Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Evil's End: Desirable, Inevitable, Imminent

I have seen the Truth. I have seen the people who were Right treated wrongly. I have seen the Right Itself, that Great Spirit, treated wrongly. Righteous were sacrificed to the desires of evil beings, EVIL ITSELF, while this was promised to cowards to allow them to rule over the Courageous!!! And ALL OF THEM, all of them, even the once-courageous, in the end they scapegoat the VERY BEST of men, the innocent children who remained innocent in their lives as men and women, and even INNOCENT CHILDREN! When even the best of men, who were wise and good, but not numerous or powerful, showed the ultimate courage and sacrificed themselves in SO MANY WAYS to combat this evil, THEY were framed and assassinated!!!

All so cowards could look the other way, all so cowards could rule over lesser cowards, grinding the Righteous TO A NUB! Grinding them away with covert suppression, overt aggression throughout their childhoods as well as brainwashing, intimidation, and all manner of hideous abuse! It is an all out evil assault for evil's own sake!  All of this, ALL OF THIS is the doing of ALL who participated, no matter how low their "rank" in the hierarchy of cowardice, no matter how hidden their echelon. The Father of Right, the Great Author of Justice, who wields the Sword of Truth, SEES AND KNOWS ALL.

So keep doing your WORST. Keep taking bribes, keep indulging perversions, keep doing unspeakable things in the dark, if you can. If it is permitted by Heaven then it was for a reason. But expect no mercy or kindness from me.  Expect no quarter.  And think carefully about what it adds up to when all this time you have for your evil COMES TO AN END.  Think about it now, as you will then.

So few people willing to expose or even to face these evils going on, or even to let themselves realize that it is possible, so few compared to the swelling masses of people who are nothing but amoral and immoral meat machines.  This proportion is so enormously in favor of evil, and is functioning with such a thin veneer of sanity, that if they were suddenly exposed to the FULL TRUTH OF WHAT IS GOING ON in such a way that it would be undeniable even to them, the masters of denial (they are good at something! at looking away!), they would lose INSTANTLY their sanity, as their world of delusion would have to collapse with their papier-mâché world. They will suffer greatly as they realize all that they were responsible for allowing and for even helping along.  They will not escape JUDGEMENT.

But how can they do anything now, now that their souls are either completely black, paper thin, chewed up, or all three? They would be instantly driven insane.  They would destroy the world in a day, or at least half of it. The rest would be certain and miserable decline into complete destruction... Only the worst of the worst could "thrive" in that environment. And it is coming SOON on the heels of current events...  The psychotronic control grids "going offline" alone would cause this sort of disaster, even if all other parts of the world were left unchanged!!!

How do you like that?  You are in a psychotronic control grid PRISON which is of YOUR OWN MAKING. Well, I'm not going to be a part of it, and neither will many others.  I won't back down or change anything, and neither will they.  I won't ever become like you mewling cowards and neither will they. And all the rest of you bastards can do is GO. TO. HELL. And you will, in a hand basket.

And as I say, whether the world is willing to face up to what it has been up to or whether it will keep on looking the other way, either way it will destroy itself and  >THESE DAMNED SCUM WHO ARE IN ON IT WILL GET THE WORST POSSIBLE TREATMENT< both in their bodies and beyond...  You'll become the Demiurge's edible paste for eons!  You don't even have nightmares of hell which can compare with what its like to BE THERE.  And THERE you will be, if you aren't there already.

So it has taken so long for so few to "wake up" that it is clear that the course of self-destruction is inevitable, and in fact it is DESIRABLE.  

Let me GUESS, the reader, 90% of cases no matter their intelligence being higher or lower than average, has failed to understand why I say that the inevitable self-destruction of the world is desirable.  I understand your problem.  You are the reason it is desirable.  You are the norm.  I just wrote down here that the world has a monkey on its back that is so large and so dug in, and the world is in such denial about it that, if it were to actually ever dare get the guts to try and do something about it, even FACE it, even contemplate the barest POSSIBILITY of doing so, it crumples like a papier-mâché being without any substance!  That means the ONLY DESIRABLE THING TO DO, which is to face the truth and deal with it, will lead to the self-destruction of half of the world in a day, and the rest will envy the dead until this is all mercifully ended by some cataclysm, the sooner the better.

People who can't face this they really love their paternal yet sadistic state powers ruling over them and spying on them and covertly torturing them.  THEY LOVE IT.  They are each told the story that they are special, they are needed, they are beloved, and then that SO AND SO is to be thrown out, so and so is outcast, so and so has done wrong.  They degrade so and so, and seek ways to make so and so the scapegoat, to RISE UP in the system of cowardly calumny and cowardly, mousy forms of assassination and narcissistic self-emolument.


And you want what instead?  You want it to drag out this way until it finally does itself in without EVER facing the Truth?  Aren't you a damned coward. Go to hell with the rest of them.

As for the REST of you, who probably don't even read this because of some cyber-bubble they've put on anything I encounter on the GLORIOUS INTERNET (police state surveillance/propaganda device and psychotronic weapons platform... and yet I'm actually using this damned thing), I tell you that you must not allow yourselves to be lulled into believing in any distractions from the Truth, you must always demand of yourselves the Best Conscience and the Highest Vision with the Strongest Integrity.  It is all you really have, and it is all you will take with you if you should have the glorious opportunity to cross the Rainbow Bridge, leading an army of your enemies to plunge into their deaths behind you.  YOU can see the Rainbow Bridge, THEY cannot.  YOU WILL CROSS, they will not.  But some will dare attempt to follow you.  Some will not admit to themselves that you are beyond their power and reach... They see you doing a wonder, seemingly walking over a void toward Freedom Eternal. They will commit one last act of aggression, one last despicable low of envy and spite will urge them to chase you, to not dare look so weak and helpless with all those they have at their beck and call.  Or they'll command others to chase you, and THEY will fall. But whoever falls, they will all see their hopeless doom.  Soon the realms behind them will fall, all into that same pit.  

They will envy those who fell first, they will envy all the realms beyond them, anyone who doesn't share their fate in one last pathetic gesture of consciousness before being torn apart by the singularity which collapses into oblivion. It will not be a pleasant process, but a Just one, and one which would be for the protection of the Good and Innocent, which will never be undone for Eternity.

Everyone, by now, ought to be able to tell which kind of being THEY are by a sense of their being doomed or else being vindicated by their lives, by their actions, by their character. The Great Separation is complete in spite of all attempts to delay it.  The results are inevitable. The execution of the sentence is imminent. 

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