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Artists, Freedom of Expression, and Sincerity under Eschatology

Yet they have a lot of things to say for or against this man, and claim strange things about him "that he is a brand" or that he is a scam artist at heart or some other cynical notion.  Yet they themselves have not shown us how to properly go about doing anything important in life.  These odd people know who they are.  They are poltergeists, nothing more.  A look at the comment section of that video will show you what sort of people the world manifests around people who "make waves".

I have a bit of criticism by way of his methods and his actions.  It is simply this:  What do we gain by confronting the world?  We gain nothing IN the world, but we confront the world's hypocrisy by our sincerity.  It is fine to do this in a major and political way, if that is what you are inspired to do.  But it would be irresponsible to even suggest that this is the final and greatest sum of Spiritual Rebellion from the world.  Even a brutal and evil person can take a major and controversial position which gets him into trouble with more major powers of the world.  It is not enough, or in itself worthy, to have gone against the grain of the world in THIS way.  This is a matter of expression and circumstance, or even of fate, not of Spirit per se.  If the debauched and worldly Billy Connoly can say what he likes about religion, the various affairs of the world, and make religion look properly like crap, then doing that is no longer a sign of Spiritual Sense per se anymore.  It is only a sign that even the man in the street can see this truth now.  But what about the Ultimate and Spiritual Truth?  This is what they may have yet to grasp.  It is what they may never grasp (do they seem to be grasping for it?).  But that is their affair, and not ours.  

My point is simply that the "real way" of doing this Spiritual Expression is not necessarily expressed in such massively visible forms in the first place, if at all.  How you concentrate and breath alone, or parse your own thoughts and judgments, or do daily deeds in your own life, can reflect Great Sincerity which the world will only insult and never recognize.   But the whole IDEA of Religion is that there is a Greater Spirit which DOES recognize it, and under the Grace of THAT Divinity a Spiritual Person may walk any path in the world and be saved from its evil and be sealed away, as a Pure Spirit.  The point is that we don't have to let visible, highly staged dramas dictate our understanding of the world and our place in it, even though the world has set these ostensible passion plays up for our ingestion as a collective web of propaganda.

But this cannot be realized by those who think worldly exploits define the curvature of Spiritual Progress, when it does not, and is a realm of massive fraud and counterfeiting.  And so of course Ai Wei Wei attracts those types of criticisms because they are built into the very fabric of the world's black market of self-expression.  But he is showing to the Western world the brutal nature of a more "hands on" dictatorship style, although he is grounding his perceptions on personal experiences.  He is asking himself, "should I be like that man who stood in front of the tank in Tian An Men"?  But what sort of tank?  What sort of standing?  I think he wants to express himself as an artist with a sense that his art can be a pure expression of his sincerity.   It seems a legitimate motivation for his actions.  It may be quite a Spiritual Expression in his case if in  his own life he is a Righteous Man before God.  That is not for miscreants to judge.  

But the world is crawling with miscreants who are ever ready to judge others down to the level of their own limited, evil size of soul.  They cannot understand even the remote possibility of a Sincere Spirit, although they use those words on their own lips in cynical conformation with ethical codes and their parlance.  So now we have the issue of what counts as an expression of Spirit in a world which has a false normality and a large groundswell of demonic mobs of ignorant miscreants.  What sort of world can be like this and meaningfully sustain Spiritual Expression?  It can't.  It can only persecute it, and all the while COUNTERFEITING it because of coveting its Glory, but finding in the end that it only has value in attracting people under a locus of control using symbols of excessive significance, but which have meaning only for the Truly Spiritual. Yet these True Spirits are turned off by all those attracted to such false spirituality.  So they go and form their own Spiritual Communities.  Then history shows what the demonic mobs do about that.  Then they exist in a handful here and there only.  

When that day comes, then the world is about to take a massive dirt nap, as in, God will have no further purpose for it, since after this round, no savable Spirits will exist.  All imprisoned Light is inert, all souls are nothing but simulacra of expressions they did not and cannot authenticate, and all Spirits will have been removed who were worthy under God's Grace.  Then what to do with the world?  Anything and everything is possible, but basically, it will be dragged toward the Light of heaven very slowly, so it will flatten itself out to avoid that Light which burns them, and they will create the broadest possible space, spread out over the totality of Heaven, like a transparently black invisibility, which will thin itself down to some limit, and then when pressed at some infinity, it will congeal into one oblivion, eternally rubbed out of Existence for Eternity.

Guide all your actions with this process in view, not only your "social, political, outwardly noticeable" expressions.  Sometimes, it is not best for you to go head to head with some egotistical fools.  Why test God's Grace?  For what reason?  What if the cynics are right and you have gotten pompous or looking for a buck?  Then if they ARE correct then you happen to have a problem in that God's Grace does not well cover such things as egotism.  They may be correct about it in some way or to some degree, though they only correct when it is true, not because they know it is true, because they must accuse even when it is untrue, that is part of their job given them by the demons who stir this stew called "the world".  They usually start accusing the very instant it is conceivable by the greatest stretch of the imagination, that someone has some evil at bottom of whatever they do or express.  That's their "opener".  So their credibility as "evil detectors" is proportionately weak.  Then look at what they let pass for proper authority and acceptable history, and if you disagree they just say "let's move on and why are you so paranoid".   So these creatures are clearly NOT SPIRITUAL in nature, but are known as "illusions".  Artificially intelligent organism.

  But the Moral Spirit cannot be generated out of such organisms, but is confined into association with them, but will no yield its Energy to what is false.  So the false person (ego) and the conjunction between the two (the "soul") was generated so that energy could be taken from this Spirit a bit at a time, by much deception.

  This being done, the expressions of everything, EVERYTHING of the Spirit, came only from the Spiritual Beings entrapped in matter, and the other material beings (and the bodies of the Spiritual Beings) all dilute those expressions through distributed assimilation and imitation.  The world has mimicked and amplified its mimicry to look like a giant stage which makes the drama of REAL Spiritual suffering look like "just anybody's suffering" and it takes the genuine expressions of Spiritual Beings and tries to translocate them into lesser beings who are inhabited by demons (popes, priests, political leaders, entertainment stars, major personalities, artists, scientists, etc etc).  These people are a mass of such "stolen inspiration" which is taken out of the creativity of the True Ones and distributed through mimicry over the ages, and redistributed to the control of demonically possessed meat bags.  How's that for a world you can Spiritually Express yourself in?  It isn't.  But True Religion CANNOT BE MIMICKED.  Sincerity, by definition, cannot be mimicked or copied.  It can only be expressed HONESTLY.

This is the Sign by which the Truly Spiritual are known, and it can save only Them from the world who have that Sign.

That's why Kongzi (Confucius) said, basically, that you should learn from the faults of others and correct yourself.  This doesn't mean that others don't have faults, otherwise, how could you notice them?  It also doesn't mean that you shouldn't Judge those faults, otherwise how could you Deem them not worthy of your own Spirit?  If the Spirit is in you, it would be grieved at that, surely you must Judge it, that it would grieve your Spirit if you were to do such a thing?  If not, then "Judge not" makes no sense.  But with this way of understanding it, in the context of the world, its beginning, and its end, we can see with clearer eyes the real meaning of "judge not".  These quotes can be read for further challenges, to see if they can be interpreted in some way that is harmonious with the Spirit, and if not, in what way.

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NikiWonoto said...


I have a question:

What would you say about/regarding the "do-gooders" and "givers" type of people/humans, honestly?

to explain a bit more: these type of people are actually also abundant everywhere in this world/planet/everyday's reality. they aren't necessarily 'religious' type, nor have to be 'intelligent or high-knowing' type of people; they're simply what the name/term is: simple-minded people who simply have GOOD heart and like to DO good, ie: they're as simple as when they love to do good things (like giving, sharing, donating, helping other people, etc etc), they are already happy and feel that THAT'S ALL Life is all about! .. no need for "Higher Knowledge/Learning/Purpose", let alone all those 'deeper' Gnostic knowledge!

would be glad to hear your thoughts on this. thank you

-a truthseeker from Indonesia-