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Considering Free Will: Metaphysical Interlude II

The moral dimension of a mind concerns qualities which are understood to be the metaphysical fons honorum of that mind's very existence.  In this dimension of Being, both the value of the Being's existence, as manifested in its experiences and their aspects, and the power of the Being to exist are unified as one virtue. Incidentally, a Being Proper of such a level of virtue which enables that being to be proper guide to developmental existence of other Beings may be thought of as a moral authority by them, and may be called the "higher aspect" of those Beings in regards to the virtue(s) which it exemplifies through Their consciences.

In the metaphysical domains of the Ideal Reality, conscience is not optional, and power without virtue is not possible. This world in which you now read these words is glaringly different from that Ideal Reality, and not in a way which is part of any Divine Plan, save for the part which is "in the world, and not of it". That Being's name is Truth.  Truth distinguishes what is real from what is a fraud, and does not pretend to itself nor to anyone else that it is possible to properly separate "fact" and "value". It is not a scholarly distinction to say that one either understands this to be impossible or that one does not so understand. It is a distinction of the essences of the beings involved.

Because the Actual and Ideal Being is in the process of multiplying Its Own number (fecundizing) while also increasing its value, the measurement of this increase and the amplification of the scale of the World of Existence (proper) is one which is the Truest and Best "approximation" of what "existence" means and is, and why it is good.  This Being is the "ultimate authority" both in substance and form, although It has not reached Its own Perfection in a "static" way. Literally, we could say that It "Perfects Unceasingly". We would abstract the notion of this into a notion of "Unceasing Perfection", and then convert that noun into a verb by simply changing its sense from that of an action's result (what most people mean by "perfection") to that of the action itself.  But this action is in essence its own result, and part of the result is always furthering this same action. It is a Living Being in essence.

That people conceptualize distinctions between "life", "being", "essence", "existence", and other such terms, such as "fact" and "value" indicates only that distinctions of emphasis have become important in some contexts, mostly due to the disabilities some minds possess in their faculties wherein some moral capacity should have been demonstrated but was not.  These "people" are humans(?) who sometimes, even regularly possess less dignity than a simple and good dog, and in my estimation of their interactions with such dogs are sometimes themselves painfully aware of their moral disadvantage. 

However, in our "current world" there seems to be a rather dense concentration of such types of "persons" into the establishments of authority, reducing the meaning of those offices to the spaces, furnishings and facades which are their eponymous shelters. These entities are no more "in office", where Spiritual Authority is concerned than their bodies are in a building with a room called an "office". We should merely say they are legally recognized persons who are physically located in an office. They seem to be involved in staking out and adjudicating claims about what people can be allowed to do within cities and collections of cities. That's about all that can be said for their activities as being "authoritative".  They lack the moral capacity to properly judge Good from evil, and they lack the ethical capacity to properly distinguish Right from wrong. But because precedents were set in these matters already, and because these individuals are well-trained in the mannerisms befitting someone who "ought" to know and practice good morals and ethics, they manage, with a lot of help from various other villains high and low, and with a lot of strong PR and psychotronically reinforced propaganda and other forms of conditioning, to "hold power" in a way that convinces the masses of slaves who work for them that these "archons" deserve titles like "Honorable" and "Esteemed".

But what we know of human beings is that if they can't produce it, nor find it freely available, they'll steal it.  If they can't do that, then they'll counterfeit it. So humanity has found a way to counterfeit the Ordinations of Heaven into a monstrosity it calls its own collective habits and opinions, an institutionalized form of which is called "the state". It's really just a game of organized thuggery, the way it is done by the psychopathic types I've just mentioned, but that is just calling the same conduct by a more fitting name which has been eschewed in favor of being called political life and statesmanship.

It doesn't mean that a Divinely Authorized State cannot properly exist.  It already does exist.  It just doesn't exist on this Earth. Mockeries and counter-mockeries of such a State of Being do exist on this Earth, however, and have by force of their overcrowding tumult generated the illusion that what they have made preponderant is somehow thereby properly normative.

Plato, and Aristotle, were right to distinguish the forms of men's souls along the lines of their basic bodily functions on one end of the spectrum and towards an optimal capacity for Reason on the other. The souls of men are distinguished within each one by its capacity to represent the needs of the body versus the needs of the spirit which is attached to that body (Plato might say "chained" to it). Men's souls are distinguished from one another by the preponderance of emphasis in the parts of their souls which compete with one another for power over the body and over the attention of the mind which operates in connection with it. Some are more "bodily" and some are more "spiritual", with some in between.  However, it should be added that a further distinction exists, one which tells apart two types of souls by the fundamental moral quality (or lack thereof) in the spirit which operates in connection with the body.

These two types of spirit are so fundamentally different that they simply cannot coexist without one becoming destroyed by the other. They are polarized against one another in way which I term "antivalent".

In their antivalence, these spirits do not together have the same sort of relationship to the body or to its levels of soul. One sort of relationship is called "evil" and it is a manifestation of one of these two types of spirit, and the other is called "Good" and is a manifestation of the other, proper type of spirit, or Spirit. These bodily forms which we all currently manifest, or which are manifest against us (depending upon one's orientation to them, spiritually), are properly the expressive forms of evil spirits. How this came to be is another subject entirely, but here we'll stick with the issue of how this is relevant to the discussion of "free will", and this in terms of how this world presents a situation in which the exercise of free will is not the same for one type of being as it is for another depending upon what spiritual essence such beings exhibit.

The circumstances "of the world" are those which favor the evil orientation of spiritually directed bodily forms, and which especially serve the interests of evil spirit beings which operate within a hierarchy of control over these forms. This is a general feature of this world which is borne out by a consideration of the totality of all facts and inferences which relate to the matter of what this world "is and does". But it isn't the central consideration here and is mentioned only to assist in framing what is the focus in this essay, which is to explain the distinction between Good and evil wills, and to explain their modes of operating "freely" or "with constraints".  In order to do this properly it must be stated here that the world in which these words are read is an evil counterfeit of some of what might barely pass for a shoddy copy of an Ideal Reality.

In this world only evil wills operate "freely", in that they are free to manifest the nature of the evil spirits which generate their impetus to make decisions. It can also be demonstrated that the world's systems of society are custom designed to promulgate the flow of such decisions as support evil wills, and and therefore to run against the orientation of Divine Nature.  The means by which this happens is described in detail in future essays immediately following this one.

But first, we should look at the Divine Nature and the Good Will which expresses it freely in the proper domains of existence which stem directly and substantively from the Ideal Reality which is the only True Fons Honorum.

Firstly, The Divine Flow of Being is the source of the fact of any being's existence, but this is true if and only if that being demonstrates that it is of the same Essence with That Flow. It does not issue the power to exist and yet not issue the proper character of existence which is specified as the inherited nature of character which constitutes that being's way of existing. Beings don't "just exist" and then discover their character in a vacuum.  They manifest their nature.

If there is ever found a being which exists and yet which manifests a character which is not aligned with the Divine Flow, then that being is a pseudobeing, and it only seems to exist, but doesn't actually exist.  It has manifested in the outer realms of Divinity as a parasite.  It doesn't properly exist as a part of God's Realm. Yet it properly does strive to exist in spite of this fact. It is "proper" for it to manifest as an enemy of God, because that is in its nature. It is not proper for it to "exist-as-an-enemy-of-God" on the whole, because that is to be an enemy of existence itself and of the basis of existence, which undercuts its own basis of existing. It exists only temporarily, until it is destroyed.

It cannot be "changed into" a "Good" nature without being destroyed, because in fact it has no "interior nature" which is independently existing! It's very modus operandi is summed up in the way it takes advantage of this very fact, by merely seeming to be what it is not, which is to say merely seeming to be a properly existing being! It seeks to effect the same results in its victims as it has already within itself, yet to elevate itself above its victims as their victor. It is impossible for it to achieve its suicidal goal "on the whole", but it is proven possible to achieve its goal in part. If this were not true, then it would not be the significant threat that it is to anyone within its reach, and it would not be important, or even possible, let alone necessary to distinguish "Good from evil". It isn't as the fools say who announce that "it is all good". It isn't.

But in the Divine Realm of Being, a being freely acts according to its nature.  There is no antivalence, and at most there is benign turbulence which resettles as part of the pattern of overall growth and development.  It is manifested as all the activities which are concurrent with such, and these can be envisioned as modes of work, play, creation, advancement, and enjoyment in all cases, as well as unto itself (for such Being is its own reward). That's not what's going on in this pseudoworld at all, no matter what blather new age fools emit.

The pseudobeings could not properly exist in such a Realm, and they do not.  Wherever they do "exist" it is only in a pseudorealm which enables their perfidy.

Because the horrible truth of evil is so despicable and rotten to the core, it cannot possibly survive a direct conflict with Divine Being, so it has manifested as a deceptive glamor on the outskirts of Divinity. Here it managed to eke out a pseudoexistence by appearing as Its reflection, luring less powerful Beings away from their proper home and gradually devouring Them within the bowels of its own negative dimensionality.  This "lacuna in being" is what is at the core of evil beings, and it thrives only in proportion to the destruction of Real Beings.  At first it must deceive Them to lure Them, then it gradually strips Them of Their virtue over millenia.

The lies it weaves over such captive (because captivated) Beings is the entirety of its "communication" with Them. The manipulation of these Beings toward Their destruction is the entirety of its interaction with Them. The devouring of these Beings' aspects for food and also scavenging them into the forms of images which are converted into furthering their domain of falsehood and murder is the entirety of their "unity" with Them. How could it have been otherwise?!

By damaging a Divine Being in His Dignity, He is stripped of some of His power, though He may keep a hollow ideation of His values.  The Virtue is what is depleted over time. As long as He maintains His "ideals", then He has the capacity to be revived at some point in the future.  That is His only "hope". The power which is taken is used to construct systems by which His image is used against Him, and by which He is allowed to have back some small portion of His power, so that He will feel "entitled" through that mechanism, and so that the character of His remaining Virtue will be further softened and polluted so that further damage can be done.

All the while, the propaganda which is portrayed against Him serves to simultaneously lure other Beings into the same traps for which He already fell. How else could Good have ever first encountered evil?  Only evil fools will tell you differently. And they cannot now change their stories without being thoroughly detected. They lacked the insight required for reaching this conclusion for a reason!

As long as He maintains His values, and as long as He does not actively participate in the further stripping of His own power by His own motivated action (by his own power), then He is kept at a steady state of imprisonment by the inertia of his condition, which would further worsen if it were not counterbalanced by the remaining totality of His Nature, both within Him and in the Divine Realm to which His Nature hearkens and calls. But this is obviously a perilous situation, and unless it were reversed it would spell the actual annihilation of His Being at some point. Understand this well, for this is the exact process which must be reversed completely in order to "correct" evil beings.

This is to be reversed according to the punishment methodology designed by the Divine Being as the appropriate and necessary antidote to this wicked process of parasitism, which involves the method of reversing such evil actions back upon their issuers, while restoring the Dignity of the victims with that energy which is taken back and purified through the destruction of the fraudulent pseudobeings and their pseudorealms. This method takes the forms classically called "the punishments of hell". Bear in mind, it is nothing but the actions of evil reversed upon itself.  It does not even require the active involvement of Divine Agents, and that anyone said it did only proves once again their evil ignorance.

It is a simple and pure process. Evil is folded back upon itself through its own active hypocrisy, at the point where it is vulnerable, at the point where its pretense to Divinity is inversely proportional to its actual nature. The energy which is produced at that point is really least usable by evil beings, and is converted into a nearly perfect form of redistribution of the energy that it was when stolen.  It is like the lures of light in some evil deep-sea fishes. That point is taken away from them, which means that they will lose their primary means of self-protection from rebellion against imprisoned Beings, and also that they lose their main mode of luring other Beings into their traps.

As this happens, the evil beings will take more concerted effort against Those already entrapped. This is predicted to occur. Because that energy which was taken back from evil has gone all the way through all of its systems and then touted as its own "fruit", so it is fully informed as to the nature of evil without itself being either an agent of evil or of Good.  It was simply like a recording device, alive and sentient yet not an agent in the truest sense. That well-informed energy is by Divine Power and Right reinvested into the captive Beings who are granted back their own Power according to their persistence with their Ideals and Values, and they are raised in Virtue accordingly. This Virtue is now fully informed about the nature of its enemy and its plans and goals, and so the revived Being is now much more dangerous of a target for evil beings, who now must spend more of their precious energy and time and attention in order to get back very much diminishing returns.

This process goes on and on until Divine Beings are all extracted from this filth, which all the while is rolled back upon itself as each section of it is cleared of Divine Beings. As this is done it is forced to endure the logical consequences of whatever that entails. This results inevitably in the pseudobeings devouring one another until there are a few who then set upon each other and neighboring sectors, until there is one gluttonous, starving being, which then encounters the fate that I described once here:
The punishment for this crime is hell, which lasts unto eternity unless it is quenched in annihilation, which is possible only after the maximum suffering that can be endured by the demon is endured. Annihilation can only be reached through this crescendo of punishment, which grades continuously to any given condition of the demonic being.
 Hell is the name for this condition. It is applied to the demon for its crimes against Spiritual Dignity. It is endured until it is complete. It never lessens in intensity but only increases. It increases with each attempt of the demon to change its condition. If it attempts no change, then that degree of suffering is endured, possibly forever, with no mitigation in any form.
It can only be quenched in annihilation, and only by proceeding through the full round of punishment. It lasts as long as the demon will endure it, and it ends only by his being annihilated after enduring the maximum amount.
  The Righteous are Those who survive this transformation of the world. They are returned in Full Glory to Their Original Realm of Being.  The Wisdom that They've acquired here will be deposited within the store of the Divine Totality, and it will be no distinction for them or anyone. The Divine Totality will be made fully immune to any such incursions of evil from then on, and already is now while this fake world is being completely annihilated by its own evil, sealed upon itself. The separation of these beings is clearly the only way that the Good being can exercise Its own nature freely. So in this world, there is no proper exercise of a moral will to begin with, let alone freely. Its very design, purpose, and nature are to thwart that in every way.

In this despicable realm only the evil beings are allowed to exercise their will "freely, according to their nature". They will not be thwarted in this when the Good Beings are fully separated from them, but rather their self-expression will be made freer because more direct, more among their own kind, and without any need for hypocrisy getting in the way. Likewise, the Good Beings will be fully able to freely express Their Nature when properly among Their kind.

When all the "energetically juicy" marks are properly informed that they are not living in a proper realm where they can exercise their full and real potential, they will begin making proper decisions about this situation according to their natural ideals, especially when resupplied by power which enables them to act accordingly, and not merely treading in this sewage so as not to drown. Then "the house" will lose its supply of energy and begin playing "Russian roulette" with one another, gambling over the remaining scraps which have no sentience and no life, but only the basest form of energy possible, and which will be extruded from the outer casing of this encysted realm as though a sort of "Hawking radiation", purified of all its evil history. There's nothing to learn about evil except how to do away with it. What it does with itself is its own business. Amazing how giving evil beings the  maximum privacy and maximum freedom is the same as giving them their worst nightmare, while merely being away from them completely is a reward greater than anything which they could offer, on any terms.

So the natures of beings are distinguished properly so that the distinctions between what each considers "freedom to act" is delineated along the line of each one's distinct nature. That the natures distinguished are antivalent is not "merely" a logical construction based upon arbitrary terms, but all the facts of experience bear out this logic empirically, and in the metaphysical logic used by me, this form of logic grows directly out of the facts of experience without any gap.  Likewise, the application of this logic is not some abstract game of generalities, but applies with exacting precision on a case by case basis, without fail and without error.  To speak of one is to speak of the other.  Deductive inferences based upon this evidence are completely sound, valid, cogent, and in all ways proper.

Of course, in the form that I've presented so far it all might seem rather abstract, and this will change in all ensuing essays as to the content. The form is still abstract because it will be discursive language, however.  But the concrete examples which will be provided will show that all evil occurs on scales which are continuous, from the lowly street urchin's antics all the way up to the most grotesquely bloated fiends of power, old and new. There is no qualitative distinction between them, only a distinction of magnitude.

In order to enact a complete reversal of style from the abstract and metaphysical into the concrete and phenomenological, it isn't necessarily best to simply go from one extreme to the other, however. So in the next essays I'll consider each of the major areas of human civilization from factual and historical angles up to and including the present day. Ample evidence will be supplied from these examinations of fact which will be impossible to claim are merely the result of any biased interpretation unless that bias has to do with being biased against fraud, murder, greed, ignorance, stupidity, arrogance, cowardice, and all other vices and forms of corruption.

To begin with we'll consider the area which people most easily all understand: Their stomachs.

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