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The Immanence of the Eschaton is Here

What I Have Become: In Spite of the World, not Because of It

I am a philosopher. I did not decide to be called this as a job description, but it was a career path I chose before I even knew of its existence as a possible "thing to be doing". Exactly "what" philosophy is, actually is a topic of philosophy, in the domain called "metaphilosophy".

The point is that before I even knew that such a thing was possible as "philosophy", I was doing it. This is something I know now, but did not know throughout my childhood and teenage years until I came across the subject by way of a certain math teacher in 9th grade who compared some of my thought experiments with those conducted by Rene Descartes in his "Meditations on First Philosophy". I was later to study that work in earnest before, and later during college, but chose to simply continue in my own thoughts for a few more years at least before drawing his book from a friend's shelf.

That's how I generally preferred to do my work, or anything else for that matter. Call it an INTJ thing. I get some data, I get a big picture, I work all the possibilities, I check the data again, I refine this until a tight loop gives me the greatest likely set of possibilities. I proceed this way in terms of theoretical interpretations of facts, whether concerning facts out of reach in the same or in other dimensions to the facts which are more immediately accessible.

Well, that's like being born to do philosophy! I could have done it the entirety of my life, noticed that it had something to do with "wisdom", noticed I "love wisdom", and never thought about it much past that, never called what I did every day "philosophy" (love of wisdom), and never cared whether others knew of me "as a philosopher" per se, etc. I really loved doing it, and so for all those years I wasn't talking small talk with village idiots, not appeasing schoolyard bullies, not trying to fit in with clusterfucks of mediocrity or pseudosocial macrostructured cults of organized brain death (society... riiiiiggght...), I was simply doing my work, enjoying it, and always improving my craft.

Later I ran into problems with the diseased and corrupt "world" and so my work in philosophy got a bit "rough around the edges" as I had to combat the psychical trauma of being in various ways brutalized by what I studied, and at the same time having to use a mind and heart thence compromised by such brutality to study itself and work through the damage and press on. So I became a psychologist, specifically a depth psychologist.

That's when I started reading more voraciously, and then started amassing a great deal of note-taking. All while surrounded by a giant, and I mean gigantic ARMY of organic booby-traps, or as Ouspensky would call them "organic portals", or as the Gnostics would say "physical men". I had a lot of work to do, juggling research with survival, both physical and mental! In this crucible I forged my soul by the will of my Immortal Spirit, in and from which I AM a True and Eternal Sovereign even in the midst of this flesh and earth.

But that was to go beyond the boundaries assigned for me by the "psychical men", who are basically turnkey demons who are the wardens of a world of obedient "androids", which are programmably controllable, artificially intelligent, organic machines which appear human. In other words, most of humanity. The criteria which distinguish these beings from Human Beings proper are discursively articulable, and have been in other treatises, but won't be laid out here.

Suffice it to say that Sarte meant these when he said "other people".

The Context into which I Became: This Spited World of Hierarchically Embedded Evil Minds which Parasitically Devour the Good Spirit
Why do I outline my development into becoming a self-acknowledged philosopher who then branched out into various fields of research and activity, various lines of work and art, to become a Gnostic apparent (not covert, but publicly admitted and overt)? To prepare the reader for understanding how I am to be contrasted with the psychical men and the physical men who are their fodder, into the ranks of neither of which do I fit nor under which will I submit.

I am a Spiritual Man, a Son of God, and I am fully aware of the fraud which is being perpetrated metaphysically, occultly, and even blatantly and visibly, BY DEMONIC SCUM, against Me and all Others of My Kin, and have brought suit against the evil foe by all means before My Father God the Judge who brings Justice Eternal, and in declaration of Our Innocence and that of our Mother Spirit whose error was slight and is corrected, although THE EVIL MINDED have proven their perpetual lust for error, being the incorrigible debris from which We are to be sifted as Wheat from chaff.

I have but to point at the follies of man's evil throughout history to verify factually the general truths which constitute the further explication of that lone sentence. Here I will not, and besides it has been done better and very thoroughly by many others.

I wish to draw the sincere reader's attention to the fact that such things as we have seen in the world are manifestations of a fundamental conflict between "evil" and "Good" in absolute terms, not merely in the relative terms to which lemmings and hardened peasants cling. In fact, I have enlarged on Alfred Whitehead's definition of time as "an opportunity for events to occur" and stated that these events are actually "moral decisions to be made."

The Absolute Fruits of these decisions will be received after the day of "Harvest". But that is too much into the vein of depth eschatology. Let's get back to the concrete manifestation of these events as they unfold in "telic time" (a concept I developed in the same cast as Aristotle's "final cause").

We live in a world where Absolutes are fractally distributed across echelons of agental minds, who parse out time as the expression of their wills to execute moral decisions, either in their own sovereignty, or at the behest of another's. In these events, there are only the plethora of "Good"-serving decisions, and their detractions in the form of decisions which stand against them, called "evil".

In our modern world, the history of these conflicts have concentrated and accelerated "time" into an increasingly dense series of telic shocks which manifest as structured dispersals of "karma", in the form of events which concentrate rather complex chains of cause and effect into more critical masses of holistic manifestation sweeping from the most individuated particular to the most general archetype. Leaving aside the metaphysics of these accelerations, let us just say that they were inevitable, just as was every significant decision ever made, or which ever will be made, the aggregates of which decisions simply are these manifest events.

When decisions to be made are Truly Moral, and the minds which make them are properly aligned to the ultimate sovereigns which hierarchically transduce power from the greatest among their types to the least, then a complete resolution of a conflict of their wills can and WILL manifest as a "final confrontation". It is not merely scripted "predictive programming", it is metaphysically inevitable (and I have proven that the contrary of my claim is self-contradictory in many other writings in various forums online, and in unpublished notes).

We are, in this modern age, right now, at the very BRINK of these events. I will reveal to you now a CRITICALLY SIGNIFICANT AXIS of how this will unfold.

In the battle of Good against evil, the assailant against the Good, evil, has a simple methodology: Divide and conquer by relative superiority, hoping that "in time" this will yield an absolute victory. Therefore, it must cut off a fragment of the would-be victims and surround them with relative numerical and other relative superiorities in order to be victor over them. 

Temporal, dynamic advantages are then converted into material, static advantages which can be strategically nursed into a boa-constrictor-like hegemonical conquest or else a sudden, sharp tactical coup-de-grace. Whatever works best is the only rule for evil. It is a META-survival issue. "Time" as the opportunity to make truly informed and well-considered, morally correct decisions, is distorted so that a person of Good Spirit is given no proper chance to express the True Nature Within, and is actually making the decisions of the inferior pseudo-spiritual beings which program it with false alternatives, deceptive and inaccurate feedback, and all with an ulterior motive which is to "manufacture" a falsified appearance of a being which is willingly accepting the fraud enforced upon it.  In other words, the Spiritual Being per se is not truly allowed to defend Itself in a battle which is waged against It in the worlds of false karmic economies of bribery and threat, thereby coercively and fraudulently induced into relative and counterfeit paradigms of pseudo-morality. It is anesthetized to the Truth about Itself, Its Origin, Its environment (Its imprisonment), and who Its foes are, who pretend to be Its caretakers, friends, bosses, overlords, gods, etc.

This is the way of the evil forces, which is to use deception, circumstances, momentary opportunity, idiosyncratic weaknesses and relative strengths, and basically all the arts and sciences of Sunzi and Machiavelli combined into the technocratic advances that benevolent yet foolish geniuses will supply them (like Mozi, Archimedes, Tesla, etc).  This means that NO MATTER HOW LONG A "TIME" such a Being is entrapped here, there will be no proper time spent here as the Being that It is.  It is being given a falsified version of what it means to express Its Nature, while not being allowed to do what that True Expression would really entail. Given falsified modes of expression, or "these feet of clay", and given worlds in which these falsifications are glorified as the original reality, this is already a great fraud. But these "bodies" are also designed to maximize the exploitation of the Spirit whilst minimizing Its chances of Expression Proper, and to that end even the actual goings on within the falsified worlds are themselves further falsified, so that even the false beings which inhabit these worlds, the "physical" and "psychical" men, are themselves deceived!  

So today, all the old evil tricks are still employed: petty and trite coercion through threats and intimidation, bribery, fraudulence of every kind, underhandedness of every sort. Little fish being used by bigger fish, little parasites by bigger ones. Visible ones by... invisible ones. But without even needing to resort to the metaphysical, let's just look at how the Crunch toward Ragnarok has overtaken what was formerly a "Slouching toward Armageddon".

We are in a worldwide, utterly fraudulent tyranny. We live on a "Prison Earth". This isn't just a Gnostic Doctrine, it is an empirical fact. But it is only so for those who are able and willing to face facts, and it is only significant as a liberating device for those who aren't on the evil side of interpreting them. This is the Ancient Truth of the World, and those who Know this are the Good (who oppose it and defy it) and the evil (who thrive within it and need it to exist).

That is why that in this world, which is like its origin from which it is a mistaken offshoot, things have a fractal distribution.  So therefore since the whole is an inversion of its origin, and an imitation, so even in its parts it manifests inversions of the pretended norms of propriety. So therefore in this prison are many methodologies, such as macro-scale counterfeiting of currency, of symbolism, and of mass events, to say nothing of what is accumulated as the written testimonies of all such things in the libraries we are allowed to see. We are told that things are a certain way, and things are by some ineffable law "proper", and yet the firm foundation of everything that goes on is a complete inversion of what is claimed. Religions commit every sacrilege and are the dens of corruption, governments spawn wicked deeds in a systemic way but call criminals those who oppose them, economies are systematic modes of enslavement and abuse but they pretend to be efficient and equitable means for people to trade their goods and services fairly, education is a factory which mass produces ignorance, illogic and delusion, medicine takes away health and induces sickness, and so on and so forth. So in these ways I have already gone directly through the veil from the metaphysical and occult to the manifestly apparent and "physically tangible", and these have proven to be two aspects of the same world of phenomena.

But instead of honing in on any of those major modes of systematic evil, and may others have and are still, I will here focus on one which is "all around you" and which "feeds upon you" and which is literally and metaphorically "perched on top of you from birth to death", and which is "just outside the limits of your sight" (yes, I'm quoting the street preacher from "They Live"). I speak of the masquerade of "free societies" which are supposedly "natural expressions" of a "common human nature" and in which things are systematically honest and sincere, but only sometimes do a few rotten apples threaten to spoil the whole bunch.  Rather, the entire structure is rotten, and is designed to exploit good apples and spoil them into putrid decay while teaching them to to submit to such atrocities as being the give and take of being human, of the "human condition", which is a total lie. And it is the "human condition", but it is not the Nature of God which is expressed within it.

Organized Stalking:The Exoteric Expression of the Systematically Evil "World", That Instrumental Collective SCUM against the Face of which I Have Expressed Truth

If you aren't a mere physical puppet, nor a psychical one, nor any of their puppeteers, nor an actual AGENT in this evil empire of utter depravity, which is worldwide and techocratically administered and which pervades EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE, then you owe it to your Soul and Spirit to follow these links:


The first is the overview which is rather sophisticated but thankfully for the new student doesn't use overly precise terms, although the insights which the terms describe are categorically accurate.

The second is an overview of the technological and multifaceted implementation of the apparatus of the system of mind-over-mind coercion, which you may need to "right click" and "translate" to read.

The third is a consideration of these evil phenomena from the point of view of someone who considers these matters from a point of view which manifests some Gnostic influences, and which attempts to consider a spectrum of interpretations which range from the physical to the spiritual.

The REALITY which I Have Helped Facilitate

When the age of "Oil and Water" is over, when the SEPARATION OF GOOD AND EVIL is complete, when there are no deceptions and frauds which are not isolated into their origins, and when there are no mind-over-mind coercions except those willingly and knowingly agreed to by all participants (those are all evil), then the Good are all freed to submit only to their own Best Conscience and freed to know Friend from foe, THEN THIS is the "Great Apocalypse" which directly precedes THE FINAL MOMENT, the Full Immanence of the Eschaton.

I have been living my life striving to know THE TRUTH, and not to submit to the world's brainwashing, browbeating, intimidation and falsification of minds.  I did this because it is in My Nature to Be THIS way, and to be revolted at the alternative.  Because I have and because I WILL express my True Nature.  I won't be twisted into a self-mockery as the world prefers, but I'll see it for the mockery that it is, just as it cannot stand.  It pretends it wants us to express our natures, but it wants some of us to suppress ours, and it pretends it is great and mighty, but it is fragile and insecure.  It pretends it is evolving to allow Dignity and Liberty to express, but it is adapting and conniving to overcome these for the Good and inflate the vanity, hubris, caprice and prerogative of the evil.  By living my life standing against these things in the face of what seems like an endless sea of complacency, indifference, and wicked complicity I also in fact stand for what this world PRETENDS to steward and love: Dignity, Liberty, Beauty, Wonder, Truth, Love, Beneficence, Generosity, Peace, Power, Evolution, Consciousness, Knowledge, Wisdom, Grace and all of the Divine Bounty.

We live in a world where if someone won't stand against he evil which perverts all these into mockeries and entrapments, then how can anyone truly express them?  A proper person does BOTH, and while I've not done either to the ideals which would be sought, I've striven for them and done so as visibly as possible in an age when so doing allows such actions to be seen by many more than ever in history.  I spend my time refining ALL these facets of True Expression in a world hell-bent on perverting and corrupting these endeavors. I like to think that in a world that truly aspired to what is Right that my manifesting as I have would have been ironically comical, yet disturbingly surreal because not meaningfully possible.  Indeed, my very existence, let alone the actual content of my Essence, runs against the grain of that futile hope and dream, but reveals that we live in a world where these endeavors which have been for eons are articulations of the grim Truth concerning this world, and the world only feigns bemusement, while harboring a much more maleficent understanding of what I represent in their hellish domain.

This is not a "sacrifice", but in fact I would have sacrificed my very Spirit if I had done otherwise!  I did it because it was RIGHT BY MY SPIRITUAL CONSCIENCE, and so this is what has "saved" my Spiritually Ennobled Soul, ennobled by ME, the Spiritual Hammer which has reforged it AGAINST THE WILL AND GRAIN OF THE WORLD WHICH WAS THE SUPPOSED ORIGIN OF ALL, but which MANIFESTLY IS NOT.  I am a living testimony to a HIGHER REALITY, which has already engulfed this world but which the world is too terrified to face, but also too terrified to ignore... I simply have focused on this Truth no matter what, and soon so will the entire world be forced to do the same.  And between being Willing by Nature and being forced by Diving Fiat is an INFINITE GULF, and the TIME THIS WORLD HAS BEEN ALLOTTED was simply that array of experiential manifolds of opportunity for each being within it (and the world itself) to express each and all's true nature, and with each thought, word, deed build a bridge across that gulf, or else build a wall against it.  The former show others the way while making their own way, the latter try to prevent the inevitable, while working to deny others their right to strive for the Best and Highest.  I have facilitated the building of every Bridge just by building my own, and defied every wall in the same process of overcoming those who would have prevented me if they could.

The Reality is that NOW AND FOR ETERNITY that gulf IS CROSSED by ME and this is but the final step into that Higher Reality. I have helped those who wanted to do the same even just in doing this, and I have even helped "my enemy", by showing him that not only is it futile to try and prevent the Truth from Expressing and Returning to Its Origin, but it is also wiser to build a bridge for himself than a wall, and better to have loved the Truth and hated the lie, which lies are the bricks which build those walls of falsehood, which walls by GOD will be smashed back in on him to crush and bury him before the gulf spreads to consume him for an eternity.

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