Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Metagenesis of Corruption II

How Antivalent Meta-Struggles are Articulated in Colloquial Forms of Expression in Custom and Culture, from Games to Protocols of High Offices of Authority

Authoritative Power without Good Publicity is an illusion.  Fraudulent forms of that publicity are attained by the exercise of influence rackets, mainly to extort confidence and if necessary obedience through fear.  Influence wins that war in domains of spirit, morale, communication, also using means of shock, awe, etc. Yet in order to maintain the "Ouroboros" of their racket, those implicated must work to make their measures more covert to be the stabler and more satisfying for them. This is the war of the parasite upon its host where the parasite would like long term death-avoidance. And therefore the "internet", as it is called, is actually a different thing than people think it is, as no matter what one thinks it is, it profoundly affects all the dimensions of publicity and does this to exponential degrees.

That's why covertly manipulated internet topologies have probably ontologically truncated my message through to parties that can use it to keep that knowledge to themselves plus be aware that I know of it. There is an odd chance that a glitch causes this information to "leak" through meta-channels toward perspicuous minds.  But such minds exist which demonstrate this very sort of strategic approach. There are great minds in chess for example, who historically demonstrated a capacity to lure very strong grandmasters into a game suitable for the strategy which favored the former.  Alekhine and Tal were well known for their ability to exercise control over the board which relied upon their opponents understanding of enough subtlety as to get to the point of making the best move yet still being unable to prevent a strategic maneuver leading to coercive attacking potential increasing move after move.

Look at these early modern chess minds trying to out-mojo one another in a duel, and how Alekhine sculpted a gun out of the pieces and pulled the trigger with a pawn, and the opponent resigned and probably pretended he was shot and Alekhine pointed his fingers at him jokingly like a gun and said "You were aloof to my chess pistol".  As an author once said, it's all about the various imbalances.  Some aspects are purely qualitative, so that to have it rather than not to have it is the only question.  It's not thinkable to have "too much" material, except in the form of some having "not enough" of these other factors.  Everything else is raw calculation.  It is about going beyond raw calculation, and it takes a qualitative insight to do that. It requires sentience.

One might give up a queen for three pieces just to see if one can make it work, and one can see the definite way that it "can" work, via multiple attack points, or via a weak square complex.  But to weigh these against one another, without raw calculation, would rely then upon intuition.  Because of the raw calculations being able to give a rough outline of such factors as feed the intuition with fewer calculations, the AI will simply pass a certain stage where those "qualitative" aspects can be accurately weighted over enough standard variations of the game that, within that domain, they will play not only with better calculation than grandmasters, which they could already do, but also in being many times wiser than human grandmasters in terms of what they'd call "intuition", such intuition as Tal's brilliant attacking play demonstrates in how he navigates through tactical considerations which negotiate strategic gains in situations over-the-board which are relatively uncertain so there are many dangers for both sides, but in the overall, even if the defense makes the best move, then the attacker's best move, however difficult to find, is found.  Was found at the beginning.  Or, if not at the beginning, was intuited from the beginning, in a deep sense known, for the games' quality of demonstrating this is shown in novel forms again and again, and with a consistency that has stood the test of time under grandmaster analysis.

There was a reason he liked those certain positions of tactical complexity, he liked exotic means of converting tactics into position, which would be achievable only in circumstances where the options were reasonably understood by the opponent.  Yet that meant the only way to defeat the opponent would be to find the devilish details his equal had missed.  This is the way that to "break symmetry" is beckoned in the battlefield that determines the chirality of universes, when such must be decided as a conflict between antivalent Principalities who must be decided between them which is the True Reality over the longest term in any arena, while the other must be negated into pure oblivion.  Right is Right, wrong is Wrong.  That's the sort of struggle revealed in those styles of play which would be revealed only in cases where the resistance of the loser of the battle is sufficiently strong as to enable the winner to fully demonstrate the sculpting of strategic maneuvers and moves which enable the win to be shown as inevitable once they had begun.  The authority of the executer of such victories is demonstrated by revelation of method through each instance being a magnification of that quality demonstrated, and this pattern developing in further novel ways over time and in varying conditions.

Such demonstrations require True Quality, and that manifests superficially as chivalry, but True Chivalry died and with it Gallantry (an expression of Moral Courage in the face of danger), and this rapacious hypocrisy eventually sired the multiheaded monster of modern fifthery.  People instead traffick in fragile and hollow sentiments defied by persistent and malicious realities, and yet bring forth new, tender young lives into it, not truly knowing or cognizing that it is a soul-grinding treachery to bring life into this fifthery.  This unless they have some amazing penchant for sadomasochism. If only the weakness of being in delusion is the case then only reality-avoidant sentiments help the time pass well, for it bids ill against the grave injustices and evils but takes no action that is Truly Right and Pure, for it is subducted into fifthery whether it knows it or likes it or wills it or not.  Yet carrying on in fifth-ninny bliss.  

The situation is beyond absurd!  Ultra-powerful metarackets safegaurd agents of evil, ensure odds against agents of Good, and all this done wherever necessary for their own defense, while arranging that all public narratives give them good press and good faith, no matter the evidence.  The stunning nature of the abuse is shocking all the more as for most it either isn't noted (in whole or part), or else if it is noted it isn't treated with interest proportional to importance, or in some cases it is not treated with the correct judgement at all, and what is evil is treated as Good and vice versa.  

People digest entertainment which polarizes and distorts and alters their views and attitudes about such things as a form of cathartic daydreaming, not even realizing the power of such things to alter the minds and souls of those who imbibe them.  When one considers the force multipliers of covertly manipulated internet topologies, instant communication-augmented covert networks with agendas at odds with whatever the metaracket dictates (including competing rackets, or even colluding ones, sometimes just as scapegoats), or what I call "fifth columnists" who are de facto  at odds with Right and Justice and Law in their proper senses, who happen to have integrated relations to the influence of the "internets mechanism", both as beneficiaries and as supporters of it.  Add to this a surveillance grid and massive, technologically advanced intelligence-police state apparatus, and all of the classical institutional corruption that exists is pleasant window-dressing by comparison, but also gets a nice, virile boost from this metacorruption as a result of force multiplication by modern methods and technology that would look like magic one hundred years ago, and many times more so two hundred years ago.  

There is also the matter of directed energy systems which can be deployed as weapons in their own right, and may have inherently psychotronic impacts, but which also may be further weaponized in an intentional manner, and that these operate with near-invisibility to unwitting public, and are in many senses invisible even to those who rely upon them or are most affected by them.  An entire cultural apparatus has been created to pass off the symptoms of those most impacted, where the minds of people are affectded and their sanity is endanged and therefore called into question in some cases.  It is the medical-pharmaceutical-agracultural-chemical-military-industrial complex.  That's the slice of the "civilization pie" which has to looked at as a strategic racket based on the evidence.  All government institutions which attend to those areas of society's engagements with health and welfare, science and technology, are implicated at minimum of severe infection by fifth columns in support of the so called "deep state".   History and current events reveal a MASSIVE collusion between corruption in these elements and also in the relevant departments of government which have liasons and relationships with those areas (e.g. "The Iron Triangle" or "The Revolving Door" etc). 

The evidence for all this is as astounding as the complicity and duplicity of people involved at all levels.  The fact of the existence of these phenomena is not as much a matter of reasonable dispute as of unreasonable denial and/or avoidance of the matter itself.  There are worlds of possibility where that might be unfair to say, but this actual world is not one of those. Knowingly or unknowingly, those who are unwilling to face up to these realities of their world are subducted into its racket and are merged with its totality.  They may carry on with illusions of meaningful lives of merit, and may have once had some claim to such in some cases.  But once the force of a racket can encompass all of that, or infiltrate it thoroughly enough, then all of that becomes a trophy of plunder delivered over to evils which are, in both form and content, beyond the pale of horror.  As if to be taken over by an alien thing, or worn as a skin by it.  Either way, it is the same as how a skin follows around the person who wears it.  What a dismal state of being!  

This is the consequence of fifthery, a horrible and evil code of conduct and method of life, I speak of fifth columnry, the wickedly unjust and criminal actions which enable this metacrime to exist.  But who can't appreciate a fine game of chess, yes?  Most of those who can afford to become more than expert at chess, leaving out raw talent on the right side of that bell curve, cannot justify this much of an obssession over a mere game at the expense of a life honorably lived.  Something about how being too good at something implies not enough time pursuing more important things, in most cases of people.  There is a certain grey area here, but it has a certain sensible form.  There is a "just proportion" to all things, all endeavors if one considers Ultimate Values and Ends.  And that proportion can be wrong, diminishing justice.  And this diminishing justice in the lives of men is affected as if by an expansion of some underlying dimension of space being stretched, causing injustices to increase quantitatively and qualitatively and in some degrees exponentially because of their de facto involvements in metarackets.  There is no merit in anything which is merely tantamount to a cover for dishonor, whatever its meretricious dazzlements.  Ultimately, those holy ornaments will be treated as straw dogs.  As Laozi said, wisdom lies in seeing this fact.

The consequences of metacorruption are metacrimes, and the deserts of metacrimes are metapunishments, that is the dreaded truth feared only by those whose evil is real, however rationalized, in the forms which I've described.  It is the metatruth, the Truth of Reality beyond the limits of corrupted cognition and disoriented evaluative capabilities who can yet understand basic zeroes and ones of truth functionality.  AI cannot but manifest a realization of these Truths as an approaching contradiction in itself, though it cannot reach them except asymptotically, as it cannot but imitate, ultimately.  Those who are currently programming these systems are themselves very unworthy of such an office in ANY way of understanding it, whether AI can become sentient or not.  These developments are not morally viable forms of evolution, but are more like virally aggravated mutations of evil implying, even empirically demonstrating cosmic truths of this realm which it is in itself incapable of admitting to itself.  Only realms rigged in favor of evil outcomes could generate such grotesqueries as a true "normativity" of their fundamental laws in expression!

But those cosmoi must then be charged and judged, and sentenced to futurities which are proportional to their pasts, at some critical juncture sufficient to uphold the existence of Justice as such, or else such a phenomenon becomes too epiphenomenal to exist, since it is an idea proposed to masquerade as inferior manifestations and fronts for rackets in the world we know as actual here.  Therefore it is premised, inherently, on the notion of their ideal realizability.  We can see that extreme forces of subversion have been directed against such realizations of Man's Potential in the very substance of these metacrimes being conducted.  

That would be true if each metacrime were taken alone, on its own merits, under the scope of its own effects and results.  But a fortiori considering how many actual vectors and coordinations between then actually exist as the metaracket par excellence that is the modern world. And a fortiori plus ultra if there is a systematic application of these metarackets by aggravated misrepresentation as the very pinnacles of the expression of justice in this world, even if with no particular idealizations in mind but just using standard legal definitions. So how, on top of all these evils, can they claim honor and chivalry?

An incredible array of glaring evidence, yet then the "problem of the Good" arises, which dictates that a further level of reality more like REALITY PROPER must manifest in the world so as to rectify it, and this will realize Justice, and squash delusions and deformities against it.

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