Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Essential Realizations I

When one first encounters the world, it is without knowledge of the encounter.  One encounters phenomena, an inchoate turbulence of indeterminate precursors to experience, something like what it might be to possess the psychism of a single cell.  The closest thing to being nothing for that kind of something.  The simplest elemental substructure for an entity which will be the telic inevitability resultant from that point of origin.  The organic transformation of an epitomal part, an essence, into the fullness of its ultimate purpose, which results in the ultimate form, the final cause toward which its "inner drives", its "inner causes", its "urges" in all senses of the word, are productive. This is the microcosm extending itself to recapitulate the macrocosm.  I won't belabor the mechanics of it, as it is perhaps droll to those who would be more interested in the most important part of metaphysics, which is not the mechanics normally taken for such.  Rather it is the "semantic" side of that syntax, which is most heartily taken to the be the meaning of the term "metaphysics" by today's pragmatists of the flesh, who come in the forms as varied as the standardized roles of the human creation everywhere found in this domain of time and space, matter and energy, nature and will, called "Earth".

If I were to do otherwise, I would have to discuss the deterministic aetiology of the single cell, and I would be discussing "biology".  That is something which one can investigate with great detail these days, to the point that they can use computer models to actually reproduce the entire chemical machinery that comprises such an entity, and operate it as a digital duplicate of the real thing.  And then they can print it out in four dimensions.  That's no mean feat given what they had to say about the cell's various apparatuses back in the 1950s.  And that goes for the creation of computing machines that had back then the form and function of a Frankenstein compared to an Absalom on NZT-48 such as exists in secret laboratories today (lesser forms for the dupes out here).  Just compare what the ENIAC was and could do with what is and can now be done by Quantum Supercomputers. Entire human brains can be modeled, not only in abstracta, but per specimen.  And with the right nanotechnological infiltration of the body, and the right grid of pulsed directed energy systems surrounding said specimens, it could be mapped and modeled in real time...  If the reader doesn't think this is true it won't matter for the question of its actual truth.  It is true or it isn't.  But one needn't have some sort of Cosmic Clearance at DARPA to know that this is highly indicated to have been developed according to the trajectories indicated by all sorts of empirical and scientifically informed heuristics which enable the informed estimation "at a distance" of what some group can or can't do.  It's an analytical form of "remote viewing", one might say.  Yeah, I know.  I'm supposed to be an obedient peasant and just "fifth it" on command.  No can do.  I'm a philosopher, and I will know the Truth.  That's what distinguishes me, among other attributes, from those who can be pushed around with lies and misinformation, or be confidence-tricked into doing others dirty.  Honor is another distinguishing characteristic.  If I'm going to engage in something, I'm going to make sure that it isn't at the behest of some filthy, power-grabbing treasonous, seditious piece of dookey.  If you consider yourself a "White Hat" in this context, ask yourself, among other things, "what did I know" and "when did I know it", as well as "should I have known" and "why didn't I".  If you were a real "White Hat" there would have been a whole hell of a lot less evil in basements and prisons (secret and otherwise) all over this country.  Bloviate that smoke up someone else's butt.

One just has to bother to look at the information that leaks to the public, that takes form in the acknowledged domains of public progress, through the regular forms of presentation as events in the world, through the typical venues.  You know, historical records, writings in the philosophy of science pertaining to the predictable forms of progress in science and technology, certain unsettling patterns found in comparing old science fiction with current reality, science journals and technology journals and newsletters, actually acknowledged devices and their utility as ascertained from reports on existing prototypes and existing patents which suggest much more that is possible than a news bite tailored to the plebs will reveal, and so on.  Plus there are additional "indicators" that "leak out" from their being used that only certain types of investigative minds are likely to detect and correlate with possibilities of interpretation that only those types of minds will even bother to model.  They'll also model them on various templates of appearance and substance, to ferret out all probabilities as to their being simply apparitions, delusions, real events pretending to be other real events, and what those two types of real events are (which one is the mundane one, and which one is the arcane one?).   I do that as a natural sort of inclination which I've always honed privately since others simply found it annoying or despicable or whatever. Suits me.  It helps me find out what's really going on in the world around me, and I don't find that annoying or despicable in itself .  I find it very useful.  I  can't speak merrily of the unhappy findings that resulted from it, but that is as my motto for this expositional platform has stated, a preferred consequence all the same.

I should point out that these writings are not necessarily intended for the broad audience that may be supposed to exist through use of the internet, but which is no doubt anyway thoroughly truncated through the covert manipulation of the topologies of information flow on said Stasi-style weapon system.  I've discussed at reasonable length in earlier writings what I think about this system and why I have come to understand it this way.  Though I didn't go fishing through some dusty Hall of Records to obtain the "this document per se" or "that document per se" like some neurotic paralegal doesn't mean that it bears no substantive references to existing documents.  Only a fool would presume that it doesn't, yet go around wondering why his world is turning into some sort of alien thing right in front of him.  Then again, a lot of people out here in the world remind me of a cartoon character I have noticed, since it has become a meme:The one with the anthropomorphic dog sitting at a table in a room that's engulfed in flames.  But he has a cup of coffee, so "This is fine" is his simple and content mantra.  Sort of like the fancy pants fifths who through one dint of connection  or another become the "chosen ones" for benefiting materially from various rackets in order to push them forward into the outward flesh of the cultural and public spaces.  They just bounce along all snarky and gleeful, or else perhaps just snarky, thinking "This is fine". Because they ain't digging through trash in an ally, so it must be.

But in fact they are a symptom of the overall condition of humanity.  I spoke of the biometrics of his form in general terms, referencing a metaphysical template that understands various relations of cause and effect according to what dimension of the analysis of the phenomenon one is taking. It is easy to ignore or "brush off" something that may seem trivial or abstruse, yet without these trivialities and "abstrusions", we would simply not exist in this form at all, it turns out.  The calculus would not have been invented, and many other novelties of our current day would have lain dormant as strange phantasms better suited for feverish and impractical minds, but they were not only thinkable, but the reality itself  as so thought, thought after the fact of the reality itself, in harmony with it, in Truth. That has a particular resonance which is the origin of valid intuition and the foundation of all scientific thought and methodology. And so here we are, in said soup of consequences, and it doesn't matter one damn bit if the average stooge can't see the cause but can just gawk at the effect within the narrow scope allowed him by his handler, whether it be an agent of some organized criminal metaracket, his own cowardly aversion to thought of the unpleasant, or the programming inseminated into his mind through culture (all correlated by the way). 

Yet it is so damn easy to see the arrangement in its bare possibility when it has already become actual and is actually revealed, even admitted.  Rest assured, I do not have any sort of formal study of the biology and physiology of the human form under my belt, but I can describe with some reasonable coherence its various systems and their functions simply due to being highly exposed to that information over a long period of time, and having gone delving into it quite a bit as a side line among many.  I'm saturated with a sort of familiarity which would have been a godly expertise merely a few hundred years ago, like that of some uncanny genie.  All this goes to show is that the consequences of the real facts tend to saturate the world with their fruit, the effects that proceed from those factual causes.  It doesn't way for some tidy and preferred way of being presented in order to be real, and the significant results of these realities don't either.  And many will go on with the same level of knowledge and understanding of things which was the norm for their ancestors 4000 years ago, no matter the degree of saturation of such information.  That's how compartmentalization puts its indelible and unmistakable spin on the apparatuses of information flow through culture that have correlations with human behavioral characteristics of a certain sort which are impossible not to see for some such as myself, though impossible to see for the majority.

So this little group of likely readers should heed that I don't present these writings in some mere hope of this or that recognition of what I say leading to this or that response in their minds or hearts, their souls and bodies.  I'm aware that systems are what they are due to their inherent nature, and that the system in which the world is immured is one which is in accordance with the  nature of its maker and fashioner, which has indeed chosen its favorite specimens of the animal kingdom to become "manlike" and has chosen his favorite subspecies and in those his favorite specimens to do this, that or the other so as to satisfy the reasons he made humankind in a world like this to begin with:  To satisfy his urges, among them the urge to manifest an exteriority over which he can hold dominance. This assuages, whether he realizes it or not, some inchoate ennui within himself that makes him worry that he might not be who or what he thinks he is. God.  And he should worry, for as the myths attest, evil had to come from somewhere, and if not God, then who?  Then what?  Yet there "God" is, extolling his own singular power and ultimate responsibility for everything.  Yet this one phenomenon, the more important part of metaphysics, the "qualia" of experience, are as much a mystery to him as to any of his creations.  Wherefore all this issue of "right" and "wrong" in the various axiological domains of experience, decision, thought, action and interaction ?

Well, the Demiurge has his preferences to be sure, and they stem from his own deep-seated nature, which demands that his inclinations to be adored be met much as one might expect a narcissistic psychopath to eventually engage in some sort of cruel and ruthless behavior "out of the blue" if their own inner needs are not met satisfactorily otherwise.  And it turns out that they cannot be otherwise satisfied.  But after the fact rationalizations and pseudo-justifications are the responsibility of the afflicted, er I meant the blessed and rightly subservient created things.  Such a thing is truly inconceivable, from my point of view as one who harbors his own intuitions about how "a world should be".  I have investigated the world "how it is" long enough to know that even it ought to know better than to take such strange meta-inconsistencies for granted!  These cannot be lightly brushed over, but are almost utterly ignored, or even treated as glorious mysteries further indicative of our need and privilege to worship and adore Yahweh et al.  Well, that may be another symptom of being the creation of such a thing, as it must surely be capable and only capable of twisting things into its own causal image.  How could it be otherwise?  The truth is that there is a way it could be otherwise, but not with the assumption that this evil cosmocrator is the chief cause of reality being the normative metaphysical axiom.  I was once chastised by one who ought to have known better, because I kept asking "by why does it exist, as such", meaning both "why does it exist (or anything exist) at all" and also "why this way".  I never stopped investigating that issue despite the whiny spite of that fool, who has later demonstrated all sorts of evidences of mental and moral degeneration in his conduct and thought.   I have found  it.

The further ramifications for these processes of thought will be explained in the continuing series of articles which will proceed from this, their seemingly incoherent cause.  By the end of this series, my full meaning will be understood, as to why I chose these subjects and treated them this way in this short sequences of paragraphs.  And whether anyone at all, or whoever at all, is there to read them, it will not prevent their effect from reaching their full manifestation.  They have already come to pass, and what is seen here is a recapitular echo.

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