reasons whatsoever. I'll say whatever I want to the public, and you can like it or not, but that's my freedom. Unless it expresses an actual criminal intent or act, then it is simply not anyone's damned business except for gaining their own personal intelligence and deciding what they want based upon that. Certainly I was dragged into this filthy fifth column escapade long before I was ever a "public" figure of any kind. A racket is a damned racket.

And I'll dare say this. Without constiutionally sanctioned combat zones made available for disputes of certain kinds, (such as having one's life attacked by a bunch of damned cowards in a racket under false pretexts and color of authority), then you simply can't teach people the proper nature of justice. If someone wants to follow me around for any reason, speak about me to others for any reason, seek me out wherever I am for any reason, they better understand that without the PROPER REASON, this already borders on a CRIME. And if it is done secretly, on false pretexts, IT IS a crime. Period. If this can't be understood by the dipstick, and the GUBMINT doesn't want to do its damned JOB and put these fools in check through due process which is supposed to be their DUTY, and even wants to JOIN IN and cover for these actions, then how far am I supposed to think I can take court actions against these things? REALLY? But I guarantee you and the world, every person and part of it, that I can get MY satisfaction in a publicly presented and sanctioned combat zone with these criminal, psychological warfare operator FOOLS. I have no problem with the outcome, even against 100-1 odds. I will be SATISFIED just stepping in there and unleashing NATURAL LAW ON COWARDS.

But since this has become a country OF cowards, by default, and through all these modes of corruption enabled especially (though not uniquely) through metarackets, I know this will not be arranged. So I have to see morons going around thinking they are spies, thinking they are heroes, thinking they are lawmen, and thinking they are good citizens, when they have through their actions DRAGGED THE COUNTRY INTO STASI_LAND. If I never had a reason to despise people and their social behaviors before, I have it now, and I don't foresee any way this will ever be changed. Utterly DESPICABLE. Utterly ODIOUS. Utterly COWARDLY. Utterly CRIMINAL. Utterly INCOMPETENT. Utterly UNLOVABLE. I'm not the misanthrope here. This world and its social domains, to include its element the "human species" has demonstrated that it is a DEFORMITY of whatever "MAN" is supposed to be. Society is the psychopath. Society is the sociocidal failure. I'm just one of the canaries in the coal mine.

Of course, I have a penchant for poetry, and poetic justice especially. How about let's expose ALL involved in these crimes I have enumerated here and elsewehere? They are not only enablers of all forms of crime, and dirty-handed TO THE PRESENT DAY, and involved in many tragedies in their stupidity and ignorance and gross malfeasance, but they have helped build that into a new and wicked hypernormality. So they should be branded as such, and they should be in a database, color coded to the degree and kind of their involvement and all should have access to that database, and it should be verified in hard copy, and it should also be available to everyone, and I should be able to see, at the push of a button, who has ever been involved in these filthy arrangements. IF THEY ARE EVEN FREE TO BE in the public, because a hell of a lot of them should be detained into separate living places if not outright IMPRISONED or otherwise duly punished for their crimes.

Then and only then would it be possible, perhaps, to contemplate a future, but that would have to be a future of restitutive justice leading to restorative justice, which does NOT require or imply forgiveness and bonding between the criminals and their victims, many of whom had their lives DESTROYED. SICK, SICK, SICK. I want nothing to do with these SICK THROWBACKS. They are HOMO PERFIDIS, and is a DIFFERENT SPECIES. I will not contract with them, and don't want to be under the same sun nor breathe the same air. They are as bad in most cases, if not worse in many, than child abusers and I'm sure many of them are.

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