Friday, January 20, 2017

The Archons are Doomed

Serve Goodness, defend Truth, seek Justice, protect the Innocent. Keep the morally obtuse out of government, and keep government out of private lives. How hard is that? Instead, a stasi-state society, draping itself in a cloak of authoritative beneficence lords over whom they choose with papal arrogance. A fifth column of cultish narcissistic bullying hypcrites wields public offices to serve their own evil trespasses. Whether with a snarky, duplicitous smirk or with a grim, dutiful visage barely masking their coercive criminal mentality, they mock Divine Reality and invite their own condemnation. They fool themselves when they ask for or proclaim Divine Blessing, no matter in what way or in whose name.  Even their own evil god doesn"t listen to them, but pushes them around like chess pieces. True Divinity will call them to their doom, to their inevitable "checkmate".

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