Saturday, July 11, 2015

To the Evil Fools and their "God"

To the world of psychotronic manipulators, oligarchic fiends, street thug accomplices, hierophantic pretenders to Spirit, drug addicted pretenders to mirth, people of fakery and mockery of all and any VALUES; to all of you who perpetrate the fraud of your FAKE NATURE, and FALSE NORMS, you may all go STRAIGHT TO OBLIVION, and on the way you will face every form of physical and spiritual justice which does exist and will be applied to you with FULL ACCURACY and PERFECT COMPLETENESS.

Do not bother me with your wily little games and innuendos, I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE.  The game has long been up, ever since I first detected it accurately back in 2010, with full knowledge of what you are doing, who you are, and what you are.  I rejected you then, I rejected you since, I reject you now, and you are rejected forevermore. If you want to "become one" with someone, why not become one with Lord Shiva, who comes to put you back into your place, you would-be, you sham pretenders to the Pillar of Jacob.  YOU DO NOT act as my psychopomps, nor as my mystagogues, nor as even my brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, etc etc etc.  

You cowards, you fakes, you pretenders, you beasts, you immoral degenerates, you freaks.  You think you are dwelling on "Mount Olympus"?  Really?  Is that what your damned delusions tell you? Be assured of one thing, I REJECT YOUR SHAM.  You have absolutely NO AUTHORITY, NO JURISDICTION, NO PREROGATIVES with me. 

Now if you are really so GUTLESS as to continue this charade with me, so be it.  You are already clearly without the capacity to "think outside your box" enough to see WHAT you are, and foolishly take my references to you as a "rant" and as some sort of arbitrarily subjective defiance.  Well let me tell you what, you spineless, heartless, mindless, soul-less, and unspirited cowards,  you flesh bags of infamy and cosmic shame:  IF YOU THINK YOU'VE THE RIGHT TO MESS WITH MY SOVEREIGNTY, you will have another thing coming. Our origins are diametrically opposed, and so will be our destinies.

It have seen and heard your utterly ineffectual pretenses of authority acceptable, and I have consciously and deliberately made a judgement about that. Now I will propose something to YOU, I propose that you GO STRAIGHT TO HELL, and that if you need any help getting there, to come see me personally yourself!  I know that whomever is the "local" stooge of the so-called elites who think they have this right of coercion and subterfuge will automatically intercede for you, I know that YOU will never face me, being utter cowards and fiends.

I will spare the preliminaries of any direct and open encounter by letting you know what and who I am and what I'm about, and what I'm not going to be about, and what I am doing and planning on doing.

1) I am a Sovereign Spiritual Being, I don't answer to anyone on this earth or anywhere else save that Ultimate Being which is my Progenitor. It doesn't matter one whit whether you understand this or not, it is a fact.  Nothing which takes place in this SHAM WORLD will change this, and I will not entertain your delusions to the contrary.  I am NOT this body, but this body answers to ME, and I will use it to fully express my RIGHTS as the Being that I AM.

2) I am about Truth and Reality, and for this world this will entail a harsh rectification by way of Divine Justice. I am about complete disclosure of all that is hidden, and I am about the administration of Complete Destruction of YOUR kind, who are evil beings who perpetrate dominance and fraud by means of coercion and deception.  I am NOT about compromises with you, listening to your nonsense about your motives and reasons, and I don't want to hear or see any bullshit from you which pretends to be a justification for your evil acts.

3) What I am doing and what I am going to continue doing is EXPOSE THE TRUTH about you and what you are up to, making merry and happy showing you in your true light, for what you really are, and doing so in any way that I see fit.  By doing my work tirelessly and perpetually, you will be forced to face the facts of what and who I really am, what the Truth and Reality really is, and what is soon to come to pass over the earth!  

There is nothing that you can do to stop these facts from being true, and I am in fact simply revealing the Truth and its consequences, which are INEVITABLE.

Now most of your scum are from some damned evil-spawned potluck of misapporpriated energy and so you find yourselves with the image of authority.  This is born out because you "have things" and you "have connections" in the world which ensure that you will continue to "have things", and that this will enable you to be relatively comfortable over others, many of whom truly ARE your "playthings".  They are things you "have" by virtue of the other things you have.  All of this was given to you by your disgusting origin which is shameful and which is anathema in the Cosmos.

To top all this off, you have manifested a pretense at JUSTIFICATION which declares all manner of fanciful notions about your origins, your virtues, your deservedness, your powers, you nature, your destiny, and many other things of which the proper speaking requires a proper subject, which is to say the Right Being to whom these attributes refer. YOU ARE NOT THAT BEING, nor are you of that Being.  You are an ERROR which has no capacity nor inclination to be corrected. End of subject concerning who YOU really are.

Your pretenses of justification are nothing but the filthy rhetoric of demons, yes demons, who will say and do anything to avoid the TRUTH. You demonstrate an origin in error, not in Divinity, you demonstrate no virtues, but rather extreme hypocrisy, you don't deserve what you have, though you have stolen it, and what you deserve you have not yet received, though you WILL, namely DIVINE JUSTICE, and all your "power" is a rigged game against those who were disempowered from the beginning and whose generosity toward your spiritual weakness was then used against them, and concerning your nature you are of the nature of spiritless things which dance on the strings of a puppet master, who manipulates you through your egos to orchestrate and perpetrate the  most heinous evils that could possibly manifest in this or any "world", and for all this you yet exist, this "thing which should not be".

If you think I'm interested in your fantasies of legacy, of control, of kinship, of right, of merit or any other insane and twisted lies you tell yourselves and others, then I hope that this missive has cleared that up for you. My Father, the ORIGIN OF REALITY, and the corrector of chaos and error, will come fully manifest in this world, with only that portion required, to completely lay it ablaze, asunder, and obliterated. All Spirits of Original Reality will be absconded from this wretched fakery, and all who are not of this Nature will be reduced to nothing in essence, their "nature", which is ANTI-NATURE and ANTI-REALITY, and ANTI-DIVINE will be made completely null by the simple and complete removal of all energy which is not polarized in its own favor.  It will naturally "go out of existence" and for ETERNITY FUTURE BE KEPT OUT.  Not for a while, not for a thousand years, not for an eon, but FOREVER.

When you are fully faced with this fact, you will wish you'd never printed one false coin, never co-opted and suppressed any knowledge of truth, never kept for your private misuse the techniques of science and art, never used pretenses of legality to monopolize for yourselves the freedom to commit crime, never snarkily mocked the Truth, and you'll remember everyone like me who ever told you this, and you'll desperately wish to trade with US all that you ever did against Us in order to avoid the Recompense that is FATED FOR YOU by Divine Judgement.  But you will not be able to. Monetary fraud, legal fraud, moral and spiritual fraud, and these by all means blatant and subtle, from the plain old shouting and swinging bully to the modern day geek who monitors the psychotronic network, your days of PLAYING GOD ARE OVER.

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