Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hindsight is 20/20, How about Plainsight? Foresight?

It only takes common sense to understand these things.  I saw click box at the bottom of the screen advertising Gavin McInnes's show "Get Off My Lawn".  No one with a sense of their own, or a sense of their own "anything" (property, life, etc), would fail to understand the sentiment.  So there's the relevance to border security policy, immigration policy,   What about MY RIGHTS.  Was there a proper meeting of the minds that explained that from the inception of the FBI and CIA forward, EVERY PUBLIC ENTITY, whether an institution or venue, would have to be suspected, and RIGHTLY, of surveilling, spying, eavesdropping, experimenting, poisoning, psywarring, pre-emptively investigating on whatever grounds and secretly, and so on and so forth.  Was that properly established to the American people?  Hospitals, public schools, law enforcement agencies (all levels, whatever order), administrations (FDA, FCC, Federal Reserve System/IRS/Treasury, Patent Office, etc.), professional organizations (AMA, APA (psych.), APA (psyc.), and plenty of others operating as modern Guilds/Liveries), Universities, Public and Private Media (especially mass media), agribusiness, pharmabusiness, military industries, chemical industries, various engineering concerns, and the list goes on out the kazoo, that these would all be working together with a degree of synergy justifying a full investigation so as to uncover not only their own individual malfeasance against the public in all or parts, but also in that their cooperation may be and is highly consistent with further degrees of organization and deeper intent than just a happenstance ecosystem of mutually convenient corruption and other injustices!  

If ONLY I had known.  If only my family had known.  I would have been kept from the harmful effects of vaccinations, public school, tap water, foods with additives and poisons, cigarette smoke, at least these all could have been avoided if the government and its associated cliques (its REAL clientele, apparently...) would keep their damned hands OUT of family matters between parents and their children excepting in issues of crime!  Then that alone would have made a world of difference.  Perhaps my IQ, EQ, and every other damned Q would have been high enough, that I could have read more books, developed more theories of how the world works which minds are sometimes able (and less faulty ones than are normal, to include theory of other minds), proceeded to avoid certain public statements and engagements (social and otherwise) known to attract stasi-style, cointelpro/MK-ULTRA assets and agents' attention, and lived a much more meaningful and prosperous private life with far fewer damaging and unhealthy events and phenomena (damn near all of which stemmed demonstrably from the above-mentioned situations from which I could not be protected due to the rackets disguised as social institutions), and then from then on I could have proceeded better and both more cognitively and ethically empowered to deal with SAID RACKETS, so that we'd have instantly lived in a universe parallel to this one where the wisdom of Liberty and Justice as social norms which inform political and economic processes would have been far less injured.  JUST GETTING THE HELL OUT OF FAMILY AND PRIVATE LIFE ALONE, and NOT HARMING the PUBLIC, would have changed EVERYTHING.  Did these institutions succeed at doing even THAT?  HELL NO.

Then there are the matters of their public engagements in corruption and wrongdoing, aside from their inane, incompetent, and inappropriate and in some case illegal policies, OUTSIDE of the lives of families and persons per se.  Those are a nightmare in waking life which pours forth from history books and their factual references which are actually inherited through the DNA of life and material structures of the world, let alone the heritage of social and other inertial forces which keep them alive intergenerationally like some metaphor for horrific sins passed down.  Leaving aside for this instance the specifics of those large scale rackets which deform the overall structures of society and its national life, and there a HELL OF A LOT OF THESE RACKETS and their DAMAGING EFFECTS to enumerate, it can be said that just if the egregiousness of their involvement in the family and personal lives of citizens had been curtailed in the ways I mentioned so that people could just not be hobbled as bad as they've been, there is so much evil already subtracted from the world (no matter what apologists for those regimes of interference rackets claim), that even the damages and their criminal causes which would otherwise still be allowed to exist in this model would have been drastically reduced and drastically more remediable. Regardless, the current state of those large-scale and hypernormalized criminal activities and their responsible and accountable entities who are involved as their causes, have been exacerbated by simply existing in the information/power asymmetry which naturally obtains from the fundamental problems associated with the existence of authority structures which are, demonstrably, inherently unstable and dangerous to society.  ESPECIALLY, as with all other processes, when they are hypertrophied by technological and scientific advancements, especially when those are also subducted into those asymmetries.  Even so, with the changes to the history of the world I mentioned, even leaving in the rackets I mentioned at outset but precluding their damages to families and individuals as I stipulated, then even THOSE problems, which are metaproblems, would have been reduced in their severity by huge degrees.

After these matters are examined just in this survey of the culpability of the relevant entities who brought the harms mentioned, there are now, as there would be in this greatly ameliorated model of the actual world I just presented, a certain invariant commonality that should not be ignored.  And that is that if these systems of corruption which are infused with powers to commit crimes (not merely take actions resembling crimes in their outer character as simple acts, as in rightful killing versus homicide) are not fully excoriated of their vile capabilities and decayed elements of structure and personnel, then in all possible worlds which include them, however benign outside of the sole consideration of these elements themselves, then these forms of corruption, which should be called METACORRUPTION, will simply inevitably devour everything they are supposed to protect, and with the same methods, for the same reasons, as the evils they are supposed to combat, and at all opportunities, which are far more saliently available and convenient due to color of authority.

If these entities are NOT turned utterly inside out so as to effect these purges of THEM, then all else WILL BE.

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