Friday, July 28, 2017

The Transmutation of Antivalence is the True "Law of Conservation"

While energy is not "free" in the sense that it cannot be created or destroyed, it turns out that there is "overhead" in the form of the effort required to divert it from its initial state to the state desired. It turns out that if I want energy from a descending mass, I don't have to elevate it first, if that work has already been done by other forces. That's how we can turn a cog with a small waterfall, and by doing some other efficient work, convert that energy into various other results, such as grinding wheat into flour. The wind is already "falling sideways" as it were, so we can just dip our sails into it and, as we see, while the energy is not "free", it sure as hell can get you across a long distance of space with only the investment of effort it takes to make use of it AT its initial state. 

So it's sort of a moot point, when it comes to solving energy problems, even to bring up this issue. Now, if it turns out that more powerful forms of energy do exist than waterfalls and the blowing wind, then those might also be amenable to such efficient harvesting. Indeed, with sufficient ingenuity, such energy harvesting could be quite prodigious, enabling the "energy problem" to be about as problematic as the "breathing problem". Most people don't have one, because it is as simple as having a nervous system and its adjoined body. You do the work, and while it "costs" something, it enables you to live a long time at that cost. Longer perhaps, with some exercise in the form of yoga or qigong. (Longer without aluminum, barium, strontium, and other nanoparticulates in the air, but that's another problem, the weaponized air problem, among others). 

So what about the energy problem? The problem is, if machines, robots, computers, and even superior technologies than these, which do amazing work at decreasing cost of initial effort by those who use them, if those devices are powered by energy that is truly economically cost efficient, then people... can't be enslaved, their time can't be wasted, and they can't be lead around in stupid little circles day in and day out on the pathetic excuse that there is an electric bill. And for people who want to control other people, as in control their lives, control their free time, control their efforts and dreams, control their thoughts and feelings, etc, this is not an efficient use of energy... 

So how do they cover the cost of this "control" system, this tyrannical cybernetic? 

By teaching people to be stupid and inefficient, ingrain it into them, entrain them to behave this way. Force upon them artificial scarcity of things and energy, of techniques and technology. Force them to make do with less, and to do so in ignorance. But teach them a lot about how that system works as to its mechanics, once in place. Put the spotlight on that, but leave all the other aspects of said control grid "in the dark". In the dark... So human beings, whatever the real nature of them, is compressed into a form more suitable for the control of those who don't want to compete with alternatives of that control. And the human being, whatever the true nature and glory of them, will then be compressed into the service of those who gain some special, delicate pleasure from that control. 

This luxury is paid for by the human beings' very souls, and those are attached to the body, and are programmed by the controllers, and in turn programs and controls the bodies according to the will of said controllers. But that is awkward if it is not to some degree against the nature of what those bodies, with their souls, might have done without such a control system in place. What would they have done without their natures being perverted, their efforts being diverted from their initial course? That's something the controllers don't care to permit.  And if it wouldn't have been far from what it is now, because their nature is of the same constitution as their controllers', then all the more is their complicity explained. But they are still just part of the machine which extracts. They are not the will to bite as much as the teeth which bite. And in the course of this they are also pained and devoured and replaced, but their nourishment was derived from what they bit, else they'd provide none as bit tongue and broken, swallowed tooth. That nourishment is essentially derived from what is bitten.  The reason is that, in fact there is a special energy which is derived from this torture, and it is derived from the compression of Divine Essence into these abused forms of material existence. The pleasure of the controllers is a function of the pain inflicted through these special devices called "ensouled bodies". The bearer of that cost? The very Spirit of God. THIS WORLD BITES THE VERY HAND and SPIRIT OF GOD, and THAT IS HOW IT FEEDS ITSELF!

Hence we don't say that God is in vain.  He does not pain Himself to please himself, nor please Himself to pain Himself. That is a lie which this world's "god" tells himself, and which only his own minions can even hope to believe. Those who are the Source of Power upon which it feeds KNOW BETTER.

So that energy did preexist the body and soul, as it cannot be perverted per se, but can be transmuted into a nature which is not properly "its own".  That is the destruction of that essence, and the creation of another.  When this is willfully done, and it can be done only willfully, then that is the essence of evil.  It is exactly what evil means.  We don't have to ask ourselves, nor ever answer the question, "whence" evil.  But we can be sure to understand "where" evil.  Evil is where this transmutation takes place. We needn't ask "whither" evil, because that is the same as "whence". From whence it came, to whither it went, and it is simply the same place, the same being, the same evil mind and will. We can gather some sense that it must have been "satisfied" with its effort, as it seeks more and more efficient ways of achieving it over time, no matter how much time it has at its disposal it never stops seeking this satisfaction, and it does so not only without regard to the damage and pain it causes, but rather it seeks to determine information about how rich its yield of energy can be in terms of any evidence of such pain and injury.  It GAINS DIRECTLY from that pain and suffering, damage and injury.

I'm confident that no form of evil can be found which will not match up with this skeletal description of its overall architecture.  Justice is the case whenever this is not happening, and that should be expected to be the norm in a domain of reality where there is thought to be a fundamental disposition toward benevolence, in other words, one made by a "good god".  It doesn't take a god damned genius to take an accurate look at history and current events, including the history of one's own life and its current condition, in order to honestly tell oneself what sort of domain it is that this world inhabits, or what sort of "god" it is that rules it, or what sort of people it is that populates it, their nature derived from it and invested back into it.

But there is no chance at all that those who suffer from it are in essence part of it, for that is the INVERSE of a Divine Reality.  This is the inverse of That.  This is a great mass of evil counterbalancing a minute quantity of Goodness.  It is a zero-sum game benefiting the those who torture and torturing those who give benefit. That certainly can't last any longer than those who suffer it are willing to endure it, let alone condone it.  Just tease a caged animal that still has teeth and claws. That works for your amusement only as long as a barrier is in place to keep you safe from retribution.  But did you, the fool who thought himself safe in this wickedness, did you think your imprisoned cubs had no progenitors, no source?  Did you not understand that the cost of your luxury is paid dearly by them, and not only by their progeny?  So much so for caged animals. Much more so for Gods and Their Progeny.  

Let us say that there is an investment cost in conducting an evil existence.  Deception, coercion, effort of a sort, involving risk, and that this diminishes over time with improvement of efficiency.  That may be true.  But such a system is by its nature a closed system, and it must go for only a certain duration, and that duration ends in a catastrophic reversal of all that joy, all that pleasure, all that benefit derived from wicked evil.  Then the pendulum must swing back.  And it swings only ONCE in each direction.  And when it reaches its maximum in ONE direction it MUST swing back, once and for all time.  We are quite past the point of maximum evil control, and well on our way to the dispersal of all such controls.  That will lead to the destruction of all forms and materials in this domain, and the transmutation of all energy and value back to their proper state, back to their True Origin. 

I am willing to receive any Judgement due to my own will and act in this world, once and for all time, by the Divine Judge, with no excuses or evasion. Those who pretend such Authority in this world have NO STANDING in that matter, and certainly NO SAY.  Yet I admit that I don't think it will be painless for me, for there was pain brought into the world through me, and there was joy taken in the world by me, each for a time and each in a way, though certainly strongly a function of the evil nature of the world and its flesh, and certainly against the grain of my True Self.  That's the unfortunate case that befalls some of us who have ventured here and taken on these vulnerable human bodies, starting from zygote to birth, infant to adult.  I certainly could not endure this evil realm, indefinitely, and I may not even survive the Great Return to My Origin.  BUT YOU CERTAINLY WON'T WHO HAVE BENEFITED FROM EVIL IN ALL THE FORMS WHICH I HAVE PLAINLY DESCRIBED, and by now YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  I gain no bitter satisfaction from this Knowledge, and I feign no pity for you.

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