Saturday, January 23, 2016

To Everyone and Sundry According to Their Character, To Whomever It Applies, You Know Who You Are

One has to take this "joke" seriously, even while admitting the transcendental nature of humor.

It's like a Hess Diagram of how "purity" is treated in the world, with a final outcome that it becomes an edifice of the authority used as a cover for its immolation. It is just as though there is a cult of people who choose to be gullible and foolish, in spite of knowing or at least suspecting it is not really a good idea, no matter what the "incidental busy work" suggests to the contrary. Just enough purity is left over to still "believe in humanity" enough that they cannot be brought to the point of tearing apart the whole institution in a fit of rage, nor commit suicide, nor murder a priest in vengeance, nor even doubt the religious authority which works so well as a cover for such heinous acts, which are apparently not as systematic as is exaggerated here, but may as well be, given that it seems not to make sense people allow this to on at the rate that it does. It may as well be that the perpetrators somehow deeply "have their evil act together", down the brass tacks of manipulating social psychology of look-the-other-way cowardice, sheep-like adherence to arbitrary authority whenever it is backed by power which is arbitrarily attached to said authority, and whose only (presumed and stated) condition for the use of said force is disobedience.
Well, working with that sort of clay you can sculpt just about anything into a "purity brick". And then you can mold it into just about anything. It only makes sense to convert some of that energy back into the system which made that possible, to feed the flock of sheep in some way that both keeps them under one's control as well as fattens them enough for the purpose for which they're kept, which is wool and meat, and perhaps something more depending on who you ask about sheep herders. How ironic. But more seriously, this did not start overnight. It didn't start recently. It took a long time for people to be SO TRAUMATIZED by that institution, over literally nearly two thousand years, although the first three centuries are in a fog as to their actual origins, being that only one major form persisted, with some large scale fracturing, and which thrived on gathering and destroying, or preserving secretly only, but in any event depriving of others many materials of a religious and spiritual nature, and really of ANY sort. They were the controllers of literary culture in a rather DIRECT way for a long time... They acquired that role through connections to governmental authority, and if you think about it, that's natural because that's another institution that reserves the right to rape people at will, which they do with rather sophisticated methodologies these days. So with all that abuse, it's sort of no surprise that they can't get their heads around their own misery and "just deal with it". Then again, that's bullshit. Get your heads out of your asses and face the truth about the world in which you live, and stop raping the sand with your head.

Basically, the evil assholes run the mob almost effortlessly, especially with today's technology, and the only thing worthwhile to do is constantly tell them that until they are forced to drop their masks, and then, stab them in the face. Let me explain how this should be done.
First off, we know about you. We know of your methods of control and how it involves control of information, and how you network as well. We know about it. SO.. just turn yourselves in. Let go of the fake power, and throw yourselves into the evil machine your hiding behind. That's the only way you will preserve yourselves from a worse hell. That's where evil people go. It's not a lie. The Catholic Church says that you must obey them or you go to hell. That's not the same as saying that evil people go to hell. It doesn't contradict that all evil people go to hell, either. Perhaps everyone goes to hell except Catholics, but even evil Catholics go to hell, which is almost redundant, but hey. Reality repeats itself. It's the basis of inertia according to Leibniz. You have to live with these things. Like hell, where you're going and where you'll "live" as soon as, or even beginning before your body "dies", which is to say stops breathing permanently. That's a choice you know. You can't not choose to keep breathing against the grain of death, just as you can't choose to stop breathing against the grain of life. You'll see when it comes for you how you can't make that choice until you "die". Then judgment. You will examined based upon your deeds, including all the lying and murdering and manipulation and greedy deceit and foul perversion and hideous cruelty and all manner of arbitrary indulgence in vain fantasies of godhood and other blasphemies and the list goes on. It's the REAL version of your FAKE "authority" which you exercise over the idiots who deserve most of what they are getting. But they have demanded the Truth lately, so they deserve at least that one demand for all they've endured... hideous as they are for having willingly endured it for so long. It must be remembered that many did not and do not, and some will change their minds more and more as these "last days" roll along. Therefore, you should turn yourselves in rather than wait until that point that you envy all those who did, and even all those who already died and got that out of the way so their sentence in hell good get started sooner, and therefore possibly finish sooner. But how hell works is another matter. The point is that it would lessen in intensity and duration if you stopped your evil now and turned yourselves in as a sacrifice to the deformed machine you call your own authority and power and thereby you'd actually be fulfilling your presumed obligations outright, and would also be, for a brief moment, "Christlike", in that you'd be what people take Christ to be (albeit wrongly) and would be a sacrifice to the principles you espouse. Therefore you'd be fulfilling your own often completely disingenuous claims to understand the doctrine that Christ was an innocent sacrificed for the sake of the guilty. You'd go one better! You'd be the GUILTY sacrificed for their own GUILT, TO the LESS GUILTY *(but more numerous and pathetic in some ways), the "man of flesh" who stabilized your atrocities with their involvements both active and passive. So as soon as you get that out of the way, you begin your sentence in hell after the Judgement, and all the sooner and with less pain overall, and with presumably less duration, it depends strictly on you how LONG that lasts. The quantity of punishment is proportional to your will to endure it, and it does not end until it is endured at its peak intensity, and that only comes about as all antecedent intensities are completely endured, but each moment only ends when the next more intense one is embraced. That is literally how it is where you are going. Because you have made that the way it is here for those who have embraced what is RIGHT and what is TRUE against the grain of your evil for thousands of years and more. So, as they say, "Go to hell". Best advice you're ever going to get.

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