Monday, December 14, 2015

Vitriol in the Right Direction is Misunderstood Kindness, and so says the Miscreant Foe

Zen Gardner and pals are always "just wondering", but it seems more like they are "just wandering". Not like wise and honest explorers of the world, but more like New Age sheeple, roaming in a single tight cluster in one favorite corner of their holding pens.
So I see this sort of hoohaah and I feel like I'm being baited by a troll. So I answer their illusory reality thesis.

"Ah but that means illusions are real, and all that are real (as author means it) and so even this insight… is an illusion.

This mantra contradicts itself, wastes time and energy, and therefore has negative karma. You should be doing something else with your time.

Not my problem, but plastering it as spiritual insight is a bit misleading, as it is self-contradictory, and therefore cannot be a genuine insight at all.

And that’s just on the “logical tip”. Shall we get onto the “empirical tip”? Besides being logically impossible to be true the way that it is meant, that makes all of its ethical implications equally dubious. That’s why there is a famous saying about illusions. Einstein, whose job was to study this illusion in detail from a mathematical standpoint, felt that it was a PERSISTENT illusion.

That part is not an illusion, apparently, even when you know that it is an illusion. It yet PERSISTS. That’s NOT an illusion. Now, waking up to reality is about focusing on that and dealing with it in real terms, not fancifully drifting away into evasive platitudes which aren’t even true. That’s enlightenment. Not this other stuff.


That’s all you need right there. You can judge the veracity of a belief or idea by the degree to which a person actually manifests reality through it IN ACTION. So how is this world your body is ambling around again so much of an illusion that you didn’t invest your focused attention to its ins and outs with complete absorption into each moment thereof? So if that’s an illusion, what was reality supposed to be again? Because I always thought that people treated that way only what they took to be earnestly real.

So I get the sense that this, and similar arguments will never be honestly addressed by New Agers. I expect no adequate or sensible rebuttal of the content. Just a flighty, arrogant and utterly avoidant dismissal as you continue to “create your own realities”."

And I'm sure I'll never get a proper rebuttal. EVER.

And what about the so-called "internet troll brigade"? What does it have to say?  Nothing about this yet, Zen does sort of put trolls in their place.  I suppose his New Age drivel prefers to troll the spiritual anguish of the few who see through it without being trolled themselves, an interesting double standard. No, the regular trolls are found on Youtube, of course, as in all chat rooms, all discussion forums, all over the shitternet, which is what they've made of it. It is a sewer, where they, the turds, are "at large and in charge".

Just take the occasion of severe bullying, which was really a group physical assault that was very violent. An evil thing, and even popular and less-than-ideal-minded sentiment is against it to the point of talking about shooting these people vigilante style.

Well, what does the retard, or the paid retard pretending to be the non-paid retard, say in reply? "Derp da derp" most of the time.  In this case his blather was phrased in an English sentence in a form where he takes on the voice offended sanity. Just a basic insult to the effect of "take your meds". But look at his profile?  He is completely anonymous. No guts, no purpose, no meaning in essence. Just a little blip on the screen, proof that someone somewhere can type.

As to any of the content, "it" had no rebuttal or answer, as usual for their tininess of mind and soul. They prefer to just be paid trolls. Life's good as a worthless troll, they believe. 

But I wrote this about that incident:

"Of course they and their parents should probably all be ostracized. But this is just the tip of the iceberg concerning sick shit that goes on in so-called society. Take a look at cointelpro type attacks on adults, covert harassment and gangstalking, and psychotronic trolling and attacking. The perpetrators of those crimes do it all, down to criminal mischief and actual attempts on the life of the person or people in their lives. These are the type of scum that I think by now makes up no less than 1/10th of the country in direct form, although in various groups and formats, not necessarily directly connected at even their middle levels, but probably closely networked at the top levels... so there is a secrecy within secrecy that is very strengthening for power. It might even be just that far to be on degree removed from assholes like George Soros or Henry Kissinger or David Rockefeller. Might be just like. It is conceivable, and with all their networking capital and all their history of practice in the techniques, being a cult dedicated to just that, and with all the modern methodology and technology at their disposal, well, with all that being true, then such a system would be preeminently possible, and given the characters of the people involved, extremely likely. There is even solid evidence that all the preconditions are met for saying it does exist in exactly such a petty yet powerfully coercive form. This is even leaving out the military industrial complex and wars-for-control and profit, as well as all the details of the various other vectors of attack as in suppressed technology for the "non-Elysian population", and massive money counterfeiting, embezzling, laundering, and outright theft and graft of all kinds in favor of their control."

Did this a-hole, whose screen name nor real name have any significance in the outcome of anything that matters in this world, did he ever do anything of value in the liberation of people from any oppression?  Not at all likely. But he's keen to throw  his weight in favor of the same by being an accessory to it. His worthless youtube channel has 14 subscribers, somehow, and zero content (like his mind and soul).

The only way that I can give him ANY grace is to believe that he is a 12 year old child.

So that's the big mess, a world of evil, idiotic, souless fleshbags.  It's overseen, managed by sheeple herding werewolves in shepherd's attire (which is an irony, as shepherds plan to eat the sheeple also, and do). And here I am, standing in the middle of it.  The assholes who manage this sham internet probably do create electronic bubbles to prevent much of what I'm saying from even getting out there. I'm sure it'd show up on any computer I accessed, but it won't show up on any from whom they choose to hid it. Instead, they just sprinkle troll activity into the bubble  and call it a day, feeling snazzy as they walk around in their faggotty capris pants, looking for a meth-head to bribe to go troll someone else on the actual street (or even coordinating both). They are known to conduct these activities against dissidents under all scenarios, but this seems more like an issue of damage control on their way toward total social engineering as their pet project, as they just can't resist to conduct "social experiments".  

Take this video about that very subject which I argue acts as a cover for this fiendish, Stasi-style Street Theater as social coercion and as a general mechanism of artificial injection of influence into the lives of private people (who as we know are completely surveilled).

Of course I must give the truthful and complete response, as much as I can in such a short space, given that these vignettes are critical junctures in a polytopic configuration of issues that is quite non-linear at its more organic and sophisticated, upper echelon levels of organization. I naturally must mark them for not only my own observation, but as Perseus did, leave a trail for others to follow (in his case his future self), in order to get back out. But in this process, it seems the Minotaur has arranged some pranks around that probably by setting up an electronic bubble round it, but nevertheless, I will continue to present my observations to assuage my own conscience that helped all honest people be better informed by blatant lies, as well as take a stab at the stupidity and unworthiness of those involved, even if they are setting such a bubble, which by the way is what surrounds them in their ignorance, and when THAT bubble is popped it will not be pleasant for them. The longer they tarry with me, the more they set themselves up for detection and action by those forces capable of popping those bubbles.  Just know that it is not as simple as a one way street.

Here's my response to that video about a supposed social experiment:

Well, interesting as these social experiments are, there are unfortunate consequences to doing this sort of thing literally TO people. What this is all about is STREET THEATER. That's all it really is. It is purported to be in order to study responses of people. But let's ask a simple question to the erstwhile scientists: 0) What were the observed phenomena leading to what question? 1) What is the hypothesis about an answer to that or some related question raised? 2) What are other researchers in the field saying, what about historically? 3) What is the method of data collection and analysis? 4) What were the conclusions? Otherwise, it is playing asinine games with people's time and their lives, putting them in situations which only happened because you wanted to capture their reactions on film, really for entertainment purposes while possibly creating very dangerous situations and disrupting people's lives for no good reason. Unless they signed up for some weird shit like this, it shouldn't be happening to them, period. There happen to be a cowardly group of people who do street theater for a fee in order to cause mischief and harassment of people for no other reason than ego and power games, and these scum probably like to pretend that they were filming social experiments. This might even be a way in which they train their craft. STREET THEATER, like any other action which artificially intrudes into people's lives, can be used as a weapon and then becomes criminal. With today's technology, rolling out cointelpro-style operations wherein street theater is an integral part of the process is not only doable, but in fact proven to be happening. Now THAT "social experiment" is way more involved and way more scientifically conducted, with many agendas in it and structured for manipulation of social behavior on all scales, and is also augmented by state agencies, extreme funding, and technologically advanced equipment which enhance all of their operations. These are facts. In a year and a half in L.A., I have NEVER ONCE seen a homeless person bullied AT ALL, but I have seen them make horrible nuisances of themselves without cause really, or else engage in mischief doing exactly the sort of Street Theater I already spoke about, probably for a crack of crystal in return in many cases. So that alone tells me the whole premise of this experiment itself is questionable. It doesn't relate to anything that is even happening (certainly not NEARLY to the degree shown).

I know that this sort of activity is a MODEL of how they try to reengineer society. Not necessarily in the form here where a bum and thug are involved.  Although it may come in such a form as that. But rather in the CONDITIONING.  In the real world they want to set up a program where the "beggar" is an UNWILLING PARTICIPANT in a social pogrom of ostracism set up by a REAL team of ACTUAL BULLIES who would set up situations which, all at once and intensely, or over time as a gradual process of aggression. It is a crucial observation in this situation. And the ability to hear of it, and see if it makes sense, is everyone's right. 

But just in case the scumbags haven't shut you out of a chance to hear it, I've put it together here in one place. As to the scum who attempt to circumvent it, you are condemned to hell, no doubt about it. Don't ever come to me or think to me for any absolution, forgiveness, understanding, or even pity. In the end, it will be avenged, for Reality is Just, and admits no wretches into Eternity, except in oblivion, and in the case of your wrongful actions, not even that will be granted before a long and appropriately horrific trip through hell.

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