Thursday, March 17, 2016

Freedom versus Unjust Oppression

Such is the matter to be defined, and defined objectively, so that unreasoning blatherous rhetoric never persuades, no matter under what hideous guise of falseness. For example, it cannot be understood without comprehension of Antivalence as a principle distinguishing Good and evil. Human corruption is real, as Alex Jones states, or else the "parasites" would not be possible. But it cannot be understood that the populace has no complicity, and this is a frustrating reality for the narrative that it is just some "hidden bad guys who are not in government". That's some folksy bullshit. But what are some peculiar evidences of that? On to an example ideal for including a fair and efficient pivot in thought that is both practical and ideal. And this is only one of many possible elaborations which are backed by empirical and logical evidence. (all of this is relevant to the issues which Alex discusses, in this video and at large).

Free speech, according to Soros, is an instrument of the devil, not of good men. Good men don't terrify people with the truth, but instead lie to them to make them feel safe while being more of a threat to their freedoms than any "terrorist". It should be remembered, to clarify his idiotic position further, that the objective of "terrorism" is what distinguishes it from any other crime. It is either state or non-state, but most of it is state, and state terror is not something George Soros wants to talk openly about given his activities here and abroad. But he wants no one else to talk openly about it either, even though it is is the very subject of the matter which he says, because it is so potentially scary to talk about it in front of adult Americans, that it therefore just defeats the purpose, because the Truth is so terrifying. I'm telling you, if the people buy that bullshit while all this evil is going on, then they can roast in hell, I have zero confidence in them. But it is just stupid upon stupid to listen to this asshole about Trump, unless it is to listen to it informed about his involvement in fostering terrorist activities directly and indirectly as being a much better-founded accusation than is his flimsy accusation that Trump talks about things that are too scary to talk about, because people are children and besides, we don't want to piss off the terrorists? The whole point is NOT to change and become corrupt cowards in the face of crime, which is what terrorism as a crime intends to do, cause those changes. So the whole point is NOT to suppress ANY rights on some flimsy pretext of liberating people from oppressive terrorist demons. Just take out actual terrorist demons, and do a good job of that for a change, instead of funding them or creating them as fomenters of conflict for your own political purposes while you are cashing in on public apathy which, however culpable they may be for their own moral and intellectual turpitude and perfidy, yet they have been under an avalanche of toxiceutical, propagandistic, and psychotronic and other psywar and covert war (as fake anti-terror Cointelpro type actions against people who are not mind controlled zombies, conducted upon them by the demons who are involved in worldly corruption), while they paste the media propaganda with bullshit that the people devour, I can't say that they would have been quite so willing if they hadn't been technologically and chemically and sociologically cattle prodded directly into it. This in no way absolves them of culpability, but it is important that the distinction be made only if you want to argue some sympathy for these people. I have ZERO sympathy for them, they should have loved the Right and done by it. They didn't. These are the consequences. But I still like to see a Good Faith effort of any kind. I may have become a misanthrope, but I am not in bad faith for it. I am a realist where I must be, so I can be an idealist where I ought to be. Which is why, if I were to vote, I would vote for Trump, but I will not vote because that implies I agree with this process, which I do not, as it is embedded in a control grid matrix and thoroughly invalidated until those grids are retracted and put the hell away, which will never happen, and it wouldn't even be validated just on that alone, but how the hell do you ever pretend "normal" again? You don't. That's the severity of this crime. So people's emotional flimsiness be damned, it is their moral culpability which is the deciding issue, and if they are nothing more than fearful cattle who can't face reality then, hell, let the evil ones have them, I can't tell them from the demons who herd them!!!

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