Monday, February 8, 2016

Turn Yourselves In, Drop onto Your Faces, and Confess

Look at the world around you.  There are principles which people adore, but do not put into practice. So they adore it publicly, but privately they are against them. People see the one, but don't see the other. Therefore they look away from the truth, because they willfully neglect to see what is. In that they willfully neglect to see what is, this serves as their sacrifice.  Their final act of cowardice as beings with any glimmer of hope for any kind of redemption or restoration as Real Beings, is to renounce their possibility as Real Beings, with their own conscience and consciousness.  They should have known this if they had Real Consciousness, and then they would have understood what conscience commands.

But they had empty, or even negative souls, commanded within the hierarchy of spiritual whores. This vast, incredibly plastic network of deplorable souls commands most bodies on earth. They are "artificial souls".  Well isn't that special?

The most hilarious thing about them is that in the ultimate sense in which we would think something was "sentient", they are lacking a sense of consciousness which is biconditional with conscience. And that is understood by people of conscience first one way, and then finally in the other.  That's when they know that the world is populated by a very strong majority of "meat puppets", as I like to call them.  I mean, you have to have a name for something that is organic yet demonstrates no conscience, and only the most rudimentary evidence of consciousness to boot...

Take it in the Aristotelian spirit, so to speak.  It either is, or it isn't the case. I could be generous and say it isn't the case, and the status quo is authoritative. But then if I examine the evidence, both empirical and logical, both sensory and intuitive, I am firmly guided to a contradiction, but only if I retain the assumption that I am wrong, only if I allow myself to believe the absurdity that is proposed in the status quo, the strange code of doctrine which says that once you've seen it plastered everywhere, then you've seen the truth. But what is plastered everywhere can sometimes be a bunch of bullshit.  The only things that matter when people listen to the puffs of air coming out of one another's mouths is:

 1) What are the facts

 2) What inferences from them may be drawn

It is simply a matter of proper jurisprudence.  The laws are immutable, the facts are indisputable, the logic is irrefutable. The demands of Justice are derived without error from these. And all is confirmed by those of Good Conscience, proceeding in the  Good Faith reserved for matters of the gravest importance.

I have completed my examination of the world.  It is bristling with facts of experience, both in the subjectivity of its bodies and in the objectivity of its static mentalities.  What is found is that in all faculties of the mind, from the senses of the body to the most abstract ideas of spiritual significance, what can be demonstrated to anyone beyond the shadow of any doubt, even to a ROCK, is that this world is corrupt through and through and worthy of nothing short of destruction.


Conspiracy to defraud Beings
Conspiracy to murder Beings
Conspiracy to defame Beings

On the whole Conspiracy to DEVOUR Beings.  That is a crime in any possible universe where a Being's integrity is damaged in the slightest by such a process, "devouring", which means the causing of the Being which is devoured to lose its integrity without this being proper to the nature of that being, and given that the circumstances were arranged to cause that Being, not in essence but in only an accidental sense, to diminish its Dignity by involvement in this worldwide Human Zoo of Orchestrated Perfidy.

That's what it is, so that's what I call it. I don't give a wazoo what the giraffe thinks of my saying it is in the animal zoo, except that if does think something of that, then I'd find that amazing that a giraffe can discern the meaning of my words, or perhaps my thoughts, and then respond in a sensible manner, given that it may be upset about such a condition and perhaps mistake my matter of fact delivery for being a callous disregard for his plight, hence the justifiable anger.  I'd care what it thinks in that sense.  But if the giraffe were to say, magically acquire the ability to seem exactly like an adorable human "meat puppet", then I'd be disenchanted with it nonetheless when I found that it willfully participated in its own incarceration.  Same hateworthy feature, different substrate.  The substrate takes the blame, and so in this case I must view the human being with some sense of psychological distance from myself as a reasoning man, for certain I must do this in direct proportion to his willful ignorance and evildoing.

That includes even if he looks the other way, instead of doing what is right when he damn well knows that he's wrong to do otherwise, and that all that is formally and contentually true demands it of him.  But the evil being is out of the question here, as this freak can do nothing but wrong.  Here I speak of the automatons that pass as people, but continue to allow the discordant contradiction between what is presented as the status quo (the myth of the status quo as I've defined it), a myth which is pushed like some sort of metaphysically destructive drug, made pervasive in the mass culture as a well-structured set of distortions between substance and image, form and content, so that lesser minds accept the sign for the signified, and so commit the fatal mistake which condemns them as beings ensouled by physical souls, and not Spiritual Beings encased in such souls. Both are further encased in these "meat puppet" bodies, which are simply biconditionally strict operations between what is not the proper form of a True and Real Spiritual Being, and that Being's Essence.  That is the very definition of imprisonment, of immuration for the sake of taking from a Being, in no way intending to return.  That is demonstrated analytically quite easily, because the opportunity to be involved in other transactions of energy is automatically prevented, no matter whether the immured Being is convinced, in whatever way, that the choices with which It is presented are appropriate for meaningful decision and action and experience.

That is necessarily abrogated by the process of imprisonment, and immediately begs the question of cause, for which none have been given which have any credibility or viability.

In most pretentiously "civil societies", the question of whether or not a person's freedom can be restricted is not taken lightly.  It is always required, for the sake of honor alone, including the honor of any offices of authority, that the question of any actions taken by one person upon another be open to the public for inspection, unless both parties agree to keep it in confidence.  I don't recall agreeing with any entities concerning immuration within any manipulated circumstances designed to corrupt a person and cause them to lose their bearings on objective reality by creating substitutes for that, making them the status quo, and then using this backdrop as a sort of camouflage by which to instigate a condition where anyone in the public can be chosen for arbitrary ostracism on false pretenses, isolated, and punished according to the despicable presumptions of authority by some hideous and absurd, cultish and imbecilic monkeys-appearing-human, and all done in occulto. That was never something I said "okay" to.  Whatever was undertaken under that false undertstanding is null, and I rightly declare ab initio against any seeming agreements with any parties involved in these despicable crimes as I have described them.

My choice of words is clear enough to announce my judgement clearly to all parties involved. At no law, of any kind, am I at fault in this.  I am following the ultimate principles of Right which found ALL Authority, both the Real and the counterfeit.

Those involved know of their guilt, for they have broken all of their own laws which they claimed in public and out in the open to defend, but they didn't in practice.  What they claimed to uphold in public, they despised in private.  This is their hypocrisy which immediately and forever throughout all time abolishes any notion of authority in them.  They cannot escape judgment, sentence, and execution according to Divine Laws, which pertain to the inevitable. 

It is one thing to defraud another being, in any world.  It is automatically a defaming act.  That person is to lose standing.  But that can sometimes be due to the need to survive, and as a last resort or a sensible and necessary recourse to damages received from the truly guilty party, the one which is usually called today "too big" to fail...  A moment of pause to allow the laughter to subside.  Take as long as you like. It is the sort of joke which cannot fail to be funny, in that its absurdity is guaranteed by the Ultimate and Absolute Truth, which brooks no deceit nor perfidy.

Worse is to murder a being, to directly take their power to express from them in any way, by any means, for any reason other than in defense against the very same sort of action.  But what if the conflict exists between a being who is sufficient unto itself with respect to the murdering being, and the murdering being is a damned parasite?  In that case, the damned parasite might rationalize, in every possible state of its consciousness (or what passes for it), that the failure of the other  being, the one it seeks to murder, to be available for that purpose on demand, is in and of itself a direct attempt to take the life of the being which sought it as food.

Well, tough shit.  It doesn't work that way.  And that's what's going to get shoved into your souls, in hell, for as long as it takes, until you confess that this is the Truth, that defrauding and murdering other beings is never justified in any way, not even if it seems your survival depends upon it, except in specifically those cases that YOU were self-sufficient with respect to the other being in some specific way, and in THAT specific way it sought yours for its own.  That's an attempt to tax the very soul and essence of a being, and that only a devil or demon would attempt to do, per definitionem.

So those who are engaged in such actions are condemned. Worse than all this, they heap condemnation upon their victims, and frame them, and mislabel them, and falsely accuse them, and differentially treat them while pretending fairness and good faith (and having none), but simply going through the motions of protocols while looking for every way to stake it falsely against those they persecute. Indeed, in fact, they seek every pathetic means to obfuscate their own crimes while blaming their chosen scapegoats for an invented crime, or perhaps a crime they themselves have committed, but in all cases to turn the mob against those, often freeing (or funding) a "Barbaras" type of entity in exchange.  Part of the sick act one supposes.

But this defamation of the Righteous cannot be without recompense.  By all proper lights, it is absolutely wrong. Even by the world's own status quo of all known mores, traditions, and customs, to say nothing of codified laws, it is not allowed to dishonor everyone just to protect a few criminals, especially not at the cost of finding those most vehemently opposed to these evils and blame them as scapegoats, to ritually involve everyone in massive spiritual suicide pacts of evildoing in hopes that they can in some way delay or deflect Justice. So the motive is clear, and all funding of criminals, all secret deals with enemies, all covert actions against people by others of the same society, all deceptions in any field, any form of misrepresentation of power, rights, authority, duty, value or any other such ideal, all this amounts to an attempt to defraud JUSTICE FROM ALL in order to PRIVILEGE SOME.  It is the worst perfidy imaginable even as it stands.  But we see, as I've outlined in the last two paragraphs, that there is a SHEER COLOSSUS OF HYPOCRISY required for this to take place, and as I've demonstrated and will continue to demonstrate, it could only be rampant to this degree because they have modified it and catalyzed it by many vectors, not least evil of which is psychotronics, along with social engineering regimes involving mercenaries who are "fake people".  People who are fully funded by this cryptotyranny, who are "insiders" but low level scum in the hierarchy.  They PROLIFERATE society now, and are drawn from its various ranks wherever problematic people can be found who would rather join than resist dominance on this level. There are steady supplies of vulnerable children that they are now teaching to be more easily corruptible so that even the next crop will be even more easy to initiate and control.

They tried these tactics with me my whole life, and I consistently and with increasing completeness of awareness and will, rejected their false authority.

These idiots, who do wrong against the Right, who blame the innocent for the crimes which they commit themselves, and which pass themselves off as Right when they do these evils and many others, using public space and time to continue this utter evil, these spiritual morons and metaphysical troglodytes are condemned.  They must now endure what was foretold about them in most of the surviving tomes written by those whom they have persecuted in the past, some of whose works which they haven't destroyed or harried into worse fates so as to utterly deform them from their original form being lately available to all, but of course neglected.  The rest have been hidden in vaults to be kept in disuse, since none so evil can have use of them, and the Righteous are kept from them.

And in their other crimes, which are too numerous to spell out yet again, we have all the empirical, definitively factual evidence anyone could want, including the interesting evidence of mass collective apathy concerning such crimes, and these same people's exposure to them, which reveals a contradiction when we realize these people also claim to be concerned about damages which result from those crimes, but these same people in no way act in accordance with duty and right in those matters.

They also look the other way intentionally, or out of capitulation to cowardice.

The rest are fully guilty demons just slaking their thirst on others' blood as a matter of policy, given that their positions happen to require and their nature also relishes it. Hence, this verifies their irredeemable condition without any doubt.  It is such that even an iota of hypocrisy at this scale requires the consideration of the entire edifice and substructures of these realms as being completely corrupt. That was found both by the evidence which if true would require us to say this, and also because of the evidence which if found to be false would likewise drive us to the same conclusion. Not just one or the other, but both.  Both directly and indirectly, both by fact and by inference, both by empirical evidence of the sense and by the coherent integrity of logic and intuition. It is plainly evident then that the guilt of those involved in these crimes is undeniable, even as they now seek culprits to take their place, and more sideshows to distract people from these matters until then, people who with complicity cooperate in this mockery of society and community, family, life, progress, decency, virtue, values of any and all kinds, save they can be deformed in any way required to suit  this one special group of privileged demons. For that is the only name that fits these criminals, and it befits the cowardice of the methodologies which have been employed, and the other means involved, which resemble something which is so sinister as to require consideration in its own right as a sheer possibility, since all this evidence enables no less than that much, but then the weight of aggregate evidence and their synergistic convergences upon a likely narrative all point to the one which I describe here and in many other places.

I have spoken of the means, documented and revealed by many means to the world, understood to exist by the sane and educated, some people pretending to be sane and educated being numbered among those who produced such developments in technique and technology, but they were merely disturbed people who were speciously well-informed about precisely what was needed for the sake of the evil designs here described generally:

*Psychological warfare against people in the same society as a matter of tacit policy

*Protection rackets founded on real emergencies and false pretexts, which sometimes     overlap/interweave

*Covert operations conducted against the people, operations which are publicly denied, and hence which amount to treasonous deceptions on the part of officials, and thoroughly wrongful actions

*Blatantly and commonly recognized criminal actions of the above sorts, not only becuase of being involved as part of those activities, but in being criminal in the concrete forms which describe all crimes, these being part and parcel of the large-scale crimes in which they are integral parts.  For example, not only is it itself a crime in making an ancient plant illegal, but many crimes will be committed in order to supply the black market which would otherwise have not been so incentivized.  Likewise, the damage to life and the open market this did perhaps caused those other crimes directly and indirectly.  Law enforcement itself becomes criminalized in that it is committing crimes when it enforces criminal laws.

*Aggravation of all the above actions by conducting them under cover of authority, whether secular or Divine, in any sphere of human action

*Aggravation of all the above actions by conducting them using means well-advanced beyond the pale of known means, while the known means are kept retarded in their sophistication and efficiency by comparison, and by a great deal, as far as the public is allowed to know. Therefore it is a severe condition of damaging exposure to the victims, one which reveals an undeniable culpability of those so acting. They know exactly what they are doing, they are doing it in the worst way, they are fully devoted to honing their evil doings. Of course, they as well use all known and classical means to the best of their Machiavellian abilities. Some techniques include using methodologies of spycraft which include burrowing completely into a person's private life all around, day in and day out, using personnel associated with such activities who are "supposed" to be protecting citizens from FOREIGN ESPIONAGE, but in fact use that as a cover to manipulate "local assets" in order to literally rob, defame, and murder people who don't tow their lines, who are simply hated by a person in their hierarchy (perhaps just a local), or are of interest in that they expose too much for the liking of corrupt powers (whistleblowers, for example).  For these or any other reasons, as long as the cover story can be made to stick by a controlled media, a poison-laden brain-addled public, and other expertises which they have at their private, pseudo-elite disposal.  They augment these and other aspects of their operations with technology kept from the public, but which is hereby used against it, such as psychotronics, nanoceuticals and other nanotech, quantum computing (at its true level), energy systems of production and use which are far more advanced than the pathetic COMBUSTION ENGINE or classical forms of electricity production people are allowed to know exist.  This is perhaps  a factor which multiplies all previous examples by a factor of 100.

*The severity of such actions has now reached such intensity and scale that it is definitely impossible for this heinously insane war against Righteous Integrity and all Virtues to be rectified by any cessation of it which can be construed as a "peace".  The correction of these monsters will require their complete destruction. The damage is too great, the victims too many, the crimes too unforgivable. The end, which is inevitable, cannot be avoided because of the nature of the monsters which resist it, and because of the Nature of the Beings whose Justice and Goodness requires it. So the extreme nature of the kinds and degrees of evil actions and the nature this expresses indicate that there is no non-destructive remedy.

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