Thursday, March 6, 2014

From Determinism to Agency in the Great Mind Machine, with Two Separate Destinies in One Fate

If creative activity can be so heavily automated, almost even beyond need of inspiration itself (you can quickly try things and change them to taste, no need to firmly pre-envision anything...).  So all that discipline out of the way, you take your theoretical wings (literal and metaphorical), and fly beyond the limits of the average peasant who carved out a flute 900 years ago.  Now if humans can find and automate almost everything but the "creative spark" itself, and if this can be done to a high enough level so that its relation to everyday men and women were technologically godlike enough, you could literally counterfeit an entire world, INSIDE the physical hosts of that species (humans), and to them it would be as different from fantasy and make-believe as anything could be.  Their entire psychobiological reference point is zeroed out on a barely believable story!  Once that is "rock bottom", you can only believe more iterations of that same basic self-contradictory insanity.

Therefore so much can be manipulated without others even knowing it was manipulation in the first instance, when it was begun, and in the last instance, when its purpose is achieved.  In neither case is the targeted mark every truly let in on this "secret" (New Age bestsellers whining to the contrary), although there is an aspect of the mechanism where there is a hierarchy of cons and marks.  The majority of beings are some proportion of both, then at the "bottom" of their heap are those (the Light Beings) who must bear the full brunt of anything gained by the rest all the way up to the "top" of this pyramid scheme (as it is by definition and form simultaneously), and they must only find their salvation FROM this world. It is simply the way it is on the very face of it.  But those who exist within the realm of the demonic, the "con/marks", they are all struggling in their fantasy land where it is "noble" to challenge each other in some sort of pretense of divinity and honor (think "Game of Thrones", barf, then come back, this will wait).

This is not even a secret to them, because they live this way and glorify it, just look at history.  But the point is that it is all wrong, that the whole thing, the whole project of this world, from the ground up, is a joke, a mistake, and error, a sin, a  monstrosity.  In the end, it cannot end well for it.  But what of those who had no stake in it from the beginning, or who during a period of undeserved Grace found the Light by some Miracle of a spark of it which lay in them, and became inducted into the realm of fully Conscious, Perfectable Beings.   And it remains only for those to be finalized one way or another, which surely anyone can see happening every day, and it could be drawn out of them in a courtroom, you wouldn't have to be Socrates, and yet they cannot see it because they refuse to, so that on the Last Day when it is unveiled, it will blast them mightily.  Therefore doesn't obstinate practice accumulate a directly proportional cure?  It does.

But this is not the plan of the world.  It is the plan concerning the world by those beyond it.  Not those who think they are beyond it, but are merely precariously balanced on the top of its heap (which to Those Above it is the bottom, hence the first shall be last and the last shall be first, but only as a once and final switch at the end...).  Did you rake it in during this world's facade?  Did you profiteer from suffering, even in the form of merely mitigating your own?  Did you do so wittingly or unwittingly?  Did you or did you not repent from this?  Did Grace not shine on you?

So if someone showed Good Faith they would inevitably look at the world and see it for the farce it is.  It is inevitable. So that means the world has acted in bad faith, and not one single shred of what it obligates is enforceable upon the Spirit of God.  And that soul which is bound to flesh and Spirit of God both, is obligated only to choose one of these two masters, Spirit or body, God or world of mirages, and that is all.  There simply is no office in the world which has claim over my very soul, unless I grant that authority.  That must be tried and tested, and finally proven one way or the other over a sufficient number of life experiences, sure enough.  But at some point it must be proven one way or the other.  Which side gains from the time it took to find this out among them depends, in that one case, on which way that soul goes in the end.  But in the END of the whole process, only one side gains from this when it Ends, and only one side gains by that End being eternally delayed.  The side that gains from its ENDING is the Good Side.

Only They can endure the end of all things, and are fit to survive them or even to manifest them at will, not those things which depend upon these beings, in the end, for sustenance, being themselves cut off from True and Fresh Light, and themselves overly-glutted with their own recycled imitation reality, and thereby suffering under a terminal consumption. They have no recourse but to end up begging at the door, at the very feet of those they placed, spiritually, at the lowest rank in their dominions.  Yet, this proves the point, in the End.  Only what makes it to that End and survives it will matter, or could matter.  But it is rest assured, matter itself will not, nor anything which depends upon it for its form for expression.

So in genuine humility, we of the Light seek our own redemption, each one regardless of rank or origin, covering itself up in the same wretched vestments, and we do this for each other, not for the world.  The world has lost any taste for such things anyway, even for the sake of play-acting and mockery.  We are in a new and final age of evil's pathetic desperation, and it will come in any convenient form for a scrap.  Be therefore MORE, and not LESS stingy in terms of Spiritual Energy, and let the chips fall wherever they may for the issue of the Truth.  It is out there and everywhere and if someone has a good excuse for missing it, it is for better Minds and Judges to determine.  Face value is starting to become the New Inflation, since illusion is collapsing at cosmological rates, transformations occurring far beyond comprehension of any measure calculable in this universe.  Make firm your decision about that End, now.  THAT is the "power of now", and not some other nonsense the New Age fools have leaked out into the world.  They can try and put a New Age spin on this too if they want, but this is where the buck stops.  These two essences go separate ways, and do not become one, never were one, and are not one, now.  That information is also contained in the powerful nowness that is, which is the fact of the ought, which does not collapse herein, but creates it out of the tension of its duality.

But this duality, it cannot End well for one side, but cannot go on well for the other, unless that going on facilitate in fact its hastened and perfected End.  So both have something in common, a common direction in appearance, within the world (both tout "virtues" for example, as I outlined at outset), but in the END of that is only divergence tending straight to pure antivalence.  This will only End badly for the false, and only Perfectly Well for the True.  Right has cast Its Glorious Might in realms inconceivably higher than this one we see.  See this world as the last domino in a long series of them, which cannot but fall upon one another in prescribed ways, and which manipulations by Grander and Better minds cannot be avoided.  All that can be decided is in which directly one Truly goes, when all appearances are cast aside. THAT Pure Truth is the Sword of Truth become Justice.

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