Sunday, February 28, 2016


Look, just suffice it to say that I had suspected as much for a very long time, but never got around to checking on it.  I presented my material to the public on BOOBTOOB in good faith, only find that, as I had suspected was very possible, turns out to be exactly the case.

As I said in a post concerning "LIARS AND LAIRS", and as I have been discussing here and there in my recent videos, (and as I said, have suspected "about evenly" for a while now), YOUBOOB is doing what I've heard called "Whitelisting" on my channel there called "The Gnostic Truth" (link above).

I have put my content out there in a clear pattern of progression, from the oldest to the newest, since 2009.  7 years of content, and who knows how long or in how many ways they have basically FAKED my interaction with their filthy policy of obfuscation and obstruction, all because they didn't want me to be AWARE they were doing this, or in any event if I were to be fully aware of it, it would simply be their way of saying "See pal?  There's nothing  you can do. JEWTUBE is UNSTOPPABLE". Well I'm just assuming the source of the problem in this case, because ALEX JONES is flying high in the ratings, but NEVER talks about "the ones you cannot criticize".

Ah well, it seems that the cowards are doing PRECISELY what I predicted they would be doing either in this world or in any near possible world.  They are doing it to me, to my channels, to anyone they damned well please.  They may even allow a faggoty third party do it, so they can have plausible lie-ability.  Haha.

Well, they have very plausible LIABILITY, on a deep spiritual level.  They are pretty much bankrupt since if what I had to say or teach or discuss were so in need of being HIDDEN SO THOROUGHLY that an average browser will see NOTHING on my comment section from the last 2 weeks, and will find NONE of my comments on ANY videos where I have commented, with EITHER of my channels, even though I can see my own comments from either channel with the other (presumably to defuse the obviousness).  But this is not 100% of the time.  Either the system is not foolproof in its design or it is just sloppy, or they are just lazy.

Well, either way, that is a HUGE HEAP of dishonesty on their part, and it just goes to show EVERYONE who is familiar with me and my work that the INTERNET IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. If they can do it to me, they can do it to you or anyone.  If they will do it on YouBube, they will do it anywhere on the internet, as long as the carrots and sticks are all lined up properly.  For all I know my own subscribers on The Gnostic Truth are mostly just images, receiving no information from me, and perhaps unable to see my comments anywhere, and so forth just as with any other viewer.

I should have known earlier, but I wasn't fully aware in those days as to how deep the cowardice went in the evil lying enemy of cowards which I've since developed quite a bit of study concerning them. Their TROLL FORCES seemed to peter out, then die out.  I thought maybe they had realized I was on to their methodology of constricting their interaction.  They are like a parasite, very intuitive about being detected, as are all predators, such as human criminal cowards.

Well, I was probably right about that.  What I hadn't considered then is that they may even have various methods of controlling information flows through the internet so that, functionally dependent upon your location "on the net" and your "identity on the net", and when and where recognized at any access point, your whole "version of" the internet is regulated and shifted to be within the established parameters their protocols for control have designated.

This pathetic scam is exposed.  And because they've gone to this length to suppress the Truth that I have exposed, imagine what it says about the direction that I've been going. They are actually wanting to completely immure my content in an electronic bubble of deception, and my intuition was correct the entire time.  For all anyone knows, even this post is deep in bubble wrap.

After all, every time I post here, they let me know they instantly view it and +1 it.  It is just their faggoty way of saying "tee hee hee".

So, since the do it here, at the voting booths and the voting machines and in the voting apps, and since they do it everywhere in the society and its institutions, and because as the late Michael Jackson said, THEY DO IT ON PURPOSE, and because they are LIARS and COWARDS, they are cursed forever and  unto Eternity, as I declared Rightly about them some time ago and ever since.  I declared it secretly and then sealed it until I had perfect evidence, then after that I declared it openly and just kept watching the changes.  These world events with which we are now faced, to include the matter of Donald Trump, Fukushima, Psychotronics, Gangstalking, Cowardly fifth column fake people installed in all "communities", Implants, all the typical vectors of evil that are too numerous to mention but which all the others talk about, and now this finally being a 100% certainty concerning the Covert Internet Manipulation Topologies such as "whitelisting", then we are basically "at the end" of this entire system.  It is at its evil breaking point.  The election will only be an outer symptom of a Greater Event which approaches this evil gulag of lies from a Domain beyond its pathetic sense of false control.

All this comes right as I was about to finish up the Axiology series and begin the Praxeology series in earnest.  This is what they wanted to be sure to hide.  All this information, from the depths of theory to the breadth of praxis, from the intricacies of logical analysis to the kaleidoscopes of empirical experience, to the realms of the subtle intuition, they do not want people to get all the information and their analysis from any coherent source unless THEY control it.

Welcome to the obvious, which I've been drumming on about all along.  They must now know that they are doomed.

Eternal Destinies have been decided.  Now this year is going to see MANY changes unfold, as it is now the end of pretenses, as they don't allow even a fraction of the "free speech" and communication which they pretend, while they show you their pathetic and fake pseudo-culture in their products, commercials, "programming", and "entertainment", their "news" and "politics", their "law and order", and all the rest of their hollow and meaningless BULLSHIT.

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