Friday, December 11, 2015

Apologists for the Old World Order wear New Clothes, but with an Old Style

Here is a video on youtube concerning several interrelated topics, but focusing on "planetary agendas" vis-a-vis mind control, and attempting to set a "benevolent aliens" narrative based upon first of all this individual's own experiences, which when analyzed look exactly like those of a victim of Project Bluebeam. Then additionally, he demonstrates features of unspiritual consciousness in that his consciousness confesses a need to be monitored and guided by EXTERNAL FORCES in order to operate efficiently in moral and cognitive ways. Well, those forces are in place right now in the psychotronically weaponized covert social network control grid, and that is something that is true with or without malevolent aliens.  Frankly, malevolent aliens and evil demons are just as good as the people who operate this control grid, who may as well be the freaky extradimensionals in the movie "They Live" as far as their being "alien" from my understanding of what a Real Human Person is.

So, here.
Here is what I had to say about the essence of these issues which I posted just one day before the Scotts interview was published, back in April 2015.

The following section is what I have had to say about this video, which I also put in the comments section below it, but which I believe will be edited away by the video poster, we'll see:

This story that Scott tells suggests a sort of evasion of the issue, because if you look at the BLATANT COMPLICITY of most on this planet, even psychotronics and other technological, situational factors do not exculpate them from Judgment. The only way this Earth can be "saved" is if most of its life forms are removed from it. But what is happening here, with Scott, is an instance of someone being suckered into a "good cop" version of the psychotronic control grid. It is a Hegelian Dialectic. I would bet that a significant part of this process is run from the famous entity seen above, "in our skies" called "La Luna". Anyone contolled by this grid, no matter how benevolent they seem to be, or think it is, is in fact controlled by the same source as the thugs and evil forces which are involved in the tyranny in this realm. But as to "saving the planet", that is crux of what this whole "good cop" narrative. But in fact, the TRUTH is that this is just a subdomain of Demiurge's control, and it cannot be condoned or favored, and any forces claiming to be here to in any way "save this place" are not to be trusted, because that is not a valid option for such an evil world. You will be walking into an episode of the Twilight Zone, one entitled "To Serve Man". I'm not saying Good Beings don't exist, but in fact I know that very well. But just because you think they are doesn't mean they are the people you think they are, and if they have an agenda which is contrary to True Freedom, then they have exposed themselves as evil, but not if you have already bought into trusting them, mainly because of 

1) How you feel around them, 

2) The desirable-sounding nature of their expressions. 

The first can be seen as a form of positive reinforcement so as to reinduce control (it is a fact that this is a method of control used in brainwashing and interrogation, as well as torture). The second is hot air until it is truly demonstrated, and it has not been. Therefore, there is Good Evidence to doubt the veracity of this man's narrative at the point of its source, the credibility of those who triggered his message in him. And finally, belivin' in Cleetus isn't the genuinely contrary alternative to being gullible, either. Replace "Cleetus" with any trusted authority without proper qualifications. 

As for myself, I AM from another dimension of existence, and what I have seen here, I blame it on the people here, and the beings who are in ascendancy over them. I don't see a world, or a race of beings, that can be salvaged. And when I return to my own Realm, that is the report that my very essence will bring back. The stains of evil that this world has sprayed out into the ethers will be recorded and demonstrated, and in all the holographic clarity of "a world within a grain of sand," and delivered back to those who will take that report very seriously. There is nothing "on Earth, above it, or below it" that can prevent this. That's MY narrative. And it is corroborated by logic and fact. 

As to Scott's narrative, TOWARD THE END, he finally outs himself as a complete patsy of the psychotronic control grid, a major meme of which in its diverse programming protocols is to convince a subject that as an individual being they haven't the internal resources to make their own best decisions, using a "dummy authority" like "the rest of the universe" as a stand in for that devalidation of the Internal Essence of a Divine Being. RIGHT THERE, in your face, at 52:33 for about the next minute or two.  

He literally justifies the control grid with a flimsy story about its benign purpose, in effect to justify it ever having existed in the first place in any form, which narrative requires the rejection of Inherent Moral Authority in human beings! It is rejection of Free Will in essence. This technology exists ONLY TO DISARM A PERSON BY CONTROLLING THEIR DELIBERATIVE AND HIGHER COGNITIVE ABILITIES BY DISABLING THEM in various ways, both by coercion and deception, which involves as one methodology both the positive and negative reinforcements  existing in conventional forms, covert forms, and especially as catalyzed by chemical and psychotronic weaponry.