Monday, March 23, 2015

I Don't Want Your "J.O.B.S." (Jury-rigged Obstructive Bureaucratized Slavery)

If the workers are properly sheltered, fed, clothed, and given a fair participation in the other goods of the economy (by a sufficient wage), then it makes as much sense to build devices to protect a land from natural catastrophe as the proper calculations of cost and benefit indicate.

All the other bullshit aside, notice how the "provide jobs" rhetoric just never goes away...
A decent human being needs only certain things in order to exist, and in that to be happy, healthy, prosperous and safe. Those things will require some effort, and sometimes ingenuity. They may require more than one person, or special persons, and these human resources may imply the need for many other types of resources, such as training and education.

The infrastructure required for such processes are as varied as the tasks and personnel involved in them. But in the end, only these activities can be called "jobs", which are tasks assigned to a person, perhaps by their own plan or someone else's, which lead to the attainment of some goal which was mentioned at the outset in paragraph one.

So the question is never "why" is someone doing something, in general. In general it is to fulfill one of the above-mentioned goals, to be happy, healthy, prosperous and safe. What is required to fulfill those aims, again, depends upon the person, the society, the culture, the environment, and so forth.

But if the issue of "good to create jobs" comes up, that is like saying that people working is good for its own sake, and that's not true. Work is not "good for its own sake". It is good for the sake of what it produces. As long as the minimum needs of a person are met by their work, and as long as they have free time to do other things besides rest, that free time can be spent as they see fit. They might do research about the forces in their world, personal or impersonal. They may better prepare for their future in various ways. They may further inspect or improve their work. They may amuse themselves and distract themselves in various ways from their weariness of some of their labors by "de-stressing" in different venues of enjoyable activity.

The bottom line is that what makes work "meaningful" and "good" is that it accomplishes the goals of the person's needs, and doesn't go against those, whether in the short term or the long term. We haven't even begun to talk about the larger scale of human work because I don't think that people actually grasp the simplicity of this sub-"micro"-economic level of work, which they might call "home economics". If they understood this PROPERLY, they'd understand more easily why "making work to create jobs" is not ever something worthwhile in and of itself. Jobs are NEVER the proper goal of ANY effort, they are the assignment of EFFORT so as to complete certain types of NEEDED OR DESIRED WORK. Jobs are only a means to an end.

Only after that is understood can someone understand whether or not their governments and other institutions are actually ripping them off and making them do senseless work. The most important example is in the SHELVING OF USEFUL TECHNOLOGY.

What makes technology useful? It saves work in some cases. It also makes new works possible which otherwise would not be, or makes them practicable (because of saving work, given the resources available at the time). Sure, 100 men can dig a good trench, but one man and a back hoe is much better, especially if you need 100 men for other things anyway. Perhaps you need those 100 men for some part of an infrastructure of society that makes that backhoe's design and production possible.

But some people just don't like the implications of saving us from work. They want those 100 men to be dependent upon them for their wage, to be "busy" doing something, ANYTHING, instead of thinking and reading and discussing the matters of their world. They want more easily managed human beings, and they want them for uses which are not actually reputable, and those uses are more justifiable when these men are busy breaking their backs for their necessities rather than reading books in the shade for the same food.

That's right. So much food is available, so much space, so much technology for production and housing and infrastructure, that if EVERY ABLE PERSON did some aspect of these tasks, in general terms, we could have most of everything we have right now at about 1/10th the work we actually do. The mechanisms of shuffling this truth out of the minds of people are hidden in the structure of the means of propaganda and cultural hegemony by means of institutions of "authority".

But people are very easily hypnotized by such bullshit, so it works, and they work, even if it means nothing and gains them nothing.

See, children of earth, men of clay, it was discovered that once technology surpassed a certain limit of complexity and efficiency, these two became synergistic when devised in certain forms. This technology is actually the ultimate meaning of the word "techne" (craft or art), which is the MEANS to reach an end. When the MEANS is very efficient, then the end is reached almost without perception of the means used to reach it. It comes almost at the speed of thought. Think of the technology of your nervous system as it enables you to surf the web right now using a body which you instruct almost without effort to do the things you intend! Your body/brain device is a very efficient means to the end of many things your mind intends.

But if the technology which enables human necessities to be met is allowed to become TOO efficient, then people will be busy enjoying themselves in the various ways they do in their free time, and "making trouble" in some cases... See the point? But making trouble for whom? Their neighbors, themselves, society "in general" etc. So what has happened is because YOU are considered corrupt by those who have access to this technology, they have decided to keep it for you "in trust" because you've accepted, tacitly and implicitly, or even blatantly and explicitly, the "guilt theologies" used to create your current socioeconomic purgatory. That is what I do understand. You have accepted your prison on so many levels that really it is your home.

BUT IT IS NOT MINE, AND YOU ARE NOT MY KIN NOR AM I YOURS. You mindless slaves and idiots can keep being toilers for naught, sacrifices in war, drooling participants in pseudo-culture and perniciously mind-destroying "recreation", but I have nothing to do with you, and you have nothing to do with me. You are controlled and your fates devised by your masters, but I refuse to share in them with you, and I don't heed your masters.

I am not judged by you, nor your masters. I am not one OF your KIND. I am not an evil wretch, needing to be "saved" from my own nature, nor trained to be better, nor needing some freedom from my sinful ways through the admonishment of other, certainly not the types who are offering these services in the world today. No, and hell no. I don't need or want to be patronized by such beings, and don't want to associate with those who toil under them in delusions which have no sway over my mind, heart and soul in any way. I have studiously discovered these facts by my own laborious investigations about what is going on in this world.

I would be happy to spend my remaining time of one year in this world's societies, in order to discover how to properly survive in some environment which is reserved for myself alone, in which to live out my days in peace. I would use that time to learn all I could about that environment, how to survive in it, and I would bring with me only the tools required for that purpose, RATHER THAN continue to endure the constant torture of being with the "rest of you damned people".

What tools would I need? Not that many, and I'd be happy to justify that my efforts in society to be a productive member were sufficiently hindered by every conceivable fraud and corruption within its "venerable institutions" that I should be allowed exactly 1,000,000 US dollars for my purposes. After this I would spend my remaining year in your "world" doing what it took to prepare for my departure, and nothing else. I would, in exchange, no longer bother the world with my viewpoint, my paradigm, my words, my ideas, my behavior, my desires and needs, my "way of doing things" (non-submissively), and my demeanor, bearing, countenance, presence and person would be also kept to my own private doings.

I would consider it a point of honor to use as little of this money as possible, only enough to ensure that I had properly designed a self-sustaining domicile, capable of enabling me to live out my natural life without any further involvement with your "world". I would probably make a "house" capable of persisting in the environment as long as I will continue in my current body, and put most of my efforts into making that as technologically advanced as possible to maximize the simple and desirable goal of living in an environment which is not harsh to my body, mind, soul, and Spirit. Mainly, this would be for the purpose of cultivating my Self so that I am prepared to depart from this filthy place you call your "earth" and return to my Origin in the right Spiritual Condition, pure and untrammeled by your poisons of each of these bodies, gross and subtle, material and energetic.

I would have a library of works to study, in all fields which interest me. I am quite sure that in a proper "world" I would be capable of producing any of them myself. I have a right to study these works. I would be able to choose from any of the libraries of the world, especially from those which are hidden by those who have stolen from the world's knowledge in order to keep people in ignorance. But if that is not possible (because of the shame and cowardice of such groups of people involved), then I'll just hit the Library of Congress.  I would learn the Truth of many things discoverable only by empirical and logical research, thanks to the confederation of the intellectually honest, among whom I am in Good Standing, and I am certain they will not mind if I look over their shoulders to add to my own research and education, because they would KNOW, as GOD is my witness, that I am not willing to use my knowledge for evil.

I would need to ensure that this domicile was maximally efficient, with minimal need for maintenance. I'm not coming back even to say "hi". I'd need to design a proper water collection system, a horticultural system for all my needed plants for food and medicine, and so I'd need a proper seed storage system as well. All that would be researched by me as well.  I would be fed by my own efforts, thanks to the kindness of my plants with whom I'd live.

I wouldn't need to hunt, wouldn't need to kill anything unless it attacked me, but just in case some wild animal or insects do attack, I'd need certain sorts of defensive systems. This will depend upon the environment into which I'd go in order to exile the world from myself properly.  I would only require such tools (weapons) for self defense, the only reason I ever need any weapons of any kind.  I would be safe by my own vigilance.  If none attacked, I wouldn't need to defend.  Indeed, this is an unfortunate tax upon my time and attention, but a somewhat unavoidable one, given the nature of this "world".

Shelter, Food, Defense, Cultivation.  Clothing is not a big deal at all.  Sufficient clothing for the rest of my life could be brought, and this sort of toil is as ancient as weaving.  I'm not going to bother learning that craft, because I really do have other things to be busy with than making clothes.  That's one of the benefits of technology, remember!  In fact, if it were healthy and possible, I'd just buy a store of food to last the rest of my life without need to grow any so that I could focus my horticulture on entheogenic medicine or herbal-chemistry.  There are many important salves and potions which are needed by those who do my sort of works.  For example, martial arts is not only about self-defense, but is literally a mode of spiritual practice incorporating transformation of the gross and subtle bodies.  Alchemy.

To this end I would need a scientific laboratory to conduct my studies of the works of knowledge I would bring with me, and to conduct further research into the various fields of study, mainly for my own edification, because I enjoy learning about such things, because I enjoy KNOWING REALITY.  I don't enjoy "working" for despicable fools and criminals.  I do enjoy studying chemistry, physics, mathematics, etc.  I would have much more time for these worthier pursuits without the "world" breathing down my neck and pretending to know how I should best go about it and to what purpose, mainly by using the age-old tactic of controlling my shelter availability, food supply, and rights to self-defense.  Those resources then under my own control and in a self-sufficient mode for the rest of my life, I could concentrate upon the more important cultivation of my Self for which my time was properly meant to be used.

I would have room in both space and time for each of my associated areas of study and cultivation. Basically I would be a hermit, and a very VERY much happier one than ANY THING I COULD BE IN YOUR DAMNED WORLD.  Someone once asked me if I wanted to be a "Pied Piper".  HA! Does this sound like the desire of such an Archetype?  It isn't.  I can't be bothered with mice or their manipulators.

I would be happy to live this lifestyle of peace, study, cultivation, reflection, and sublimation of the body into Spirit, ALONE, for the rest of my life on this earth, but preferably as far away from it as possible.  If it is globe, I'd rather be on a habitable planet or moon elsewhere.  If it is a domed area, I'd like to leave the dome.  If it is a dimension, then I'd like to be outside of it.  But if I have to be "in here with you", then I want to be as far away as possible, in as remote and inaccesible a place as can be found for this purpose.  I'm sure the world wouldn't miss me or the resources required for this purpose.  In fact, I'm sure that any pensions for disability that I may now claim or in the future, for the rest of my life would afford the majority of the balance of that fund that I would use for this purpose.  The rest would be returned.  I bet it wouldn't all be expended, and even if it would, it must be remembered that this loot was stolen from my Spirit, and from the innocence of many.  I won't be silent about that for as long as I live, so why not get away from me by letting me get away from you? Then you wouldn't have to hear about it any more.  Of course, the usual practices of murder by assassination are in your repertoire, but why implicate yourself any further in your guilt?  But of course, there are other means to settle "our beef", world, if you want to insist on your being right and my being wrong...

But until such a situation is possible in Good Faith, I will continue to exist and work "within" the system, but be NOT OF IT. I will continue to notice every evil lie, every wicked deception, every cowardly subterfuge, every insipid scheme, and I will continue to analyze them, demonstrate their nature and their existence, and go on and on about them in the hopes that I will disturb those who live in blissful ignorance or otherwise are the damnable beneficiaries of such evil, and I will continue beyond even that until there is nothing left of such wickedness.

Or if you think I'm wrong about this and you think you have the guts, why not challenge me to a duel? I know, never going to happen. But if I win, I get what I want, if you win, you can assassinate me. Deal? Why not make a pact with me in blood, with one of your knights as the opposing force? We'll see if he can defend this farce and this mockery better than I can assail it. It wouldn't have to be a duel of mortal combat in the normal sense. It could be any contest, as long as both opponents were in agreement as to their foe, and were each given the appropriate resources to prepare for the Battle. Why not you, "up on high", who think yourself the King of the World?

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