Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Prognosis: Apocalyptic

Greeings to those capable of honesty, rationality, and propriety, and who bring such qualities into their daily lives.

I speak here only facts which are undisputed on the record of reason and common sense, as properly defined. They are also readily at hand to be discovered, these facts, by anyone with good enough sense to look around themselves and form an opinion, but one which is constructed by way of sound observation, accurate perception, truthful assessment, valid logic, and appropriate response. I have rarely to meet a man who combines in himself even the most superficial of "appropriate response" to common situations except that where he does he leaks evidence of a great lacking in any serious propriety, nor any of the other traits of a sane mind in good faith operating within reason. And where I have, he has not had ALL of these traits combined. And to have even one missing is dangerous to the whole spirit.

As to those who know these facts and truths but simply rely on them so as to aggrandize themselves, you are scum and so you couldn't possibly do more than EMULATE and DISSIMULATE the True Person upon whose assumed authority you wield any influence of anyone whatsoever. That's a necessary conclusion drawn from the aforesaid facts, and by accurate syllogism.

It's just that society has not caught on to the illusion of its own authority being a hollow one because it is well-trained to accept a superficial version of moral and mental existence as dictated by their fear and lust as the "alpha and omega" of all that they say, think, and do. They are in some means really "monkey minded", but not without a great many civil, legal, moral, and yes spiritual implications. Which is why I've bothered to think them out, out of moral duty to my own conscience. And I can rightly say now, in ipsa causa, that my conscience is clear. There is a quality which associates with such a fact, and that is "non-negotiable, non-transferable, and unique". It's like a Divine Serial Number. You simply cannot pass off something else for it. It is unmistakable. Therefore it is IMMUTABLE.

It was long ago said: "Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet." This is what executor of the actual Divine Judgment says at the end of the alotted time for this wretched dominion, except that it is delivered in Truth and Judgment, and it is rendered valid by a Proper Execution of its Office. These are things that a "funny house of mirrors slaughterhouse" like this world cannot claim to be true about itself. Rather, it is defined as the necessary occasion of apocalyptic judgment by being "a realm of sufficient magnitude that viscious schemes among evil minds are sustainably plotted and enacted by some groups of minds over others, whether in hierarchically unified or opposed manner, and all with the net result that the Truly Righteous are subject to corruption no matter what they do.

Worse, this is PROVEN TRUE if there is ever a development of biology and social behavior that solidifies it or codifies it into a system of the existence of individuals in a community, one which shows that even with the resort of "evolution", the system finds ways to prefer the wickedest schemes of parasitism and predation.

Finally the Machiavellian understanding of human power turns out to the be more accurate, and there is a demonstration in that of the gulf between the text presented and how it is interpreted by the "public figures" and the "public consumers", and how it is properly interpreted based on what is further also true but is kept from public scrutiny. Such truths explain my disdain for and opposition of will against those involved. Criminals. The same stick which could have been used beneficially and publicly was kept private and used seditiously against the public as recognized in its supposed values, and also against the herd of people involved who are apparently unable to get themselves up to facing reality properly, but still want to breed and be fed until they die of old age.

So this evil hierarchy reveals itself to be evil even to itself. But the worst of it is that it requires for its actual metaphysical existence the energy supplied to it by those virtuous who act within it, and who misguidedly have striven to perfect it, but mainly because there is a critical feature of it that the covert and subtle features of it which govern it do so in a way that makes the firm loss of reason and conscience seem somehow normal and standard.

That I say, in the case of the Best Souls, to be a feature of just how forceful these environments are, and just how desperate this system is for energy. It is a total "lost cause". The reasons are both material and spiritual.

Need I mention Fukushima? Need I mention war? Need I mention statist panopticon? Need I mention utter depravity and primitivity of society and culture, to the state of tribes of angry baboons in stature? Have I failed somehow to underscore how psychotronics, especially as a covert social engineering weapon, has coopted all human affairs and made a travesty of what is called human life on Earth, not least because of aggravating all previously existing forms of evil and corruption and solidifying their hold on the totality of human existence?

So no, it is a complete mockery of what the proper form would be, but it acts as a complete and closed system to information about what such a system would be (hence the veil, the wall, the "in-between" you should never want to be destined to become). Even matter itself seems somehow to blame, being so poorly configured to do anything except create pain-bodied life-forms of parasitic depradation even worsening as life's crowning flowers reach greater and grander forms, even in the form humanity, wherein such unlighted blight reaches its worst nigrendo.

So surely the facts as they are

It is important to know that "society" is a construct, a subtext that people use in their speech and behavior to justify actions to be taken and held accountable to the judgment of whoever uses that construct "with authority". Well, yes, there are intelligent ways to demonstrate that this is an actual fact "in real life". Anthropology demonstrates this to be a fact worldwide and since ancient times, and with persistence until now, and is never likely to change.

The problem is that this "construct" is utilized in certain ways which are not revealed to the public. This is an egregious asymmetry of power. It is not right utilize technology in covert ways which may directly influence the way people choose to live their very lives in their own privacy. To literally invade the bodies of people with energy forms that "piggy back" off the signals of electromagnetic fields which we all take for granted exist in our homes from the wiring and appliances. So that has been used as leverage by those with access to these devices and methologies, and have actively researched their implementation on native populations (natives of our own country, but also those found on remote islands and deep in jungles, yes literal "natives").

All of which is supremely unethical and immoral in ways unconscionable by decent people of any and all ways of thinking that do not absolutely embrace evil activity.

At least the myths of ethicality as entertained by the "slave classes" of these societies. These are the ones who labor in circles with backward technology and truncated forms of "education". These awkward masses BELIEVE that THEY know right from wrong. Yet upon inspection, they are largely deluded in that, as well as a great deal of other things to do with the factual world.

These deluded folks, even when they mean their very best, end up being slaves to what is worse. And in the hierarchy of being that we are shown by thinkers like Dionysius the Areopagite, we know that where there is a kind of substance, there is a hierarchy in its structure, and such that the lower of its kind are controlled, which also means "governed" by the higher of their own kind. There is a boss for all of this, one who exists in spiritus mudi. But of course this is logically demonstrable from first principles, but short of being told of its existence by someone like Dionysius most would have to go without such a notion no matter how many lives they ever lived.

So, I call that a gulf of distinction between them and those who in se can realize such things in se.

These are to be morally opposed in the Spirits of all True Beings. Instead what do most people do? They MOCK THESE VERY BEINGS.

Therefore, by direct refutation, they REFUTE THE POSITION THEY CLAIM PUBLICLY. You cannot "govern" what you refute. Truth and Justice are too hard for you? Then you cannot claim to be their adjudicators or administrators, respectively.

Know then, that you are judged by the same judgement you mete out. THAT JUDGE administers the Greater Reality. How will you escape that domain? Impossible. But you do NOT administrate Truth and Justice, nor do you even administer a respectable deformity of the same.

Psychotronics would be deplorable if used by Dr.Goldfinger. But if the said villain operates directly adjunct to and in cooperation with the authorities of the public, then that is a nightmare scenario which was described in the popular science fiction which has sprung up around the dystopian scenario in "1984".

All evidence suggests we are in such a scenario, that is to say all empirical and logical evidence demands this hypothesis be actively put forth at the expense even of other equally conceivable yet in fact less likely scenarios, EVEN IF THEY BE MORE AGREEABLE.

It is that brand of scenario for the world which is bandied about by the "upper classes" of your societies. Yet their lifestyles, worldviews, and those of their growingly influential associates in all fields, including in government and finance, enables a lockdown of direct social pressure to augment any such technological "soul rape".

That means, for example, you are in the same world as before, but it is now "augmented" by such invasive means which are then kept secret FROM you (unless you "initiated into the knowledge" of their control structure, as can be logically surmised by even an outsider). It is kept secret from you, but even if it were not secret, it might still be absurdly justified as being the "best means of national security", among many other excuses of being that it is of "wide public benefit". I mean these have obvious examples. Spying on and stalking citizens for the former, fluoride in your tap water for the latter. Just a mere two HUGE ones, among many others that have been expressed to the public on many forums for a very long time.

There are forces of aggression, immorality, and great corruption found on the "upper layers" of society, and this is seen in all sectors of society as diverse as to make up the entire American nation, if there truly "be" such a pixie which is not actually just a stylized version of the "initiated" groups, often used in Hegelian dialectical ploys... (problem, reaction, solution anyone?).

So because of this, we see the work of psychotronics as the necessary catalyzing force to enable these hideous programs to take place, literally being poured down their throats and also down into their souls. This is because these categories of corruption, which are poisoning (for any reason), their bodies with what is put in the food and water, even the very air, and at the very least corrupt their purity in ways unjustifiable by any true benefit widely received by the public (and this is shown to be true in fact). Without psychotronics, this would have been unthinkable, this Soviet Gulag phenomenon which is American "society" and "culture". They are on the face of it commodities of influence which are wielded by the manifestly least moral and respectable of its members, or else in an even worse scenario (which is proven true already), that they also wield influence with those who "push the buttons" of the psychotronic weaponry.

Alas. All this is fact. None of it is fun. All of this is real. Deal with it. I do in that I firmly despise it. I despise anyone that is in on it, and anyone who has benefited from it, whether knowingly or not, wittingly or not, with or without a guilty conscience. You are varying degrees of SCUM to the exact extent that you have benefited from such evil and soul-debilitating modes of "social existence". To submit to such UN DIVINE behavior, but to go to church on Sunday like that means anything, are hideous.

Those on the bottom there, ever notice you buy into a hierarchy of evil in which you are on the bottom of the pecking order? Bottom of the food chain? Ever notice that did ya?

So "YEEE HAWWW, we gonna just be primitive, that's how weeeeel solve it!". Well, with unstable minds like that it would be "no wonder" if you were unwitting, unknowing, even "barely cooperative base stones" on a very large pecking order which has somehow learned to steer you to accept massive fraud and mass soul/body rape through aforementioned and other crimes you lay down and take (and try to force on others who have better judgment and wherewithal).

The rest who are witting and knowing are more culpable, but these here are still despicable.

In the end, I see no spiritual value in this group "as a whole". They have debased even the most rudimentary values which can hold a society together in good faith. I'm sure therefore that it is a logical deduction that their churches, cathedrals, mosques, and other spiritual centers are devoid of those who Love Truth and Justice.

They might kill and rob and rape and war and corrupt and so forth, but they don't go to church except as a means to carry on the pretense that all is "right" with their world. What a laughable mockery, were it not by some appendage of the wicked manipulators that I referred to at outset as being "associates" of those we publicly see in "upper crust" social classes. Those we do see are for the most part initiated, but needn't be. The collective effect of at least 2 versus 1 is their strategy in person, but on scales involving mass influence (media, psychotronics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals through various vectors, classical authority officialdom at their disposal, etc). There is a large berth here for monkeys who don't see, but do...

Well, they get friendly with monkeys who don't do, but see, but also don't say either.

These monkeys are in association with those who say, but say falsely.

You get the picture. Business, Government, Media. Simple, direct, straightforward and empirical fact that is in your face if you didn't know, and right there on the table, with a silver plate under it of logic and empirical evidence you can take to the bank, and feel whenever you're pulled over.

If you're too stupid to see that, then you're too stupid to be a citizen.

So in situation like this, where the construct of social and institutional authority is wielded in the hands of "Dr. Goldfinger", who's in bed with "Mr. Public Man", you add up to a mad scientist with some charm and a switchblade, all I can feel like saying to people who have their heads up their asses and go along with all this is "piss off".

If you're in this system wittingly, you're already every decent person's problem (including Heaven's Progenitors), but if you're ignorant and unwilling to even face the situation on two feet, then god-damn if you aren't subhuman already.

But to the rest who have the intelligence to see and yet not the moral fiber to do and say what is right, curse you and never pretend to be common stewards with me concerning wisdom or dignity of any kind. The same pertains to any "entertainment whores of great wealth" who think that this entitles them to class in the presence of Truth and Justice, its Offices and Entitlements. VANISH.

That's de rigeur. Just show me the sign so I can include you in that unillustrius club of worthless scum and its hierarchy of pimps and "tops". Persons of rank, any talent, any acclaim, any wealth, any status, any privilege can qualify. Daringness to do so needn't require it be centuries after your leaving the dust of the earth. I'm issuing this assessment to the moral and spiritual worth of all people, in all places, at all times.
It is required by logic and fact, but most importantly by conscience. With these I am sufficiently informed as to the character of my opponents, as would be any good man. But many a fool who just thinks himself good might easily hate a man who is truly good and never have that "dagged gum sense" to know it until it was Judgement Day, when all of a sudden they run to their prayer beads (sad "yeehaww" here, in fading tones). These are "spiritual hicks". I don't mean that they are hicks who are spiritual. I love those people.

I mean they are but hicks in the big city of reality. And so look, alas, I have insulted my good friend the spiritual hick. I'm sorry, brothers, but most of your "bretheren" are haters of Truth and Justice. I'm sure you knew that from experience. I'm from Oklahoma CIty, and grew up pretty much with hicks that were barely transmitted into the city, so only the best and worst traits made it through. Yee Haw.

That's why sometimes I slip into a drawl. Not because I ever developed it, but because as a Pisces, having lived among anyone long enough I can emulate their essential qualities because, Karmically, I've "learned it all". It is in a life that remember it all, but it was at The Beginning that I Knew. It is in my unforgetfulness that I saw the Truth of Justice and Justice of Truth and demonstrated them against the grain of all opposition of the worst kind.

And to what end? To the end that through that fire, no less than a confirmation of the Truth has been established yet again. Upon such confirmation depends the balance of a Judgement underway which results finally in Destiny. What takes place here is symbolic of what takes place in Eternity Future. When bearing that in mind, along with all that was shown before, one is confronted with the immediate gravity of their situation, if they have that substantia in re by which such a concern is possible in every case.

The world IN TRUTH resents and resists that Spirit and the Origin thereof, and actively makes a mockery of it so as to attempt to degrade and belittle the reality with a absurd, deranged, deformed falsehood in its place, and deceive the righteous to take good for evil, evil for good, and to confuse or become blind to them altogether, and be shaped like men but ensouled by minds fit to be animals or demons.

NO WONDER they have resorted to such actions which demonstrate as a part of a perfect proof that they have ontologically evil status. And therefore no wonder such absurdities of this world are sustained, and by such means as we know they use. No wonder "nothing good will come of it, for anyone, but that he BE GOOD, and COME (away) FROM IT.

Most alive today, most who read these words perhaps, probably almost all capable of doing so, are in great likelihood not going to "make the cut".

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