Monday, February 29, 2016

For It Is Not "I" They Wish to Contain, but The Truth!

A dialogue from YouBube.


The Gnostic Truth, in discussion with
Primum Novitate

 All I would add to this dialogue is some clarification.  Be sure that I mean that the Platonic and not the Socratic dialogue is the merry dance of equals.  The Socratic is as a God to a speck at its greatest extreme.  The Diametric Dialogue is the one held by those antivalent forces, the Divine and diabolic.

Further, is THIS the sort of comment that excuses their suppression?

Who knows, but no matter what the EXCUSE they use, it is in the end not THEIR right to suppress YOUR judgement by keeping what I say secret from others in the public.  IT IS A DE FACTO SUPPRESSION OF YOUR JUDGEMENT AND YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE YOUR INFORMATION!!!!

FOOLS if you don't see this.  FOOLS if you don't oppose it.  FOOLS if you partake in it!!! IN ANY FORM!!!!

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Primum Novitate said...

THIS is what they spend all their time BURYING as well as those who speak the Truth.
WHO DARES not ask these questions and answer them TRUTHFULLY!?