Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Misopedic Undertones

Men are not allowed to stand somewhere at random, and smile warmly at a beautiful sight.  It is "gay" or at the very least "kooky and strange", perhaps even SUSPCIOUS.  These pettish fools with their quaint suspiciousness, looking to play the peasant in some spaghetti western who shields children's faces from the evil glare of the dark-suited and mustachioed villain pistolero.  Yeah, that's me.  That's why children light up when they see me.  It is my villainous demeanor, no doubt.  That's why over time they feel life is a drag being with their own families, and why they will grow to literally hate the guts of some of these people who "truly love them".  It's because I smiled at them and discoursed with them.  But what it really is is petty jealousy.  Adult egos want love and attention, but are black holes incapable of receiving any unless it feeds their attachments and fantasies.  So they'll be damned if "beautiful day" is a pretext for "smiling child", not at the behest of a... oh no look out...  a *stranger*.  Perhaps "beautiful birds in the tree" is also taboo, if only you stand alone smiling about it?  How odd, such a "THREAT LEVEL" here.   Oh yes, let's get those iPhone's out and look on, suspiciously...

But then again, neither much are women allowed to do that.  It is a kind of hatred of the soul which indicates a prevalent "misopedia".  Being inwardly focused and happy is not cool.  What is cool is having a story for yourself at every second that "fits in" with some prefabricated array of "mentos moments" scripted for every encounter, and the willingness to participate in such "on demand". This is the world of "making apologies" just for existing.

But to show positive Spiritual features?  If they are harmless and universally understandable as benign, this is now an offense? Indeed, to smile warmly at a child, or to be particularly friendly with them "on their level" (which is a beautiful and sincere level), is treated as a sign of... "pedophilia", which ought to have meant a love of children (or of what is beautiful in and of them). And have you seen the effect it has on children to treat endearment toward them like a threat?  Have you seen them wither?  Did you ever see them blossom?  No, the parental guardian unit who sees, directed toward any child whether their own or not, supervised or not, any affection or kindness which does not fit in neatly with some fantasized "norm", thinks it has a divine and natural duty and obligation to look upon such things suspiciously and with a sense of concern for the safety of the child, and to be concerned about the sanity or "threat level" of the adult.  This is how utterly insane people are in this "world", or globe of dust littered with insane fools. 

The whole Jesus-in-velvet market thrives partly on scenes of Jesus adoring and being adored by children.  How odd that is.  Yet no one gets up in arms about how strange it is that priests are having their way with children.  The same for teachers, and others who are in some uniform of authority.  They have not time for those extremes.  The criminal is YOU who don't have enough fame or power to buy off their opinion of you, you who were not elected into the limelight of sheeple love.  And who would receive that but a perverse zoophile?

And it is a not so subtle misopedia which underlies all of this gender war business.  While men and women bicker at each other, children are treated like objects.  

It has even become "funny" to be misopedic, as George Carlin and Louis C.K. have proven.  Carlin took out his misanthropy squarely on children in a very directed and vitriolic attack in his own material, and it had great success for him with his audiences.   Indeed, Louis C.K. took it further by brutalizing the images of his own children for comedic effect.  Just do a youtube search of their names and "children" and you'll see for yourself.  The foibles of humanity fester above, and the acidic wastes which flow from them drip gratuitously upon the heads of the innocent.  With human society like this, who needs demons in the invisible ethers?

It is "strange" to manifest Good Spiritedness.   And people of either gender generally don't have any genuinely Good Spiritedness.  Humanity's problems run this deep, down to gender identity, only because they run so much deeper than even that, into the metaphysical realms of spiritual identity.  And if this is the sort of problem humanity is hung up with, count me out of the wretched mess.  Count me out of any society that acts this way.  I've no use for it.  You, "society", can "do you".  When finally the Judge who brings an end to this cosmic farce opens the door for those whom you rejected, you will be left alone in the darkness of empty and cold nothing, in the jaws of a dragon as its food, living in terror your final eons with others of your own kind.  You'll all "do you" with no Spiritual Beings to mock.  We'll be in world where we can be ourselves.

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