Thursday, March 15, 2018

Essential Realizations II

When I consider the backdrop of history as one source of information, I consider that it is simply a testimony, among others, vying for credence.  The question of whether it deserves credence or not may not even occur to someone, but it had always occurred to me.  There is a further question which should occur even more rarely, judging from manifest human proclivities to swallow stories, and that is the question of on what basis would I decide the credibility of some historical testament.  There is still yet a further question, and by now we are far away from the province of most human mental structures, who are typically fifthing or aiding and abetting fifthery, at minimum, as so-called "busy idiots", some of them even useful.  That further question is, what is the spectrum of meaningful interpretations of the fact in itself that this story is structured the way it is.  Going further, one might ask why that it has the content within it that it does.  Also, why is it presented in the form that it is, by whom, and toward what intended audience?  These are issues that might seem "trivial" upon close inspection.  That is, the basic way that the thinking mind operates should, of itself, reach these sorts of investigations.  One shouldn't have to be a historian, a philosopher, or even a particularly "thinking type" of person, and yet one should reach those investigations, just in virtue of having a human mind at all.  If you think these investigations don't apply to your favorite holy book, then get the fuck out of here and get the fuck away from me.  And go fuck yourself.  You are an evil bigot.  I have no use for you and I don't give a damn if you are the human Swiss Army Knife of talent, genius and virtue.  You are stupid in a way that is so basic that you are a living incongruity, you are a "modern art masterpiece".  You're the kind of shit piece that was happily in the service of Pope Asshole the Nth, who merrily sent fiends to go and torture, butcher, rape, pillage, and desecrate anyone who wouldn't kiss his bigoted ass.  I condemn you.  Especially if you "fifth", and a fifth knows damn well what I mean.  You better refocus your proclivities for magical thinking thusly, and realize that your evil subterfuge and malicious mischief are coming to a dramatic, world smashing end right soon.

Of course I don't seriously entertain to educate or admonish wretches here.  But what I mean to get at is that it is a patent idea in my mind that those questions I indicated above are just the beginning of where investigations into the testimonies of histories should go.  Just the fragile, facile, barely scratched surface of the issues that arise in hearing or reading some historical account!  Just the beginning.  And most will never even approach such a beginning.  They swallow what they are told and taught, bait, hook, line and sinker.  They'd swallow the pole, the fisherman, and the god-damned boat in some cases, and without provocation beyond a tainted morsel at the tip of the hook.  This is not an exaggeration.  There is not even the remotest sort of detachment in the minds of most people when it comes to receiving their dogma and doctrine from "duly self-appointed" authorities.  After all, isn't that all an authority is, upon first inspection, as far as you know?  Only a fool mistakes the sign for the signified. But there's one born every millisecond.  And in the ranks of fifthery, which I have described as a metaphysically constructed entity that intersects with the various different fractally related human social organizations to create varied modes of hive-minded dupery and complicity with organized criminal rackets of varying scale, from the local insanity of a single human mentality to the ultimate mentalities of the entire universe (whatever the particulars of its outer form or shape).  It is a granfalloonery of a dramatic sort, but rather of a metadramatic sort.  A grotesque phantasmagoria with a panorama rooted in the Demiurgic "evil mind", the defective architect, all the way down to the local dimwit at the remote service station who will mislead unwary travelers into their last wrong turn.  It's connected, as I said, in a fractal structure, and that's more mechanics if I go further into it, but that's not necessary.  Just know that the part and whole bear a relation which ensures that every part is a franchise of the whole, and of a particular aspect of the whole most especially.

That's the situation which baffled philosophers since Heraclitus and since long before him.  What is this way that the world has its form, and its form is at once intelligible and also absurd?  How can the proper functioning of the reasoning mind be so rare, yet exist at all, when it should be the norm given that it is seemingly itself the proper harmonic in general between any given mind and the cosmos?  Why shouldn't the mind as such operate in such a way?  In other words, to wax poetic, why should the spirit of angels mingle with this animal clay?  Or as One once said "How has such wealth come into such poverty"?  Is it not a rhetorical question taken well out of context?  Most who arbitrarily believe arbitrarily authoritative testimonies, presented with the most incredulous of heraldries, do not realize that such a thing as an apocryphal recapitulation of things that were really said is something that can even happen, unless it is someone else's devil-inspired hoax. Flappy ears really do abound in the world, do they not?  I could walk around blind with a needle and probably pin a donkey right on his ass with it, and the more crowded the pedestrian traffic in any given city, anywhere in the world I've been, the more likely.

I mean just take the Bible for instance?  It usually comes at you when you are barely able to perceive the world, some mysterious object that your caretakers are busy obsessing over in the midst of your trying to piece together a personal perspective of your condition and surroundings.  And as far beyond the process of a single cell that this constantly necessary, and yet faltering attempt will be, it is still quite excruciating in most cases, and quite tragic in how it plays out, and all the more as it is more articulated and extruded into an exposure into a most hostile "world".  Most will not form truly complete, fully "stereotactic" personalities of any real depth or quality, even by "clay" standards.  They'll become persona-mimics at best.  Epimetheus's own.  Boy oh boy, am I ecstatic about swimming in a soup of person parts that never became real and whole, but simply became charged entities filled with a constant need to be made and remade by that ever-needed, ever-authoritarian "other".  They'll be sure to constantly try and coerce everyone they see to join them in that leaderly way unique to their type.  They'll be sure to "ostracize" which means condemn the "not them" everywhere they find it.  They'll FIFTH, too!  Lovely.  What a lovely work has been constructed here!  No, it's HIDEOUS!  But it must be endured, oh yes...  Because those who have the most to lose from this process, those who are encatenated upon this evil cross of material filth, which is the active oppression by the mind which orchestrated this falsified domain, seem to have been lured here by an evil summoning, or bid here on some grim purpose. But I'll defer from speaking directly of that insanity par excellence, the Demiurgos per se, for now.  Let's focus on the manifest symptoms.  Each of these human mentalities are what's left of a very aberrational process of development, even by its own most charitable lights cast from within the psychological schools of thought which broach these issues.  It's really a dismal picture.  I'm leaving out the added issues that come with fluoridated/chlorinated/psychotropicated/who-knows-what-elsinated water/milk/similac etc. Throw in whatever is in the air, and what is in the "food" as one grows up and develops and that's more I'll generously leave out here.  Leave out the gulag conditions mistaken for an education system, and let's not even get into the rite of passage where one makes license plates for Janet Yellen and her ilk as an "honorable job". 

So with all this hell doing wonders to the developing mind, we might even have to leave out the issue of how people in households act and behave, and treat themselves and one another (fifth and "non-fifth", if that's a thing anymore).  But let's just take the "normal" dysfunctional family as a baseline. So all that hell outside the house which is going on "out there" and which typifies this shit hole world is, through the more "mature" and "wise" members of the family, filtered into the house and into the child, nay funneled as though through a tube into his mouth, and we can get some vague idea of how that primordial condition of the personality, in its formative eons, is thoroughly corrupted, tainted, and generally "upwardly fucked".  And if you somehow lived a "blessed" life ensconced somewhere safely away from all this because you were one of the Demiurge's preferred pets or because you are a beneficiary of some evil refuge for the upper class select-elect, then go fuck yourself.  You are the beneficiary of a hellish world, which feeds on the pressurized class conditions created by such bifurcations of abuse on one hand and on the other the protection of its apologists, managers, and enforcers from it, and you should feel ashamed that you haven't done something heroic to expose this evil-doing at the very least.  Shut up and get out of my sight forever.  You are probably quite happy to enjoy the benefits of this extremely evil arrangement.  Know that "Justice" really is "in the interest of the Stronger", but that this world is the flimsiest in existence!  It is a shallow refuge, and it is getting pressed thinner and thinner from without and from within. There is no further place to flee, there will be no comforter or salvation.  Know it, and enjoy your rewards here, and hereafter.

And if you are some jack ass who claims that all this is somehow "just the way it is" or literally doesn't even think it is evil per se, but just some sort of backdrop for him to say boldly "onward and upward", then may you and your ilk receive an anvil on your heads dropped from a great height.  Better to have the wherewithal to wish such evil upon the deserving than to presume it not evil because it fell upon people in their infancy, seemingly "as the norm", and they should just get busy "rising above" and man those soup kitchens of epic altruistic duplicity!  Especially if you have access to even the most basic collections of mostly undisputed historical accounts of the past which led up to and which constitutes all that is currently ongoing.  Especially if you have the intellect and vocabulary with which to understand what I'm saying, and are be able to see for yourself the current events of the world, and even suffer from it, and to be able to even use common sense so as to divine the true causes of all these plights. It's amazing to me how gullible people are, to accept as "normal" or "natural" such ghastly things, but it also just goes to show how ghastly the state of their minds, the basic evil that they represent in a semi-conscious form, which is in reality their microcosmic expression of this world as the macrocosm of their origin in essence.  No wonder they "don't get it" in the way that it is wrong, but somehow think that they've "got it" in some way that makes it fundamentally right.  They are "of it", and not merely "in it".

On  top of it it seems that a hierarchy of entities, which operate in and upon the human cultural spheres, has created a hegemony in which they are the ultimate rulers and deciders of how everyone under their spell will think and act concerning such things as their own general and pervasive condition of enforced maltreatment and degradation.  And these beings have no pity for the fools who apologize on their behalf, but will perhaps find them to be useful idiots for a time.  Maybe they'll be put in charge of some speciously and dubiously charitable enterprise, so they can think they are "doing something", and so they can look down on someone who sees the truth of all this as being just cynical "do nothings".  Even as their petty endeavors accomplish very little except to put up a big show, while funneling much wealth and energy back into the coffers of those who were supposedly the least intended recipients.  I can't even afford the space of thought to say in detail how far down my nose I have to look to see these little wretched specks of persons who have accused me of some dereliction or other while they remain blissfully oblivious of what stupid and subservient tools they are, apologizing for massive and corrupt forces of degradation of the dignity remnant or rather held hostage in this misformation of man.

And sometimes they have artifacts upon which they focus their magical and stupid thinking, so as to tell themselves that they are able to approach the proper thoughts and actions which would be expected of them by their authorities to which they are beholden.  Yea, they holdeth their artifact and they thumbeth through it. They ruminate upon its contents cacophonously.   Verily, they presume that they have reached divinely inspired epiphanies as they dart around, stitching together one malformed personation after another, like some sort of dying, melting T-1000, searching for some randomly hopeful order in their rather permanent chaos, inflicting the accidental aspects and arbitrary scintillations of these horrific yet corny deformations onto the developmentally impinged phenomenology of their infantile charges.  This is the crucible in which "holy books" are first encountered by those who will later treat them as their primary "go to" source for truth, as their premier treasure trove of transcendental wisdom which has descended and condensed into the ethereal dew which graces magical leaves of pulp and ink, more precious than one's own soul!  And then one must later come to treat it with the same neurotic fixation as those who do who hold sway over one's body and soul, and one must appreciate that this is right and best.  And then one must believe, not only outwardly, but inwardly.  One must demonstrate due reverence!

And will there by anything of value within those pages?  Possibly.  But would one gain that value best under these conditions?  Would one need to accept the whole of something before the fact of comprehending any of its contents and also without any sense of discrimination so that one could say one could easily imagine a world where one would say "no" to such a thing?  Can one say what a "holy bible" would look like which didn't deserve to become such a mind-displacing artifact of reference within a family-sized brainwashing cult, itself a franchise of a larger one that links such families into church-sized brainwashing cults?  Well, they'll always be happy to use everyone else's "devil-inspired" hogwash as fodder for this exercise in hypocrisy, but anyone with just a little common sense can see the bias here.

And this is only to use such a thing as an example. It is ERSATZ RELIGION, GOT IT? This is an ersatz world, full of ersatz beings, ersatz people, with ersatz religions and creeds, which got their form as a hybrid of a demented evil-minded defective creator being who misplagiarized the broken traces of an Actual, Real, Good, and True World.  And "this one" AIN'T IT.  I've put it to the test in every conceivable way which would indicate whether it is or isn't what it claims itself to be.  I was able to find out that it was, within its own auspices of influence, but only under the office of the proper agency, something that is in fact "decidable".  Like a "Turing Test" for a world's authenticity and viability for being considered a Real Existence. The method of determining this was a function of determining, simultaneously, that world's worthiness to exist.  And that was determined as a subset of the realization that a world's worthiness to exist, and its actuality of real existence are directly correlated to one another due to an underlying cause that could be called the substantial merit of that world.  And while this ersatz hole-of-an-ass granfalloon world of abject fifthery has been busy doing every evil thinkable and unthinkable, covering it over with every facade no matter how crass and gaudy and impossibly honorific, and all of this while using the most filthy, debased, wicked, unlawful, and utterly criminal covert warfare operations within all its supposedly lawful domains of civilized human polities, all so as to destroy lives wrongfully and to do so with false pretexts, under false pretenses, and with false purposes to undermine and destroy the worth and lives of those it cannot control and brainwash, so as to commit the "perfect injustice", and all the while to pretend to be my judge; so in that, that while all this has happened, it has all turned out to expose the true facts of the situation, and in that this world has thereby placed itself under judgment and has been fully exposed and revealed to be the fraudulent imposter-world that I have said it is, as have so many of my predecessors before me.

And all this evidence was made most abundant in today's world, hypertrophied by the excesses made possible by the development of sciences and technologies, arts and methods, which enabled the concentration, and then the virulent explosion of the essential seeds of evil, to reveal their character, the character of the soil, and of the tenders of the fields and their landlord.  If you have failed to see these things, and if you dare think yourselves my judge even now, then that be your doom upon doom, that be your ultimate and immanent undoing.  Such hypocrisy simply cannot be allowed to continue to exist.

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