Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monopolizers of Truth

It appears that to their "god" it really matters how many people pray to him about something, about what, with what degree of fervor, for how long at a time, with what frequency over time, and by what means (usually ritual), and by whom are the prayers made, and at the behest of whom they are performed, how he is bedecked (in frocks), what is his known background, who liked him enough and for whatever reasons he was promoted in the church hierarchy, etc… (after all they pray quite a lot about who will be the next Pope, and all that "white smoke" when they finally figure it out… whoosh… wonder from where THAT symbolism arose… (pun intended).

In any event, for their god it boils down to bowing down one's very own soul, emptying it of all spiritual willpower, such as to even exercise a moral virtue, much more so if the thing willed were the decision of what were right or wrong on a moral level.  This means they've made a moral of being amoral.  They've made their primary ritual the sacrificing on the alter of obedience the very essence of their moral sovereignty!  They've called "god" whatever takes that sovereignty, and "the enemy of god" whatever asserts that sovereignty save whom they call "god", whether it is "only" a usurper of Spiritual Dignity or a creator of conditions in which they are usurped, by design and specifically for that purpose.  As to if they had such a Sovereign Spirit to begin with… it no longer matters because they are now its enemy, whether it is also in themselves or only in others who are perhaps far fewer, the world's smallest minority of any True and metaphysically Real identity.  To those who are not of this grouping, it must surely seem as if some Mind alien to those left out must have a very special Connection to those included in His Identity.  Since the Identity of this Great Mind, or Great Spiritual Lord is manifested in the world as a Spiritual Sovereign enclosed within an evil and enemy sheath of matter called "the world", then surely when the world "sees" He the Enfleshed they see some deformity of their own so-called "normality", when in fact they see The Real and Living God in the flesh.  And that flesh, if made worthy of the Spirit, would be ranked as something not unlike the "rohbutt" which protects Klaatu in the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still", yet ensheathing as though a normal body would seem to, yet without any of its peculiar limitations.

The only limitations of the body would be that it must obey the dictates of the True Spiritual Sovereign within that body, no matter what other options are presented.  That means appeasing, as Socrates would say, one's Best Judgement, which means to satisfy One's Own Conscience above all else, which means to satisfy its "Guiding Voice", so that it sings through one as one's own voice, so that singing (in any form) becomes "Singing", and this is the ream meaning of "Praise God".  It is simply that this body is metaphysically insular in disfavor to the world except where that is critical for the purpose of the Spiritual Sovereign Judge over that domain, which is with whatever He comes into experiential or unexperiential contact.  This has to be a Substantive Fact or Religion means nothing, either because it has no extended substance or, more importantly, because it has no Substance of Devotion in a Spirit which Realizes This Truth.

But this is a question in most cases of becoming the case, this Transcendental Body, and rarely of Being in this world, and it is proven by an ocean of facts overflowing a pond of denial that this world and all its favored and popular authorities are frauds against those Spirits who are held back from the Truth by means of direct sabotage of their bodies and minds with poisons and lies, terrorism and all criminality, often disguised as war (whether for a holy cause or any other cause, including "against terror" or "against war criminals" or "against drugs", etc).  They demand the sacrifices on which these causes pretend to be righteously founded, and they make such pretenses nothing more than as window dressing to cover over opulent evils unspeakable around understanding children, or even around infants, because they would feel the chill and spiritual morbidity in the air as those who spoke it themselves shuddered or being so callous to their own topic and child would themselves have a detrimental effect on the child's Spirit (if it had one), and this no matter what they spoke about, but all the more on this topic!

There can be no good of this world except under the interpretation of what it "really is", and it is really a place of organized hellishness.  Those who claim rightful authorities in this world are really not worthy of the acclaim they receive in turn from these plebian masses of brain-washed lovers of Bread and Circus in all its forms!  We know its "warrior class" are a bunch of adrenalin junkies who have a strong sadistic streak and steroid-deformed bodies, who really do get off on having absolute physical power over a person's body as a sign of having absolute power over that person himself.  By extension, this represents a direct attack on the Spiritual Sovereign "ensheathed" within such a set of karmic bodies, and this is an evil violation of all that is Right, without exception.  As to the source of all this evil it is simply impossible to attribute it to this violated and Innocent Spirit, which is a SOVEREIGN BEING and cannot be judged, certainly not by some corrupt and inwardly evil committee of debauched and vile pigs in men's uniforms.

Yet it goes on, despite any and all protests, regardless of whatever actions are taken, or demands made by these Spirits.  They are commanded to desist their claims to BEING ITSELF beyond the point of RESPONSDING to these vile criminals, these would-be-cosmic overlords who rule through the petty mechanisms of those over whom the rule, mechanisms of subservience to the body and those who hold a sword over it.  All that flows from this in the form of pleasure or pain is all they can ever understand of morality, period, end of story.  There "is" no "moral psychology" of these beings, there is only "behavioral psychology".  Even some can understand this who are ensconced within academia, yet another arrogant domain of pseudo-authority with which Truthfulness and Honesty, as well as Integrity must contend as if a hopeless and hapless minority of spiritual folk surrounded by a continent of the damned.  Or, if one likes anything more concrete, take various Gnostic Religions at their beginning, prime, or decay before complete corruption set in and the same opposition to the "normal worldly order" is recapitulated in sterling exactitude:  Revolutionary Moral Thought of a Timeless Essence, adaptable to varied and temporal circumstances but never losing its Spiritual Content, and never sacrificing that Content to the vicissitudes of physical forms of expression or reflection.  Specific examples of this are the Proto-Religious origins of religion in all forms which spell out that this world is a battleground between Good and evil, and they have no properly common origin about their innermost essences, and they must fight to the death of either one or the other, and only the BETTER ONE WILL WIN and SURVIVE.  This is the only "Law" in this universe.

But these conventional mind-control cults cannot possibly satisfy the Spiritual Needs of a True Spiritual Sovereign, who must absolutely feel alienated by these institutions and most, if not all of their adherents.  Sometimes an adherent is presented in a private or public setting who, regardless of their notoriety seems a person of Moral Substance, sometimes even to a degree not properly demonstrated by a contrast in relative merit to that of greater evils!  One thinks specifically of the current Pope of the Church of Rome, Pope Francis, Pontificus Maximus in his official capacity in their order.  An order uniquely guilty of attempting to usurp the entirety of what is to be said about Jesus, and anything like Jesus in any other religion or religious interpretation about Jesus or again anyone like Jesus, even if these Beings and Religions, especially in their prototypical forms, pre-existed this Church and its Papacy by untold thousands of years!!!  Yet, comparing him to previous popes, he has gone the extra mile in demonstrating Mile High Humility!!  Oh Spiritus Romanus Rex, you are so HUMBLE!!!

     On the night he was elected, Francis greeted the crowd in St. Peter’s Square dressed in a simple white cassock. Although the tale may be apocryphal, it was widely reported that he refused to don the ermine-lined red cloak worn by past popes, telling Marini: “No thank you, monsignore. You put it on instead. Carnival time is over!”

Yet this organization has no interest in revealing the world as it really is, as it won't even admit what that was 2,000 years ago, let alone before or since!  What do we need with their grandiose recomposure into a more fitting level of "pomp"?  Of course, one cannot help but enjoy the sight of someone showing the people as much simplicity and character as possible, with or without accessories of identity to augment the significance of such displays (and such displays with or without accessories are always significant when performed by a real "priest").

I once wore a "Cone Hat", and I've never explained it, why I wore it, why I stopped wearing it, what it was made of, what was inside of it and how affixed, what its effects were upon me as I wore it, nor even that I had worn it at all.  I will keep it that way.  But with or without that or any other accoutrements I am a Spiritual Sovereign and answer to no man or thing or spirit as if it were higher than My Own Conscience, not now nor ever, come whatever may!  As to figureheads in "spiritual offices" whose provinces of authority have long and shameful histories of unspeakable evil, don't ever try to impress me with your distinctive virtues, especially not as contrasted into greater distinction by way of being less evil than your predecessors and even your lower hierarchy.  This goes for any and all hierophants, whatever their claim to authority, by whatever means they express it, even those who claim "secular authority", which I say does not exist except far beneath Moral Authority and Spiritual Prerogative.

How on earth can such an office exist where excerpts concerning its significance rotate around the significance of its degree of pomp from one office-holder to the next?  As if the moral degeneracy of the office itself would be overcome by the relative virtue of one of its holders as compared with some previous to him, or as if this office, even if magically cleansed of its heinous evils and bloodstained history could somehow remake the whole church edifice into something different than it is, which is a rampaging murderer that has gotten "over the hill" in a world where the right to murder whom we please has been "emancipated" into a purely secular sphere, and so now these sorts of figureheads can slink back and talk about liturgical vestments and their latest fashions as if this were a "significant omen" about the spiritual state of things, even for the 1.2 billion people who purportedly think he is the "Vicar of Christ".

In an interview before Marini’s official reappointment, Francis said: “You say that my papal master of ceremonies is of a traditionalist character. And many have asked me about my choice to remove him from office and be replaced. I said no, just that I prefer him to even benefit me by his traditional formation and at the same time, so he is formed in the same way by my emancipated formation.”

These are just a few pointed, empirically salient examples of why I say that in the Mysteries which I Oversee, I Know of No One on this Earth, with an Office over Me, save My Very Own Conscience, which is Supremely Rational, not of any merely opinionated ideation, and while It is Preeminently Explicable it is not responsible for others lack of understanding or affirmation as any flaw in Itself, but rather as a flaw inherent to those who aren't "initiated".  I'm saying that.

Now if only people who merely thought they were "spiritual" were able to commit to same path, with the same intensity.  They can't because this Truth "is not in them".  So, they not only do not have any use for the Truth, but they don't allow access to it for those to whom it is properly addressed.  Yet regardless, these Truly Blessed always and inevitably discover It "within themselves".  There is nothing in the power of these goat herders which can prevent it.

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