Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Metagenesis of Corruption I

The Function of Authoritative Power in the Catalysis of Evil

One must theorize the events of conspiracy based on even official versions of the story, these days even from the annals of discredited outlets of information (who must always mix in some truth with their lies and coverups), especially in light of the evidence. This only reinforces reasonable speculation about the further reaches of motives, methods and obectives of intentional, witting, and hence deliberate actors. It's a little too easy, based on many of the facts, to be this fast and furious of a takedown. I think a longer con is at work. Evil beasts don't just back down off even what they've taken from others, even children, so they're not going to be without plenty of backup plans and resources. The very concept of conventional protocols of CoG rest on such premises. How could the even more stringently self-aggrandizing layers of hegemony be expected to just roll over when things flex against them? Things are often worse than they appear.

The principles of the analysis of corruption indicate that it is never more vicious than when it takes up residence within the halls of power.  Now it has not only means and ends to protect, which are quite massive if they are to be considered worthy of an analysis of significant power.  It also now has to concern itself with maintainiing its chief asset and liability, the double-edged sword of covert power and its trappings. At minimum, those involved will need fall guys and a lot of other blowback protection.  That's how such things would necessarily have to work out, even in cases where it is presumed that there are good actors who wish to neutralize evil. There may be no honor among theives, but there is such a thing as ambition and discipline.  There may be no such thing as a midget champion of the mainstream MMA, but there might be a shift of events if he had access to a racket that included advanced methods of influence and covert resources which could lend false appearances a mighty amount of reinforcement to give the illusion of substance.  It will be an illusion of substance in that people will be at a loss for explanations beyond their reach, because according to those who conduct such rackets, most people "don't need to know".

Damage control is a ubiquitous impulse in life forms, ranging from microorganisms, digital and nanotechnological cellular automata, and even human agents who are overpowered and underobligated. They don't have to be evil for this to be true, the merely need to have an insufficiently checked power.  It may be too much power for a duty, or it may be any power at all when it comes to certain forms of power.  Covert modalities of power and its deployment fall readily into this category in any circumstances, even when the pretexts include venerable protection rackets which have survived to the present day in the conventional forms of civil service bureaucracies of representative governments.

Especially in such instances, in fact.  Because now a reputation is at stake which properly belongs to some Persons, who are Authorities in the proper  sense, but the emblems, offices and tokens of which Authority are found, or are in cases found, and in most cases inevitably bound to be found in the wrong hands.  Those with a reputation for serving the public by plighting their troths to Justice are in no way immune to the subleties of corruption which attend any institutions in which such notions are trafficked about as a front when what is aback is as nefarious as reaches a certain threshold which may exist, and which will exist if it can.  That is the cause of the active side of the statement which says that good men doing nothing is sufficient cause for evil to exist.  It is a matter of degree and kind.  What is the extent, what is nature, what is the duration, what is the frequency?  What is the evil, what are its motives, methods, objectives?  What are its capabilities?  When, under what circumstances, where, in which ways, through what agents, against what targets?  Opportunities are found by the desperate, not only the ambitious.

Where are the bigwigs of wisdom?  Why are they always few and far in between in a world which touts their ideals so enthusiastically always at the last minute, both in personal affairs and in public displays of power or its endorsement?  Why are they always tiptoeing within certain perceived boundaries of safety and propriety even when there are no explicit prohibitions against Truth?  Indeed, there is a strong claim being made by almost everyone with sense perceptions and opinions that they are lovers and pursuers of truth.  That claim could not be as commonly true in substance to the utmost degree as it is expounded in the defense of every cognitively fragile world view that would be represented by the preponderance of those with vocal cords and imaginations.  One may even say in some cases that it would have been better for their cogitation if sensory evidence were left out of the equation, for then they couldn't have been so adroitly mislead by ill-intended misinformation.

But when that is the case with people, then their lack of cognitive capability is inverse in its relevance to the gravity of the matters at stake.  How can reliable and honorable action be taken in such circumstances without being so fundamentally hamstrung by a "broken system"?  Such circumstances always favor the corrupt, and with increasing stakes come increasing efforts to obtain the victory by two forces, those who are desperate and/or ambitious, and those who are honest and wise.  The problem is that if resources of those who are desperate and ambitious, but are not fully honest and wise, flows into the hands of evil actors, then there will be obvious fallout in favor of the evil actors.  Especially, a fortiori, in cases of extreme, pervasive, and well-equipped corruption which is extreme not only in various sorts of quantitative intensity in the form of "extent and range", but also in the form of "means and objective".   Evil in such forms is known to exist and its characteristics have been specified.

In light of that, one would expect that tensions would arise in response to any determinations or defiance against such a racket, and in the interests of a longer con, or a "longer shelf life" of evil gratifications.  Such tensions would attempt to overpower people's perceptions of their world simply to maintain a status quo with enough stability to ensure that fallout can be redirected from those who are most deserving of it.  Just in the same way that a parasite will burrow further into a host when it is irritated, exert various influences over it's biophysiology in order to protect its interests through and stake in that host.  In that same way will a parasitism of more essentialized form and of more polarized magnitude on whatever scale, and with whatever means are appropriate to its sphere of action and over what analogous set of entities, persons and other assets.  Surely, if injustice were to perfect itself and manage for itself a greater economy of resources for its special interests, to include interests in clandestine activities that support its aversion to the risk of being caught at what it does which is wrong, then therefore surely it will seek out influence over all such power and influence which can manage such risk.

Naturally the Department of Justice would be a likely name of such an entity in many possible worlds of the analysis of power, not just in ones in which people happen to find themselves suffering great indignities and both overt and covert assaults against all that in their life which they claim for them has meaning.  It would always be a place to look for corruption, regardless.  Such institutions are meant to be kept in the autoclave of disinfection from any corruption at all times, and should be expected to be under an effective scrutiny, not "kangaroo" scrutiny.  If wrongheaded and patently overextended forms of authority such the FDA would scrutinize vitamins as though they were serious dangers but give fluoride-based compounds in water supplies and psychotropics such a free pass, then that is obviously a nightmare scenario of "meta" proportions.  But if the very institutions meant to embody all recourses to civil and criminal justice are likewise important, why would one expect corruption to find no interest in those environments?  

All the more, regardless, should they worried over as the most dangerous places for such to be found, just as hospitals, ironically, are not the safest places to be healthy.  That's even leaving out the issue of the corruption in professions and their associations, for that thread is a jumbled history of suppression of improvements in science and technology, their misapprppriation into rackets as a black market resource for the racket and against anyone else.  And which acts as an essential tentacle of control in an overall system of self-aggrandizing, corrupt authority.  The AMA, the APA, ADA, A(x)A of any persuasion.  You just insert the capital letter and there will be a professional association which has a checkered history in relation to rackets of suppression of truth in science and technology, methods, crafts and arts.

There are several dimensions to this matter which in prima facie examination bear out further indications of the gravity.  What of the matter of how natural selection does not moralize when the game theoretics involve survival of the fittest in a narrow set of conditions which happen to favor the hunger of the predator over the fear and dexterity of the prey?  When rackets extend to the "meta" level, they set up those domains of phenomena under their influence to become more convenient for their operation by definition.  That is what they do, and what they want.  The details are simply manifestations of cases of that primary motive and its goals always include this as their "meta" goal, and they instantiate it wherever possible, and demonstrate all the same methods as would any of their token forms.  The dynamism is that the metaracket will presume authority over any competition, whether in the form of other rackets (which it pretends to righteously oppose) or in the form of virtue which is inconvenient for their enterprises (which such rackets imply they possess in abundance, and which they demand of others).  But as such a scenario implies, those claims and demands are facile and inauthentic.

Whether it is "The Manhatten Project" acting as a multpurpose social engineering enterprise that can extend to encompass far beyond its own historically acknowledged operations, or else whether it is the public's interest in health, happiness, safety, justice, and survival. The template is the same.  Find a domain of human action, and usurp it, while setting up false narratives over that domain that have invasive reach in people's lives, intergenerational and socially complex in scope, clandestine and pervasive in form and distribution, so that the orginal norms and their corrective mechanisms are woven into a coccoon which neutralizes all that is inconvenient to the usurpers, while causing all else to serve their interest as the de facto purpose of the domain and all human action in it, while the de jure claims about the narratives of authority and events in the world over which they claim jurisdiction are contrived to suit the same agenda, while giving all the merit the wrong hands in any disputes or conflicts of interest which are at bottom of all these ruses and facades!

What sort of environment of "moral contest", in any sense of such an idea, does such a world constitute?  But it doesn't stop in that regard, which is a strategic concern of great importance.  Also there are the tactical matters of how such systems of power will tend to select for rather than against forms of evil too diffuse or virulent to be contained by the system which is meant, ostensively, to contain and oppose them.  Evil evolves also, and evil finds a way.  Eventually.  One who is vigilant about what is Right will try to find a way to make the plans of the evil one fall short of success, while managing to reach his own goal of victory.  That cannot be done with blinders on which simply comfort the ego's fanciful hopes whilst evil "realists" make information asymmetry into a private resource for their own protection while they manage to con everyone else into buying at great cost their dubious wares, extorting confidence from their marks which causes them to ignore the vile and repugnant ichor leaking through its surface.

From what I've seen in this world, it is so bad that, if there is a racket, then there is a metaracket which protects it while demanding its cut.  That's why people who are desperate and ambitious buy their hopes of safety and futurity at great cost, and sell out their liberties so cheap.  Those who are this way cannot be the stewards of value and judgement for the honest and wise, but can only be a liability for themselves and others.  No wonder such will devour propaganda and avoid the hard work of finding facts and developing precise heuristics of analysis, both qualitative and quantitative. They, like all on the battlefied, will naturally show their quality, their merit, their virtue, and their character.  It cannot be otherwise.

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