Sunday, February 12, 2017

Alex Jones, John Wayne and George Nada at the Armageddon Corral: Americana and the World's Last Gasp before Oblivion

Nice that the "good guys" in the establishment are enamored with waking up at the last god-damned minute when they were supposed to be the smartest effers in the room, and they like your brand of awakened media enough to literally work with you, all the while mocking the Real Truth in their dim hearts, employing psychotronics, covert internet topologies, 5th column organic robotoids (whom you pity over for some reason), and enjoying their surveillance porn like a bunch of god-damned pervs while pedofreaks and counterfeiters run an effing train over what's left of innocence and honesty. I revealed just the basics of the metaphysics before it became clear that it would only be used against the Pure Ones.  Now I have let loose the full disclosure of the Doom of Judgement against this fiendish world, though I kept it sealed for a time to trick the world into revealing its vile intent against my own flesh, foolishly probing to see if I was genuine or corruptible, all while confessing their own fraud and evil. But Alex gets the point when he admits this is simply the final scene on a stage soon to be dismantled, on which each soul and Spirit will perform its final act on the way to its eternal destiny. 

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