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Mundi Omnicriminalibus III

Note on the Upcoming Article

Overall Structure and Intent

I will itemize the fundamental nature of crime as a metaphysical entity and reveal its connections to so-called "mundane" and well-known crimes, demonstrating the fundamental nature of crime in essence while also instantiating the metacharacteristics of its nature already generally stated. 

Further Considerations Significanly Related in Meaning (Relevant) to the Matter.

This is probably already a subverted internet node, on any interface I use or it is suspected that I use or that any content pertinent to this filtering process has on it at any time, through any portal or server.  Given the probabilities involved with the crimes about which I'm really going to discuss, the crimes of racketeering and corruption influenced organizations involved in "cause fifthing" (as a local racket extended to RICO violating community safety entities and private contractors, sometimes operating across state lines, it should be noted), and the metarackets which are likely involved both to maximize the efficiency and profitability of these entities in their own interests as well as in those which dovetail with the management system operating beyond them, "meta" to them.  Likewise it is likely that these activities can be traced to principle agents involved in banking cartels  and all the associated financial and other high crimes, to include corruption of public institutions of authority concerning justice, national security, and national defense.  

Sad?  Only if you judge the probability of a world suffering complete and eschatologically delivered annihilation to be in inverse proportion to the deservedness of that world.  One had better hope it is not as bad as I say it is, if one wants to enjoy one's "utopian slice" of this world for very long.  If it is not that bad, but still bad enough, then there should be indictments with the names on them of those involved in these rackets and metarackets, and attempts at restitutive justice (and retributive) would be in order, starting with their being served by appropriate and trustworthy federal agents or agents appointed directly by the President himself if necessary.  I would recommend cease and desist orders, restraining orders when pertinent, and confiscation of all evidence pertinent to the investigation, and house arrest or at least "ankling" of the suspects under investigation. Certainly some of the cases are aggravated by the additional factors of being armed and operating under the knowledge illegally or legally gained of the vulnerabilities of those targeted by these rackets, which of course magnifies the crimes involved according, making some of them both state and federal offenses, perhaps felonies.  it depends in each case upon the type of participation and the degree of malicious intent and actual harm caused, and all dispositional factors.   As with "normal crime".  Hey how about that!?

Ask yourself this at all times when observing fifth column phenomena:  Can it possibly ever be noble?

I think it is impossible for it to be anything except a despicable, debased crime, just the same for certain other crimes which cannot be validly conducted even in self-defense against crimes (such as rape always being rape, but homicide sometimes not being murder).  Can it ever fit the description, in its total character, as given by John Walter Wayland in 1899?

The True Gentleman is the man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety, and whose self-control is equal to all emergencies; who does not make the poor man conscious of his poverty, the obscure man of his obscurity, or any man of his inferiority or deformity; who is himself humbled if necessity compels him to humble another; who does not flatter wealth, cringe before power, or boast of his own possessions or achievements; who speaks with frankness but always with sincerity and sympathy; whose deed follows his word; who thinks of the rights and feelings of others, rather than his own; and who appears well in any company, a man with whom honor is sacred and virtue safe.
- John Walter Wayland (Virginia 1899)

Indeed, wherever I encounter "cause fifthers" going about their preprogrammed social engineer flunky routines, a form of hyper-distributed gang stalking covert ostracism cowardly extortion, it becomes plain that people of this sort make nobility nearly impossible in connection with them except as expressed as vehement contempt.  If I have to curse it because it is so damned base, it sure as hell isn't noble.  I curse and damn the fifths, especially the cause fifthers who support the metarackets above them conducting themselves like flabby modern day versions of village fifthers of old who ostracize bad medicine scapegoats.  Primitive, parasitic, leeching, aggro-pettiness that acts as a flimsy cover for tired, old, loony, connected and moneyed idiots in their vicinity, doing their bidding like dretchers obeying some nearby devil.  Noble?  Far from it.  It is CORRUPT AS DEVIL POOP.

So on the subject of being noble and a "true gentleman", if I don't see some White Hat knees going down on some Fifth Column necks, then I'm sure there aren't any of note or in any positions of relevance to putting corruption in its place.  Until then, I am confident that those institutions have been subverted, and therefore have no confidence in their power to investigate subversive crimes organized like Title 18 USC is being used as a gag and binding (an excuse) to attack precisely those who are some sort of inconvenience to said metaracket.  So until that happens, I have no confidence in White Hats, and I have a lot more confidence in "Natural Evil" manifesting as an appropriate answer to moral ones, that is, in a modern day Krakatoa that will affect the entire world.  It deserves such.  

It deserves to be paved over with liquid metal.  As was foretold was the outcome of the world's complete corruption.  I foretell its immanence according to laws of metaphysical eschatology as a proper science, according to the world's TRUE "Spiritual Newton" that Kant declared was to manifest in the world, but who manifested thousands of years, perhaps millions of years, before him, as the Promethian Archetype.  Unfortunately the only Calculus Spiritualis that applies coherently to the world, according to various methods of assaying and assessment, dictate that it must be obliterated in its hypocrisy.  What will survive will be only those who are of SUBSTANCE, which cannot be obliterated.  All fraud, all hypocrisy, all false personation, all counterfeiting, all cowardice, all malicious acts, all violent manipulation for the sake of torture in the covert on false pretenses and pretexts, especially under color of law.  Metacrimes must receive metapunishments.

So the Fifth Columnar World can only meet with one inevitable fate, which is the wine from the grapes it trod itself.  The sour wine of wrath must be poured out on the world, and there is nothing Twirly-Foot  McDoofus over here is going to do that will stop it.  Such large scale metaprocesses are not respecters of buffoonery which would only work on buffoons.  So by honest lights there is no hope for this entity, and that's why I have entitled this series Mundi Omnicriminalibus.  

So for now, until I can get this research done on crime and metacrime, as pertinent to this series, I have just to say that when a world is so subverted in and subversive to virtue that it precisely inverts the scales of justice in its own favor as the only sure constant of that world, then that world must be treated as a criminal.

Obvious Ramifications

If rackets exist that are so large in scale that they can subvert ENTIRE SOCIETIES from WITHIN, then that society which is subjected to their influence will be in grave danger of being "devoured alive from within" as if by a malevolent cancer.  This is fitting, as in such worlds the social engineering racket had already gotten people to accept that they had no fundamental right to their own bodies, or succeeded in treating them as if that were the case by means of subversion of their own rights to choose medical treatments on their own behalf, even suppressing technology which could very well cure microbial disease as we know of it, to include cancer.  What the American Medical Association did to Royal Raymond Rife is astounding, and it seems they used some rather strong arm criminal tactics to do so.  Read his story for yourself and contemplate only the possibility that such people who do such things to such men, and  in Rife's case to their countrymen and to humanity and to virtue and decency and what is Right, they may very well afford themselves the luxuries of being vegan if they wish, or raise a nice wholesome family.  Just think of the implications that his technology, along with Tesla's work, can have when weaponized as part of the country's communications network infrastructure, so that fifth generation deployments can further what has already been eased into existence over the last 20 years to enable psychotronic applications of these technologies which dovetails with their overt uses for communication, acting as a force multiplier to make the racket feel safe (while making you "feel" safe, in tandem with the domestically applied HUMINT operations of "do you" social engineering fifthery).

This is possible because when people are operated upon by any system with which they have for them a tolerable and at least stable enough homeostasis, they will adapt their mores accordingly or they will have to push that system back.  The Federal Reserve System acts as just one sort of racket.  The pharmaceutical industry is another.  And it goes on and on.  There is also the intelligence/defense network that works in tandem with Federal, State, and Local entities to coordinate their efforts with ongoing operations on domestic soil operating under the guise of being "training scenarios" for urban warfare and foreign influence and counter-intelligence, intelligence infiltration, and so on.  But let me tell you, with today's technologies, those old days of the classical HUMINT operator simply don't apply anymore.  And even if John Reese was walking around in the flesh, alive and well, and even if he were a bona fide hero saving innocent lives, I will not take this extortionist crap from him or even from a "God" were it to plant its ghostly form right in front of me. But let's face it, the LARPER cult has dredged up some rather dismal talent pretending to be doing some hard ass grey trench coat in the shadows-type operations. 

Those people stick out like sore thumbs to me, especially in my own country from where my body was born forth and conditioned.  I know human nature, and I know the nature of the humans about me.  I understand the duplicity that is created by racketeering schemes, especially of the sort which destroy the health and wealth of the people who are subverted by them.  I know all their games and little tricks.  I don't think any of them are cute.  They are all treasonous, felonious crimes and not only against the Rights of Man to include those protected by the American Constitution, but should be treated as such, and so I hold them ALL in contempt OF THE LAW, no matter what their role or aspect of their involvement. Witting or unwitting, leveraged by being duped or blackmailed or bribed, or else just being a gullible doofus, however much a direct principle or spurious instrument.

Those are the social and legal ramifications.  What are the moral and metaphysical implications? The result is the falsification of human beings as such, and the creation of a sick game in place of proper social actions and transactions of people.  Even the basest aspects of being a human being will be corrupted by this process, even those to do with pure lust and anger.  What will remain is a falsified form of their expression, bottlenecked through manipulations designed to PROTECT A RACKET that simultaneously rewards those who serve it well and degrades those who defy it, which is simply to say that such a society, which is a world unto itself for each and every member of it, is not only evil, nor just evil here and there, but it is supremely evil, and in its essence, wearing virtue's skin with Her heart in its belly.  That's the ugly power of the world.  It makes all that it displays ugly and vulgar.  AND FALSE, so that even the newly born and young are being corrupted by exposure to it as though it were benign at progressively younger ages, and so are more thoroughly programmed to "receive the world" as a condition of being received into it on such a fraudulent basis as this false bill of goods  represents.


Further Ramifications

What does such a world deserve?  It deserves the fates that have befell  many societies and nations and tribes in this world throughout its history.  It deserves to suffer what it has inflicted.   It has murdered Virtue Herself, which was defended only by a dwindling army of scapegoats, who were sold out by all and sundry, and then therefore who all acted as a collective rapist of Her corpse, converting into a colony of rot upon it afterward.  Into this world my body was born.  An utter and demonic falsity.  It took decades to grow back the faculties of reasoning in matters conceptual and moral, and a great deal of research into something as unfulfilling as ponerology, to develop the insight needed to understand the possibility of such a world, as such, not to speak of the horrible task of being forced to instantiate its ACTUALITY.

Well, aside from the suffering that this circumstance will inflict upon a person of the sort whose original proclivity, truncated as it was by certain traumas inflicted, was to Love the Mystery of the World, there is more damage. I was (falsely) convinced as a child that whatever evils that some in the world inflicted upon me or anyone else, that the world was basically good and it was my duty to be so myself and that all that was because being good is itself good.  Literally plagiarizing every moralist who ever pontificated.  That was the implicit implication because that is the Actual Truth which was plagiarized.  That Truth was communicated to the world by Prometheus, along with the Reason which enables the thoughts of the human bodily mind, its brain, even within its sad limits and wicked worldly conditions, to Realize the Truth about all such things AMIDST THEIR MAELSTROM.  Now you listen to that thought ringing in your head, and you realize that you BETRAYED HIM.  And all who ever dared remain loyal were your scapegoats ever since, no matter what your damned religions say.

A world that could so perfectly invert The Truth, AS SUCH, is a world perfectly evil and undeserving of Existence, AS SUCH.  It deserves to be eradicated, even as it happens that any continuation of its evil actions NECESSITATES THAT CONSEQUENCE IN ITSELF TO ITSELF, and also in that it rationalizes this away in the DEATH OF A MENTALITY cognitively and ethically capable of living WITH that Truth without becoming obeisant to the evil interests IN that Truth. Those evil interests are to keep This Truth hidden and to keep human minds hobbled to the point that they cannot deal with it, using the body as leverage in the process.  This is necessarily the definition of the ULTIMATE INJUSTICE, and that MUST provoke "The Wrath of The Gods".  Woe to you who pretend a role, to include the role of a God, of a World, or of an Authority of any kind:  You provoke a Righteous Jealously, especially if your pretenses are INVERSE to the REALITY.  Because those are REAL Virtues which Honor Truth and Defend Justice, descended from The True Original Being, and the foretelling of the ordeal such a pseudo-world must suffer is a matter of rudimentary logic properly applied to the manifest, complete, and compelling Evidence on the Matter, whether that evidence be empirical, logical, factual, or evaluative, it is coherent and unparalleled in relevance to the Matter. It's a foregone conclusion what ordeals such a pseudo-world deserves and will receive.

AND DAMN YOUR CELLULAR PHONE FIFTHERS ON PATROL.  Sick idiots.   You don't "feel safe" because you are a danger to yourselves and others.  You are criminal actors, and criminals should NEVER feel safe.  You want to feel safe?  Get off your fifthin' horses and get your parade out of public sight, and keep your foolish and treasonous mentalities confined to secret cult meetings where you discharge your fantasist leanings in private without tromping about forcing your fantasies, born of fear and criminal complicity, onto others.

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