Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fraud, The Unique Fruits, Branches, Trunk and Roots of Evil

The notion that the ends can ever justify the means is nonsense.  Instead, the ends manifest the motives, and the means which satisfy the motives reaching their ends are alike in nature with their ends, and required by the agents, and justified by them and to themselves.  No Good ever came of an evil means, and no evil means ever manifested from a Good Motive.  This is shown by the evidence, and couldn't be otherwise, but it can be metaphysically deduced by means of understanding the Principle of Antivalence.

I wrote in the last essay about the various aspects of fraud in the context of society as a whole as being the misappropriation of the image of some image which corresponds, in presumably "natural" circumstances, to the extrusion of some aspect of a being's essential nature, its substance.  That extrusion is a production of that being's own essence, and so is a sign of that being's authentic reality. That sign is emitted into the world through a matrix of "echos" and "reflections", and as we know in this world those phenomenal manifestations may end up being quite distorted from what originally emanates when the cause of those reflections, the actual expression, had shown forth. That could be said to the the chief feature which distinguishes these two aspects of a being's expression, one is far more direct than the other, potentially, by the time it is "acquired" as an experience by another person who can witness the effects of that cause.  Either they will experience a first hand account of the cause of their own sensations and perceptions, insofar as they are results of the original cause which expressed the phenomena which manifested eventually to that witness, or they will be at the end of a very long chain of transformations which make for a puzzle their physical mind must discern only from a patchwork of results from it which give that observing mind a limited glimpse of the cause of what they interpret.

As a result of that potentially large gap between the cause and the effect, given this worlds material circumstances as inclusive of the human body and its conditions, there is a huge potential for distortions which would mis-align perhaps even the best observer and the purest, least scrambled image of the truest expression of the same nature, so that in fact there could be a complete confusion of affairs. This domain of conditions represents a realm of potential deception which so readily admits of that possible state of affairs where beings are completely cloaked from one another by way of an intermediate series of obfuscations and obstructions of the flow of information and its processing which would yield a "clear channel of communication".  Therefore, within this material condition and also within its arrangements according to a pattern explicable only by motivated intent, there is clear evidence that the metaphysical (and hence physical) conditions which are so amenable to deception represents a fundamentally corruptible soil in which the "Man Plant" is found to grow only with a great bit of moral stilting.

That's because the arrangements of material conditions have been found, according to all evidence, to be a pattern of intentional corruption tantamount to a covert civil warfare operation.  There have been arranged pretexts to take maximum advantage of a soil of corruptibility which has long been known to be completely content to drape itself over genuine affairs and sacrilegious intrigues with remarkable duplicity.  We'd think that a certain Spiritual Dignity would be an inherent potential in this representation of Man Proper, this "humanity", but what we find is that this would be an unlikely proposition given the soil in which he grew, and moreover and more importantly, given his spiritual response to that soil. He has clearly demonstrated that he has no compunction about selling out any qualities that could be counted as virtues just so his physical form can persist longer in time, even under the most absurd conditions of the most jagged and hollow rocks of every horrific ignobility. This is no exaggeration, as the state of affairs, when described simply and purely in terms of the facts which accurately describe it, can show.

These facts which describe the way those I mention have fallen short of the honor of being called a part of Mankind, has been made worse by appearing to us plainly as the exact opposite of what the status quo would claim of them (showing the cultural forces, especially the media outlets, to be utterly corrupt), but also contrary to what the traditions of office would require of them in order that they could possibly steward or administer over any institutions of authority. This means that whatever they say about themselves concerning their conduct within the "status quo", it is patently false and on top of that it is promoted as a lie, because it isn't the case where matters of law, right, and honor are concerned.  They are a ridiculous bunch of lying wretches, lame in their actual substance, but greatly exaggerated in their self-presentation (to themselves and others), because that must be what is presented simply to ensure the best possible obscuration of the truth.  Just as when a wrongdoer lies and blames someone else for a wrong at his first opportunity, and just as he is able to fabricate and confabulate so as to minimize suspicions or attention to anything about himself which might enable others to see what wrong he's done, so does he find it maximally advantageous to have a handy scapegoat to take the onus of his plight.  He is a traitor on top of a liar on top of a criminal wrongdoer.

Worse than all this, he has maximized his wrongdoing by means of living like a parasite within the carcass remains which his predecessors had long ago hollowed out, and his primary complaint might be anyone drawing attention to his fact. Using the first fruits of any modern technological progress, he has weaponized against anyone they see fit, all positive developments of which that might have been beneficial for the public they simultaneously sequester into their own privileged use. Thus, and I say that this has been done purely by means of fraud, this group, the "beneficiaries concerned", have hoarded the progress that was bequeathed to all humanity by the geniuses that created their realized possibility as an actual fact, and dumped upon those they left out a retarded, broken, sometimes completely hollowed out version of the same, even going so far as to weaponize these developments (as I said), and directing them against "the rest" both overtly and also covertly. The covert actions they have taken are the greater crime when compared with the tip of the iceberg that they managed to get the public to stomach.

Humanity, never one to stand up overmuch against tyranny as such, yet did pay much lip service to the nobility of the idea, idealizing such a courage as would be required as being sufficient to condemn "The Devil Himself" into a state of dejected defeat merely by uttering some incantation or other as an addendum to such a primal act as once epitomized that courage, reminding him of his defeat in some way that had already been fundamental to the identity of such a malign being.  That ideal was supposedly of the warp and woof of humanity's noblest institutions of dignity and honor, whether of the fleshly forms of the spiritual essentials.  That lip service exists just as if the traditions which serve as their touchstones had once sprung from some Original Fountain of Honor, and so there even those who, through various devices, lay claim to being in this or that way the foremost repositories of that Tradition, and not merely charlatans playing out some script of pretended airs.

But have they lived up to this claim?  As I said, and for reasons that make it clear that nothing else can be said about the matter and at the same time be True, "No, they haven't." All they spend their time doing, those "special beneficiaries" of corruption gone rogue from even its ancient moorings and becoming a modern horror science fiction plot lived out "in the flesh", what they've done is taken to an exponential degree evils which would not have figured well into the worst nightmares of the ancients unless they portrayed these same figures as demented giants running around with magical equipment, bestowed upon them by some ancient planet-god.  A pantheon of psychopaths and demonic shades would have to be cast into the dubious honor of their modern horror/science-fiction movie roles, and that would be to say literally the Truth.

If these spiritual dwarves are "giants" then they are so by means of standing upon great scaffolds the erection of which was far beyond their own ken, yet were there because they were forged out the hollow remains of real villains that did once reel at the Dignity of Man and sought to crush it in any form that could be fashioned.  Not Titans, these modern goblinoids, but rather diminutive rehashings of old ploys cast now in plastic, throw away forms, made readily available by the remaining wreckage that passes for humanity anymore since they've gone "fully operational" with their disgusting charnel house-looking final debasement of what ever is left in the edifice's of any sign that Man once stood in these realms.

Turning each city into an open-air re-education camp has been their chief aim since once it seemed realizable to augment existing plans, in the guise of "contingency plans", so that they could be phased in covertly through an infrastructure of organized criminal activity which could best be described as RACKETEERING.  That project has gone full swing beyond any previous iteration of human depravity, in that in real time, on a daily basis, the "semi-covert technotyrannical control grid" received alarming new upgrades in technological and methodological state of the art advancements in all sectors of operations. The most degrading are also the most covert, and form a sort of circuit of human action conducted fraudulently, so that what existed before, whatever its form, was imprinted over by a series of actions which dovetailed in with those developments (for the most part), but then systematically lured them into channels of action which are much more strictly controlled than would be expected according even to the conventions of human action which have been well-established for thousands of years, such that the depreciation of human conduct and expected responses to any sort of corrupt actions of those who "wield power" is exponentially inverse to what should be the case.

People will perform all sorts of rituals to represent their conviction that they hope to see a cure for this or that disease, this or that "social ill", this or that "mental illness", this or that classical problem of human civilization and its discontent, but while these pretenses are held up in a big show for all to see, they in fact cash in on the utter degradation of the potential for any of these noble causes to reach any sort of satisfying results, in that they cooperate with (tacitly or implicitly) with the various control grids which I've mentioned elsewhere, each of which prospers as a weapon against humanity and its avowed goals, and that by way of deception and coercion through every technique of sabotage, espionage, and fraud that can be imagined, backed by the lowest and most abjectly despicable acts of cowardly violence such that Atilla the Hun looks like a figure of sainthood far more than Mother Theresa ever might.

All this goes on, while the proof in the pudding, what people do in these circumstances when faced with them in any form, shows that most will succumb to its various modes of influence without putting up even so much as a fight! Moral courage is an intangible thing to be contemplated only in the mythic scenes of movie screen characters, prescripted by the plot and its narratives to accomplish heroic feats (though of dubious meaning given the real-world events and narratives they misportray and about which are clearly designed to influence public opinion), but in real life people simply look the other way when it comes to even commonplace concepts of corruption and what ought be done about it.

Water supply is poisoned with various chemicals as a policy pretended to be benign or even beneficial to public health?  Meh, who cares?  Air is being filled with aerosols which are intentionally deployed as the payload issued by the craft involved, and not for any stated purpose, or with contents which can be detected and about which information has been leaked suggesting a mult-vectored attack on "people in the cities and the country"?  By whom?  Meh, who cares?  People are being inducted into cults which are compartmentalized under various tyrannical edicts involving the covert and not-so-covert handling of people in the public as though they were in a massive, open-air concentration camp with "all the amenities" for those who submit to this process, and the wheel of fate forcibly turned against anyone either not for it, against it, or just not wanted as part of its apparatus?  All as part of a covert dictatorship using technological and information asymmetries against the targets of these "control grids", and actions rooted in which systems constitute treason of every description in the most massive covert civil warfare operation ever conducted in the known history of the world?  Meh, we don't wanna hear it.  We wanna have a cool time, peace bro.  We need to relax and ignore those things.  Don't bring that noise to us, we don't care, said the ostriches of humanoid shape.

"Someone else's problem" wins with those who are primary beneficiaries, obviously. But when the same notion is aped in the mentalities of those for whom it is an immanent moral and physical problem, it is a wonder what people won't do for the long promise delivered short which are all these covert 5th columnist operations, nominally supported by the tacit moral surrender of the population to de facto currency counterfeiting regimes which use the government, the culture, the military, and nature herself wherever possible as associated extensions of their organized criminal conduct.  Even their music sounds like the long drawn out moan of someone who is dizzy with their lack of conscience and drunk with their short-term aggrandizement by means of involvement in all this madness.  Dreary, lame, self-centered meanderings of sound intended to mimic the music which, as Don McLean rightly said, "died one day".

If it didn't die for the standard reasons of a devilish conspirator always present to ensure things turn out this way, pitting its evil will against the Divine Source of all Real Spiritual Beings in a tug of war of deceptive aggression and cowardly backstabbing assaults on all that could be of Virtue in Man, using humankind as a proxy, if the music didn't die already because of those forces grinding this world into a final obscene act of corruption preceding a Grand Apocalypse and Final Judgment, then it seems that at the very least humankind and its debasing influences have sought to artificially produce a set of arrangements which very closely model that sort of scenario, and bring to our full attention the important issue which is begged for our interest in either case:

1) Who has been wittingly involved in these absolutely illegal and immoral activities.

2) Who has been unwittingly or at least accessory to these evil, illegal and immoral activities.

3) Who has been unwilling, wittingly or unwittingly, to ignore, go along with, let alone join in with these same wrongful acts.

The description of who these people are is to be found ready to hand based upon the evidence and insisting on common sense, however buttressed by logical reinforcement, and so they have an empirical basis in the simple evidence of history and its exegetical examination in light of current events. The rest is up to the intuition and character of the individual to decide how they fit into the answers to those three questions.  For most, it would seem that the have fallen into the first two categories, the realms operated by the conspirators from the top down (1) and from the bottom up (2), and all in direct collusion with the hideous proclivity of material conditions to support all of this vain, evil wretchedness.  And not coincidentally, according to the metaphysical realizations which rightly eschew any notion of a "matter in itself", and which recognizes the fields of material interactions to be the by product not only of interacting minds (though that would be sufficient) but also of interacting minds which operate with other minds who are their supervisory influences and upon whose auspices their interactions unfold with an interest and responsibility due to those influences, we have to find a special case of the 1st and 2nd categories, which is:

1') The demiurgic evil mind

2') The emanations of that evil mind which materialize these circumstances

Corresponding to the psychical and hylic men of Gnostic lore of old, and intimated in various forms of the cosmologies, myths, paradigms and dogma of various movements in the spiritual and cultural evolution of human beings on the earth since before the recording of history and seen woven all through it til now.  Their actions speak for themselves.  This world shows itself to be a form of "heaven" for only them, but not for those who fall into the 3rd category.  Yet if this be hell for them, then it is also just as assured that they are the only ones with "a hope in hell" of being worthy of a life beyond any hell, for those of the first two categories have deferred any hope of an enduring, meaningful existence anywhere their is a threshold through which they must pass out of here to do so, and they have cast into the role of scapegoat those who alone have among them elemental Beings who recognize these distinctions and can act accordingly as an Appropriate and True Expression of Their Essential Nature, and not a mockery-ridden parade of emblems scalped from their proper Stewards and usurped by, and pressed into the obscene service of traitors, cowards, murderers, liars, and fools.

If the "universe" considered all these arrangements to be the due course for any reason, rather than as the deplorable byproduct of a Spiritual War between Good and evil, then it would also be considered a renegade domain subject to the spiritual domination of an evil being, and worthy of the same fate as all its recapitulations on any level of its influence. Just as the cause is the spring from which all its effects flow, so in this case the evidence of the results, deemed unworthy in their  hideous wrongfulness, speaks of the spirit of the cause which sprang them forth, no matter what excuses it drums up for its vile actions.  Some fools will believe there is such a thing as being a Glorious and Divine Being which is spawned from this soil, inspired by this devilry, and somehow foolishly think that makes any sense whatsoever. They are fools, blind by nature and/or by choice, and will never be awake to the reality that Right is Right and wrong is wrong, going through life confused and lost and misleading and ill-starring the paths of others who could and would know and do better than that.

The parasites which feed upon, and benefit from these confusions and their attendant depredations, so systematically arranged, can only be called "demons" if the name fit the deeds, the motives, and the results.  Any Good Beings which manifest in this carnage can be found only in that group which is antivalent to this domain's false claims to any authority whatsoever (except possibly over demons, temporarily), let alone any claims to have the Moral Authority to "develop" the character of these "prospective learners".  What a demented LIE AND INSULT to the Truth!  The World had its chance and proved its "quality" to a maximum which proves also why it cannot persist any further, and must face certain consequences due to its actions, and this is immanent and unavoidable. Let each person consider what they've been up to and ask themselves a simple question: If this were conducted against me by an agent who arbitrarily asserted the right to do this, would I submit?  If so, then what does that say about me? What possible excuse could such a being have for concocting such absurd abuses?  The Tree to the Root is as Succulent, or Rotten, as the Fruit.


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