Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Lady IN the Tiger?

The Only Good Info to Come from any Former C.I.A. Operative that I Know Exists:
And it looks like a flowchart straight from the notebook of someone who might have been labeled a "conspiracy theorist" by the C.I.A. That's ironic only if you don't realize that this vingette of sanity is precisely that which was made possible by the surviving information integrated by a massive menticide perpetrated by nefarious minds who used the intelligence apparatus as a means to that end.

As I despise the pervasive and inherent corruption of this world of two-faced, or n-faced hypocrites, yet seem to exist here for reasons which are simply polemic and demonstrative both empirically and metaphysically, this article yet espouses the best plan forward in the political domain. It reveals a true grasp of the basic evils which parasitically operate upon the convulsing form of human society (especially in the West, and most especially in the USA, where the convulsions are strongest and the hypocrisy sharpest). It cogently arrays a straightforward approach to remedying these problems across all spectra and on all tiers of valid political-governmental action. It realizes the ideal structure of approach as a function of nuts-and-bolts, concrete programs of action. It does all this with an eye toward making the best of the current socio-political weather and climate, as a way to make the most of the thin opportunity for an honorable sequel to the horrific circumstances which have preceded it.

It seems the most reasonable integration of a non-exclusive list of events which must occur in order to solidify this tenuous bridge between that past and the future, a bridge formed as a perfect storm of evil against a last gasp honor and dignity. And I'd amend that special care should be included to ensure that the freedom and sovereignty of the individual is protected from any subversion by anyone, in any role, regardless of the intent or purpose, according to the codes of honor which enable common law to exist, and also according to the principles of justice which enable common and civil law to exist, or even this last struggle will end in a final, self-inflicted disgrace.

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