Saturday, July 15, 2017


I will not attempt to unsay anything that I've said, neither publicly nor privately.  I know that I am correct in my assessment of the world and how it operates, and this is after doing some rather thorough research. It may be that many do not agree with my findings, but that is moot since they are clearly wrong in fact, and are simply aping the argument whilst relying on sheer preponderance of numbers and advantage of social position, etc etc.  This doesn't mean that I don't have the right to say any of what I have, or to say it differently if in fact I see it differently. It is not about how it is taken by others, but in how it has a meaning invariant to how it is taken.

That's the part where it is True because "I" have said so. Because existentially, it is True, and it happens that "I" am saying it, whilst the opposition knows damn well it is true, and belabors the pretenses otherwise to the fact.  Who needs manufactured robotic servants and sycophants when you can grow them in a test tube, or in a holding pen, or in a modern city.  What a bunch of known and identified cowards.  It isn't about how you judge what I've said which is True, but only and simply that it is True.  There is a gaping hole in the veil you have cast over the many, and it is "I" that you happen to see who has stepped through it. Ultimately, you will not be able to follow, who now pretend that this prison is your sacred precincts. 

But it isn't the point "who" I am as to the Truth of what I've shown.  For that is the sufficient substance of the matter.  And in that way, through its existential connection to me (though not solely me, for certain), it is True "because I say so".  If I didn't say it then perhaps you overheard it being sung to you on the winds of your Imminent Reward.  Haven't you always longed for some "ultimate reward" to all your doings?  That Elysian Paradise?  While in your own lexicon, then, the end justifies the means, look now to the End which results from your end, and proceeds to others, those for whom you've instituted the exact same process among yourselves, benefiting from the suppression of freedom for some, taking technologies out of the public and injecting poisons into it instead, keeping the benefits of the advancements for yourselves, weaponizing it against the rest.

You have also weaponized media by taking a digital pathway into each person's psyche, using first the radio and T.V., and now the internet as the most invasive piece of spy equipment invented since the snitch. Knowing how you've covertly bottlenecked information flow in many other ways and in many other domains which pre-exist the internet, it is almost inconceivable that you didn't start the internet as your own private corporate channel of communication from the beginning.  Everything else was just strapped on to that.

Even if that is the case, and only you ineluctable fools manage to read this, it is no less True, but a fortiori, it is THE TRUTH. And I did say so.  When you finally see the consequences that justly flow from the crimes you've committed, you'll see that what was for you finally obvious was just as obvious to me now, well in advance.  Fuck your "smartest man in the room".  Smartest man in a room of idiots.  By crossing sacred lines, you've invoked Divine Wrath.  It's like a tectonic plate shifting against another, creating fault lines. This world is ground up in THAT, and you are on the wrong side of the matter. Anyone that didn't dare oppose you has become a rivet in your construction, a cell in your beast. They go with you. Nothing else I've ever said could ever change this, nor can anything change it. It is just as fruit proceeding from a matured seed, it is the inevitable consequence of doing and being evil.

It doesn't matter what I'm like personally, what I like to do, how I carry myself or whatever you like to blabber about with your flunky henchmen.  It's about what is Truth of the matter.  Monsters cannot inherit eternity.  Monsters you are.  But you will inherit all the suffering you've evilly bestowed.  It can't be just my imagination that this prospect alone would strike doom into your hearts if you dared face it enough to realize it.  No, you keep your corrupt minds sheltered in a darkened corner of reality, hoping that made the Greater Reality somehow unreal.  No wonder your living forms act as they do, so as to imitate faithfully the mind of their creator.  Fear, Stupor, and Aggression.  Your simple essence.  The entire establishment of psychological warfare against the pacified population was not new, but was perfected under the current hegemony, long ago referred to simply as "the rulers" of the city, since when a group of tyrants managed to take over a city-state in those ancient days of Greece, such a reference had a certain sense to it of shit rolling downhill in an organized fashion, and of only a small number of people bending over to roll out that initial dump. It was frowned upon as the essence of evil, and it still should be, but it seeks finally to stamp out from the man of clay even a final frayed end of resemblance to anything which truly "ought" to exist.

And if it seems to exist, but truly ought not exist, then there is no time for it, there is negative time in direct proportion to level of corruption versus scale of power and pretensions to genuine authority.  That is a damned condition.

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