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The Tribe of the Creator, Lost in Hell: A story illustrating what should have been obvious

Ten people want to spend their (free) time doing something.  They've gotten their necessities of life taken care of (amazingly enough) in as few as four hours, after getting a full eight hours of sleep. They have 12 hours of daylight to burn.  Meals and other actions taken throughout the day, which are included in "necessities" are already calculated as being within that scope of four hours for necessities.

So they've got 12 hours to spend doing whatever they want.  They could do all sorts of things.  They could do ANYTHING.  They could sit around and sing songs around a burning bush.  Whatever they want to do, there is no limit!  As long as it doesn't incur problems for their taking care of necessities of life, and so as long as it doesn't injure them or their resources, they can get away with it!

So imagine, these people, these agents of goal-directed activity, decide that they want to take their "organic robotoid bodies" (they're humans, let's say), their fleshy initial capital, and build a statue of their good friend Joe.  It's going to be a surprise gift for Joe, whose been out on a scouting expedition.  Joe is the warrior/explorer/scout of the tribe, and he's always looking out for them, so they want to show him a special sign of appreciation when he returns in a few days.

What a nice thought. And they decide, after further deliberation, to utilize their primitive, but excellent cutting tools to hew out a life-size shape of their friend, and fellow survivor in the wild, from a single large chunk of rock.  That's going to take some effort.  Well, they've got GOOD TECHNIQUE.  We'll not get into the details of that technique, as it is a tribal idiosyncrasy of these ten people, and even Joe isn't very hip to it as he has other specializations.  These other 10 folk are very good rock carvers, however, and that has a lot of utility in their tribal lifestyle, which Joe also very much appreciates because of the tools and other artifacts which their skill has made, some of which he finds particularly invaluable for his own work.

They're free to do this deed, or any other that they wish in their "free time", because necessities have been taken care of!  I think I've mentioned that a couple of times already, but just thought I'd throw another in. (hint, wink!).

Joe gets back and delivers his report and lays down a nice kill for them to cure and from which to make jerky which should last them a good month!  And fortunately they've got spare time for that now, since they've finished Joe's statue just earlier that morning!  They reveal it to him and he's awed, and humbled.  It was a moment of catharsis, of bonding, of collapsed illusions and barriers.  The tribe was strong, Joe was valued, and Joe felt very good.

Nice story, eh?  Now what's the first thing Joe notices?  He notices that they've done something for him, in thought of him.  That's awful nice.  It wasn't something he could eat or wear, or use as a tool. It was something that took some skill, time and attention... It took some work.  It was also of very good quality, looked just like Joe.  In fact, in a brief instant Joe thought he had been somehow snatched out of his own body and turned into stone before his very own eyes.  And in a primitive part of his mind, he thought some overpowering magic took place!  That's the power it had on him, and that power was immediately transferred into all his mind's inner workings.  If the world had wrought any wear and tear on Joe and his tribe of friends, and if it had put any strain on their relationships (which yet were already very strong), then this simply reinforced that strength, and wiped away such entropy.  Even gold, after all, oxidizes after enough time, and shines even brighter when polished!

All his thoughts about the tribe, all the concerns in his preconscious and subconscious for how they might have thought of him, what they might have felt here and there, of whether or not he was really valued, were all like a shadow perniciously feeding on the othewise gleeming and bright fellowship which he shared with his friends.  His perhaps somewhat compensatory inflation of his own importance and the importance of his deeds for the tribe, which grew like a thin moss on the otherwise firm stone of his mature and kindly kinship with these peers despite the best and highest within him (and them).  This would perhaps be Joe's "shadow side", a subconscious portal through which evil forces can attempt to pry in and wreak havoc through their ever-building assaults on people who have spiritual energy, especially groups of them, especially groups like this one.  All this ego-entropy and corrupt-physical dross were suddenly wiped away in an instant of pure revelation, which showed him the truth in plain sight, without a single thing that could be added to make it clearer.  This burst of brilliant beauty was the convergence of pleasure and piety.

Each member of the tribe had something nice to say to Joe during their gifting, something sincere and true.  Many small transgressions, buried in the sticky spines of evil-infected matter, were forgiven, many petty grievances, long patiently endured until becoming invisible callouses in the aura, were redressed, and many minor failings, barely even noted by the subconscious mind yet which technically still did exist, were repaired... I say again of course, in Joe's tribe, these sorts of things are on a different scale than in less-developed and perhaps even evil-natured tribes.  These forms of psychosocial entropy are far lighter, and far less conscious, and far less cumulative, and so on.  Yet they do have an effect like a subtle dross, and when such a dross is wiped away from such a gem as the thing this tribe has going for it... wow, the sparkle alone would blind an evil person.

Such is the power of art, such is the power of caring, such is the power of skill, of thought, of imagination, of time.  At least, that is its highest potential when manifested as a tribe of Good people.

But, Good as they are, if they didn't have enough time, this window of opportunity would have been missed, even if all other features obtained.  That time was made into a value by their choices of action.  There were many other ways they could have used their time, very many.  This fact as well is a key feature of the value of what they did.  They didn't "have to" do it.  They had no necessity to do this. 

And this is where the story begins to yield its secrets to our thinking minds.  Delineating this crucial fact.  If something is necessary, it doesn't mean it isn't important.  It is not "menial".  Eating, drinking, sheltering, etc, are all important, and so are the activities which ensure the provisions needed for continuing those imperative actions.  No one knows this better than our hardy tribe of survivors.  But they are so good at what they do that they are able to spend as little as 4 hours per day taking care of such needs.  Joe spends about 5 days of each month on his expeditions, which are very risky, yet very rewarding for him and the tribe (he needs it also for "alone time", and other rituals.  Joe's a little different, as he's also the tribe's shaman and sage). That is time well-spent because it can't be otherwise spent, or else there will be no other time TO spend.  It is necessary, though not "essential".

As for what takes care of the tribe's necessities, Joe spends an average of 4 hours per day, and always has something substantive and empirical to show for it.  That's how this tribe works.  They "take care of business", and they do it well.  They are so good at it that it takes up little of their time!  So you know what? They have a lot of time on their hands, and they spend that time well also.  They invent games, create art, make furniture, gifts, toys, and even tinker with symbols that represent quantities, qualities, and quiddities...  These are certainly some creative and well-touched people.

Notice that there is not a big issue about "jobs" as people know what they "need" to do, and just take care of it.  They do their needed tasks so well that there is not a culture of "work" but a culture of CREATION among them.  They are very unusual in the world of tribes found around them. Most other tribes don't have this knack, and in fact have some rather sour attributes. For this our tribe of creators have kept apart from these others, and in fact were brought together from disparate origins, connected by a common bond of talent and virtue.

While other tribes are fighting over scraps of food torn from rotting carcasses stumbled upon in the wild, this group is totally stocked with food and supplies, well-sheltered, sitting atop a well fortified area of hilly redoubts full of well-designed traps that both warn, and if ignored, harm interlopers. They have many sciences and arts which they've developed, and a mere 11 of these people can hold off many times their number.  Most other tribes fear their area, and think it is haunted by evil and powerful beings, and so don't venture there often.

They spend their time doing things that add more value to their lives.  They are masters at taking the values that they have and increasing them, adding them into the stock of future values which they will continue to bring forth with their cunning industry, matched by their benevolent personalities. Because of this, they never whine or spoil about "whose job it is" to do what, or "being short of time" for anything, or "needing to get something done", etc.  They lack no necessities, and they lack no time.  

We see that time is a necessity in its own right, and it is required for completing tasks which are part of fulfilling necessary goals.  Time is also necessary for the freedom to continue to augment those activities and their results, or to explore alternatives, or most importantly to enhance the quality of life for those people.  After all, while necessities must be handled, the value of life itself, found explicitly in its manifest qualities of experience which correlate with joy and happiness, is found beyond those necessities.  Those necessities are necessary for the opportunity to arise (time) for enhancing the value of the lives, which in the first place those necessary actions support. But while the completion of necessary endeavors for survival support the freedom to use remaining time in way s that engender quality of life, they are not sufficient.for that purpose.  NOR ARE THEY MEANINGFUL OR IMPORTANT BEYOND THEIR BEING TAKEN CARE OF AND GOTTEN OUT OF THE WAY.

They are sufficient only for survival, though not even with the barest assurance that such survival will be long, or much enjoyed.  All that luxury comes rather from how surplus time is spent beyond the fulfillment of mere necessity.

So, it turns out that while necessity may be the "mother of invention", freedom is the "father of fulfillment".  And given how fatherly it is to be stern about necessities, I'd say rather that necessity is the "father" of invention.  But freedom (and perhaps "care-freedom") is the mother of fulfillment.  The course, outer, yang side of life is the realm of necessity and "getting jobs done".  The more nebulous contours of an inner life of finding more within the already apparent and manifest, the "depth" of life's meaning and value, is the yin side of life.  Of course no one knows this better than Joe, who is always floored by such living examples of what is for him sometimes a dry and abstract knowledge.  The value he obtains from just seeing living examples of what are by contrast almost invisible notions, this for him is transformative within all of his chakras.

Joe doesn't first wonder to himself, when enraptured in ecstasy at what his tribe of friends have done, at how long it took them to do it (remember, time is not the big issue with them...).  He notices not how difficult it must have been.  He doesn't begin to judge their handiwork in terms of an index of what they had to "give up" to get this done (they have what they need, the rest is gravy), or what they may be seeking to "gain" (they are different from the other tribes... this is key).  They don't seek what they don't already have, rather they seek more of what they have.  Therefore, in experiencing the value of this event, he notice something else which most materialistic and slovenly minds in other tribes never would.

He notices the depth of meaning conveyed in the expressive qualities of this authentic gesture of creativity which has been presented to him freely.  It was not promised, it was not planned, it was not expected, it was not required, was not demanded, and it was not "earned".  It is simply what they had to say to Joe that day, in that form. And it meant a lot to all of them. They didn't have to hurry off and figure out "what to do" with it, or about it.  They lived in that space of time, they had time to dwell in that space. Quality, not quantity, was what mattered.  They were consciousnesses in a pluralized unity, they were a unified plurality of unities.  They dwelled in the meaning of their experience, they didn't try to convert their experiences into clues about how to exploit each other better.

Now, take our current "civilization".  Look at the technology we explicitly use now, to say nothing of all that has been put under wraps or kept in secret for the use for crypto-tyrannical cults of selfish twits, and against everyone else who didn't inherit their ill-gotten treasure.  With this we could easily create an analogous scenario.  Once you've removed all the child-raping, child-sacrificing, evil demon-worshiping scum from society, and taken them out of all offices of "authority", and actually enforced the laws of human dignity and wisdom, then what is left are the tools and techniques, the technology which enables the efficient satisfaction of needs, which enables the creation of more meaningful time.  With necessities taken care of, why couldn't people figure out how to spend their time expressing the highest values within themselves and allowing others to do the same?  Why can't they allow others to be different in the ways that are uniquely meaningful to each, and share in commonalities without force or pretense?  Why can't they form bonds and union of action and cooperation without threats of force, without lying,

without using psychotronic weapons, covert and overt poisoning and chemical conditioning, pseudo-medical maiming, scalar interferometric instigation of disasters, cowardly and cultish operations of deceit and manipulation through media and common spies and saboteurs, directed-energy psychological and physical assault, scapegoating and false accusations and false labeling of people?


Such technology, properly used by decent and GOOD people, would be the same as decent and Good people being FREE OF PARASITES AND PREDATORS, to engage their best potential freely and wisely.  The freedom of such people leads to the inevitable creation of means to increase time to increase quality of life in an upward spiral of beneficence.

As to "robots taking our jobs" (please...) I don't think that finding ways to use machines to do menial forms of industrial labor, freeing up time for people to spend their time doing what they'd prefer to be doing, with whom they'd prefer to be doing it, is an "economic threat" at all.  And even if it were in some ways precarious, that is mainly because of the conditions of deception and coercion which have been built up around these conditions of labor in the first place, the entire system of fraudulent political economics and culture of violence and lies and all manner of perversions and secrets, all painted over with a sickly veneer of being something more sophisticated than people can understand, all with a gangland aura of thuggish invincibility, reinforced with an immunity to reason and decency, honesty and transparency!

I think these "multi-faceted" hypocrites who have invented a modern dungeon out of an old horror house, who have found ways to mis-define "civilization" as the means by which they will steal your time and energy and use it as they see fit, I think they are the real "threat".  And I think they are realizing that their LIVESTOCK are beginning to figure this out, however dimly.

The poisons of suppression, the methodologies of torture, the tactics of intimidation are apparently beginning to wear off to the point that the entire psychotronic control grid threatens to come crashing down.  Apparently the secret evil societies behind all this sick and hideous hell-beloved debacle are panicking, because they are concerned that you might want to keep having food and shelter and other necessities even though robots can make all that everyone needs, even making more robots to do this, and that programs can be made to run them very efficiently, and that only a smallish group of people are needed to maintain such a system, and they'd be able to do so with very little effort... as the expertises needed to keep such a system together would have an upward-spiraling efficiency of technological embeddedness in ergonomically advanced devices and procedures which would ensure this, and this has been kept from the public, whose lives have been wasted on "social engineering" experiments (torture) and wars (torture), "natural" disasters and "economic crises" (torture, fraud added), and all manner of mockery and manipulation which has made this "civilization", in fact this entire earthly world, a gigantic, morbid, and utterly depraved "Truman Show" scenario.

And they have blanketed the masses with poisons of chemical, electromagnetic, radioactive, and psychomnemonic modes of delivery, which all dull and defeat mainly a specific target in the consciousness of anyone: NAMELY, the Sovereign capacity to properly cognize and evaluate information of the nature which I've just laid out, even if somehow that information were all scrounged up and dumped right in front of them! Their scientific minions talk of "AI" as something which is peculiarly difficult to design with benign results, as if most AI would tend toward some sort of pernicious developments which would be the machine-mind equivalent of immoral, soul-less human psychopathy. WHERE DO YOU THINK WE CAN FIND REAL LIFE EXAMPLES OF SUCH "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCES"?  Look at the bandits at the top of the pyramid scheme which they dare call "civilization". Look at THAT FILTH which wears all the wealth it steals, which has more "bling" than all the worlds tackiest rap artists put together, which uses its massive arsenal of controlled slaves to create relatively infinite and even trans-infinite forms of time for itself!  And for what?  TO ENSURE THE CONTINUATION OF THEIR DISGUSTING ACTIVITIES AND PRETENTIOUS, OUTLANDISH, ABSURDLY RIDICULOUS CLAIMS TO DIVINE AUTHORITY AND STRANGELY ARIBITRARY "BETTERNESS" THAN YOU.

Because of these wicked regimes, the result is that YOU HAVE NO FREE WILL AS YOU UNDERSTAND IT, because this has been either made impossible for you, or it has been made a mockery of because if you utilize it you'll just be fed through their system of abuse and scapegoating and blacklisting and other techniques of ostracism and burying-under which have worked for thousands of years anyway.  Even your death as a martyr would mean nothing by the time they rewrote history, which they can do now in real time, so as to paint you any way they want, and to paint your falsified imagery over the minds of veritable "zombies" who will just give a grumbling notice and move on to their next distraction!

They actually think that they can just put up these pathetic stories, decades, even centuries old, about machines taking over the lives of people and pushing them into obsolescence!  They think THAT LOWLY of the minds which they inundate with their swill which they pass for "news" and "facts" and "truth" and "sage observation on the events of the day!"

They have been, are, and if permitted always will be enslaving people with technology, not freeing them with it. Foolish members of the Tribe of the Creator have given them a wealth of methods to do this with, naively, even stupidly and arrogantly thinking it was their duty to do so, and so now they've just made this hell-hole Earth even worse than it has ever been!!  Where's the progress!? WHERE?  Is it in poverty for the many, so the very few can live astronomically free lives?  Is it so the middle class professions can be perverted and filled with turnkey yes-men to this covert and evil status quo of techno-enslavement mockery?  Is it so that the supposedly "good" people (hard working cowards and slaves) can act as ubiquitous stage props helping to support this massive lie?

I must have missed the sign above the gates into which so many have regrettably entered, the one which read "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here".

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