Friday, March 11, 2016

Mundanis Methodologicus

I am not in the business of fooling myself, least of all am I willing to do that in the service of fools.

I know about the various means by which an evil man does his deeds, alone, or with others.  I know about these means through the evidence that the world has presented to me directly, and due to means of knowing which are innate, but also to one and all through:

Public Display in both Form and Substance

The evidence to which I refer is found readily in any public library, whether held by the city or the university, or the state, or the nation.  Go to the library.  From there you will have the option to investigate the facts reported as such by historians and other writers on events and issues of their day. Unless you want to pretend you don't believe in history, or unless your ability to read or understand the information is insufficient to the task (in which case you have better compensate for this or do something about it), but unless those happen to be the case, and assuming you will read constructively and honestly, then you have some bad news in store for you about how the world came to be what it is, and that will be true no matter what you otherwise believe, know, or just believe that you know.

"The Literature" on the subject abounds, and it flourishes in all subjects.  I am talking about the evil conduct of people, especially those who use authority as a cover for their evil, wrong, and even illegal activities, conducted upon those whom they consider subject to them who do these injustices. There is not a single book written, which either was unable to avoid the subject, let alone pretend it didn't exist, except that in so doing they appear like ridiculous caricatures of writing, like deluded and Pollyannic effluvia. 

Even "neutral" subjects, like "SCIENCE" are completely perverted on an institutional level ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE that there is direct contact between the "state of the art" and the "status quo".  That is conventionally acknowledged even in the status quo of the scientific opinion at large.  You don't have to burrow your way through a book written by Thomas Kuhn to know that there are complicated and also undeniable forces of influence at work upon what has been called "the scientific revolution".  In the past it was so called.  Now it is stultified into a strange mire of over-exaggerated perplexity at its frontiers, and huge gaps in what technological leaps have been made in energy, transportation, medicine, agriculture, nutrition, and other aspects of life, which are clearly the result of some determined suppression of public availability of certain forms of technology, to say nothing of the scientific information which concerns that technology.

That is how bad the corruption is.  Even as it manifested in real time it was not recognized properly, due to the hellish conditions of social existence at that time until now.  But as the technology was mastered which enabled what is now the surveillance/psychotronics control grid, or the "virtual panopticonic purgatorial state", we have entered this modern world quite clearly as the progress of a very brutal society into a very subtly regimented and extended offshoot of its historical and traditional patronage which might be well-described as a perniciously evil parasitism upon the Soul and Spirit of Man, but certainly it might pass for a "mere" technologically augmented crypto-tyranny, holding in an increasingly unstable form a "fractional reserve" of good old fashion iron-fisted tyranny of the strong over the weak, of the numerous over the few, and then the few of them best suited to lead and control them, over them.  

It's like a faggoty version of the old order of tyranny, perverted like crazy and all made up to look like a meritocratic democracy.  This is an arrangement that requires a huge stretch of delusional thought in order to be denied, yet a huge effort of intelligent study in order to properly comprehend in its totality and against quite a bit of odds both metaphysically and statistically. But the effort it requires to live in a delusional world of denial is one of increasing effort for diminishing returns unless you "pass over" to their hierarchy in a way which is increasingly useful for the hegmon of the hour whose boots you'll have to kiss, if not clean and spit polish, too.  That is something of an "effort" in itself for a Dignified Being, who would rather just go into denial in a more complete way, or else better yet perform a constructive effort to decide the truth of matters and attempt to act in Best Faith according to his findings.  That requires a massive effort but one which brings increasing returns for the honest, as he has at least thrown off the shackles of caring what liars think or what animals do.

Yeah, but you will have no choice but to understand the Truth at a certain point, and everyone, EVERYONE MUST REACH THAT POINT. It doesn't matter what you believe or what you believe you know at that point.  So you better have been doing your homework toward that end, in the meantime, because that is the "meaning" of "meantime". And that is the ultimate meaning of existence as well, and boy if you think the stupid dramas of the faggoty-fake people-police are absurd and worth getting "worked up" about, then imagine what Eternal Destiny is like? Better study for the test.  Oh wait, too late!  You already failed or passed based upon your thoughts, words and deeds!

As a part of my efforts to do the constructive work I had always been doing, I did begin to reach out to communicate with others in the world about it more and more.  But this reached various blockades of ignorance and manipulation, and so was thoroughly obstructed.  But then I didn't know as well as I do now, so I have produced a lot of content in the past on youtube which was based upon a prior misconception of the world as a place which was not the utterly pernicious soul-abattoir that now I know it to be. Given this scenario, I have decided to continue describing the world's truth about itself to itself, but less as a duty and more as a pastime.  After all, the world is not really more than I have described, and all that might motivate a sense of duty lies in what is not yet corrupted by said world.

As to duty to any presumed or possible audience, whatever the time or wherever the place, it is no different. After all, shouldn't the world have paid enough attention that they would have been able to inform themselves here, and some there, and the operative spiritual forces ensuring the minimal necessary exposure so as to cause their conversion to complete corruption or else complete purification, or else get well-set on the roads to those destinies, regardless of my input?  No matter the levels of "redundant" events in the world, whether overabundant or even excessively lacking,  the ultimate result will always have what is sufficient for its manifestation! 

An extreme case in point: Even the foolish trolls and misguided sadistic idiots who are involved in covert intelligence operations which might be the only ones reading my writings, through the internet and other "color-listing" topologies, all mathematically measurable according to the NSA's own research, cannot have missed the consistent Truth which is contained in my work!  They must be some low-level boogers who are involved if they themselves can't see what tools they are, or if they don't have the guts to actually just "do the deed," being cowards, useless to either the Good or the evil.   

Otherwise they'd have to be a higher level bunch of fools, the morons who thinks they're safe, the idiots who believe they're noble patriots and that rather I'm the miscreant.  The asinine dolts who didn't bother to review the evidence properly, information concerning the world in which they supposedly do live as those "with intelligence". I don't see much intelligence here, nor has it been acted upon expeditiously nor righteously.  There are a few exceptions, but for all I know they are unrelated serendipities, and given the way that serendipities are fraudulently constructed in today's version of "the world", I prefer that serendipities keep their distance.  It is not the age for pretending magic.  It is the age for observing protocols which are derived properly from the Best Principles. So while those I call "New Age Fools" go on misleading others, really I see that they lead them properly, as there must be some "vibratory connection" there... Let the evil, though blind, lead whomever will follow them against Better Judgement.  But let those who, though blind in some way, also have "Inner Knowing", let them beware: Caveat Emptor.

In the off chance that facts and inferences, if soundly taken into evidence and validly applied as cognitive and ethical heuristics, apply to the cases of the world in which they are bound but not necessarily closed in their significance, then even at that rate a sufficiently intelligent AI would know that the "intelligent" and "honorable" people of the world are basically full of shit cowards who are working together to covertly enslave other people, but too hypocritical to even admit it to themselves in some cases, and in other cases they know it but can't resist the urge to go out and get their bitch-whore high-heels licked by their adoring peasant admirers.  Besides, that's part of the control grid, an artificially propped up socio-economic infrastructure which enhances control over truth as a means to control those not willing or able to face it, so that control is better secured.  And of course then, the enemy of THAT state (that status quo and its benefited agents), is anyone, even everyone, whosoever dares to demand a ratio of authority to authenticity which makes the latter a minimal requirement for the former, and never pretends to himself that the former guarantees or is guaranteed by the latter.  I mean, a FUCKING MACHINE can figure it out, BOYS AND GIRLS.

So while those at the top of the insanity of the so-called "world" are continuing their "whipping dance of the dead", I will have less to say about the antics being witnessed, since it speaks well enough for itself, and I Know what actually matters in a Real World which is actually worthy of Life. My work has been to ensure a way of ensuring a way, of ensuring, whether or not constructive assistance to the misinformed and misled could be achieved through various venues of communication in a supposedly "free society", and in that process I learned a whole lot more then I've been or ever will be able to teach, and so I pared down the assistance offered accordingly, and focused the research accordingly, so that the abundance of metaphilosophical matters which complicated what I thought was my own life work and career could no longer be left in their spurious-seeming states and had to be dealt with. The metaphysics of that situation are fascinating and worthy, and intricate, but the point became to focus upon some distillation of what I've learned which is worthy to impart, given the state of the world simultaneously revised and realized up to then.  And then upon that to find the best ways to promulgate this information to the world in a constructive feed-back loop which would have been, if at all possible, a "win-win".  But the things discovered in this process revealed that the only thing the world is capable of entertaining is a lose-lose, and one where the "King of the World" is the most cushioned loser in the game, and everyone else gets to take up his slack and suffer for his sake.

Well, in a case like that I certainly have to curtail my involvements, and at the least I have to reassess and reevaluate them. That includes what way I interact with the world.  I've decided that the process has to be refined to a very specific point and that has to be the ONLY point of contact.  That point has been determined and the process is now only a refinement. The upshot for you is that something proportional has occurred for you as well, not only in relation to me but in relation to what is "ultimate and eternal".  And since that should always matter to anyone, and since I hurt no one by continuing on the matter as I've decided based upon all the foregoing, and since there is yet also a remote chance of benefiting the few who are going against the grain of the suppression of their Truthful Mind, then naturally I will assist them in this specific way. 

It is the only essential, best thing I can do in circumstances like this.  I would rather duel the sadistic fool who thinks himself ruler over me or anyone else who would not submit to that monster, but that monster is a coward without honor, so the concept is untenable, even as a spiritual exercise of catharsis, even as a thought experiment, so worthless de re is this pseudo-being of which I speak, this vain pretender to Nobility. And so rather I openly mock his idiocy, and expect at least one Good Man will get the point, even if it is simply Myself when next I read this.

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