Wednesday, May 31, 2017

If Only

Apparently, the 5th column has truly taken over the entire government apparatus from the top down, with plants embedded in, and recruits taken from, each level, in all areas of activity. And that it gets only worse the further up one goes, seems evident. I kept a generally open-minded attitude about the lower and middle levels, but given their lack of coherent "grass roots" response against the upper echelons of corruption, it is worse than even I was willing to imagine. Evil truly has inundated the world, the country, all parts of society, all aspects of culture, and all this is only the surface level of the depths. The depths go much much further, so that the world's veneer of being a good place, or even a place where Good fights on an even battlefield against evil, is ridiculously outmaneuvered by the facts (existential, historical, empirical and logical). Such betrayal of the innocent, of children, of love, of virtue, of grace, of all things good and right. And as to the blatant hypocrisy and helter skelter incongruity of all these matters, just look at how even "the right" and libertarians, who seem to possess enough common sense to know that armed robbery is not a legitimate form of political expression, yet have, along with the left and other groups, been ineffectual against, if not downright conducive to the existence of a massive scheme which amounts to just that, armed robbery. This crime is conducted against every free person under the demands of government and various social cults who have access to the power of government to force people to subsist on backward technology while selling them more advanced shaving razors and creating massive disasters and massacres using the technology and techniques they have weaponized against the public and people of the world, all benefits of which technology they reserve for their own. What is inflated, falsified, and illegitimate debt? What is fractional reserve banking? What is the "racket" which General Butler said was "war"? What are the secret societies of which Kennedy spoke? What are the dangers of the military-industrial complex of which Eisenhower spoke? When do people wake up out of their stupor? Why do they join in as lackeys and servitors? Why do they not even buck at the yoke, or even try to remove their shackles?

Some people, some of whom I've mentioned, know better than to remain silent about such things, but could do little other than tell "the people". Apparently the people are deaf and dumb. Not all, but most, and the few who understand what is going on and going wrong, are too few. In the end, when every soul must face the fate due their nature, as witnessed in their manifest acts and inactions, in their crimes and persecutions against Truth, Justice, and their willingness to destroy or let be destroyed innocence, in the end I say, there will be justice, there will be "to each their own". The essence of "free will" is simply the freedom to doubt this, if one chooses. It is this door which allows evil to tempt, which allows evil to decide and act on its nature, and which proves the difference between those who are Good and evil. There cannot be any political solution to this situation, but only the absolute transmutation of the world.

Prepare yourselves, face these realities, for they are imminent and will fill the eyes of the body and mind soon enough, and in a way which will erase any doubt, repaying to each a flawlessly calculated, well-deserved due.

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