Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Duds Obfuscating Live Shells

It should be pointed out that the real bombshell isn't what this former Secret Service man has to say, but that what he has to say would have been legally(?) gagged if he signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Extending: If what he has exposed in his book and in interviews would have been in some way legally(?) prevented by a non-disclosure agreement, and if since 2004 this agreement must be signed by any Secret Service officers, then it is reasonable to conclude that they are attempting to stifle any further such exposures.

It is also reasonable to conclude that they wished that they had already required such an agreement be signed before this officer joined. Therefore the bombshell isn't what this man exposes, as that is some pretty superficial stuff compared to what they really don't want you to know. The bombshell is that such agreements are considered in any way binding when matters involving the breaking of the law, or any breaches of ethics are involved.

Extending further: If that is the REAL bombshell, then it exposes another:

People must be under some form or extreme mind kontrol if they believe in the binding nature of such an agreement, but not the binding nature of: Conscience (Divine Law), Nature (Common Law), and the Constitution of the United States of America (Civil Law). The nature of God, Country, and Humanity are all ignored by people so that wrongdoers won't be exposed? That's supposed to be an "honorable agreement"? REALLY? THAT, is the BOMB SHELL, that absurdity RIGHT THERE...

And this leads to further incoming conclusions about the:

Chemical warfare being conducted, psychological warfare being conducted, economic/class warfare and information warfare being conducted against the citizens of the United States of America, against AMERICANS, by those who pretend to hold offices of public trust. And the preliminary calculations, developed in a manner akin to the structure of a Hess Diagram as seen in chemical science, indicates that psychotronics are being pervasively, persistently, and invasively deployed to act as a catalyst to ramify and modulate (not moderate) the effects and impacts of these other vectors of warfare I just mentioned, and this vector would fall under the category of electronics/energy physics warfare.
THAT is the REAL bombshell, not Mr. Clinton's coffee allergy! 

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