Monday, January 23, 2017

Dolly's Grill, Parallel Universes, and Psychotronics: A psyop-fiction of high strangeness to hide a more ominous reality which is more plausible, and almost as strange

So what is really going on here is the real question.  Is this a a consequence of arcane technology, or is it a subtle con which involves the alteration of digital media, hoping most who have analog evidence to the contrary will be unable or unlikely to come forward? If they come forward will their evidence be confiscated? If they produce it online will it be digitally "scrubbed"? Will it be funneled through covert internet topologies which filter it's presentation away from any meaningful exposure? After such digital filtering/alteration, will the analog or hard copy digital evidence be confiscated/neutralized, either overtly or covertly, perhaps as part of some other clandestine activity or as the main objective?  Will psychotronics be employed to maximize the cognitive dissonance involved in subject recall? Why do most persons able to remember not even care? Why do the logical consequences of these changes go unnoticed? Either way, people's failures to remember, care, or realize the significance of these phenomena can all be augmented by psychotronics, another thing as "big" as CERN, or D-Wave, in a very much more realistic way. Why does that real and verifiable technological explanation receive almost no coverage but everyone jumps on weird and incoherent parallel universe narratives? Why does Oakham's razor get so dull so that an explanation in the universe in which we actually are gets such short shrift in favor of a tremendously more exotic "possibility", if it even IS a possibility at all? Psychotronics exists, and explains all these anomolies, including people's difficulties with them, a hell of a lot better than parallel universe theory, and could be a true hidden function of CERN to boot.

To examine method as cause is, empirically, sufficient to find the agent unless significant gaps exist in the material evidence trail. In that case, and in any case, we should consider motive. Experimentations upon targets for enslavement are as old as the corporeal history of humankind on Earth. The goals of the agents of human history, the agents who control its narratives, are well-known by the truly educated, and sensed by the truly aware. Take from them their dignity, enforce upon them one's will.

What else can possibly best account for the progams and pogroms which have been inflicted on all people? Yet this goal itself requires a motive. What do the sadist control freaks and their leaders, the "archons", want? The metaphysics of pleasure indicates that the painful state of their evil substance, which naturally plummets toward non-existence, is temporarily remedied by transferring their condition upon suitable victims who have a Real, Divine Essence. This world demonstrates a perfect exemplification of the sort of domain of interactivities which would support that vile alchemy.  The evil conducts which go hand in hand with the methods which constitute the substance of mind-control techniques and technologies, the wicked mind-sets and proclivities and basic needs of evil mentalities, are found in the sort of "culture" of evil which finds expression in ancient child abuse religions, and which in the modern day can be found well-expressed in the art of some who claim to be damaged survivors of modern activities that seem to be the inheritors of that same evil tradition.

The motive is not merely control, let alone merely "money" or "status", which are sought as means mainly toward that control. The goal of that control is the motivating factor, and that motive is the essence which drives evil action: the taking of energy, essence, and life from those with it by and for those with less of it or without it; taking it parasitically, remorselessly, and without regard to the status or condition of the victim. This is what dulls the pain of being evil, this is what gives them their sense of "fun" and "pleasure". This is the whole source of their power to exist, this power to control which is concomitant with both the power to deceive and to destroy, with all attendant psycho-spiritual states of a demonic psychopath on one end, and of a mind-controlled slave on the other.

This is only a slice of the pie, but it goes to the core.

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