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I knew this was possible on a metaphysical level long before I realized it was actually going on literally, in the world, using mere flesh and blood agents. That's because at first a Spirit Being entrapped in the flesh is deceived into taking the physical as primary This might be called the "monopolization of perception through antagonistic embodiment in a developing body/mind system, through chronic developmentally euhypertrophic, psychospiritually dyshypertrophic alteration of said body, or , a.k.a. growth and maturation of the body, which is actually a long term form of trauma which finally decelerates into some manageable, soul-deformed and spiritually inhibited mockery of a being (an "adult"). Project Monarch just turns this into more of an exact science which "completes the marvelous produce of nature" and brings it into the desired "techne" of those who manipulated the vinyard and winepresses, and the aging barrels and final venues of the "grapes of humanity", grown on the vine of a corrupted form, and in a vinyard which is "not in my Father's Kingdom". Ouch, metaphysical squatters, bootleggers of existence? Falsifying human existence to serve perverse ends which include feeding on the very souls of those who have been herein entrapped? Think that there isn't a penal code for that just because you haven't seen it written down in one of your public or private and secret rule books of pseudo-law?

Just like an Nuremberg, "ignorance of the Higher Law" will not be an excuse.

This goes on through natural laws, but only as they are screened through the manipulation of the DNA of said bodies, and this is actively done precisely so as to ensure that the "mature specimen", individually and collectively, is a controllable and manageable laughingstock version of what it is taught that it is, namely a "noble being", the "crown of the animal kingdom". This is laughable by definition. The royal height of being an animal? Can you imagine this is really how people are taught to think of themselves? In most cases, it is actually an accurate description.

Yet the "alternatives" are to become simply embedded in the traditional noise of the human swamp, and go through the motions of various epochs of soul-humiliation and spiritual torture as is manifested by the many racks of tomes devoted to this subject which are called "human history". That includes not only the commonly inculcated mores, such as what is on the menu, what is okay to do to children, what is fine in the marketplace, etc, but includes also the longstanding institutions which pretend to hold for the public trust various ideals and their applications for the common good, such as those which claim to uphold justice, order, peace, prosperity, and truth in all its deformed, redacted and heavily truncated parodies. I'm talking about the big buildings with people in them who sit in special rooms and play this game of charades with the people not in the rooms, which is that they have "authority", when all they have is a mockery of that concept.

That is what they tell each other when they conquer each others local establishments (each other's nations or other forms of "turf"), and so what makes any of them think that they are not in fact just another of the same long line of mockeries which have been slogging it out for eons? GET REAL with the pretenses! You're all "crime families" and you damn well ought to KNOW that by now.

It should be noted that if you are reading this, then probably you are already able to understand some of what I'm talking about, either because you have been a victim of it (and have been injured by it), are a part of it (you are one of "them") or most likely some combination of both, which comes in all shades and proportions.

It is rare that a person is actually high enough in the evil hierarchy of manipulated pseudo-existence that they don't feel the pressure of a higher agency breathing down their pathetic necks, and it is perhaps just as rare that a Divine Being herein entrapped has a direct and enhanced connection to their Source of Origin, which is to say is Truly Religious, and more than that is perhaps a strong conduit of spiritual energy of the Divine and Original kind (not the perverted, deformed, and corrupt, non-viable kind of energy).

When it happens to be the case that these people are in the same world, they cannot be on friendly terms, and I made the reasons for this clear in my metaphysics and ethics, because the logic of their antivalence is inviolable by any pretenses or any other measures by either side of this irrevocable divide between them, the divide which measures the difference between what is Real and fake, True and false, Good and evil, and in the deepest meaning of those terms, as well as these, Beautiful and hideous. I have not gone into the metaphysics of this in detail because of several reasons.

But here perhaps is the main, petty, pathetic reason, which will NOT work with ME. And it is no surprise to me, as it is always that case that this does happen, and especially to those who speak the Truth this far into the domain of evil (this earthly world), and so therefore when it DOES happen, it becomes PROOF POSITIVE that this domain IS evil. This particular sign of the cowardice and duplicity, hypocrisy and utter criminality of the evil beings in question, who happen to style themselves as "proper", is often called gangstalking.

Aside from the betrayals of those who feigned support but in the end were malignant defenders of their own evil perversions, cowardice, and other comfort zones of the ego and body, there are those who had all along been behind the scenes and never properly able to put up even the flimsiest pretense of being "friends". They are the "them" who are always there, happy to turn on that cell phone app that says "do your patriotic duty and harass THAT guy" or whatever other excuse is provided. No doubt, tax money or, more generally and appropriately to say, funny money off the ledgers of the fraudulent FED printing presses, has trickled its way into the accounts of such commonplace miscreants. Did you get a kick out of thinking I didn't SEE YOU for what you were?

It wasn't difficult, people are rather bad pretenders even when it is their full time job, because in those cases they are simply crude hedonists with a psychopathic neuropathology, partly acquired and partly a genetic defect in their innate character, which makes them stand out with a certain "hollow" and "tinny" characteristic in the moral and spiritual radar of people who experience these hyena-like filth in person.

Well, we always knew what you were, no surprises there, in the end. We aren't the ONLY ones who see you for what you are, but for now you are allowed to persist in the illusion that you are running amok without anyone to stop you, so that you will fully expose your moral culpability. And by the way, don't get your hopes up that you can turn a new leaf and "join the other side", it doesn't work that way. The ranks of the righteous cannot be enriched by demonic cowards. We have no need of you, no want of you. When your body is, by all manner of typical and in truth inevitable means "decomposed", you will face the real nature of reality, which is actually properly hinted at in some of your utterly mutilated religious texts, which are also perforated with lacunae and distortions of all types, and filled with all manner of psychospiritual poisons and booby traps. But still yet, a few passages are accurate, and should have served as adequate warning.

Such as the one about everyone reaping what they have sown, and the other about how you will know a tree by its fruit. You, the wicked, won't know YOURSELVES very clearly in this meantime, but IN THE END, you will be decidedly distinguished from the righteous by a sort of perfect cut on a metaphysical level, which by its force enables you to see your own nature, as if in a perfect mirror, before you are by that same force cast into the hellish directions of destruction which all lead to an oblivion which will not be the merciful end of that process, like physical death is here in some cases for a spiritual being, but rather it will be the capstone experience of that process, which is the result of being weighed in the TRUE SCALES of justice, above this world and by far above it.

But continue on with your evil charade, thinking it is just going to go on as usual without repercussions, as you have always thought, eon after eon. You're never told about what happens to those of you who are already "bagged" from existence, but that's because you'd probably panic and turn on your masters if you were, and besides this is not something that is necessary in most cases, as the result ends up the same, or in any event as desired by the True Heavenly Authorities, which I can assure you do not have formally and governmentally recognized offices in this world, and for the most part never have.

The great masses of people, even and especially the ones that think silly things like "Jesus died for our sins so we could be saved", they will be swept aside in this conflict as nothing more than the bulky mass of the corpulent putrescence of the the evil overlords of them who fed them that nonsense, because sleep badly knowing instead the Truth, which is that no Divine Personage ever came here to "die for" the gigantic army of demonic trolls, imps, servile moral dwarven deformities which constitute the overwhelming masses of human people, and almost every last one of those who rank above the common herd, who manage them from within their depraved hierarchies of manipulation and deceit.

But yes, I realized the metaphysical aspect of all this, and I took it seriously as the evidence which was already empirically available stacked heavily in its favor, especially as competing theories all imploded under their self-contradictions. This in turn made it more obvious what sorts of other manipulations were going on "in the flesh" and in concrete terms, and this is information which has always been available to anyone who would bother to think, read a book, visit a library, ask people questions, meditate, reflect, seek truth in sincerity in all matters, etc. The material was everywhere abundant in the difference between what people claim is the nature of society and their own selves, and what they evidence in their behavior and the results of their actions.

Further, the very fact that these honest pursuits were prohibited by the personalities encountered everywhere could have been information in itself. Peer pressure against seeking truthful information, under whatever guise, is nothing more than an evil attempt to prevent the truth from becoming known. It is an immediate, PRIMA FACIE display of moral and spiritual cowardice and depravity, whether it is shouting out others who speak up with crowd chants, or it is slaughtering anyone with an alternate view or information than what you want out there, and rounding up all their literature and other information and artifacts, deforming their status and meaning, hoarding and burying them, or otherwise plundering evidence of the truth so that your lies could remain dominant.

And most humans just went right along with the program, being the lowest slime of the slime lords themselves.

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GANG STALKING (the sport of hyenas and other dogs)

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