Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mysterium Quotus I

In these videos, which are both parts of a whole which I edited down, I discuss, express, explain to wise and foolish public, of whom the greater majority are of the latter disposition, exactly why I say that they are divided into these two groups, in this proportion, and with what consequences for society as a whole, my view of it, (parenthetically, its view of me, which is a deformed caricature of the warps and weaves of their own poor mental hygiene and spiritual or civic virtue), and the consequences of all this for what sort of world it is in which we all seem to live (whether as zombies or rational and decent beings who are not criminals), as well as for my mood (incidentally, but not trivially).

I try to couch all this in a context of promoting virtues such as courage, frankness, self-sufficiency, clarity, reason, activity, initiative, proper impudence when necessary but with a preference select and appropriate indifference or apathy.  Kindness only where possible, which is best served in my case and in the case of many by simply not pretending a lie.

For this is all the only proper way to be, and it is contradicted by the world of hypocrisy, cowardice, perversion, malice, criminality, impertinence, arrogance, ignorance, delusion, avarice, and many other vices that are in sharp distinction in the proportion of evidence of these evils found in practice versus the promulgation and pretenses to the contrary.  These facades which are erected to enable these claims of authentic civic action amount to pretexts based upon disingenuous propaganda along with malfeasance and malice to attack the very principles, rights, and freedoms they pretend to defend.  To attack LIBERTY AND RIGHT HERSELF.

Education, Religion, Medicine, Law, Government, Economics, Finance, Currency, Art and Culture, Customs, Venues of any form of Congress physical or virtual, privacy and any real or other tangible property, even the fabric of SOCIETY ITSELF, are a travesty if not also an outright MOCKERY.

And at worst an active, SURREAL PUT UPON against anyone with a lick of COMMON SENSE.

And that, technically, is according to the world's own expert opinion, I'm just adding my decidedly convinced testimony, vis-a-vis the sources I mentioned at outset, both objective and subjective, publicy and privately available, historical and bitingly current.

For pleasure, each virtue with an attendant motto:

Reason:                 quid est quod quid est?
Virtue:                    et propter eam
Clarity:                   non mentior
Exercise:                fac aut morere!
Frankness:             tantum modo dicuntur
Impudence:            sicut illud aut non, or in extreme cases Go fuck yourself
Self-sufficiency:     ipsissimus maxi via,  No thanks, Nah, No, Fuck Off (depending)
Apathy:                  quid ergo,  Meh
Indifference:           : |

Kindness:                For the deserving (part of Suum Cuique, "To Each His Own").  ENTIRELY OPTIONAL, so:    "si opportunum videtur."

Confusion:              The condition of idiots. Their motto is "stutus quo"
Mischief:                The PERFIDY OF EVIL.  It deserves a nameless grave in oblivion unto eternity. Their Motto: "Sucks to be us".

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