Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Biggest Lie Ever Way Oversold: Modern Civilization

For a spiritual person to manifest the purest Truth in the world, he must be prepared to fend off ten hateful men, and that is a minimum. It is a fact of life, and this world's self-reported history bears this out (so imagine what has been left out of that history).

Therefore, in order to be anything resembling a fair battle between Good and evil, there would have to be a duel, on the Truthful side's terms per his arrangements. Then, and more importantly, the result is that if he loses he loses for one Being, but if he wins, he wins for 10 or perhaps many more Beings. This is in proportion to the fact that as it stands in life he must win ten times more often against a smaller or even greater-sized foe, without even being allowed to know what is at stake.  What a joke to call this a "war".  This is a prison camp!  A charade within a carnival!

Otherwise, he would have to properly have ten times the power of a normal person of his constitution (biological, cultural) in order to do proper battle in proportion to his odds in the "non-dueling" facts of the concrete jungle at large. Those are the metaphysical facts. It's probably much more than 10x in disparity if one looks at the more important issues, where much more is at stake both collectively and personally.  Thus he lives in a world geared toward the success of evil, which is dysplastic and mishappen in all the ways empirical and non-empirical which make it both true and obscure, simultaneously (as evil would prefer it).

This is even more the case, and in both form and content furthered and enabled, with the advent of psychotronics to add to the already long and varied arsenal of methods of control through coercion and persuasion. Call it the "soft touch coercion of the gods", if you will, for it bespeaks such power in its transcendence above conventional modes of influence for the sake of control, whether by coercion or persuasion, and this even when simply acting as a force multiplier upon those sociobiological and psychobiological substrata, although it has now gone well beyond that, as would be expected from any process which instigates resistance/tolerance and yet for those persons and structures which depend upon it, a growing addiction...

This means that a systemic corruption beyond anything worthy of the benefit of the doubt has taken over the entire framework of normal human affairs, and has evilly plastered itself over and embedded itself into the pre-psychotronic substructures, finding any of several overt, and certain powerful covert means of changing the content and form in each case, of the systems of influence found "de natura".

That means that, unless such perversity reigns throughout the society and nation, it must have effective opposition in some form within the same society and nation. If not, if there is instead a transcendental controller holding together false oppositions and misguided factions of pseudo-opposition, then he'd have a lot of answering to do on an ethical level at the rate things are going in most countries in that he/she/it/they control a smorgasbord of filthy immorality. violence and deception. But this is predictably the case wherever such "pre-psychotronic" era tendencies coalesce into such techniques of influence.  I put pre-psychotronics in quotes because for all we know, this is a cyclical process of rise and fall of overt technological control which is being controlled covertly by advanced technological means stretching back eons. Move over "Matrix".  This is being done "in the flesh".

The inevitability of corruption in agent-on-agent systems of control which subvert genuine and direct modes of influence by means of psychotronic devices and methodologies, and this in proportion to the sophistication of technological development of such systems, is so predictably guaranteed because the antecedent features of corruption would require it, and because the resulting prospects of further corruption would be maximally enhanced.  Therefore it is even likely that the antecedent forms of "conventional" worldly corruption were at their core part of a greater and more covert control system, which only becomes more overt when certain pressures require it (as in the present day), and which when are stressed beyond certain boundaries require a culling process to restore feasible proportions for the sake of control and energy production.  It's just the process of growing and reaping, in fact.

Therefore, it being assumed that such "archons" are corrupt or at any rate not as virtuous in their nature as they'd like to think they are, and given that this is true in this world, from my experience, which is filled with the confirmation of the disorder and evil disarray of societies in which the ruling elite are not virtuous and who use methodologies which are not proper, we must assume that, from all presented evidence, this entire world is infected by such evil folly, and that such evil forces were directed since long before history as part of a  process of spiritual energy harvesting, which is inherently evil (real Divines don't "harvest" in this sense, but in the sense of redeeming and freeing worthy Beings from these conditions).

Given the history of the world from before overt psychotronics hit the scene, this would have been a reasonably predictable outcome. There were bright spots, if what's left of history is given even a rudimentary weight in the evidence, and these would serve to no less weight the judgment in favor of complete liquidation of such a world, from a Divine point of view, if it couldn't be influenced by more ethical means by now, which clearly it cannot since the vile forms of corruption have technologically enhanced their evil process and magnified its evil, without let up, and cloaked it with an even thicker veil of hypocrisy and deception than ever before.  It's just what ought to have been expected.

Since all seen in the "microcosm" are fractally related to what is going on beyond it, so that judging from the harshness of the forms of spiritual battle on the "planet", we are in a part of the "galaxy" where such systems are well in control, but perhaps feeling pressure from a nearby sector which is not without potential to approach directly.

Therefore, in the long run, as ever before, but now with more poignancy, every thought, word and deed matter now more than ever before, every "chakral moment" has more significance than ever before in local history (this iteration of the karmic "merri-go-round"). That suggests that, as a logical minimum these issues we see in our domain (dome-ain) are powerfully suggestive of larger scale events which forecast the outcome as being one hard-fought between Good and evil, and that the question of how the vanquished is liquidated is a function of how the redeemable are treated and how they fare in the conflict involved in their redemption.

Those who resist such efforts are demonic in character, regardless of how they present themselves in mundane terms, and no matter what their level of involvement, or nature of involvement in the "karmic kontrol machine". That said, it must be likely that there is some small legion of souls who are properly "not-demonic", and are to be redeemed.

This proves that this is happening on a larger scale. All this can be demonstrated as locally as the personal scale in qualitatively significant, and quantitatively significant modes of analysis. Therefore much can be understood about what is above by proper analysis of the investigation of what is below. Because these are demonstrable facts by way of empirical evidence, logical evidence, and special evidence of the Spirit, there are no alternative conclusions which can be constructed which will not contradict themselves. This is the literal form of the demonstration of "as below, so above".

That being the case, it is clear that there are certain disciplines which reveal the patterns at play on all scales, the sages know and knew them, and were sought for corruption and servitude whenever they were entrapped in bodies which resided within the valence of any evil power. There are ancient resources which attest to this fact. The fact that the world at all pretends to value progress is simply a pretense which is completely geared toward the corruption of those Beings, and hence proof that the magnitude of evil and the possibility for sophistication in its methods are not contrary aspects of worldly phenomena.

That the "evil machine" has to play up its civility enough to call out crops of positive soul energy (invested with Spiritual Energy thus conned out of their sources), that it must do this, is only like saying a fisherman must put bait on his hook. That it must lead to the killing and devouring of its intended victims is also a foregone conclusion, if it has its way.

But unless all of reality is fundamentally an evil illusion, then we must believe it isn't, and that a good domain exists. But if it is all an evil illusion, then wherefrom Good Beings? How could the dependent being, the usurper, the thief, the devourer, exist before his victims upon whose despoiling, dispossession, and being devoured the evil being's entire existence depends? He could not exist first, as that would mean his source of power was generated from him, though he does not exist for generation, but for taking what another already has and itself generates. In other words, it CANNOT BE as the modern Hindus say, nor any of their New Age offshoots, and be consistent with understanding the terms "Good" and "evil". Therefore if it is such that evil is the fundamental nature of reality, then Good exists apart from it or loses its meaning (as would evil, especially would evil lost ITS meaning).

Hence either way, Good by its nature exists independently and prior to evil, whether we start with the premise that it did (by consistency) or that it didn't (by self-contradiction). Therefore Good does exist independently and prior to evil.  Whatever the "source" of evil, it is nothing other than a nullified mode of Righteous Existence.  It cannot be a proper expression of God.  It is, if from God, a Divine mistake, amenable to a Divine correction.  If not from God, then it is all the more alien and unwelcome, whatever its "source".  Either way, it must be muted, it must be either refuted and cast back into itself, or else it must be destroyed and its essence transmuted and returned to Being which mistakenly cast it forth, and either way it must become (and already is) Divine policy that this be made a permanent feature of Reality, and its second most fundamental feature, concordant with the first.  In keeping with the first principle of Reality, that it have its own Nature and Essence, the second principle is invented and made co-eternal, that anything which contradict this Essence be eliminated from Communion with Reality.

That transcendental logic returns us to our microcosm with understanding that Good is stronger and larger than evil, and by metaphysical intensification, by quite a great margin if we speak in such terms as apply to finite quantification of phenomena, which have the ability to be compared by direct experience. But it also tells us that we are in a domain that is primarily controlled by evil, whether it be a "planet", a "galaxy", or even the entire "universe". This is by metaphysical deduction.

That having been demonstrated, it also demonstrates that the victory by the Righteous is inevitable, no matter through how much pain, and that in the end those who sided against the Righteous will be utterly annihilated per Laws of Reality that cannot be but temporarily subverted and only locally subverted by those fools who would dare "do evil, for the sake it". They get temporarily bloated with power when they do so, and have attempted to make a permanent habit out of this activity, and so they have become literally a "surreal caricature of themselves", the metalogical conclusion of which must be self-annihilation after a brief chuckle by the audience which will then forget the show ever happened, then to face a blissful eternity.

That's the inevitable outcome, no matter what form it must take in the preceding interval which separates now from then, the worst from the Best. And the Righteous look forward to it for Good Reason.

Bless the Forerunners of Virtue Who helped make this Inevitable.

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