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Carta Divinorum

The discussion in this video on the matter of the substance and significance (mythical, legal, cultural, historical etc) of the Magna Carta is quite a lucid one, and worth watching just for its own sake. There is a back and forth on the essence of the "event", which is also considered as a process, and which is variously understood as a product of "historical forces" as well as of fundamental principles which some prefer to think actually inform the character of human beings and human action, and which some claim are simply "puffs of air" that loquacious specimens will emit toward one another in a futile, though perhaps necessary display of the inevitable and predetermined biophysics of their particular bodies, which themselves are merely cells in a larger body of such forces, some Leviathan, which is overruled by cliques who do not truly answer to such ephemeral gusts of wind, let alone those of the more "romantic" variety.

Yet they do pay lip service to the same, and it is quite demonstrable that there is only a certain leeway across which they may traverse in this regard, a lower and an upper limit to what claims they can make concerning the "spirit of the law".  What law?  What spirit?  The letters are plain enough to sense, as plain as the sword blows which were swung before and after those were written, whether on a clay tablet thousands of years ago by "Cyrus the Great" or later on illuminated vellum by "Charles the Great", or much more likely, by their royal scribes.  Surely they couldn't have just written any old thing, any more than they could have just been any old body, and thereby author merely just any old document.  These documents (and legal processes they signify) were and are thought to be quite significant for the lives and deaths of literally everyone within the reach of those who, whether loyally and truly or simply as part of some larger machine of deterministic action, answer to and act on behalf of those authorities who authored those processes and their accompanying significations.  

The actions taken by people don't have less than a certain significance and implied substance, not only "also" for those who would claim the right to rule over, that is "overrule" them at will, but rather especially for them.  They not only have an interest in figuring out what motivates and can be inferred from human action, and not only for a practical reason, but they must also develop their policies of conduct in such a way that these people are convinced that these figures of authority can rule over them by right and not merely by might.  They are supposedly more in touch with some quality of virtue and dignity which is understood to exist, at least in lesser degrees, in all those others in the same realm who are expected to acknowledge such authority.  Also, they are supposed to be infused with such a quality as would be sufficient in substance, but which also is demonstrated by acts and emanations of, as it were, some "spiritual light".  Indeed, in some myths, or perhaps simply olden stories, those with such authority literally shined forth with literal light as a result of their proximity to the "ultimate sources" of all light.  That is what created them with form, and inspired them with life, and which sent them forth "into the world" as evidence of that Great Author which set them in motion, and to Whom they are beholden.  And to Whom we are all expected to be beholden as well.  

But this is simply to play the role of hierophant over the rest around them, though it is not allowed to be said that it is not a genuine role in their case.  Surely there is some substance behind their claims, or how would so many have been transfixed by their belief in it.  The claims are thought to be right and just, or else they'd have no merit, and would even be a great and blasphemous fraud!  So would it be so strange if instead of simply being required to acknowledge their light by screening one's eyes in some primordial salute, instead of being expected and it being demanded that one declare awe of the majesty of such beings, that they actually from time to time give one cause to do so without it having to be demanded in words and protocols?  Surely one doesn't think that they are beholden to a "god" who merely demands such obeisance but has no True Substance and Pure Emanation of it for those who come into His Presence to behold.  And surely if that weren't the case, and they "came down from the mountain" as it were, then there ought to be some evidence other than mere tradition as well.Whatever evidence tradition supplies, like history, can support only so much in the way of claims which are of the sort that Grand Authority would make!

What of such beings and what they do in the world?  They don't just claim to be great, and they don't just make other great claims and proclamations, but they make them specifically to the tune of a certain baseline of substantive issues.  Among them, the Dignity of Man and the Purpose of Mankind. They claim to properly regulate not only the conduct of people's bodies, but the very expressive aspects of their spirit!  They at least claim to have the Good Grace to know what the proper forms of all such are, and to know not only the proper limits and freedoms of their subjects, but also of themselves in their own majestic offices.  They claim that they are good judges of what is right, not merely powerful executors of such judgments. They claim, not only to have such a deep insight as a result of their being better suited to that role inherently, but also to have inherited their relevant qualities from the Preeminent Being, Who alone can issue such.  Not a rough or minor claim!

So they don't merely want to make demands of people's bodies, but of how they themselves view such demands in light of some set of principles which make appeal to their sense of their own dignity and conscience, even the corpuscles of God's Light which are presumed to reside within them, though in most cases to a lesser degree able to manifest, and which manifest in lesser amounts in their clay than in the silver and gold of their betters.  Well, there is a lot said of such a respect for the dignity and spirit of people, mostly said by those who either love their rule or hate it.  We'd get nowhere simply taking one side of the matter and ignoring the other, not anywhere near the Truth, that is.  And over this issue, we should prefer the most complete resolution of any dispute as could be managed by the heart and mind, by the will and spirit of all beings.  So bring in all the evidence and witnesses which can be mustered to the assistance of both sides.  Bring in all of reported archaeology and history, bring in all manifest mores, customs, and traditions.  Bring in the entirety of human languages and literature.  Let all events, close at hand and farthest flung in the world, in both space and in time, be admitted.  Let all claims be essayed and assayed by all faculties of sense and intellect. Let reason and intuition, wisdom and conscience all be brought to bear.  And let a judgement be rendered.

Let us settle for what we can ourselves muster in this regard, by our own individual efforts, for at the very least one must do no less for the sake of one's own dignity and conscience, even if it be applied merely in selecting someone deemed more fit to take on that mantle in one's stead.  As for me I'll declare no one in the world, on it, or above it, no one, nowhere to be more fit to decide such a matter for me THAN I.  Let others do what they see best fit for themselves, and then let each get the just reward for his efforts.  But I think it couldn't be plainer to any and all that such a matter cannot have less importance than any other they ever have, ever will, or ever can decide!  It is simply inconceivable that this matter is to be decided for anyone except by each himself.  They may delegate this decision to someone else, but only after they've decided that is the most appropriate thing for themselves to do!  And many have.  That's their choice, and let them each get whatever they rightly deserve for having made it.  But they won't be making that choice for me, and that's my decision

So what have I discovered about the authorities of this world and their conduct?  Quite a lot, actually. I must admit that I wasn't keenly interested in such matters in any explicit way in my distant youth, but certainly was impacted by them and felt the impact profoundly, as did many!  And I would say I felt them perhaps keener than most.  As to getting my bearings and developing a recognition of my state, and the state of the world, that took some time due to factors which had to be addressed mainly as obstructions to this process rather than as any sort of help toward it. And no, not as helpful obstructions, either.  More like obstructing "helps".  The kind for which one would first politely say "No, thank you" and then for which one must take more drastic steps to be rid, because they seem to persist without due reverence for the permission of those toward whom they are directed.  The sort of "help" one would like to burn away with the wrath of God's own hatred for evil, to cleave with the foreboding ax of a contemptuous Clovis, or wreck with a storm of heated ash and lava of that Jupiterian Genius Vesuvius.  Whether concerning the Right Will of God, Man, or Nature wherever such are Just, I declare this world IN CONTEMPT.  And since it has no genuine interest in any just participation in these matters, and since it does all it can through various embodiments and instruments to interfere, meddle, and prevent that which it claims to hold as Sacred, I must CONDEMN it in whole and in all its parts wherever such are involved, wittingly or unwittingly.  

There is nothing GREAT about this monster and its false mandates!  It is a plagiarizer and fraud!  It is a lying cheat, and a base, ignoble coward.  It is a ferocious and hungry beast that seeks to devour the innocent whilst being declared their protector and savior!

My evidence for this judgement?  My methods for reaching it?  The causes of this effect?  PLAIN FOR ALL TO SEE who but open their damnable eyes and ears to the world around them and can but reason in a petty sequence of facts!  If my explanations and references, which I've spread about wherever I could as it seemed fitting, whether in person or through media, were not being constantly SUBVERTED by these same monstrosities, then more would have heard of them by now just on the SEEMING AUDACITY OF MY CLAIMS, JUST ON THE SEEMING PRESUMPTIONS OF THE REQUISITE AUTHORITY TO MAKE THEM!

One doesn't have to be a figure writ large to write large figures!  And I've written some rather large things, often against some rather large personages.  I've spoken and acted according to my right view of what is actually the case in the world, and I've made sure to keep my conduct in this matter in line with the Truth.  I haven't pretended nor wanted to find myself, or be found by others, to be in accordance with THEIR estimates of what is right or best!  Especially not if they've acquired their opinion through the smoky lenses of their ignorance, their brutish and base mentalities, their utterly wrong and unethical methods of working against me, or any other of their provably evil and wicked actions and intents.  And such not only with regard to me, but rather with regard to anyone they wish it would seem, being quite content to spy upon, eavesdrop upon, stalk around, sabotage and subvert, confine and torture and murder ANY THEY LIKE.  Sure, these imps may pay lip service to their favorite window dressings of ethical restraint, traditional conduct in matters of profession and custom, family, commerce, sacrifices in the lines of various duties, but they are still but PUPPETS ON THE STRING OF THEIR MASTERS.  And when these STUPID FOOLS realize who their masters actually are, and what they are actually up to, IN CONTRAST WITH ALL THAT LIP SERVICE to the bases of their presumed and hollow authority, then they will wish they'd broken themselves into pieces long before taking these evil steps against me or others as they have.

The AWESOME POWER of the ULTIMATE REALITY does not deign to show you what you expect or prefer to see, FOOLS.  It comes as a shroud of darkness, and it comes as a chilling mist, and it comes to curse and contaminate your wretched hallows.  Then it tears you apart with your own claws, and leads you by your own trickery into your own handiwork!  And you will then understand, THEN, though perhaps all the way until then you prefer to be a resisting idiot!  And FROM THEN ONWARD FOR ETERNITY your fate is irrevocably complete.  But all the way until then it is no less inevitable.  I have declared it because it is Right and True, and the substance of this claim is sufficient. Do whatever you will, or think you must.  Justice will NOT BE SOLD, it will NOT BE DELAYED and it will NOT BE DENIED.

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