Monday, December 7, 2015

Absolute Truth, Absolute Non-sense, and Non-sensical Relativity

Absolute Truth, Absolute Non-sense, and Non-sensical Relativity

It is just as though they have no idea how to disguise it better! So the jetset, the famous, the publicly adored... you know, the ones that the socioeconomic fraud that is our so-called modern civilization hold up so peculiarly high, as any true system of just social polity would never permit the fraudulent system of Janus-faced absurdity which is the mainstream media, or government, or finance, or religion, or any other social institution.

On the outside they pretend to care about all of the greatest ideals. But in their essence, they have nothing to do with such. In an accidental way, they have everything to do with the greatest ideals, because they are in the market of making sure no one else does. Yes, I'm talking about the standard, everyday, casually pompous mainstream authorities.

You'll note that I have already given general proofs of the logical and empirical reasons for deciding steadfastly on the corruption of these mainstream systems. I don't trust any earthly entity as a TRUE VESTIGE of Virtue.

But we can see from the way that these world powers play poker with one another concerning the bluff of who is going to be more evil for the next 40 years or so...

It is a bit laughable, on the larger "Hegelian" scale of analysis. But on the micro-scale of the immediate few years, it is clear that there are sharp enough distinctions to be drawn, in enough areas of personality, action, policy, and character especially, to cleanly and consistently differentiate a tendency between these two men and their governments such as would at least parallel in some way the distinction between Good and evil as such.

It could be that two horrible pool players were opponents at the same table, and one of them was so much more horrible than the other that he just stole the show on sucking at pool. It could be this is the case. I am sure that it is. I suppose the Russian Federation is controlled by beings no less evil than those that control the Western Hegemony. The same goes for the New Chinese Empire to the East. These domains may all be controlled by perfectly evil beings (and are, from the evidence), but it is just that some are far smarter, wiser, more cunning than than the other ones.

Why? Because that is the nature of the evil realm. It is a neverending struggle to the death. As a whole, evil dies to the Good, but in this realm, some evil dies to other evil, and in spirals going up and down throughout the realm, although all these spirals converge upon their complete annihilation by the Righteous Mind of the Divine Supreme Being. That is assured. But in the meantime, the evil beings put on a show before one another as to who is the "better villain".

Look at how in our own "Land of the Free", many strong factions and particularly influential individuals want to literally take away your right to proper self-defense against anyone, to include the government if necessary (according to our own founding principles). That is not a minor point, as the government was sworn to serve those founding principles as espoused and articulated in the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. I mean do you need to look around for a more comical absurdity?

But on the other hand, look at Mr. Putin, who crushes the terrorists that our "Secret Services, Inc." foster around the world. He refuses to let in the GMO filth that our agra-pharma monster of a plutocracy wants to shove down everyone's throats, and this while emphasizing it by proclaiming Russia to have its eyes on being the world's major exporter of non-GMO food. Note that he didn't say "products', but spelled out "food". He has a point to make here. Namely that all nations who weren't scrambling to do the same would be both biologically and economically foolish. As to this NWO agenda of take poison and oppression and like it, Mr. Putin is "not having it".

There are many other issues but those spell out a enough of a spectrum so as to include, on a scale, every sort of human evil. The reason is that evil, on all scales requires, in order to be put into effect, the actions of sabotage, whether passive or active. In passive form it comes as covert poisoning, deceptive economic activities and cultural manifestations, and subtle forms of violence, such as psychotronics entrainment, delivered both individually and en masse.

All the evils we see emphasized in one part of the world, are vehemently opposed in another, and treated either indifferently or with mixed extremes alternating between sensibly benign and outright tyrannical. Those are differences in KIND which lend to the one when mixed, and to the other when separated. Let the the readern discern the distinction.

Let me just say that in these previous descriptions, you can literally deduce which I'm talking about in each case from the facts and an honest mind, reasonably thoughtful and at least broadly informed, to include a sensible diet of information coming from outside mainstream and merely status quo channels. By these balanced and reasonable factors, any person could basically just churn out the conclusion from the premises, and know exactly which major countries manifest which qualities which, if analyzed according to their morally, demonstrate what polarity toward evil or less so, or even to the point of seem "good". I don't have to tell such a person, they can figure it out just by being honest and decent.

But in the end, this doesn't mean that any place on Earth is truly a safe-haven for honesty and decency. It merely means that such a person can sift out the evidence of the relative fluxuations of evil power in this world enough to determine that they reflect, by their brazen mockery, by their street theater of pretense and mutual out-performance which varies by degree rather than quality, by these traits they reflect a greater Truth which is Absolute, and which explains the distinctions of degree, as well as the proper distinction in kind which is far more substantial than the fluxuation of appearances before the relativized perspectives of fleshly observations. A complete and eternal distinction, that generates distinct beings marked by their choices, actions, and urges, and which also harvests them toward their proper destinies.

To emphasize the point of the way that all members of a set can be evil while still putting on a show of superficially beneficent and benign distinctions from one another, look at how all world civilizations espouse the most base judgments about what is Right and wrong, what is worthwhile and what is petty. All their economic and social markets and clearinghouses reveal a concern for the baroque flesh, and if anything of the Spirit, then by mere tradition handed down it is about something substantial, but in the individual's relationship to it, entirely facile and decorative! All nations of the world that have any voice and power on the global stage have this trait, and so do the legions of their lessor, impish satellites!

While other buy into facile stories of their conditioned and relativized mentalities, and who demonstrate that they can do nothing else, the Righteous yet choose to gain Immortal Moral Lessons from these events by taking a stand on their own Integrity and Conscience before bothering with worldly, external narratives which are as rife with deception as our own Nous is Pure with Sincerity.

On the whole this world intersects with the domain of the Spiritual in conflicting way, no matter in what waveform of relative, and superficially moral variations. And so therefore the Spiritual person treats the world accordingly, while preferring to esteem his own Conscience.

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