Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Vertiginous Nausea of the Ugly Truth: The Unveiling of the REAL "KEY SECRET" of the World

Is this guy really a TOP ANALYST if he can't face the forces truly at play in the world? He seems to think so. I say he's pushing a paper tiger narrative, and utterly ignoring the real tiger "hiding in plain sight".

And so is Governor Abbot a good guy? The bottleneck is just having a ditzy intern? This is possibly a real bottleneck, and Governor Abbot may be a good guy (?), but in either case, that bottleneck is really severe if it can magically block not only good, big ideas from reaching these guys' ears, but somehow block logic and fact and conscience from coexisting in their minds simultaneously. They may have any two, but not all three.
They remind me of the god which apparently crafted them. Powerful? Wise (cunning)? Good? Any two, but not all three. Or else evil doesn't exist. And if evil doesn't exist, then what is everyone upset about? Therefore, any two, but not all three. That god is severely deficient, and so are his "children", who are natural-born-liars, who are then conditioned with some serious mind kontrol to become nightmare versions of their own nature, like grapes turned to wine, but in an evil way. And then psychotronics, and by now even the side effects of its sudden disablement, are the equivalent of MASS SOUL RAPE. That makes bottlenecks like interns seem like pebbles in a pile of rubble, as no serious cleanup crew is going to start their mess sorting out pebbles. And I'm not a CIA analyst, but I don't have to be to know about psychotronics and its applications. I'm not an official expert, but I don't have to be to put two and two together and get four. But it seems even experts can't do this sometimes, in some ways, and also that part of this can be explained by what I'm talking about, because I can, and what I explain about psychotronics literally takes all this other conventional (and perhaps "crypto-conventional") narratives, and puts them in their contexts as merely intermediate causes of the effects in the world which should be called "evil" in any way. Historically, and in this context in any world, conspiracies are, technically, a conventional narrative. The fact that people can be brainwashed so severely as to make a religious heretic out of anyone who understands the basics of political reality just 100 years ago, is not something that is attributable to the magic of celebrity boobs and flicker rates on T.V., though those are involved in the process, just as are bottlenecks in bureaucracies, and pebbles in rubble fields, but just in this case it is way more relevant. And while several "unconventional" vectors of influence are involved (toxicuetical "medicine", toxic food, air and water, financial mechanisms of fraud, Satanic bad attitudes, etc etc), this situation is far more than any particular vector of psychical distortion forces which any single known cause could achieve. It is their total field effect that is also not clearly just the sum of the partial causes of all the vectors. Their is the raising of evil to a higher dimension of efficiency. That is caused and completely modulated by psychotronic warfare systems as the creme-de-la-creme of the Full Spectrum Dominance Doctrine, fused with the PNAC-ZIO-X-Y-Z forces of darkness agendas of whatever flavor or stripe or origin, alien or not. And that trumps any bullshit about public interest through conventional modalities of political participation, however modified or altered by electronic media. Reread this paragraph, please. It is enough by itself to serve as a mantra for all the rest written here. So, I'm not combat field medic, but even my infantryman's training tells me that using these conventional domains of problem-reaction-pseudosolution narratives, it's just papering over a sucking chest wound. The human world is as dead spiritually, just as the Pacific ocean is dead from being Fuckushima-ed to hell already. The deaths are parallel. But the spiritual death happened long ago. That death is the corpse in which parasitically thrives the fertile filth of psychotronics, MK-ULTRA, breakaway pirate societies, and so on and so forth. Those are the forces of evil to behold and charge against with swords of Truth drawn, not the minor technical gremlins who wouldn't matter but as the minor moment of a sitcom in the 50s compared to the nightmare scenario of fucking psychotronic warfare! Reading me? Am I "getting through"? The conventional narratives are dead, too. And for the same reason. They are dwarfed in every way by the context which underwrites their meager relevance. That includes narratives about "fraud, waste, and abuse" as if these people are as stupid as alley junkies and don't have their act together. BULL SHIT. All those trillions represent funneling resources out of the economy in a massive amount for the sake of some other project, even if numbers are inflated into the arcane insignificance of fraudulent currency economics for lack of a better way to describe it. All these narratives are significant the way that a painting hanging sideways is less significant than the force of gravity which tilts it that way, and that because of the really important thing, which is that the Titanic is sinking. So I can't go along with the micro-narrative when it is so thoroughly disjointed from the real issue, the causes which make the evils of the micro-narrative such a damned hard thing for people to understand so that they can either play their violins, get into a lifeboat, or at least add some Zen to their pointless fascination with the details of how gravity affects the appearances of things when they are tilted 45 degrees. Whatever your flavor. But read the psychotronic writing one the wall which alone accounts for the quantitative distortion between people's ability to notice things falling over, noticing WHY they are falling over (gravity, tilt), and then WHY AND HOW that immediate cause is occuring, which is the MORE GENERAL CAUSE. The MORE SIGNIFICANT CAUSE. I'll explain this simply. The lesser cause of people's gripes are the effects. The meaningful cause is the major cause. The intermediate causes, which are effects proceeding from the main cause and issuing the effect, are only intermediary in nature. I want to go all the way from the effects to their principle cause so I can know if I can prevent the effect in an intermediate way, or if not then what I'm up against higher up on the causal chain, so I can proceed as needed until the problem, the effect, is solved. The standard narratives, however full of modernized Machiavellian dopes and dupes, foxes and wolves, sheep and whatever other chimera and portmanteu-worthy aberrations suitable for analogies to be made with the current stock of insane asylum escapees, are inadequate to the task of achieving ANY solution to the problem, because the main cause creates a change in the standard features of the intermediate causes, so that they appear one way (the standard way), but in fact are reinforced toward some other nature which is radically different than those appearances, but indistinguishable from its simulacrum as presented. That's a strong "mojo" to have over people's minds is it not? That means that psychotronics is the concrete answer to the equation. There is literally NO ACHIEVABLE ANYTHING unless that monstrosity in the room is addressed and dealt with. So am I a crackpot? Who cares? If what I'm saying is true (and it is), then I'm the sanest person in the world, crackpot or not. Am I an expert. One doesn't have to be in this matter. It is decidable by evidence and logic. Expertly prove what I'm saying to be a farce in the face of evidence and a half-decent ability to perform deduction and induction on that evidence, combined with what is already accepted in all known narratives that are at all coherent, and the conclusion will announce itself like an elephant shitting in your cereal, let alone standing in the corner of the room purple with pink polka dots, "special eyes" and a passion for stepping on people before they develop the courage to face it, but probably well-after they've eaten most of their shit-cereal... That's a pretty sadistic monster in the room is it not? Who needs Satan or Ahriman, when we have their asinine, teched up little whore brats running everything from the outer facades of "authority" to the inner sanctum of peverted temples and catacombs underneath supposedly hallowed places. This evil force would be bad enough, along with its evil shitlets who run amok on the earth, without psychotronics. But WITH psychotronics, it is STILL RAISED TO A HIGHER DIMENSION of evil than it ever was before. I'm saying to you that even if some outlandish impossibilities such as "demonic possession" were just some natural anomaly at one time, now it is a damned option in some monstrous little bunker some where, like something right out of a science fiction movie. It is now something that can be manufactured on demand. From myth, to some damned armory somewhere. From strange artifact from aliens from outerspace in a movie or a UFO story reel, now to a ubiquitous feature of the infrastructure of every object standing in or manufactured and used in this and most other countries of the world. Meanwhile this has been going on for who knows how long. Total surveillance, total influence, total control. Full spectrum dominance. Psywar by all means, including psychotronics and other invasive methods. All yesterday. To be unveiled tomorrow as something cute and pseudo-helpful. Like the society which gave it birth by its passive culpability on the one hand, and its active and tenacious determination on the other, like some unfathomable sado-masochistic phantasm suspended in nihilistic emptiness until Divine Authority finally smashes this damned illusion into the dust that settles into the outer shell of reality, and unfolds into its own oblivion, being oblivion in essence. Til then, it lurks ubiquitously: "Secretly. Silently. Certainly."

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