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The Flesh-Prison vs. The Moral Will - The Policy of Disease

For millenia til now bejewelled thugs have been busy making sure that it is not safe to live freely outside of their "protection", and have likewise commandeered all improvements to ways of survival which have been developed by people since the metal plow.  All this has taken place from within a base of their corrupt operations which is called "the city", which is nothing more than an ideal place where they can concentrate the utility of their slaves and ensure for themselves many places to hide their evil activities which they like to do in cellars and basements while pretending to suspect the neighborhood apothecary of witchcraft. It also happens to offer some increase in the utility of slaves' access to one another's services, if they can afford them with the scraps they are allowed for discretionary spending on top of their subsistence wages (at best).

The system of civil slavery has its public structure of reward and punishment, which the slave takes for granted as his due.  As already discussed in the previous essay, there are the more debased echelons of these publicly fronted but secretly demonic grottoes of criminal conspiracy, and they are in fact the true controllers of all that takes place in the city-state and modern nation-state as a whole. Their mafia-structure of control goes down into the roots of all that simpletons with their holy books think is their small town innocence, and it begins doing its damage right at conception of the child, throughout his term, birth, childhood, all the way up to his fulfilling the role which is determined for him on an invisible tag which is located on the human equivalent of a pig's ear, his "name" as registered by these chattel hoarders.  In modern times this is augmented by social security numbers, and who knows what else which helps them categorize and identify an individual and his place in their agenda, whether or not this will ever be publicly known.

These filthy crypto-oligarchs are in fact the thuggish "powers that be", and surely even they can't believe their obnoxious success over the mainstream chattel of today!  Perhaps this is part of why they need all these idiotic and evil rituals and programmatic social constraints on the public culture of society and the personal epistemology of individuals, because assurance of such grandiose and surreal control over others becomes a commodity in and of itself.  It must make them reel in delirium at times, and they must find more advanced ways of pinching themselves so that it "sinks in" that they have managed to dupe almost everyone around them into becoming human livestock.

Well, regardless of its no-doubt psychologically useful effects for these utterly useless parasites, these systems of scrambling people up into the desired arrangements of time and space that these leeches desire is essential for preventing them from reaching any form of their full potential. That sure is what we see going on in any stockyards, and in any military camp, and also in any city.  It is not merely that "order good, chaos bad", for in fact not all order is good anyway, nor is all "chaos" actually that "bad".  But some order is good, and is to be instituted where possible and reasonable according to all who have a proper say in that matter. It's just that when one's needs are mainly satisfied through fraud and robbery that we have to understand this concept of "ordering people around" a bit differently.

They have their public forms of control, within which the livestock are allowed to believe they play an active and powerful role.  Sometimes, however much it is to be avoided and however much it is exaggerated so as to give the cattle cautionary tales about themselves, they actually do get a snout full of power!  Sometimes to keep a stronger order, one must allow for a bit of controlled chaos...

But that aside, there is the more long term, strategic aspect of control which is implied by these strictures but not revealed in their appearances directly, that of a secret ordering of people, as arranged according to their utility for the continuity of the agendas of those who have ordained themselves gods over the rest of us. I'm talking about the shadow side of the social hierarchy. The one that is hidden behind the one that you see, that is the shadow side.  In these ranks there is a different categorization of all labels and all information pertaining to the "market side" of all that you see, the public side.

People are recruited according to their proclivities for debasement and corruption, and after this whether or not they have actual talents for anything useful.  Otherwise, if their talents are pronounced, they are then examined for weaknesses lending to moral debasement and corruption.  If none are found, they are put in positions appropriate for their utility and in accordance with their amenability to control in those stations. As to the prior-mentioned crud which is easily debased but perhaps lacks any useful talent, they can always be useful as many different kinds of fodder. In fact, that is the status quo of human utility in this system of reckoning.

For those who "rise" in that shadow system of advancement, they are in fact selling their souls (if any) at each step of their "progress". Some are selling it just by being talented professionals who look the other way if it is anything outside the boundaries of their vocation and chosen lifestyle. They might even pepper their experience with an active sense of community awareness and involvement in "worthy causes", but they don't in fact ever come near broaching the utterly depraved context in which all their hollow antics are taking place, hence the utter surreality of their condition. They too will have to occasionally flip a light switch to see if they are dreaming, because if they ever run into something which indicates the actual world in which they live, they'll realize that they can't actually be sure that what they called their conscious mind was anything more than a robotic processor of prepackaged, absurd delusions (and they'd be right).

But to avoid that, there are many buffers in the minds of such people, and the creation of these buffers entails the partly chosen, partly enforced condition of their servitude carried on in culpable ignorance. Psychology loves to talk about the many modes of cognitive bias which people have as though these were just natural, given to us "off the shelf" just by being born human beings. It turns out that they are the side effects of "repression and neurosis" that some post-structuralist philosophers are often heard bantering about, conditions which represent the coercion of the sadistic freaks of occult power, and the submission to that coercion by the rather petty and ubiquitous "sheeple" of every walk and description.

Is it any wonder such people casually allow themselves to be poisoned systematically by their oppressors? It is well-known that heavy metals and other filth are found in the public water supply, and that people aren't literally up in arms about that is a sure sign of something wrong in the noggin right there. But they also don't give two shakes of a rat's behind about all the poison which is added to the water supply just as if people were no better than prisoners in a gulag. Various forms of FLUORIDE compounds are added to your water. If you are reading this, you probably already know the evil poison that this is when it gets into your blood stream.  Perhaps you also know how it acts to assist the crossing of the blood-brain barrier of ALUMINUM, which is also a common metal offered to the stupid masses for their use in cooking and eating, storing of beverages, as an "anti-caking agent" for various baking goods and salt (sodium silico-aluminate, anyone?), or else in nano-form as some sort of aerosol being sprayed into your breathing air day in and day out for decades now, which most people have utterly ignored as well.

Alzheimer's syndrome and calcification of the brain aside, don't forget about the mercury that is commonly in anything which contains corn syrup (or whatever the hell else they are renaming it as now). That's in almost everything eaten and drunk that you can find on a grocery store shelf anywhere.  Let's leave all the other filth aside for now, but give honorable mention to: food coloring, "artificial flavors" and the now trendy "natural flavors", various "preservatives" and "emulsifiers" and other ingredients which are rationalized into packaged food so that it can have a certain look, texture, or an almost infinite shelf-life, but really so that such ingredients can get into your body and mix "synergistically" with all the other filthy poison that it has been allowed to absorb.

Do we really need to belabor topics such as genetically modified organisms, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, and "allowable amounts" of animal and insect filth? Do we need to speculate as to the motives of the FDA and their accomplices in the pharmaceutical industry who insist that we should "cut back" on vitamins, and that perhaps they should be treated as dangerous drugs?  Try to keep in mind that far more people are damaged by regular medical procedures and medicines, including treatments for cancer and other diseases which are partly due to the filth being put into people's air, water and food, and from vaccines, than will ever in a million years result from VITAMINS!  Yet they are arming themselves with machine guns, heavy pistols, armored vests and vehicles, and hollow point ammunition just in case they have to put you under arrest for that stash of vitamins in your pantry.

What about the disgusting way that such diseases have been allowed to persist in spite of treatments being found with both natural herbal medicine, modern chemical compounds, and advanced technological inventions which were developed over a century ago, and some of which had existed long before?  Why were they taken out of the public's consciousness by being banned, kept under wraps, or otherwise suppressed?  Was it so that an industry of disease could be fostered which would grow in scale as people continued to grow in health and longevity, in just the same way that many methods of creating artificial scarcity of food ensure that people's hunger and starvation will continue even as productivity of agriculture and commerce improve and grow?  Is it for the same sort of control over people which is sought to be achieved in a way that makes them recover from a lack rather than to operate at a surplus, to say nothing of being able to operate at their full potential?

Is it to bloat bureaucracies which then must oversee such empires of entropy in the form of malnutrition, disease, and and ill-health in general, and this in the same way that protection rackets grew over people's need to defend their abundance of food and other civil advancements in technology and science? Let's just say that in each case the god-damned wolf is guarding the god-damned hen house.

From the inventions of men like Royal Raymond Rife, to the development of silver tetraoxide, to the powerful medicinal properties of cannabis indica and sativa, as well as many other plants and fungi, and many others besides, whatever might actually cure a disease has been kept from the public. And would you like to know the irony of this?  Such things have been suppressed and otherwise attacked by people in the medical profession, some of whom are outstanding members of the medical community and who are on boards of medical professionalism and other professional medical associations. Rather than cure disease, they want to cut, burn, irradiate and otherwise medically torture your diseased body. Seems there's more kinds of thugs than there used to be!  These wear white coats and get called "doctor" like a title of royalty, and think themselves some pretty fine and upstanding people overall. But in this context, well, "just look at them"...

If one "follows the money", one may as well "follow the blood" and "follow the death". These are the methods of investigation that will show you who is behind the big business of ill-health, disease, malnutrition, and other forms of human mutilation which come from poisoning people's food, water, and the very air that they breathe.  You'll be able to connect the dots between the associations of interested parties who would lose their jobs or prestige or other fine rewards if people were freed from any "need" of their services by such advancements in medicine and technology which would fairly put them out of business just like the plow put the poking stick out of business, or the tractor put the ox-drawn plow out of business, and so on!  Just look at these scum... look at the thugs they sent to the laboratories and offices and homes of inventors like the brilliant Royal Raymond Rife, or the way they used all levers of power at their disposal to shut down the availability of a plant which had always been available and used for medicine world-wide before their sudden hatred of it.

If you can't be well-fed from your own work upon your own land, or by trading with anyone who can, then that alone will take enough of your time and energy away from you so as to put you in dire straights as it is. But when you are robbed of the simple goodness of decent food and nutrition even though it is already abundant in that they poison it, or else call it a poison when it is bodily essential for health... I think it is clear to anyone with a reasonable mind that one's Spiritual Dignity and one's simply human dignity are being assaulted with the full-on intention of disabling it completely. If your body and mind are being starved, poisoned, malnourished, diseased, and otherwise maligned in these egregious ways then how can it be said that you are being unhindered in your pursuit of life? How can it be said that you are allowed to use your mind to its fullest potential so as to make the best cognitive and moral decisions that you can in your life? It can't even be said with any rational certainty that you are being allowed a significant fraction of that potential under these conditions.

And these conditions do prevail over most, and they are mostly utterly oblivious to them.  Can it be said that this is not in part due to the demoralizing effects of these abuses on their bodies and minds, directly as well as through the results such effects obtain in their living conditions and in the reduction of the quality and quantity of time they'd have for getting by in life to say nothing of getting a grasp of all that is being done to them? No, it can't.  That said, how can it be reasonably mewled that they have not "done anything about it" in a way that morally condemns them without also condemning several orders of magnitude more those who are inflicting these harms upon them from positions of advantage?

This evidence is demonstrated especially in the modern era, and is far fresher as the crime scene is far more recent, such that one can still hear the screams of the victims and smell the stink of their blood. You can start as recently as fifty years ago and dredge up a huge crop of evil acts done upon you by corporations in collusion with corrupt governmental entities.  Behind all these forces it is guaranteed one will find connections between them and the old powers of the world, and the structures of their influence can be demonstrated to run along all branches of human society, including in the realms of academia and religion. The gun is still smoking in their hands in a way that is undeniable! Whether they are burning food, poisoning it, or injecting poison right into your child's body, they are definitely doing a heinous wrong to you and yours, and they are definitely doing this in a sustained and systemic manner with far-reaching implications for all facets of your physical and spiritual life, all toward their own evil ends, and all in a way that utterly undercuts any fanciful notion that such evils are sporadic or merely occasional, and also in a way that obliterates any silly fantasy that evil exists in our world so as to give people some glorious opportunity to exercise free will!  It is quite the contrary.

One cannot properly exercise one's free will in this world at all, and it is a world where one is damned by the entire systematic structure of society and its maniacal will to deform all its members toward the objectives of control which belong to psychopathic persons who may as well be called demons! Moreover, such a system actively suppresses the proper use of a free and good will by ensuring that it cannot operate in body that is even properly fed and otherwise taken care of, so how can the mind in connection with that body be operating properly as well? Further, these hideous crimes are all inflicted upon the masses in such a way, and as part of such a system of cultural illusion reinforced by propaganda and other technologies of control that people under such influences cannot properly be said to even be conscious in a lucid, intelligent way that would allow them to properly understand what is being done to them.  How else can it be done to them so blatantly and severely and they not be doing something about it?

But if these rather obvious and well-documented forms of abuse of the moral, cognitive, and other potentials of the human being are not enough to convince that humans have been stripped of any proper "free will", then there is plenty more to add to the pile. Humanity is looking rather emaciated, jaundiced and perhaps dizzy from all the abuse so far. These are symptoms of bodily detriment that are often comorbid with another form of "dis-ease" which is the situational and psychobiological torment of being in poverty! Let's look at that plague the next.

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