Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hypocrisy in... Yellowface?

We've got enough "Paid Internet Troll" problem here in the States to easily dissuade paying further attention to China's problem, in favor of addressing our own.

Nothing like the disgusting level of hypocrisy it takes to require looking into the affairs of those we view as "less free" in order to see properly into a mirror which can reveal to us some ugly sore we keep thinking is on someone else's face.

It's YOU in the mirror, "free people of the free world".  You carry a massive tumor in your flesh, yet you
 call the rest of the world "unhealthy".   Are we "blue" and they "red"?  Where's the "red blooded" among us to "prove me wrong"?

I see you everywhere, the "human troll", as well.  Worse than the internet troll, I see you s-trolling around the streets of my cities, with your little digital plugged in skulking, cowardly frame, looking down into that "device" to see if "the time is right" or "what to do", or "is this the one I'll get money for harassing?  How much?  Is it worth the trouble?  Where's *backup*?"

You people are literally lower than the scum of the earth, whether you are online, or pretending to be a "fellow human being".  You are lower than the lowest, most cowardly and craven worm.  YOU ARE HOLOGRAMS where a human was "supposed to be".

But I see you, clear as day.  I SMELL you, you give off a peculiar scent of obvious coward, full of fear and greed.  You are empty of spirit, and your "souls", if they should be called that, are nothing more than programmable delusions in an otherwise filthy head crammed full of every vice and pettiness and vanity.

You are an army of demonic, shills, and you don't deserve to be given notice on the day that your facade drops, like in the ending of "They Live", when all the holograms/phones/lights GO OUT.  You will be left alone in the field, your masters having betrayed you, and you will try to scurry up to the nearest and strongest of those you maligned for so long, and their already keen senses (especially that of smell) will detect you before the quantum field of your emanating bullshit can even collapse into the first gesture of groveling.

And whatever "Great Judgment" comes into this scene next will not be kind to you, and neither will those who have some Spiritual Substance, for they will see you very clearly for what little wretched imps you are.

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