Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Whatever is Done to the Least of These

I can understand that fire burns, water drowns, and murder kills, but I don't need someone pretending to know better about what it should feel like to be addicted to something, or whether or not it means anything tangible TO be addicted to anything.  Even anything such as nicotine, which has effects on the brain which, in some way, make this parody of social anxiety (PSA) a meaningful work of art, if only in that it shows "what it's like" to need a cigarette every 10 minutes.  I'm mean, worse things have happened in the world, like kids getting killed in their own home's basement.  But yes, please witness the face-deforming consequences of nicotine in that link.  Face deforming, or perhaps just that mind deforming. Which is such a horrible fate that little else but other such bogeymen of ill repute fill up and comprise most of the "PSA" type of propaganda (even advertisements are just propaganda, to sell you on the counterfeit currency enslavement program of debt to counterfeiters).Propaganda suggesting to us "what we ought be worried about" vis-a-vis the most important treasure in our lives, our children. Not condescending at all.    

Countless intelligent, effective, caring and worthy people have undergone that scary deformity of mind and body, even soul, which is the affection for smoking tobacco.  If only out of respect for them, please stop insulting the dignity and intelligence of people by pretending there is a dragon to slay here that requires a mass social movement.  Don't say it's out of concern for the youth, you've shown only an essential hatred for the youth by allowing shadowy geopolitical-scale gangs STEAL AND RAPE THE YOUTH in the name of your petulant claims to power and authority, whether from office or by pretending to have a share in an office-holder's "authority".

Socrates was punished for educating the youth in how to think critically about authority (Prometheus Himself). This monster, whoever this monster is, Podesta or no, deserves to be destroyed by ostracism. If public shaming wouldn't drive him to suicide, then he should be destroyed as an animal (whoever "he" is in this video), because no good and reasonable person could carry themselves out in public if everyone knew he'd treated a child in this way, which is frankly a crime "on the books", so we can skip moralizing and get to punishing upon proper evidence. But the urgency is for that child and the many like him. Can you even believe this went on, that even one person did this to one child? Now that is the REAL issue. But if it turns out that officials in various institutions are into this in a way that is quite disportionate to the "norm" of evil found in the "general population", then that is an important fact. Institutions of concentrated power, which lay claim to HONOR and AUTHORITY have to be PURIFIED on a regular basis, or else the souls of those beholden to those authorities (take orders from them, often on matters of life and death), risk forfeiting their very souls. How this doesn't dawn on someone indicates his "soul" is, one way or another, numb to reality. We're left with the living dead either intellectually or morally (or in some other way involving the use of JUDGEMENT). But this ostracism would be JUST, unlike Socrates', and whomever this monster is, WHOMEVER he is, he is the TRUE monster guilty of "corrupting the youth"... Let there be some good news in the world before it ends: LET THAT UNJUST MONSTER BE FOUND AND BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. Or else perhaps it is the WORLD which should be hung, if this atrocity among many is a byproduct of their own corruption... Then that world is already in hell, not just going there. 
Keep that in mind the next time you think social control mechanisms like psychotronics or covert 5th column "mindering" of people is anything but a big fat giant seal of doom on you wretched souls. That's something that ought warp your faces into a contorted shape, INDEED!  One of shame and guilt to NO END BUT OBLIVION.  If, for example, this monster can't be brought to justice not only because he "has power" (among whom, exactly?), but because they, the public, just don't even really give a shit, then THEY ARE DOOMED WITH HIM.  THEY should have spent more time protecting their own children, rather than seeking inroads into the private lives and dignity of others with the high-tech Gestapo bullshit.  When will they make a PSA about what it is like to grow up injected with mind-numbing/deforming pharmaceutical and other toxicological chemical assault?  That's something that matters a thousand times more than warning the youth about something that, if it is so vile to health, then wise people would desist from consuming at all.  Benjamin Franklin smoked cigars, and not just tobacco cigars.  Get off your shitty little social do-gooder high horses and face the truth: THAT YOUR OWN CHILDREN FELL THROUGH TO THE CLUTCHES OF DEMONS ON YOUR WATCH WHILE YOU WERE DIGGING INTO MK-ULTRA-style social engineering rackets.  Or if you weren't involved, perhaps you just did your part as a street sweeper?  That's the most shameful form of streetsweeping, in the multiverse.  If you made this collective evil your "9 to 5", then FUCK YOU, YOU ARE GOING TO HELL.

Well, whether that high-tech variety of evil exists or not, this low-tech variety is in everyone's face.  It won't take long to prove what the world is made of, and then "Suum Cuique".

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