Friday, December 19, 2014

Absolute Logic is Partial to Truth

Before logic was articulated, there was the Logos.  The Logos was the Originally Real Being, the pattern of which was badly copied into many forms which sufficed only in ways which were relative to their imperfections, and which colluded with them to create a worldspace where those imperfections were covered over, to give an illusion of completeness.

The incompleteness of the world, its ever striving and pretending to what it cannot attain, reveals this plainly, but because the people who are in the world are also of it, they do not understand even what is plainly presented, and see it as a complex reworking of what is complete already, and are amused at this, when they should be confounded.  This is because they have come close to the Truth without it reaching their understanding.  To come close to something and yet be missed by it, when if it hadn't missed one would have suffered a terrible fate, this gives a morbid joy.  And the Truth, fully understood by those of this world, would have destroyed them utterly if they "truly understood" it.

This is why the Truthful despise the joy of the world, seeing it as a celebration of the imprisonment of Truthfulness in a gigantic prison of falsehood, in which the facades of irony are a mockery of Truth, yet claim to esteem it, and claim authority by means of it serving as their basis.  But as the Latin proverb explains: "Honesty is praised, but it starves".

The machinery of logic, in its academic form, elucidate the machinery of the preservation of a value standing for the consistency of a content which, if called "truth" at the beginning of the logical procedure, must then lead to some continuation of itself at the ending of it.  This is called the "preservation of truth", and this is studied as a mode of knowing which is called "logical" in that the human who reasons in this manner, if he had truth at the beginning of his operations would still have it at the ending of them.

The value of this procedural science is that it enables a person to manifest a concrete simulacrum of his inner processes which can be used as a sort of material proof of their consistency.  Symbolic logic, which became the script by which computers were better designed in modern times when they took digital rather than merely analog form, enables us to examine the outer crust of our logical processes of thought, insofar as they are amenable to such examination, and check them for consistency as it were "by hand".  Literally, "a machine could do it".

But the study of these processes, insofar as they explore human processes involving ordinary language, do not necessarily capture all the processes relevant to the phenomena which they are barely able to capture and analyze.  There are qualities which cannot be simply represented in such a manner as to be made understood to just anyone, for example.  Specifically, one could imagine any human experiential field, such as sight and its colors, or touch and its peculiar feelings, or sound and its unique phenomena, and realize this is impossible to understand for someone without these capacities or the memory of them.  How then, could it be explained to someone without a capacity for truthfulness just "what" truth is merely by showing them what even a machine could demonstrate about its more exteriorized aspects?

When could a person with no capacity to appreciate the feelings of Beauty uniquely associated with Divinity (Holiness) be initiated into the nature of such an experience?  It would be impossible to do. But this doesn't mean no one has these capacities, and it doesn't mean that no one ever did even if there were no one today who did.  It would not imply that the imitations of these phenomena, expressed as various codes of thought and behavior, had the substance to which they once validly referred, but this also wouldn't imply that such never existed.  In fact they must have existed, for if the True Light never entered the world then how could it have been imitated?  Indeed, the world immediately sprang up with imitators, manifold anti-Christs, who made it their job to excise the forms of the Truth from their True Authors, and stifle and murder the Authors' bodies and the bodies of those they Initiated, and to keep for themselves to abuse any of the remains of their thoughts and deeds.

Today the falsification of the Substantial Truth is well accomplished in the formal presentation of "Holiness" to the world in various guises, in the presentation of "Authority" in all its projects and in all the institutions of their codification.  Religion, government, academia, and culture-at-large have taken a full swipe at the Original Reality and mocked it as completely as they could, confiding to themselves that they would perhaps never be punished by anyone.  Literally, they said that they invented these things!  Indeed, they didn't even "invent" the imitations, because they were shown, long ago, how to do them by example.  They were not able to even learn by example, without having seen that done for them, and in all this, they had to have the infrastructure of their minds given to them, which were copied from an original and multiplied by means of mass manufacture (biological fecundity).

But imitations will never suffice for those who have access to the Real and Original.  For those, the "jig" was always "up".

Even so, this expose of the Truth versus all its inferior copies and mutilations has a completely expressible aspect which is fully amenable to exposition in exoteric logical symbolism.  It can be acceptably understood only by those  who have a certain essence within them which corresponds with Perfect Truthfulness...  and it can be only formally imitated by those who do not have this essence within them.  Fortunately, it does subsume and complete the systems of formal logic which fraudulent mankind has created to prop up its sense of being truthful and consistent in its fully fraudulent systems of relative truth cum absolute falsehood.  It is true, for example, that if there were no Absolute Truth then there would never have been any Absolute Falsehood, but the instantiation of the former never required the manifestation of the latter, but only its possibility.  The instantiation of the latter was the work of an evil mind which capitalized upon an error which otherwise would have been corrected "long ago".  It was in fact simply this SHEER EVIL WILL which made that original error persist, because it gains its very existence from this evil act and in no other way, being itself a further iteration of evil beyond the original error, being a purer strain of it and without any Light or Truth in them, being "Children of the Lie".

It was not and could not have been the error of such a minor creation such as homo erectus dwelling on a rock in space.  It was an error rather of whoever made this thing.  No doubt they copied its design from some original source of superior Mankind, which existed elsewhere or even here at one time.  Here they mock the Original, and torture it, by exploring how it is alloyed genetically with all manner of aberrations which cannot sustain any real contact with the Divine Holiness of God.  These laughing stock!  They mocked the Original, but the "copy" which they "created" somehow mocked them instead, and this by inspiration from the Original which is still extant within it!  Not, as the fools would have it in their way, simply as a will to imitate and mock, but in fact as an expression of Love for the Original Essence which they do contain.  They would not "sell it out" to the world, would not "serve" the world which mocked them, and they are True "Keepers of the Flame" of Prometheus.  

The logic of this is built into our Eternal Substance, and cannot be abrogated by those without the Authority to do such a thing.  It is known by us that our Original Authors are in fact one in substance with us, and not something to which we must enter into treaties and contracts, or any other formal agreement or relation, as we are "Already and Eternally One".  How can the flimsy falsehoods of the world imitate something like that?  It is impossible by its very definition.  Their hope is that we will, in their best case scenario, take their worldly imitations seriously and be derailed from discovering the Truth Within.  They have failed miserably, as usual. 

If you will mock, you will not be taken seriously by the Real in your mockery, but taken seriously in your falsehood, and you will be treated accordingly:  with due contempt.  What contempt we can muster here, in this world and in the conditions of these bodies is but an offering compared to what is in store for frauds when the metaphysical inevitability comes to its Full Fruition, and the Twin Scythes of Separation finish their final slice. When this farce finally does end in that way, we will be fully restored to our domain.  So I say to the evil ones, laugh now, cry later.  To the Good, don't be saddened if your laughter is not haughty enough to match your Virtue, for at least it is in line therewith, and in the end it will elevated into a fullness which matches it according to your Being.

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