Wednesday, March 9, 2016

quomodo tanta copia descendere in tanta inopia?

First, please witness the noble elocution, the principled rhetoric of "The Defense of the Good Mr. Scrooge", as I call it, where the Good Man Himself is wrongly persecuted by villainous frauds in a fit of cowardly spite which combines fraud of the most blasphemous sort with the cruelest of tortures involved in carrying it out. In the end, not only is a great evil done, but the worst possible, according to all the annals of culture worldwide. The gain of the unrighteous in being considered as much as Righteous, and at the same time their gaining such fame by way of framing the most Truly Righteous Men for the wrongness of actions which were all along perpetrated by the accusers, and upon the accused, either directly or through multiple third parties, and under many layers of concealment and by many mechanisms, the most important aspects of which are covertly performed actions of subterfuge,espionage, sabotage, willful harm, and other criminal acts..

I agree that Scrooge is not guilty of any crimes, and was extorted of his wealth under extreme duress, by way of psychological warfare against him, all with an eye to benefiting from his irrational behavior consequent to their scheme's success.
And crucial to the case of the defense is an element which would be key to a counter-suit against the former plaintiff which is that he is guilty of false accusation, unlawful harassment, gross malfeasance of many kinds injurious to the former defendant, and all manner of indecent perfidy along the way, as was brought out clearly in the evidence already provided in the account of the former case, now justly resolved in favor of the the Good Mr. Scrooge. And I would argue that their motive for this was not only the extortion of the material wealth of men like Scrooge, but also any Spiritual Wealth such might imply due to the industry and good virtues of the former defendant. That is itself done by means of the defamation of Mr. Scrooge, so as to cause his material deprivation consequent to the vicissitudes attendant such calamities as which naturally ensure, and which damage Mr. Scrooge quite severely indeed. In fact by bringing him to this SPIRITUAL low of self-estimate by means of various psychological warfare campaigns, they have indeed committed HIGH CRIMES against the Rights and Dignity of Man, which they pretend to uphold when they enter the offices upon which their spectral influences are founded and authorized. That itself represents a typical maneuver of evil men who seek power for its own sake and gladly justify it upon any available pretense, even if it means telling the outright opposite of the truth. They will do even this, and yet also see no problem in being party to the assault, torture, and calumny against a very Good Man, making him to be brought to mental and physical detriment to an extreme degree, and even possibly benefit from it by means of nefarious underlings operating "from the grass roots" level of this campaign, which is truly something from the annals of gang warfare rather than the proceedings of Good Conscience against an wretched man. And for this reversal of SPIRITUAL fortune these evil spirits have wrought upon the Good Mr. Scrooge, I'd say a counter-suit would be in Good Order, in order to strip from them their TREACHEROUS PRETENSES of being the proper administrators of the morals, morale, or fate of any man, or any other being for that matter.

And in our world, where covert secret deep-societies employing psychotronic and other detrimental modes of warfare against the "uninitiated society" is a severe compounding of the wrongs conducted against the Good Mr. Scrooge, and done further on a collective social scale that is too alarming to grasp without some consideration being given to the implications if true. Then upon further inspection, the facts bear out the case also which I have put forward, and so the implications are likewise as secure against the false accusers in the case. The very foundation of Gnostic Escatology is placed upon the Bedrock of Truth, which is that which concludes a Metaphysical Deduction.

And what has been found, among other things, is that despite this analysis of Mr. Scrooge's case which is born out so far, both in the linked video (which is truly a great piece of work, a fine display), there is yet nothing to prevent a very evil man from pretending himself to be the very substance of such an innocent man, wrongly accused by those who don't know trying and noble mantle of authority which comes with commanding secret standing armies against the public as well as a fraudulent socio-economiic system which is buttressed by tyrannical covert operations conducted against honest people while at the same time employing a total surveillance policy in combination with experimental field tests upon the public of further advances which are being developed against them in the same spirit as their more conventional toolkits.

When in fact, nothing could be further from the Truth. The Truth is what they would mount all this apparatus to control, and for the motives of nothing but their cowardice in being unable to face the justice of an honest existence in whatever form they manage to avoid by means of their dishonest schemes and wicked actions. While really the "Good Mr. Scrooge" is the Person who sees through this fraud and so recoils from it into the shelter of his own Spirit, and yet is followed to such a vile extreme by the evil jackals who benefit from his persecution. It is a parody of the real world, if you consider that a free and honest man is being maligned for his Virtue Itself. They are committing the worst treason imaginable, as they betray the very foundations of what makes human society even thinkable to free and honest men, and it is these who should be the proper judges of society who are instead made its scapegoats by the corrupt villains cloaked in rightful authority over some matter of public life, and using such authority as a cover for truly evil and criminal actions against targets of their choice, here or abroad, under false pretexts or no pretext at all.

If you will submit to that, you are an insane, broken spirit, but if you will declare what is proper about such things, you will simply protect your own soul from injury. And if that is a too-abstract motivation, then supply the hearty substance of what it takes from within your own Good Conscience. Meanwhile, the Metaphysical Deduction has churned out unpleasant consequences for those who do evil in the dark while feigning virtue in the light. And a Restoration of the Righteous to ensue after the Retribution of Wrong is completed. That is the conclusion which follows upon the successful survey of all empirical and phenomenal evidence, and this by further and valid analysis which confirms with Gnostic Intuition. For those who simply recognize True Right from wrong, the conclusion simply follows on the evidence.


Soon you may find that what has for decades been done "in the darkness" will soon have a more public face...
This is the way it always is. They do their evil in total secret, find ways to make some parts of it show in public and look good to the people, and then let this symbiosis of public relations cover and citizens manufactured consent solidify their covert end of the same evil actions, which the public would not accept directly if it were shown them. Just as such evils inflicted against someone which, as in the case with the Good Mr. Scrooge, could be forms of covert harassment campaigns employing as not the least of weapons psychotronics, then of course they would keep such things secret, using the controlled media to paint any results that come of it in a suitable light for the controllers, and also using "experts" in religion and psycholggy and psychiatry to further flesh out the narrative in disfavor to the targeted persons. Of course, if they can get more this out into the public by some means by erecting more of this evil monster into the public eye by whatever excuse or modification which make it "sexy", then they will.

Think about that whenever you see ANYTHING presented in public, on ANY forum, INCLUDING just people. Including any forum presented publicly which pretends to be the Yelp of People. All is mostly not what it seems. And it doesn't seem good as it is.

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