Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Deductiones Sexualis

She claims to have "loved" him, and that they "made love", but not like strangers (though the fact was that they were strangers). This state of "love" lasted just long enough for him to get her pregnant. Hmmm. And then later on, she's "in love with another man", and we can presume that they had been an "item" before she met this one-night stand, although various possibilities could obtain. Let us assume that adultery was committed, just for the sake of simplicity. And while her presumed husband could not get her pregnant (for whatever reason, perhaps wouldn't, who knows?), so she obtained from this other guy, conveniently during being in love with him "on sight" and for "a whole night", pregnancy as "the one little thing" he had to offer. Her tone here convinces that the duration of her "love" indeed ended after their sexual liason. My conclusion is that in fact she never loved her lover, nor her husband. Whatever the other circumstances. But she WAS entitled to child support either way... From whichever of these men the state chooses. And that is one of the massive frauds of this world.

And in another vignette, a man finds himself lured into a distructive threesome. How this played out is that cunningly destructive female hypergamy caused more harm than more courageously committed female hypergamy. Then it was said that the quote of the year for the author of this video was that "A woman without a man is a master without a slave".

I would add that a man without a woman is the master of himself. Therefore, in order to be a man who is successfully apart from a woman, or any other master, a man must first be in possession of himself, and to be master of that art. Freedom requires masterful self-possession. As a man approaches True Freedom, he will realize this more and more, and sacrifice less and less of his freedom. Hence, where other things requires such sacrifices, he will rather sacrifice those other things, more and more as he is free. It is in precisely in the consequences of this that we find the real difference between Good and evil men. No matter what the condition of their sexuality or relationships. 

And whether we take womankind or mankind, or any kind of being to be evil "as such" or not, we must admit that evil is as evil does. And so if a woman does manifest any evil, then she is to that extent evil. And we know that physical beauty and youth are two of the most unearned values that can possibly exist, with health coming right next to them while being the most important all around, it is the least "respected" of these, yet it is the more important and more difficult to maintain as a result of any diligent effort. In this respect it is more like "a man" in the relationship where gynocentric libidinal economies put her hypergamous agendas on a state-protected pedestal, and/or culturally enshrined in a permanent halo, whether artistically or politically (or both). Men must accept their role in this, obviously, because they overvalue the physical beauty (except where genes justify this by some supposed correlation with being improved, and in which case it is possibly in some ways bi-directional or isomorphic between both sexes as a whole). Some implications of this are reflected in this discussion.

In both of the cases mentioned, and also in this case, as well as in the hypothetical case rendered for us by the song from Heart, which is the one I was always most ambivalent about and never liked, we are shown the dark side of the nature of "being female", but also the dark side of "being male", in complementary sides which, in cases where the female is exploiting her role of desireability just for being female in some exploitative way, it is more in line with her "hypergamous nature" and we run the risk of committing the naturalist fallacy in giving her a reprieve on some unscrupulousness involved. That's a huge advantage that evil women will want to exploit, and which will ruin the reputation of Good women. But a Good woman is still a biological woman, and the men who by their servile lack of self-mastery will make wrongful sacrifices to pursue them or keep them, these men are proven to be weak and unworthy. Yet, in a world where such libidinal economics exist as they do, most young, healthy and especially pretty women will find the temptation too strong, and will either choose a foolish and weak man too easily, or else at least ride the evil and worldly carousel (and accumulate a venomous sac of poison as a direct result, but which will projected onto other men in the future). And while it is true that I have a mean stick with which to beat women here if I wanted, I only utilize use these topics to perform a more important task. Indeed, even the Sandman of MGTOW himself has found a way to rationalize female hypergamy and some of its more wanton-looking aspect.... So there is a bone, don't say I didn't throw it. It's called Telegony Theory. One bone I know evil women will happily "secret away" as a justification for their perfidies (as will any men whose ego's may get a boost), and one stick I'll have handy to beat them with by the end of this missive. One stick for one bone. But on to the bigger bitch.

So we may rightly blame men and women for collectively overvaluing women's physical beauty, and this especially as it is ramified by the allure of youth and health (which when conjoint is really saying "of health proper"). Face the fact that men overvalue women's physical beauty, and hence by this means devalue her validation of them as superficial and facile (men did this on a psychobiological level, and then on a cultural level). Women have exploited this in direct proportion to their evil, but also in cases that are made more severe and more desperate in a world where men, who control physical resources and the intellect which is capable of manipulating them (as well as the Warrior/Hunter role), these men have been proven CORRUPT, and it is they who use women and a 5th column of social control, and in ways have reduced them to a collectively and specially manipulable agent of espionage and sabotage against men or groups whom they seek to destroy illegitimately, and this is just one of the many vectors of covert control, hidd3n in plane site, by which they do their massive and horrible evil, under the public guise of the most complete hypocrisy. And it is in this way that Plato distrusted human nature, and not only female nature. And it is in this and many other ways that metaphysical deductions can be revealed by paying honest, complete, and careful attention to the ways that appearances and the substances which they propose to represent is possible.

People should be, and be treated as, Divine Consciousness having experiences in the temporary form of human beings who do what expesses their True Nature in a way manifest to all. But if their true nature is evil, that is seen by their deeds, by the consequences those deeds yield, and by their own degree of conscience this implies about them in due proportion. This reveals their actual nature as evil in direct proportion as the deeds nature and their consequences are evil. And therefore while they should be, and should be treated as, Divine, they cannot be treated as what in fact they are not. And so if by deception they conduct warfare against a man while pretending to be countrymen of his, then they should be treated as hypocrites and unmasked, especially if they are in positions of presumed public authority.

But whether or not this Fine Justice will ever occur, we can DEDUCE that:

Those who engage in the false use of appearances in order to gain power or gain power over others, in any way, whether directly or by means of third parties or instruments, those beings are utterly evil, and they are worst traitors to any society and of any just government, by definition, and therefore it is as ridiculous for them to ever proclaim authority de dicto whether or not they are in power de facto, as it is for them to claim virtue de re whether or not they are said to be de jure. That has immediate and obvious ramifications for explaining the nature of what people are likely to do based upon their nature, and this is what is key to finding out what is the case with absolute certainty, even in cases where there is the maximum form of injustice.

And even (rather especially) in the worst republic, the Truth is the only real authority. And only in the worst republic is it persecuted and suppressed. And in the worst of the worst, it is attacked systematically and collectively by the entire state apparatus in collusion with a depraved and co-opted culture, along with a psychotronically reinforced pseudo-society that acts like a compartmentalized species of mind-controlled ants. And where this world is on a continuum between the Best Republic and the worst is not something to be trivially treated as an idle topic, nor is it to be determined by just anyone, but only by those capable of properly prosecuting a Metaphysical Deduction which can fully demonstrate the case. And based upon the scholarly work of those who have come before me, and also based upon the Spiritual Tradition which has descended into this flesh and blood, this Flesh and Blood Person Rightly proclaims Judgement upon the world based upon the complete evidence at His disposal through the bodily senses, the collected experiences, the world's testimony about itself, and Logos.

To suppress This Proclaimation or its proceedings, and especially to oppress Them, is to commit a grave error and offense, which will only accelerate the world's inevitable and speeding plunge into self-destruction. So, contrarily to the excuse which fools use to whitelist my commentary from the internet, or rally and corral my relations to the world, they only demonstrate the Truth of my case (whether they comprehend this or not), and hence instantiate the acceleration of the world's disintegration with added force. Yet, they fail to bear witness to the obvious fact that this demonstrates their corruption as already deduced, for they claim to be in defense of and preservation of the world and its goodness or potential thereof, while suppressing Truth which will by being suppressed only accelerate the world's corruption! It is just what I would deduce given their complete hypocrisy. Therefore, I deduce that they have actually enforced the covert suppression of my legal Right to Free Speech (but cannot infringe my Divne Right), and hence they have acted counter to the True God, and have proven that whatever "god" it is to which they are beholden, and this by perfect deduction:


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