Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Essential Realizations VIII

Antivalent natures do not hold a world in common, but only a battlefield which is, at best or really at worst, disguised as a world.  As I said there are hierarchies that organize the combatants on either side, and their goal is to neutralize one another's capabilities for offense and defense in all the ways which would be well-modeled in the various styles of grandmaster play in any game of strategic warfare.  They cannot share a universe, and any universe which exists will be of only one essence or the other, but not both.  But what a "universe" is has not a symmetrical meaning, but obtains the most oppositional form of chirality that is possible.  Even matter/antimatter relations do not capture the extremity of their incompatible and unlike natures.  

One essence is the True Essence of Reality.  It is the Parmenidean Absolute.  But this is not sufficient to explain antivalence, which is a real and demonstrable feature of the realm in which we exist, which is not an idyllic Pre-Socratic abstraction.  The existence of evil, referred to as "the problem of evil" in theodicy, is a real problem indeed.  Just ask anyone who has ever suffered from its consequences.  Many of those will discover that they suffered consequences from a reality which they had, for whatever reason, sought to evade in their awareness.  Any tactician will tell you, all the way up to the domains of grand strategy, that being unaware of a threat does not help one's battle plans much.  At best one will be living in an unlikely scenario of always coming up against inferior opponent and enemies, winning simply due to their incapacity to match one's own capabilities.  But this is an untenable expectation in a true war, and so one should be a fool to rely upon it.  But one will rely upon it as long as one doesn't have a true sense of what an equal opposition could do.  And if one cannot be aware of that, then when one comes up against a theoretical equal, one will be trounced at least half the time, even though both generals are strategic imbeciles.  That's not a very fitting form of generalship, either in its absolute form (lacking true strategic capability) nor in its results (losing to an imbecile). 

So the fundamental truth of the situation must include a true and total awareness of the enemy's nature and capabilities.  Any lacuna in the development of that awareness is precisely the weakness that will allow one's defeat by someone who should have, in any given instance, been unable to advance beyond some line of pure attrition.  Conceptually, this is an "inferior equality", because it is less stable and secure than a true equality of opposition, wherein a theoretical equal would be forced to strive for a "draw" in some significant proportion of the possible scenarios of engagement.  A draw between imbeciles looks a lot different than a draw between geniuses.  One notable difference is that their variations of win/lose/draw portfolios against one another will be quite distinct.  The imbeciles will often defeat one another due simply to chance, or due to a certain infeasible strategy of defense complementing some equally infeasible strategy of attack.  They'll not be able to tell themselves or anyone else why they won or lost, and will not be reliable even in something which reliably occurs due to some consistent qualities in their own capabilities.  A certain incoherence obtains between them which makes their sort of attrition different than that of equal opponents who know what the hell they're doing.  The latter can predict with accuracy what the probable outcomes will be in different cases even where precise foretelling is not possible, and can choose among relative probabilities in ways that can, depending upon further factors which may obtain in actual scenarios, lead to an overall advantage in a consistent enough series of cases so as to lead to a decision for one side rather than the other, but one based upon preparation, foresight, wisdom, and perhaps some boon of opportunity which can be seized only upon those qualities being present.  This will enable their wins and losses to be due to a consistent vigilance that decides what is otherwise unpredictable with precision.  And though their opposition may lead to an overall deadlock, it will be a test of their positive qualities of intelligence, vigilance, and character of fighting spirit rather than the persistent existence of equal and symmetrical stupidities.

Of course there is more to the matter.   These are not static types of opposition, but are idealized types working as a tool of clarifying the real continuum of beings they are meant to assist in modeling.  But of the two types, those who are real instantiations of combatants in the concrete world who gain their parentage more from the genius type than of the imbecile type are bound to be the winners, both in each case and overall, over a prolonged series of battles which determines all of the dimensions of a completely defined war.  Even losing is better with the superior general, as he is capable of taking to heart and learning from those casualties, and his loses will actually lead to wins in the long run. This is just a crash course in some basics of the art of war, sufficient to make a point.  People who go around with their heads up their fifth point of contact don't do very well in any sort of endeavor which requires full awareness of what's going on in order to reach consistent and real success.  What this says about the war between antivalent essences is not the focus here.  The focus here is on what is wrong with people who don't even acknowledge that their enemy exists.  They will become dummy-opponents at best, and against more capable enemies they will be turned into assets, often without even realizing it.

Regarding the "problem of evil", it would make no sense for such an issue to even arise if there were not some attribute, some capability which the evil and unjust pseudo-beings had which gave them some sort of advantage over those whom they would seek to conquer.  And it sure as hell isn't honesty. The capacity of the evil pseudo-beings to emulate the appearances which mollify the wariness of those they would conquer must surely be one of their principle capabilities.  It grants them the element of surprise, and allows them to infiltrate the enemy so as to gain his intelligence, as well as his very trust in the worst cases.  Even if I were speaking in a reduced discourse where there is only empirical evidence for anything, indexed by models of them constructed by my deterministic meat computer, these delineations of the methodology of successful warfare operations which rely upon deception would nevertheless reveal the outlines of all evil actions which are undertaken, on whatever scale, whether they are called wars of aggression, crimes, or any other sort of misfeasance.  All involve the violation of the boundaries of dignity and propriety which result in the harm and grief upon those that they target.  The motives vary, but the methods remain the same, and the unwanted consequences that accrue to the victims are the same.  And what is a war of aggression except a crime on a very large scale?   And what is a society, a tribe, a nation, or any other organized group of individuals except some embodiment of those individuals, acting as a Leviathan on their behalf, and always under their aggregate impulses and agencies, in one sort of hierarchy or another?  So what is the difference between a single criminal and his misdeeds and that of an entire nation of individuals whose misdeeds amount to crimes as well?  Only a difference of scale and organization beyond the individual. 

It is not a mere extrapolation into a model that refers these instances of events into the generalized attributes that inhere in "types of being".  It discovers a fact about being itself which would otherwise have been missed if not so starkly demonstrated.  For just as there is a profound difference between a Good Will and an evil intent, there is a profound difference in the originating causes of such which manifest them, of the types of persons which generate those wills and their results.  They are utterly incompatible, and cannot have been derived from the same ontology.    They are antivalent natures, having antivalent essences, so much so that they cannot be considered as possessing a singe root in a single reality.  One shall be assigned the term Reality (proper) and the other shall be assigned its antivalent contrary, which is not reality at all as far as one is concerned with the first type of being. The former is the True Being, the latter is the fake, the imposter, the pseudo-being.  One is the "good man" the "honorable citizen" and the other is his the contrary in those cases. They are not two kinds of the same thing, they are two different kinds of things entirely, and this goes all the way back to their origins.  This Realization cannot belong to the false beings, though they act just as though it were true in superficial ways.  As I said already, they do so only as a deceptive stratagem which enables to them to create a unity of their own built upon the destruction and assimilation, or the assimilation and then destruction, of their enemies.  The True Beings who succumb to such deceptions, including, especially and primarily the fundamental deception which claims a false unity of the enemy with oneself, fall.

So when I look at this world, I see all the indications of an aftermath of a war which has just taken place.  I do not see the ongoing battles of "White Hats" versus black hats.  I see only shades of black.  And whenever I see the veneer of White, I know that I am looking at either a pure deception, or I am looking at at someone who is fighting his last battle.  In there case, I know I will probably see their bodies and souls fall into corruption, various kinds of sabotage and poisoning (I speak literally as well).  Their only hope is that they have not already fallen inwardly in their very essence, coming to believe the lie that will surely lead to their deepest demise.  That lie told in the myth of the garden of Eden.  The lie that it is better to obey the tyrant than to take upon oneself the duty of being loyal to one's True Essence.  And what I see in this pseudo-world is not a world at all, not even a battlefield anymore for the vast majority of entities.  It is far more akin to the mop-up phase.  And here, the evil beings have won.  That of course raises issues on a larger scale than are encompassed merely within this little area of operations mistaken for a full-blown world only by the fallen.  I refer to one contingency which is imminent, inevitable, and irrevocable.  It is the "Scorched Earth" policy.  Because this realm is a battlefield wherein the Good Beings have fallen into mere captivity and are being simply processed as prisoners and are in most all cases no longer able to produce any action in favor of their Originating Essence, so this realm is considered to be the domain of evil, and it is under no sort of protection from total annihilation.  It is consigned to the oblivion to which all realms are that fall to the evil anti-essence.

Whatever one might say about my role in this battle one cannot say that I have fallen into evil, but I have retained my identity. My Loyalty is my Honor.  Those who have, with cowardice and wretchedness unparalleled, opposed me and sought to invert me, must cross a chasm.  That chasm is what separates the dominions of Good and evil.  But in their obedience and falseness, they have already crossed it in the direction exactly opposite my Origin.  So whatever their claims, notions, or actions from that point forward, they are nothing but assets of the evil realm.   Our destinies are forever antivalent, and perfectly divergent from one another.  They had better enjoy what they have "gained" for their duplicity and treachery.  It is all that is left to them, and granted them as the plunder of their master who will one day show them the error of their ways, the true nature of their alliance, as they are destroyed, digested, composted, and obliterated into becoming nothing more than mere extensions of their evil master, whom they have obeyed to the point that there is no longer any room for reasonable doubt as to their true allegiance, if there ever was in most cases.  What seemed like a sweet and pleasant brook for you to cross so that you could throw yourselves into the arms of the evil ones is now to become a vast river of molten metal.   I trust you understand that this is the True meaning of those allegories.  This is simply one of the many concomitant phenomena which characterize what it means to reach an Essential Realization, the realization of one's own essence.  To that side the evil cults of obedience, to the antivalent side the Loyal Knowers of Good and evil.

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