Sunday, February 18, 2018

What's a Child Worth?

A Child is Worth Many Things to Many Beings:
For Evil Beings:

Power Tripping Object
Brainwashing Target
Recruitment for Organizations
Psychological Projection Object (For Personal Use)

Loosh Source (Spiritual Energy Converted into Useful Energy for Personal Consumption) (Chakral Devouring)
Sex Slavery
Torture Object
Murder Victim
Occult Sacrifice (Special Case of All the Above)

Snuff/Porn Material for All the Above

Tissue/Organ/Fluid Harvesting/Trafficking (Including Adrenocrhome-Blood)
Manchurian Candidate
Patsy du Jour
Blackmail Material (In Form of any of the Above)
Bribery Material (In the Form of any of the Above)

PR Material (It's "For the CHILDREN"!!)
Hostage Material
Target of Threats for Coercion
Target of Abduction (an industry in itself, "Procurement")
Target of Rhetoric used in Calumny (When Any Involved in the Above falsely accuse others)

Overall, a Evil, Dark CURRENCY

To evil beings, they are worth "Quite a Lot". Especially if it is understood that these beings, children, are those who house the future of those who should be nurturing them, who house the investment of Holy Beings who come here for various purposes, and who may even be potential vehicles for the justification of either the world's salvation, or its destruction, and will inevitably be involved in either scenario.

They are worth a lot as future people, future inventors, future problem-solvers, future workers and creators, future freedom-loving people, future defenders of children, future nurturers of children, future bringers-of-children into the world, future preparers of a better world, indeed the very essence of the future ITSELF in the NOW. They are sons and daughters, receivers and enhancers of culture, capable of manifesting the very Essence of Reality in It's Purest Form and bring this into Adulthood.

So they ARE "the people" in their most vulnerable, most innocent, most future-laden form. Think about those values in terms of what value children have to those who have active control of the world through ALL of its institutions of authority, Sacral or Secular.

Then think TWICE about why "I" am targeted by these evil fiends. Think "TWICE" about mocking "my" Authority. I 'm not here to forgive or forget, I'm not here to be a fool or push a broom. I'm here to see, to know, to assess, to evaluate, to assay, and to JUDGE. Not ONLY on "my" behalf, either. This world, from its core to the edge of the known universe, is fit for destruction, if it is taken to be the case that what goes on "in and on" Earth is symptomatic of those domains. THINK: If this world were the "sample" by which this universe and its spiritual forces were judged, then ALL would be subject to annihilation as condemned evil.

I have, among many other things, been at work exposing this as the underlying reality of the world.  When this finally exploded into public awareness through the "Pizza Gate" situation, which should be called "Pedo Gate" if it is a "Gate" at all (more of a giant open area nobody acknowledges), I was once asked what is my position on it.  I explained in a very drawn out way that my position on it is that if anyone had been paying any attention to anything I had been saying about anything and everything connected to this issue, then my position on this would have been plain.  It is a real, underlying reality.  But how can one look at it in a vaccuum?  Is not counterfeiting and unlawful experimentations on people, both done on mass scales through public institutions, not a form of the same thing?  Are they not connected?  

So what of the Federal Reserve System and its connected unlawful banking and financing schemes, involved in blatant Credit Fraud, Fractional Reserve Banking (a form of that fraud), and many associated rackets and crimes necessary for sustaining these entities?  What of the Internal Revenue Service and its unlawful taxation of labor through the Income Tax?  What are their connections to Old World Powers?  Are any of THESE entities connected to the evil currency of which much rightful ado has been made?  Of COURSE they are!  Evil is of a piece.  Reality is of a piece.  Good is of a piece.  They war against one another and in that process create, falsify, expose, destroy, and in short tear worlds to pieces.  It is the PSYCHOMACHIA MAXIMUS.  

So I have been underlining the entities and the mechanisms that UNDERLIE these phenomena, that make such evil things even possible let alone conceivable, and thereby explained the motives of the agents, their methods of achieving their goals, and the forms of individual and social psychology (worldviews and cultures) that make their existence possible and sustainable.  I've explained the damage they do, and how they cover it up.  I've shown the mechanisms and the metamechanisms that show the design of these beings and the reasons for their active processes. All society "at large" wants to do is keep marching along in their unique and shared delusions, turn the other cheek, look the other way, keep the eyes averted, their heads down (or even up their fifth point of contact), "hear, see, speak no evil", go along to get along, and basically roll over to these rackets and metarackets like a bunch of BITCHES.

So all that is discussed in THIS VIDEO is of a piece, and is connected to all that I have ever said, done or written since I discovered without any room for doubt the existence of all these entities and their rackets.  If you haven't discovered this by now, let alone as far back as when I first began unraveling their deceptions as I matured into a young adult and began expanding my studies in spite of the obstructions and damages against me, then you need to fucking GO TO SCHOOL, don't come around me "fifthin" like fools, unless you want to enhance your debt to be paid in hell.  There have been NO LIMITS (in essence) to the number of catalysts available to all in this world, through every conceivable venue.  What you've done is revealed your own natures THROUGH those catalysts.  Watch a movie about yourselves.

If you DID know, then the question remains, what did you know and when did you know it?  And just as important, what have YOU been doing about it?  More often than not, FIFTHIN.  I have  been one of many catalysts for process of discovery of this world's nature and destiny.  So have all these children.  So have you.

So ask yourselves again, "What's a child worth"?

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