Monday, August 20, 2018

Manifestations of the World as a Leper Colony Writ Large

I am not an authority figure in this world, due to several related factors which speak far more of the world than of me, and I mean in a negative light.  But fortunately I can say that I have not reached this attitude, this position, and this condition in a world bereft of any company with those who are similarly aligned in important aspects of their worldview.  And although one might wisely expect there to be many paradigmatic distinctions, one should realize that salient commonalities are what matter here.  I speak of other outspoken authors who do not flinch at describing as they see it the objective conditions of the world.  There are certain limits to what can be done with one's observational and intellectual powers so that one ceases to be someone possessed of common sense and sensible and sound judgment.  One may have all sorts of inner turmoil as to the processes of the mind which underlie or arrive at, through whatever mechanism, a correct view and statement, but that won't necessarily undercut some core of intuitive correctness which leads that mind like a magnet to the True North of the undeniable condition of the world.  There is a lot of room for hashing out the semantics of meaning and value, but there is little room for disputing objective facts and their unavoidable consequences.

In the realms of human action in which freedom of thought, communication, and rightful action are essential and in any system which pretends to consider them paramount for its protection and which claims to depend upon that proper and dutiful protection as the basis of its authority, which is to say its justification for existing at all, there are some notable front runners that I have noticed "leading the pack", and that is from the point of view of someone who does his own running parallel to the pack and observes it quite like an anthropologist from another universe.  I recognize the inhospitable conditions upon which they, and in relation to them that upon which I also "run", as though a marathon that never ends, holding a torch that never lightens and which ever threatens to go out.  Those conditions are the state of the world in its history until now, the sociopolitical structures that are both imposed upon it and which are its natural expression, and this includes that state of the world which is best described not as the "human condition" but rather as "human nature".  It is a sad state of affairs for a world of people when the majority of them are despicable, whether as the alpha dog or the small army of curs that invariably obey it rather than use their greater numbers to any noble purpose against it, so that caught in the middle are the superior, if not genuinely Good people, who are in fact ritually torn to pieces by what seems consistently to be an entity which is, overall, unworthy of any existence whatsoever.

When one considers what those who have reached similar positions about the condition of the world, but speak somewhat differently about it in certain terms used, or with regard to the bases by which they arrive at those understandings, one can still look at the common ground covered by these conditions.  One can also note that they may arrive at different conclusions or prognostications about those conditions, and see that they reach their suppositions by different means.  Likewise, and not the least in importance, one could see that they would reach different evaluations of those conditions, and even of the consequences which they may alike suppose to ensue from them.  But one cannot deny that they may agree on core matters concerning the conditions assessed, regardless of the different means by which they were assessed and evaluated!  Surely that is not an unimportant data set.  In fact it is the only data set upon which a meaningful dialogue about the world is even possible to begin with, at least among those potential interlocutors.

There is a lot to say concerning that central fact that the world is a despicable mess filled with ignorant idiots on one hand (and that's not even an insult, by the way, just an objective description), while on the other is a small horde of supreme manipulators of that massive group of morons, and that the result is not pretty, and filled with contradictions concerning the supposed nature and motives, actions and consequences of this truly unlovable phantasmagoria.  Yet a common core of recognition of these facts, however they are contrasted with ideals or alternatives,  exists.  That includes the recognition of various specific features of these conditions which have spanned its history, and how they led to the current spectacle.  They sometimes include a certain impulse of response to the situation, though the various agents diverge from one another in terms of degree and  direction of the flow of those responses, even though their basic content may be same (such as disgust, anger, hatred, contempt, resignation, revulsion, etc, for example).  There is the matter not only of what there is, but how it came to be, and what may become of it.  The history of how people have thought about and evaluated this matter has evolved, co-evolved, with the matter they have observed and judged.

It is one thing to consider and evaluate the different forms by which these observers and commentators and thinkers have striven to do their best to make sense of the world and what is to become of it, and another to consider the realm of actionable measures that they have espoused and attempted in striving to do something about the world and its conditions.  But either way, either a group can reach some measure of common understanding or they cannot, and it is not necessarily the case that any are very much correct, and very unlikely that all are.  What is more likely the case is that if any of these people are most truly correct, they will be far fewer in number than those who are less so, just by the laws of probability as they apply to the conditions of human mental and moral action, which operate strongly against the likelihood of pure and total Truth.  Indeed, it is just as if the world itself were the worst case scenario for the development of such a "unicorn".  The history of those who have considered this issue, the problem of human knowledge of truth, as it exists in all forms, and as it is complicated by the entire spectrum of human conditions in and of the world, is something in which not many will be even cursorily versed.  That some are will not guarantee any success in making any progress in the field, but it would be a plus for those who have a prospect to do so if they knew something about how that endeavor has gone so far, wouldn't it!

But since those matters are in themselves divergent in their scope and to into any of them would here defeat the purpose of examining that common core from which they proceed regardless, they will be left to the side, as that is a matter of polemics that should ensue only after the common ground has been assessed.   I have basically described that to be the "human condition", though I assert that it could not have been otherwise if it were not also, at least in main part, the nature of the human being inherent, and also in large part a result of his place in the natural world in which he has existed and in which he has been forced, to one degree or another though not necessarily in a strict set of ways, to adapt to it.  The complex array of causal loops that this simple set of parameters enables will also not be the focus of this discussion, as that would in and of itself be an entire world of considerations which are nevertheless essential, at least to my assessment of these matters.

But what more should I have to say about where I stand, or about that upon which I have made my stand, or about which I have done so?  It would be to repeat what I've already said.  So instead of doing that, or attempting to analyze by way of translation what others have said, I will let them speak for themselves, and let the reader do his own reading, and thinking, in that vein.  Below are the links.  Make of it what you must, what you will, or what you ought.  And receive the rewards of your own efforts.  Reap what you sow with pride and lust, and speak not to me of humility, a false virtue but for the lack of virtue in so many that made it seem something to demand, mainly of those who are better than them.   I'll have to continue this later, because STARFUCKS has a covert policy, it seems to me, of differentially inhibiting the use of the internet, or else they are a convenient proxy through which this occurs.  That's not the only thing for which they are a convenient hub.  Mainly being a place where the most mind-controlled stoops congregate to enjoy one another's brutish company.  But since I had recently lost access to a more congenial environment I have had to resort to these sorts of places again in order to get onto the internet and write.  If that were the only limiting factor in how this communication process works, or fails to work, then that would be only a minor difficulty, as we know there are covert manipulations of this weapon system of communication usurpation and co-option as well as information asymmetry force multiplication.  Yes?  So I'll just add links for a while, then, not all at once!

I do like how a growing number of articles, blogs, editorials and other online presenters of information are beginning to dig into the meat of the corruption that I have been grinding about for years while living on the damned streets.  It is getting easier to find people talking about each of the different aspects of the multi-paneled and multi-tiered corruption that is the real bulwark of what passes for the status quo.  Stephen Lendman is really doing a good job in his latest pieces.
This is what happens when arrogance without limit is force multiplied by Full Spectrum Dominance conditions:

If I have to say it isn't "antisemitism" then you are about 3 generations behind in the discourse of analyzing modern institutions in terms of both their structure and polarity of influence, as well as the methods involved in guaranteeing asymmetry in their favor:

Let the author of this one warm you up with his own probing thought on the possibilities, indeed the "meta" possibilities which come with systems of secrecy that want to extend their influence to the very horizon of zero-sum victory on any given objective:
"That brings me to the key question: what if the mind control machine doesn't want you thinking bad things about the mind control machine?" 

As to motive and method, one needn't look far for analogies to what is done electronically, and what is being gradually outsourced to AI hosted on Quantum Supercomputing Arrays, you can just look at the networking attitudes of those who have decided that America is going to look like them: 

Jon, like so many, approaches a good amount of perspicuity and depth in his analyses, and one likes to believe that he would pull no punches but also expect none to be pulled for his sake on matters of The Truth.  What amazes me is how far behind everyone in the public sphere seems to be in regards to the degree of influence that is foisted over them by those who use covert manipulation of connections between electronic devices, between people and their resources in the physical world (including each other), and even between the brain cells in their own heads.  Hard to believe people just lined up to this trough with their mouths wide open, but I've been talking about this for a long time, and in some aspects long before I got onto the internet. 

This is a give me, and it has been put into effect ever since WWII got the country on a permanent war footing and on into a massive Strategic War (The Cold War).  It is not in my view that these sorts of conflicts don't have their own independent conditions of existence, but that they operate as perfect cover for converting the domestic public into chattel through the Full Spectrum Dominance system directed over them against a whole pantheon of "bad guys" that will either show up on the radar on their own and be used for convenient

This is just one of many advances in knowledge of the intimate nature of the brain and its function, and the invasive technologies which will be used to exploit these for the sake of social control through decisive influence should not be expected to receive public attention because they will not be openly revealed to the public and only scientists and engineers with the necessary clearance will be allowed to know anything about it, and that's probably Above Top Secret.

And if you don't think this is going on here just because China is shameless about it then you don't know where you live, what's going on, or a hell of a lot else that should matter to any American Citizen, and you are in a clandestine and pseudo-American version of the SAME DAMNED THING, managed by the same entities in some cases, or with parallel entities, and for the same basic reasons, with the same effects and impacts, and using the same methods. From my own experience, I was directly targeted I believe because I have an uncanny antivalence to this crap on all axes of its manifestation and influence.

Or maybe all the problems the country has right now as discussed briefly in the following link are just minor and there isn't anything by way of explanation, or some trite explanation will be sufficient, while all the connected operations I have been talking about in one form or another are just in my, and others' imagination.  They're still pretty damn bad and not minor at all. 

Look, I could go on and on about how I have been pointing out these and many other factors of the "deep state" apparatus, and you better believe I investigated these matters and analyzed them using only the most basic indicators necessary for the analysis.  I certainly never have cloistered my process around other commentators so that I ended up being a clone of theirs.  Yet, when one examines the analyses of any of those which I consider to worthy of examination for general purposes of understanding the world in which we currently live, then the reason is that there are core elements of their analyses that correspond to the facts of the world, and also to the conclusions I also have reached vis-a-vis those same facts.  The reasons they adduce for their conclusions are often partial in comparison with the root reasons that I present, but I count them as co-essential in the total analysis.  As Alexander Emerick Jones was often fond of saying before he was censored halfway out of the public, there is a reason why people talking about the same things and reaching the same conclusions concerning them often sound like one another.  It's because they are independently reaching the same results based on the same objective reality.

All I can do is my best to observe the empirical facts of the world and try and make the best sense of them that I can of them, using methods of analysis that I not only trust, but have damn good reason to trust.  Having presented these efforts to the public I made them available for the inspection of every living soul in the world who would come across them so that they could use the information as they saw fit.  Hardly as part of an effort to persuade, and really just a report of what seems to me persuasively real in light of the facts and common sense and its extensions, with transparent methods of analysis also indicated by my lines of reasoning.  Therefore, it is nothing but a model that others can use or dismiss, whether reasonably or not.  Yet, despite much work operating in parallel across the digital landscape, it is clear that a process of distortion has been at work which has not only truncated the availability of information between parties, but has also exaggerated the excess of availability in particular cases, in all cases in ways that precisely resemble stacking the deck, rigging the process, in other words lying, cheating, and in fact committing massive-scale fraud with relative impunity.

What in the hell does a world like this think it has in terms of justification for its existence, let alone any sort of foreseeable future that leads not to its complete annihilation?  The best it can hope for is euthanasia.  I've given the hue and cry, I am not liable.  Those who failed their own due diligence, who are often found whoring out for these systems of vile hypocrisy and manipulation, are guilty.  While you were busy pretending to be others' judges, you should have been getting your own damned lives in order and left each to his own, especially rather than using public offices of authority, some private entities, and all sorts of advancements in science and technology to inflict your damned tyranny of moral degeneracy and arrogant usurpation of others' rights upon any and all, to include your own children.  Julian Assange says that this generation being born  now will be the last to be born free.  What a joke if he calls being  born into this vile gulag is being "born free".

Thursday, August 16, 2018

On This Masquerade of Inexquisite Developments

What I see in the world, where it hinges upon the will of human beings with no affiliation with me, reflects a character of insipid hypocrisy and base cowardice that I cannot abide.  Yet here it has the audacity to present itself just as if it were a fundamental representation of the nature of existence and all the constellations of meaning and significance that are habitually attached to it by all people in some form or another, and which are only formalized and extended by those engaged in philosophy.  For the most part I had been of the mind that I should start with some set of assumptions which show a sense of due respect for the conditions of the world which preceded my earnest consideration of them, into which I was born, and which may be summed up as the status quo.  If my reflexive position were given words at the time, it might have been expressed as "extend charity, and the benefit of the doubt, since to falsely ascribe evil to the good is far worse than to be beguiled into accepting as good what is evil".  At least it seemed like the instinct aback my motive, which was unconscious and simply a function of innate character.

The world is a place of great tumult and noise, so whatever the substance of it, there is certainly not any shortage of energetic action on its own part to demonstrate in phenomenal form the character it does possess.  Just as when, in the outlays of committed and passionate action, someone in apparent distress has yet to get out the clear annunciation of the words needed to express their fluster, so one patiently observes their display so as to get the sense of it as it unfolds, so the world, as much thrown at those who are thrown into it, had a lot to say buried within the awkward gesticulations of its various forms of expression.   Whether as the immediate experience as formed in the developing mind-brain complex over the course of the first 24 years of its life, or the recorded history of the world in last 24 centuries, the world seemed a complex and often inchoate attempt at getting something out which it needed to say.  I think that I was simply trying to make sense of it.  In many instances of traumatic conflict which seemed to arise in my relations with the people who were cast into my life by fate (fifthed fate or not), I was always trying to get myself into a position of better and more secure understanding not only of the in scenes put on display in phenomenal form, but more keenly I was intrigued by the whole fact of the event which, in this limited scope, manifests existence as a fundamental quality of "the world", one which suggests that this world is possibly an important piece of evidence about what existence should be "as such".

Without being able to refine my impressions at so many of these early stages, in such a way as to make the fullest sense of them which would later be possible only after special and committed effort, I found myself only belatedly realizing that the world stage and its cast of characters were, alike with their plot formulas and scripts, something of a truncated deformity running on a sort of automatic impulse to continue a sequence of jerky, violent, and often imbecilic motions of will not unlike what one would expect of a defective machine that yet shudders and whines as it cycles through its various malfunctions, which might charitably be understood as the broken deployment of what may have been, for all one knew, a much better planned structure whose function would have been, in ideal form, something marvelous to behold.  On occasion there were indications of a promise that had seemed, in its own testimony, to be sincerely something worth the effort to approach.   But alas it was simply a sort of wishful thinking which turns away from the blatant horrors of a deformity into which one is forced to endure as though something nourishing what might better be understood as toxic.  This rather in a similar way that one finds amicable the frustrations of daily life, but only as something much preferable to the destructive malevolence of full scale and unmitigated violence in the heat of war, crime or some wicked accident or natural disaster.

But for this to be the unmistakable tenor and timbre of the chord struck by existence itself, by this life as such regardless of any vicissitudes of the particularities of this or that fate, that was the rot at the core of the structure of these impressions, which in my early childhood I could only address as a stark and aggressive assault from everywhere and nowhere which could be answered only by a desperate attempt to survive, at whatever times it was necessitated in my defense, by means of a form of concentrated effort of will not unlike trying to breathe through as suffocating paralysis which awakens one from sleep on the verge of an anesthesia sliding toward an increasingly black void that is either death or its event horizon where it meets the last terrifying experiences of a life which had not yet developed a sense of rhyme or reason in the first place.  

Later developments would seem like necessities forced onto the aftermath of a psychical war zone inexpressible in the sort of language which could even explain the subjective context into which those developments were to be integrated, let alone articulate any expression of why they could not be coordinated into a graceful rapport with those who thought themselves, in all their aloof primitiveness, to be the wise and benevolent administrators of my upbringing. Naturally, the facts of the world which I would only much later discover would have been impossible for me to comprehend at the time when their probable and destructive impacts were being registered as the basic conditions of life itself, and the twisted pathways of their discovery in gerrymandered patches and pieces were almost comical in their tragic clambering.  It may have been a dramatic improvement of the tone of all these proceedings if these efforts weren't complicated by a set of conditions resembling a dungeon of torture, with travel companions in this misadventure being much more akin to stalking hyenas exhibiting sardonic and facile graces.  But the subtraction of those accompaniments would have been precluded by the basic facts of the world and humanity, or perhaps more to the point, human nature and its ugly record of its own vile fumbling through time and space as if it were a phantasmagoria rightly existing for its own sake.

So of course it was not merely the evasion of involvement in the world fostered by a cultish avoidance of the world's institutions of authority, one which was dictated by a specious reference to religious pretexts which were the unfortunate burden of my familial circumstances, that spurred me to witness the human form and its social, cultural, and political and economic facades as if they were some sort of show put on simply for the necessity of maintaining an illusion.  It was not even simply a quality of "maya" or "samsara" that was naturally received as a feigned expression misleading me from a genuine involvement in reality.  Although perhaps those factors were also speaking within the cacophony of phenomenal forms befitting a charnel house of malicious deception sickly coated with some poisoned pseudo-sweetness. It was in fact a function of the way that the world endures in bad faith its own falsehoods which set up the interaction that spoke truly by speaking falsely.  That someone should be treated like a badly adjusted fool, who is in fact doing nothing other than react in some manner of appropriate dysfunction in the face of these rampant and grotesque deformities of the world that sabotaged what should have been for the sake of sustaining the stability of what should not be, is at once something which should have been expected from any proper knowledge of the causes of its happening, which are also the causes of the state of the world.  But that such should be the environmental genesis in which the development of standard faculties of cognition and evaluation, of the varied prongs of the will to live and express life, that such should be the case in all contradiction to the pretenses of being the proper realm in which those faculties are fostered, is a sort of crime that cannot even be imagined by the mind of the average, full grown adult.

So if were to operate from a position of even-tempered moderation of thought and feeling at all, it might be considered a bit disingenuous, like someone stoic under the duress of torture merely to withhold from those evildoers in his midst the satisfaction of a sincere anguish.  But I cannot in good and honest truth pretend that the world of this nightmarish falsehood deserves my gentle sentiments or a tactful presentation of thoughts concerning a fate which is proper and proportional to its vile nature and form.

A federally reinforced extortion racket has been set up in every state and city, as well as every community.  This is the fact that underlies the importance of what is happening institutionally with President Trump, as it is happening at the MOB LEVEL in every populated area of the country.  THE FIFTHIN MUST END NOW, or no one is going to have anything to be "nice" about.  And this is what is bringing the world to the brink of destruction; deservedly.  The drama with DJT is simply an outward symptom at most, AT MOST.  It only goes deeper where deception is involved, and it by far exceeds the offices in question.  Let that not be forgotten.  The ENTIRE SOCIETY IS IMPLICATED IN AN EXTORTION RACKET AND I DO NOT SPEAK METAPHORICALLY.  They have treated the last 20 years, wittingly, almost en masse, as a battleground in which to wage secret war against their neighbor, and still do.  Now it is a war for credibility, after their extortion had already rightly destroyed their capability to hold credit or honor.  But they were involved on pretenses of honor, so that will be shrugged off as a detraction from their enemy, the "bad or dangerous people X, Y, or Z".  So they now have to assert that they were RIGHT to do this and that they have the right to be HONORED by those they have made war upon and TREATED AS GOOD AND HONEST NEIGHBORS.  That's how "deep" the problem goes.  This requires a serious retributive consequence to match its moral and civic evil.

As to the meta-racket level behind the social warfare movement, such as with the Federal Reserve System and its worse than "odious" debt, there is no way to do anything but what he threatens to do in your scenario. One does not "work with" such an entity, one dismantles it. But as to the media self-sabotage,; that is true, and one can even use it to track its loyal audience and know from who is loyal to this propaganda, that is who is and has been MOST INSTRUMENTAL to it, and that brings us back to that grass roots fifth columnry I've been talking about. It's like an army of mystery shoppers descended on SOME people, namely and especially anyone with their eyes open to Truth and Justice, which these criminal actors attempt to pervert and obstruct. It is in every neighborhood watch, in every police department, in every city council, in every legal system, and in every business plaza. What's the percentage in overall numbers? About 50 percent are wittingly instrumental to some degree, with that degree escalating exponentially toward a centrum of control which is no doubt tied to the aforementioned metarackets (financial and cultural), which are intermarried with governmental corruption in all state offices toward the end of maintaining other metarackets, in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, agrabusiness, and energy resources sectors.   Obviously the "big tech" elements have been critical, especially where it concerns the information infrastructure, surveillance, weaponized media, and certain directed energy, chemical, nanotechnological applications to and augmentations of these rackets, which dovetails in the whole host of these illicit forces into being an array of circles of influence arranged around a common centrum.

The entire thing is supported centrally by corruption in the military and intelligence sectors. And who is better at hiding behind plausible deniability than those who employ such as fronts for any of their criminality and wrongdoing than by those given some form of carte blanch in their affiliation with such institutions.  The CIA in many aspects of what it does under its rather overreaching, sometimes morally depraved and evil, and often illegal activity, and the FBI in some of its respective endeavors, have corrupt elements and assets that keep the whole damn thing bureaucratically organized. This is not a supposition, this is a necessary fact attendant to historical facts that point to it and the necessity of such to be in place. They are in place precisely where they alone can, in such a position, augment and be augmented by these rackets under color of authority. 

That is the ultimate metaracket, as it directly obstructs, perverts the functioning of the very authority it claims, and uses the authority it claims to augment that very sabotage. That's quite like going on crusades against some cause while being one its chief proponents in fact. That deserves to be called a metaracket. The local elements of it are frauds and integral to the entire structure, giving it its false normality. So again, there is something to be learned from following the money and influence, as well as the convenient "historical events". The problem with this lies partly in the cause, but also in the effect, and also in the consequences. If Justice is to be avenged, how can this world dare think it will not be melted down into oblivion? NO FIFTHIN! NONE! Or there is no "world" or "society" that is worth saving in the first place.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Awkward Logical Incongruities

How one cannot avoid Buzzfeed these days is shown me that even in my complete disinterest in that website and my obliviousness to its various references in other people's use of it as a comedic prop on occasion, I am still unable to avoid its popping up with something that might be "of interest" from time to time.  The case of the logic test on the Secret Service Special Agent exam is a case in point. The Buzzfeed version was so horrible that it can be safely ignored (as with much from that site).

In a United States Secret Service application exam instructions section, there is a description of the logical notions which are to be used in the test, and an accurate and good one at that, albeit one that is very basic and uninvolved beyond what is necessary to test the basic thinking capabilities of those who take the test.
“Some” statements: These statements refer to part of a group by using terms such as “some,” “most,” “a few,” or another term which indicates a portion of a group. Such statements about a portion of a group imply nothing about the remaining portion of the group. You should not jump to a conclusion that you might make in typical conversational speech.

Example Statement:
Many Secret Service Special Agents are not from Alaska.

Invalid conclusion:
A few Secret Service Special Agents are from Alaska.
Valid conclusion:
A few Secret Service Special Agents may or may not be from Alaska.

Then in one of the example questions the problem comes up, the right answer to which is not presented as the right answer by the exam, but is discounted in direct contradiction to the instructions given at above.

Passage 6:

No part-time employees are Secret Service Special Agents.
All part-time employees report to a field office location.
Some full-time employees are Secret Service Special Agents.
Christopher reports to the Maryland field office.
Brian is a Secret Service Special Agent.

Indicate whether the statement is True, False, or if there is Insufficient Information to draw a conclusion.

1. Christopher is a part-time employee.

c)Insufficient Information to Decide

2. Brian is a full-time employee.

c)Insufficient Information to Decide

3. All full-time Secret Service employees are Special Agents.

c)Insufficient Information to Decide

Then proceed the explanations, which we would expect to square with the introductory instructions, to include the one I listed here on "some" statements.

Passage 6 Explanations:
1. You cannot tell from the facts presented whether the first conclusion is true or false. The facts state that all part-time employees report to a field office location and that Christopher reports to the Maryland field office location. However, the facts do not indicate that only part-time employees report to the Maryland field office or that no full-time employees report to field office locations. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that Christopher is a part-time employee from the facts presented. You would fill in the bubble that corresponds to "C" on your answer sheet for INSUFFICIENT INFORMATION TO DECIDE.

2. The second conclusion is TRUE. We know that all Secret Service Special Agents are full-time employees. Brian is a Secret Service Special Agent. Therefore, Brian must be a full-time employee. You would fill in the bubble that corresponds to "A" on your answer sheet for TRUE.

3. The third conclusion is FALSE.  We know that all Secret Service Special Agents are full-time employees. We also know that some full-time Secret Service employees are Special Agents. Therefore, some Secret Service full-time employees must hold titles other than Special Agent. You would fill in the bubble that corresponds to "B" on your answer sheet for FALSE.

Number three is not accurate. As it says in the instructions, we have no information about all of a set of entities based on information about only some members of that set. Therefore, since all we know of the problem is to be drawn from the supplied premises, we can demonstrate that anything is true of false validly only from those premises. But none of those premises for this problem set indicate only general things that cannot be used for this deduction, or specific things that cannot be used for this deduction, to reach the answer "false".

No part-time employees are Secret Service Special Agents. 

(No S are P| S=part timers, P=SSSAs)
This indicates only that there does not exist any agents who are both part-time employees and SSSAs. Therefore we can be sure that if someone is a Secret Service Special Agent, he is not a part-time employee. Therefore, assuming there are only part-time and full-time employees in the USSS, it follows that if someone is a SSSA, then he or she is a full-time employee. This does not show that all full-time employees are SSSA, of course. That would be to affirm the consequent, a logical fallacy. But it is also not possible to reach the "false" answer to the same statement, since that would be to deny the antecedent. So this premise of itself cannot help at all the matter of the supposed answer.

All part-time employees report to a field office location.

(All S are P| S=part-timers,  P=reporters to some field office(s))
This is totally irrelevant to the issue.

Some full-time employees are Secret Service Special Agents.

(Some S are P| S=full-timers, P=SSSAs)
This is relevant, but only as far as it goes. It affirms that if there are full-time employees at all, then it is false that "none of them" are SSSAs. That leaves room for it to be either true or false that all of them are SSSAs. This is a simple and consistent extension of the discussion of "some" statements at outset. Many people like to think it is otherwise, and I can recall the strange ecstasy on the face of one sophomore-level logic professor as he suggested that it is actually the case that this is true only if one assumes that there exists some of the subject in the first place.  But strangely enough, he went on to suggest that "not All S are P" will indicate that at least some of the subject exists which are, and some of the subject exists which are not in the predicate.  

I still cannot understand why he insisted on this, when that is just the colloquialism of human language use creeping into logic, whereas logic aims to be free of such influences to the maximum degree possible, or at least to admit of their influence and detail a justification for it.  Some unicorns are telepathic doesn't establish the existence of either the subject or the predicate, and that should be the end of that.  Likewise, to suggest that this might imply that unicorns exist or that some of them are not telepathic, is no better off.  It is not the case that things which we know exist in general become things we know exist in particular.  We may know of "such things" as full-time employees of the Secret Service, and we may know that if they do exist then at least some of them are SSSAs, but again this would neither mean any FT employees existed per se, nor that any of them are not SSSAs. 

So far, none of the premises enable the conclusion that it is false that "all full-time employees are SSSAs". We can understand from the wider world beyond the confines of the test that there are plenty of full-time employees in the USSS who are not SSSAs, and our intuition about this would be correct in most possible worlds. But what if, unlikely as it may be, that there were suddenly no active full-time employees who were not SSSAs (for whatever reason). Then while one might know of one or two full-time employees, and know that they are SSSAs (which fulfills the premise stating that at least some FT employees are SSSAs), there is no way from that to know the truth, that in fact all of the FT employees that remain from whatever reduced their number, are SSSAs. 

So there is not enough information to decide (for us in this scenario), but it is in fact true that "all full-time employees are SSSAs".  I will refrain from any amusing scenarios, such as the President dismantling the entire bureaucracy of the institution and assuming direct control of the remaining personnel, so that all of those who are still full time are only the most trusted and necessary "skeleton crew" of SSSAs.  It could happen.  What else would you do if such an institution were corrupted by rackets on a scale which have usurped even the government as a whole and which operates under better legal protections than the law itself can properly afford, and are therefore literally above the law?  What if not behead the damned thing and keep only the best meat.


Christopher reports to the Maryland field office.

Brian is a Secret Service Special Agent.

Neither of these help decide the conclusion in question, since whether Christopher is part-time or full-time (neither can be determined from this statement), his reporting to the Maryland field office will not contradict that he is an SSSA. So it may still be not-false, that is "true" that all full-time employees are SSSAs, but indeterminable one way or the other from this particular piece of information. And if Brian is a SSSA, then that simply confirms without proving the possibility that all full-time employees of the USSS, including Brian, are SSSAs.

Just a consideration of consistency. Either the instructions are true and faithful to what can be logically known without recourse to conventional and colloquial forms of expression, or the proper answer to the question is "insufficient information to decide".

But if one wanted to consider the full scope of the matter in a wider frame, one can simply examine the basic syllogistic logic of Aristotle and how it evolved into the modern forms of deductive reasoning systems we have today.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Shit Happens

Taoism    Shit happens, and there is both Yin shit and Yang shit in infinitely many permutations.  Shit is often complex, so don't take shit too personally.  Squat and massage your abdomen when taking one, but try not to exercise when you're full of it.
Confucianism    Confucius say, "Shit happens, because you're rood."  So when you take one, mind your manners.  When your elders or someone in a higher social station takes one, just pretend you don't smell anything.
Buddhism    If shit happens, it isn't really shit.
Coprophiliacs   Fixated fascination with shit.
Zen Buddhism    What is the sound of no shit happening?
Hinduism    This shit happened before, and based on how it happened then, this explains how it's happening now and further, how it will continue to happen.  Karmic shit.
Mormonism    This shit is going to happen again.  Me and my forever wife are going to another planet to make sure of that when our time in this shit is over.
Islam    If shit happens, it is the Will of Allah. If you don't agree, this shit will happen to you.
Satanism   Only the most willful, intelligent, passionate, and obstinately proud people deserve to thrive in this shit, but don't be a shit disturber.  Magic is a great way to get shit done when normal avenues are unavailable.  People deserve the shit they let happen to them.
Stoicism    This shit is its own reward.  Don't worry about the shit, and just accept its inevitability.
George Carlin   Fuck this shit!  You don't own shit!  They own you and treat you like shit!  That's some funny shit...  Until I fully realized this shit.  We should take all the shit and put in one big square place, like Colorado.  Now I'm gone and you're stuck with this shit.
Protestantism    Shit happens because you don't work hard enough.
Sikhism  There is only one source of shit.  We carry a bladed weapon for self-defense in case some of this shit happens to us.
Calvinism    Let this shit happen to someone else.  In which case, as when shit doesn't happen to you, then that shit was predestined.
The Terminator  This shit will be back.
Pentecostalism    In Jesus' name, heal this shit!  Holy shit, it's a miracle!  Miracle shit.
Catholicism    Shit happens because you deserve it.  Now pay up and shut your mouth or you'll get the inquisition and shit.  If we don't like how your shit sounds, we'll impose our own shit on you. What sort of shit have you been up to lately?
Emperor Palpatine  "Yesssss, let the shit flow through you".
Yahweh  "Let there be shit".  Then there was shit, and he saw that it was good.  Then some of this shit he formed into human beings, and he saw that it was very good.  Then they disobeyed some arbitrary rule of his because he infused them with free will but demanded it be used freely only in one way, and for this shit they were cast out of Eden into a world of shit.
Judaism    Why does this shit always happen to us?  Yahweh promised it would happen to everyone else and we'd get no shit if we did all the shit he told us to do.
Zoroastrianism    Shit happens half the time.  But that's because half of the cosmic pantheon invented shit and you should try and emulate the unshitty half of the pantheon in your thought, word, and deed, and that's the only way you're going to get rid of shit, or get yourself into the world of no shit.
Memeworld   "I've seen some shit!"causing the effect called "the thousand yard stare".  Usually a consequences of having stepped in or come near to some really foul crap, leading to deeply lasting psychological impacts.
Marxism    This shit is going to hit the fan, and that's because the proletariat is tired of this shit.  Turned Hegel's shit on its head.
Atheism (acrid form)   There is no reason for me to believe in that shit.  Therefore, I don't believe in it. Literally.  If you claim there is then, aside from your halitosis, the burden of proof is on you. 
Seventh Day Adventist    No shit on Saturdays.
Existentialism    This shit is absurd, but the existence of of it precedes its essence.
Agnosticism    What is this shit?  I think I smell something, but I'm not sure "what" it is.  I'm undecided about this "shit" of which you speak.
Nihilism    Shit doesn't matter and has no meaning, so who gives a shit?
Deconstruction    Shit happens in hegemonic meta-narratives.
Christian Science    Shit is only in your mind.  You can heal your own shit with the science of faith.
Moonies    Only happy shit really happens.  As with all cults, only our shit doesn't stink.
Jehovah's Witnesses    Knock, Knock, shit happens.  Would you like to live in a shitless world?  Well, the Bible tells us that in spite of this shit, there is some Good News, which is that the god that "let" all this shit happen in the first place to teach us that our way of handling shit is inferior to his, is going to make it all go away, and you can live in that shitless world, but only if you are a Jehovah's Witness.  Ain't that some shit?
Scientology    Shit happens on page 152 of Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard, who is a Renaissance Man who never even had to take a shit, and even if he did it wouldn't have stunk, and whose approach to everyone else's dysfunctional shit is a state of the art religion dedicated to helping people overcome this shit, especially if they join it and yield all their worldly possessions and rights in the process of getting clear of this shit and clearing all shit out of their system, like drugs, or independent thinking processes. "We're at the forefront of clearing out the world's shit, so would you please please please please therefore at least buy some of our shit?" 
Hare Krishna    Shit happens, Rama Rama.
Hedonism    There's nothing like a good shit.
Rastafarianism    Let's smoke this shit.
Arthur Schopenhauer  This shit is evil, but there ain't shit you can do about it
Emmanuel Kant  Shit is in itself unknowable, but it's your duty to endure it.
Martin Heidegger  Man is essentially thrown into this mysterious world of shit, but should with as much authenticity as he can muster care for it and try to make it a better place.
Global Evil Elite  We do this shit all the time, but the world is our playground and we'll take a big fat shit in it if we want, and there's nothing you can do about it, because we're at the top of the hill.
Sir Isaac Newton  Everyone since Aristotle knows that shit rolls downhill, but "gravity" is the "force" that best explains why shit rolls downhill, as indicated by these mathematical proofs.
Thomas Hobbes  Originally, when the universe was created as well as before man rose above his primitive state, the powerful could always shit with impunity and and are therefore right to do so.  As with god, so with mankind's sociopolitical hierarchies.  So take your king's (or queen's) or pope's shit without question, just as if they were "god on earth".
John Locke  There is no predetermined experience of how shit smells, but when you smell it you can be sure that it is purely a feature of your own subjective experience, albeit such as is impressed upon your mind by the "secondary" qualities of the fecal matter.  The primary qualities of the objective shit has no inherent "smelly" qualities, but in itself has only a certain concentration of methane in its vapor, which can be measured independently of our subjective experiences of such using the scientific method.
Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz  There could be no better way for this shit to happen. If there is shit in the best of all possible worlds, it's because god couldn't have made the world better without it.  It makes good fertilizer, and is a necessary byproduct of digestion, which couldn't have been otherwise if the universe is made up of the elements from which it has been made and there are organic, carbon-based life forms in it finding food to eat, ergo, shit happens because no one, not even god, could have improved upon the situation. In other words, god wouldn't have chosen those elements if a better configuration of elements were possible.  Stop bitching about shit.
Ninth Circle  We ritually do this shit to children and then you give us honor, money, and power in spite of this shit because you don't want to believe we do this shit and we don't too openly admit it except through proxy influences in the subverted culture and institutions that we happen to manipulate to facilitate our shit while we scapegoat others for all kinds of shit. We intentionally try and make sure our shit rolls downhill unevenly toward any children we can get into our possession. Wink wink.
FBI, CIA, NSA,  We should have known about this shit, and should have done something about it by now, but will probably deny this shit, or any and all involvement in it regardless.
Alex Jones  1776 will commence again because of this shit. I want to kill those involved in this shit!  This shit is un-American!  Buy some of my good shit to help fight all that other evil shit. These fuckers are shadow banning our shit! (No shit, I tried to tell everyone about this shadow banning bullshit for at least the last four years but I guess they shadow banned all of my attempts!)
David Icke   Reptilians have a lot to do with this shit, seriously. Regardless, the power to make this shit happen is in all of us, but the overlords that makes this shit extra stinky are in charge because humanity keeps taking their shit.  Shit is only a special frequency of vibrating energy, and the shit we can perceive is limited by our five sense reality, and the Reptilian Hegemons et al know this shit better than we do, and have used that as leverage against us. And the corrupt authorities of the world, and people's failure to embrace love and light.
Jeff Rense   Look at this shit, it's happening everywhere. Can you even believe this shit? Zionists and maybe even aliens have a lot to do with this shit.  The world has turned into shit, but what can you do?  30 years ago you could have told me about this shit and I wouldn't have believed it.  Now look at it.  The headlines aggregated on my website read like a wall of shit.
Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann, aka "Sir"   "You are nothing but grab-asstic pieces of amphibian shit in a world of shit! Now you better start shitting me Tiffany cuff links!"
(Soren Dreier)  "Shit" is such an unspiritual way of referring to shit.  Be more positive and loving and shit might just go away.  "Shit" is probably happening to you because you create your own shit.  I'm so fucking spiritual that I can arbitrarily declare that my new age shit don't stink.  Anyway, try instead to see the beauty in a big old pile of fly-covered "fecal matter" and realize that all is one.  Namaste, kumbaya, and psychedelics mixed together in the right proportions can miraculously turn fecal matter into aurum.
(Dr. Joseph Chiappalone)  I had special experiences with aliens on ships since from when I was a kid, and that, along with other anecdotal experiences pertaining to myself which have no credibility outside of my own imagination, have given me special insight into all this shit, and I can say for a certainty (because of my involvement in all this shit in a higher dimension of it) that 95% of this shit is already annihilated, and 92% of humans (up from 91% recently), are plumb full of shit. I'm the official herald of the end of this shit, and you can take this shit or leave it.  And I've got a "Ph.D" in spiritual metaphysics. I was also married to Vulturite Reptilian for a while, but my spirit guides informed me that this is part of the greater war of essences, and all kinds of other strange shit one could easily do without, which I mix in with Gnosticism and present as special revelation.
Bishop Berkeley  If there is shit, someone smells it, even if only God smells it.
Some Other Philosopher  Kicks a pile of shit and says "I refute Berkeley thus!"
The Gnostic Truth   The world was created by an evil sub-god who took an evil shit, and somehow the innocent have stepped into it, and this evil pseudo-being has no other way to prolong its doomed existence than to deceive the innocent and pilfer them of their life force.  Looks like the Marquis de Sade was not completely bonkers, and who knows the full truth of his.  Most people and their sheepherding overlords (Archons) will deny this shit and simultaneously blame it on anyone who knows about this shit, and is therefore implicated in it on an essential and metaphysical level, otherwise they'd smell it and act accordingly, but basically just pay lip service to the importance of a good septic system.  Ain't that some shit.  This is a situation known by philosophers and other thinkers throughout history as "the problem of shit".  But on a pragmatic note let's analyze this shit and figure out how to get it safely into a cosmic septic tank instead of just pretending we're not knee deep in it.  Uh oh, looks like all the plumbers are corrupt to the point that the shit in the clogged-up-toilet-industrial-complex has become the least of our problems, and this is demonstrated by the systematic way that shit is everywhere, is distributed, pervasive, and compartmentalized.  There is even a great big amount of it corruptly piling up at the plumber's offices, but the corrupt plumbers make money from this shit coming and going, so there will need to be the arrival of a Cosmic Plumber to make ALL this shit go away, and it can't come soon enough, so expect some ELE-level shit to hit the World Fan right soon.
   In the meantime a lot of this shit started flying his way due to the aggressive nature of clandestine organized rackets that cause (weaponized) shit to roll differentially downhill through complicit lackeys and turnkeys who think they're going to get away with this shitty and transparent extortion racket.  He's rightly sick of their shit, but it seems like most people are oblivious to its odor (complicit as shit).  Therefore, this evil shit has alienated him from "humanity", which treats shit like gold and gold like shit.  So therefore he's had to integrate this unfortunate fact into his philosophical work which now must include the metaphysics of shit, or should I say "metashit", even though they're probably shadow banning his information through controlled internet topologies through which they pump weaponized troll shit whilst fueling complaints of "fake shit" outside of their mainstream news shit-distribution-trough that even half the organic robotoids out here can smell isn't worth eating.  Hell, they can even use psychotronics to make you take a shit. That's because MK-ULTRA (by any name) is alive and well, and anyone who says otherwise probably gets paid to call truth bullshit, i.e. the inventors of the bullshit term "conspiracy theory" are the only ones whose bullshit is to be accepted as patent, self-evident shiny gold of truth.  This comes from the wonderful shitheads who came up with MK-ULTRA and flushed most of the evidence of their evil shit project down the toilet, perhaps just to see if anyone would give a shit (most don't).
   This is probably part of the reason people seem all shitty, no matter where they are in the bullshit political or religious spectrum, because they are being constantly programmed to accept, participate in, look the other way, or otherwise rationalize even the smell of shit that is really there, sometimes while half buried in it.  They even throw it at one another on queue for the stupidest of reasons dictated by the fake-stream shit media and culture which is caked all over the public mind. You can often see the shitbots going around fake coughing like their lungs are full of shit, or trying to suck out a piece of your aura by yawning like they're shooting a small melon out of their mouth in your general direction, often voiced loudly for emphasis, so you might get to see a glimpse of their e. coli-infested inner oral anatomy. They can often be seen revving the engines of their way obsolete vehicles so that it sounds like they're taking a loud shit, at any hour of the day or night in any neighborhood, because they don't just drive like shit, they sound that way.  They often have their cell phones attached to their heads, and their heads up their "fifth point of contact", so no wonder they can't sit down still without squirming around and twirling their foot like they might need to take a shit, or fling their arms around and make big bold gestures as if they are describing the size of the biggest pile of shit anyone has ever seen or smelled, which is usually falling out of their yawning mouth-abysses.  There is even such a thing as "shit humor" partly because of this.  But even they're somewhat sick of this shit, however, and sometimes can be found revolting against the Archons for shitting on them too much, but are usually just revolting because of failing to revolt for the most part... Visions of metaphysical human centipedes of corruption seem to make sense in a world populated but such coproidal termites because this shit has gone too far and it cannot be remedied except by flushing the whole damned world of it into the void. Void the old cosmic colon, one might say. Every other way of explaining this shit is self-contradictory, although to the Nous the stench is already self-evident.
Richard Pryor   Famous for shit humor. Made shit funny.  Funny shit.
Lord Shiva   "When the shit piles up too high, that's when I'm going to come in there and destroy all of that shit."
Dog  "Here's a nice place to shit".

Sunday, July 8, 2018

A (Wall of Ongoing) Economic, Political and Spiritual Considerations

Before I continue with the matter of criminology as I understand it, I would like to mention some matters on economics.  These two are very intimately related fields.  To understand economics outside of the context of history would be absurd, of course, and so to do so as though it were a rigorous science would be sheer folly, though there is a lot of legerdemain in place to obscure this fact.  Yet, that's exactly what people have done since Aristotle wrote the first known little work on the subject in the western world.  It reads more as an extension of the principles of his ethics, but it includs some notions which are empirically relevant to the modern day in quite a philosophical and ethical sense even apart from Aristotle's own take on the subjects.  Namely, that of slavery.  (as a side note of cultural relevance, notice how only Great Men had busts of marble made after them, or at least truly powerful men.  Not like today, where every doofus that can roll a blunt and then bounce his butt in a talent show thinks his grill should be on display to the public, but that's a matter of clown culture, this is economics).

The term indicates different things in different contexts.  Not so long ago, or actually a couple of decades ago almost, I remember putting together a desktop computer and learning how the components go together in the tower box.  I was putting in two hard drives, and one of them was to hold the operating system.  It was nominated by the BIOS as the "master" drive, and the other drive was nominated the "slave" drive.  That is a terminology borrowed from mechanics no doubt, where some components of a drive system transmit the energy, and those that receive that energy and convey it toward the systems where it does the "meaningful work" are the slave components.  Poetic in a way, since Aristotle considered mechanical engineers and practical mathematicians as slave-like professions.  He was speaking abstractly of course, but his views on those who were fit only to do menial labor were the root of his idea.  In essence, the "master" unit will convey the instructions which will be obeyed by the "slave" unit, no matter what sort of work or action is taking place, and those who "think toward a practical purpose" have their thoughts as it were "enslaved" by that purpose, especially if they are commissioned by others to do those things. They become, as it were, glorified tools.  

Sad to say, that has become concretely fulfilled in the present day with the intelligentsia of the large-scale war/intrigue/organized crime racket that has thoroughly corrupted the very fabric of society, let alone of the institutions that were bound by the laws of entropy to develop corruption relative to the honest, hard working "slave" cast.  You know, the ones who make all the toys that these gigantic evil brats are playing with while experimenting on the populace for covert punitive and "training" purposes.  This is nothing but a continuation of the post-war raketeering process overtaking the government through the defense industry "iron triangle" that formed between the military, the government, and select industries and sections or major players of industries in all areas of human action. "FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE" is their motto, which is the ONLY thing that could enable "MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN".    Just read between the lines of that technical gobbley-gook.  Reads like someone suggesting a hell of a lot more than he is "technically" saying. It's like someone just manufactured a highway-sized loophole and tacitly declared intent to use it "when necessary", which means whenever a certain set of rackets need special aid and comfort.


What else would you consider an open air Manhattan Project environment which is constantly treating of threats that can be traced to itself, albeit other evil actors also exist in the world.  AT LEAST THEY don't have access to systems of clout in every area of society as though they were the best and brightest of us?  As I said, compartmentalized, pervasive, and (fractally) distributed.  Making it efficiently and deceptively, coercively influential.  It is a de facto prison where corruption has commandeered the reigns of society in such a way as to try and have two roles accorded it simultaneously, that of warden and master, and that of superior and leader.  Both corruption AND virtue?  What else would one expect from metacriminals?  What would the "interconnectedness factor" of that arrangement appear as if it were illuminated in a time-elapsed format?  It would look like a hideous, parasitic, strangulating version of the "life form" interconnectedness aspects shown in this video.  It would look like one of these "domains" of human action getting "mastered" by a strangulating force.  It would look like an act of insidious aggression.

Aristotle's metaphysics entails a cosmos created by a Being whose only activity is to contemplate its own glorious essence for eternity.  This "prime mover" was the sought for goal toward which all the rest of existence was motivated, toward the ideal state of which it was "enslaved".  This is the "final cause" of any given entity's form, substance, and act.  Those who were most like this being in the human form were manifestly those most capable of thinking the thought that thinks itself, as it were.  Philosophers were naturally the most obvious members of this class of human beings, the species that Aristotle called the "rational animal".  Not unlike his latter day and modern analogues such as Hegel, it was a short stretch of the imagination to think that perhaps Aristotle, one of the chief philosophers of any age let alone his own age, was a sort of "God Man", or a form of the God in Man, or perhaps an actualization to some significant degree of something Godly in Man.  A fullness of actualization toward which men were bound to strive as long as they were men at all, whether they realized it or not.

Practical mathematicians such as mechanical engineers were not as noble as were meteorologists and astronomers in Aristotle's conception, who were not as noble as philosophers, who were not nearly as noble as the Prime Mover (a nearly heretical notion in Greece at that time if not carefully coached in metaphysical terms). If that's something of a fair paraphrasing of his views, I would have apologize for its appearing to suggest that he truly thought this way, because it seems to me he was simply trying to emphasize the sheer difference between reflective and rational self-awareness (not "awareness of the self", here) and simply being a hungrily motivated organic robotoid.  Even if there were some tones of class distinction per se, and there were, they were the backdrop of his considerations of the nature of the Noble in Man.  It was a simple fact of observation that not all men equally demonstrated various aspects of Man's Essence.  He held out that the nobility of the ruling class was exhibited truly only by a sliding scale of specimens in that class, which often were noble in name only. 

Just as someone who does something for its own sake is of a different caliber than someone who does it for a fee, as there is a wholly different objective driving their motivation in most such cases, so are there those who are simply left over from former ages when power structures were less "inherited" and more truly "inherent" in those who were able to manifest them, defending their own honor without need of the inertia of institutions far more vast in power and sovereignty than those who became its titular figureheads.  Not unlike the favorites these vestigial powers erected above those who were the lesser and middling or even high nobility (as inherited, mainly), the powers which simply formally represent the power structure were growing to become a simple outer form of an inner power, and if not outright envied and hated for their "cut out" nature, then if there be even a shred of genuine merit they would be hated and envied all the more, due to the insecurity and arrogance of those who are, by dint of the same fate, yet given to a lesser lot.

Rich men envy what they cannot buy, and those rich by nothing but dint of fate envy those who can do more and better without being declared noble by tradition per se.  Here these wretches confess the hollow worth of their own honors, for even when a king ever tried to do right by his country by appointing the appropriate merit to stations of noble power, they were resented enough to be confronted with rebellions merely on that count alone.  The state in its modern form, regardless of its constitutional peculiarities, will be found to be in all cases, in essence, the modern vestige of such "favoritism".  And the modern world is full of corrupt favorites of corrupt personages who front an authority over them truly possessed by those who are behind their hideously gaudy thrones.

As with his predecessors in this noble field, he was admired and hated.  Mostly he was admired by those who aspired to wisdom, and mostly he was hated by corrupt elements of the ruling class, comprised of wealthy, land-owning (and people owning) oligarchs and their priestly sycophants. This was the case in all times and places, and True Philosophers were always walking a line between their aspirations toward Sophianic Wisdom and the vile facts of a world whose authority structures were built mainly upon the inertial forces of acquired plunder unjustly distributed.  None of which would have been possible if not built upon the backs of a de facto and de re, if not de jure  or de dicto slave class.  A certain amount of contempt was held out to both ends of this corrupt spectrum of human actors by the thinker who thought that metaphysics (in its proper, philosophical sense) is the science that "God Himself" would conduct if He were to conduct a science.  Kant later recapitulated such a notion of "God's kind of thinking", if you will, by suggesting that it is an active and creative kind rather than that passive and receptive kind which a human's intellect manifests in relation to his senses.

Regardless of the any of those matters and their accompanying issues, I wouldn't have agreed with Aristotle in certain ways if he had thought that physical work was fundamentally ignoble.  This world and its material forms are base and ignoble, but the effort that a "rational animal" puts into making the most of his bodily condition in a world like this is as noble as he is.  Just as a corrupt idiot can occupy an office of great authority (take anyone in any office who doesn't respect Life, Liberty, and Property as inherent Rights), and any Great Man must still care for his own body and see to the necessities of life's problematic conditions, especially those involving at least his own purpose for facing another day of it.  He can't put this responsibility on anyone else, and anyone who does is truly and most fundamentally a lesser man.  The Great Man is his own Prime Mover.  But that doesn't make every busy body a Great Man, not by any means! 

 The US Code states that the following is a criminal offense:

18 U.S. Code § 1513 - Retaliating against a witness, victim, or an informant
(b)  Whoever knowingly engages in any conduct and thereby causes bodily injury to another person or damages the tangible property of another person, or threatens to do so, with intent to retaliate against any person for
(2)  any information relating to the commission or possible commission of a Federal offense or a violation of conditions of probation, supervised release, parole, or release pending judicial proceedings given by a person to a law enforcement officer
Twhether that's done only instrumentally or not, the principals can be identified and that through an assessment of the evidence pertaining to the crime (which I report openly to the public), by observation of the tactics used by the assailants and their methodologies of communication.  Not only that, but there is, through various counter-operations conducted on my own behalf against these malicious offenders, a means by which I have found evidence of even the kind of information being used to falsify portrayals of my character and person so as to facilitate misled persons into illegal actions on the pretext of a "just cause".  This is all conducted just as if in accordance with the handbook of psychological warfare operations concerning "irregular warfare".  These methods were developed after the fact of the crime while it was ongoing, and are not in any way productive of any false signals which might have initiated any well-meaning concern, which is shown by the criminal tactics of a malicious investigation by greedy, cowardly, and duplicitous individuals.  The fact that I seriously had to develop these measures and then, almost to my shock, found evidence of what I had til then only construed without much experiment, I found in a way that goes far beyond what can be determined by simple observation without experimental interactions. 

In any event, some room is allowed in law for competent authorities to find a parallel construction in a certain criminal act with what is described in the actual law as written, and to develop a remedy for that crime which is proportional in form and content to what the law covers more closely and directly in its letter.  The Spirit of The Law pertains to all instances however its letter may articulate the codification of recognized entities and their roles in acting within a Jurisdiction, and not only precedes but awaits as a latent and fullest potential of The Law's proper application.  With that parallel construction of a crime, there comes a further construction of the appropriate punishment.

... or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

And the motives behind the crimes which I do report being conducted against me do resemble the crime covered in this code.  And it is destructive of the norms of better judgement which should have been exercised by people who got "swept up" into these rackets.  They should have smelled something rotten in the state of Fifthlandia. In any event, their conduct is to be accessories to a crime, and their activities should be neutralized according to the remedies appropriate in the Title which describes the crime which is almost a perfect analogy to theirs, though the motives may be various or even petty.  Petty the motives may be, misled the accessories and their instruments, but the harms can be grave as these are also considered under that code:

(e) Whoever knowingly, with the intent to retaliate, takes any action harmful to any person, including interference with the lawful employment or livelihood of any person, for providing to a law enforcement officer any truthful information relating to the commission or possible commission of any Federal offense, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.

(f) Whoever conspires to commit any offense under this section shall be subject to the same penalties as those prescribed for the offense the commission of which was the object of the conspiracy.

When one considers that the public itself is what in essence creates its own law and order and chooses by various instruments to attain that, then one should be able to see clearly how any attack upon any member of the public who is operating in any way to augment its capability for being aware of any type of crime, especially any which are ongoing, and the investigation of which is clearly in the true interest of the true public, then those crimes are parallel to when a witness in a case which is being directly brought to the attention of a law enforcement officer or to the courts of law, or to the government (all of which are instruments of the public for the purposes of the upholding of law and order according to the mores of their culture but always as bound by the US Constitution), and should be treated as properly a form of the same crime. Just as when I might have to do harm in self-defense against a violent assailant, yet I must then report to the authorities the facts, which they must construe as to validity or dubiousness of my claims so that even I too may be charged with a crime (in whole or in part, whether as to disposition or proportionality of my acts), so TOO must those engaged in malicious acts of falsified national security and public safety endeavors who pretend to self-defense and defense of all of us ALSO account for their deeds and misdeeds openly and to the public.  That's precisely where they prefer NOT to engage me, because if the whole history of these actions were exposed it would lead to their being brought up on federal charges.

Entrapment works better when it is done covertly and over a long period of time as part of a clandestine operation, so that the manifest results can be converted into whatever sort of aftermath PR stunt that the entrappers want.  When one considers the methodology for irregular warfare and civilian military operations as explicitly outlined for use in "foreign countries", or when one considers its concept of "host populations" and other terms involving the agents and objectives involved in its operations, to include what is found described in the various agency operations manuals where the terms "foreign" and "adversary" are used, one can see that it takes only a slight tweaking of the correspondence of terms with real world actors, domains of action, and events taking place to see how this is a manual of operation which describes criminal acts on a mass scale, whether intranational or international, because the same methods and rhetoric are used for malicious falsifications of these operations so as to protect a racketeering process which has usurped their proper application as their own monopoly, the so-called DEEP STATE APPARATUSES.

At least it describes the forms which both a crime and a proper lawful act of self defense would both take.  "Our adversary" would be purported to mean one thing, as mischaracterized in instances relevant to the crimes of which I speak, and if the victims cannot be made to be induced to be "enemy combatants" in the true sense of the term through these evil means of entrapment, then they are simply to be framed as such when the opportunity is best.  Who is the subject of the term "our" is of interest here.  It is nominally the American People as represented by the institutions of their government and affiliated institutions, who here draft their concept through the DoD and DoJ elements involved, of how to defend the proper interests of the American People.  That is the nominal frame of reference.  But the way that this can operate as a cover to protect a racket which is ongoing and involved in corruption of DoD and DoJ, the USG, and the American People all at once, requires no stretch of the imagination, far less of one than the concept of "Mutually Assured Destruction" does to the strategic mind considering such scales of possibilities in a more catastrophic and sudden form. In this case, the operating agents of the system meant to protect the American People from crimes of fraud and violence which reach their greatest pitch in the event of war of some kind, themselves are the threat operating under the perfect cover.  Their harm to the interests these institutions are provided to defend is even more insidious than if they were truly and directly the result of some "foreign influence".  

This sort of racket can be conceived to be the simple result of corruption taking its normal and ancient course in any human power structure.  This is a pernicious influence on any society when it happens, even if its "operational manifestation" is limited to some meddling busybodies who think they are modern day aristocrats interested in the strange and criminal endeavor of "social engineering", which is best understood in its criminally relevant sense and not in its "entrepreneurial" sense.  It was these evil fuckwits who ran their different forms of harassment campaigns against people who for one reason or another were put on their "to fifth" lists.  It was farmed out under the guises of many fronts, to include many "social games" conducted by these "mystery fifthers".  People have lost their jobs, their livelihoods, their families, their parents, their children, their careers, their aspirations, their health, their dreams, and their lives to these organized and idiotic mobs of social falsifiers, organized under a multiplicitous metaracket that I've described elsewhere in plenty of detail. Only a numbskull or corrupt fool would fail to understand, for example, how the Federal Reserve System exists as a linchpin of this massive fraudulence.  The corruption associated with it, and extending from it, and feeding back into it, resembles the takeover of society by an alien force.

It was one thing to talk of "work" in all its varied senses before the advent of Newton and it is quite another afterword.  The advances in what can be done through technology have created a potential to allow each and every human being to live in health, comfort, and with all the attendant opportunities to find their own purpose in their own lives without anyone else's tinkering or attempts at management or "being boss".  This has been available to humankind for quite some time now.  What has history shown us that the busybodies and self-appointed aristocrats have been up to during all that same time?  Figuring out ways to suppress these applications of science and technology so as to truncate their availability in benign forms to anyone but themselves, funneling the humanity that had existed before into an even more glaringly abused and slave-like underclass.  Truly unneeded work made seemingly necessary, that's one horror, and it could have happened in any age.  But to ensure this to be a means of leverage that can be utilized on a mass scale to ensure the control of entire populations, of entire nations, is another scale of horror altogether.

I'm talking about rackets that have reached toward the heavens of human aspirations toward value and merit, honor and authority.  I'm talking about criminals who have naturally risen to the top of this corrupt heap, foisted over the masses who are, with each generation, "helped" by their glorified social worker elite to be more hobbled, more "differently enabled" to fail to even begin to discern the outer edges of the enslavement which has been foisted over them.  This is a continuation of an old project, of an old dream, of one class ruling so completely over another class that, even if they were once within the same species, they will seem to each other, and eventually to even the Prime Mover Itself, to be as though completely different forms of life.  What a travesty.  To hell with the fifths and their crusty and measly ignoble backers, who are truly the ones who need to get a fucking job.  And if the world can't get a grip on this reality, then it truly needs to be held up by its ankles by a Titan fit for the task, and shaken upside down until things fall toward their appropriate stations with respect to one another, because as things stand and have stood for some time, it is upside down.

I mean, what in the hell do people think they are doing, exactly, other than being career tools to these rackets when their "intelligence" is as fundamentally distorted by their methods and their dead spiritual eyes, just as were the mob who, hostile and evil in the first place, were the wretches who heard from Pilate these words:  Ecce Homo.  I think it is clear in the art representative of this event, which is spiritually real if not concretely and historically (as Rousseau said, "the [petty] facts do not matter"...)  Who do you think in this artwork represents the fifthers?  The cause fifthers?  You put people out of work, you put them out of their homes, put them out of their own social circles (which you often also destroy through subversion), put them on SSRIs and other horrific drugs, lead them to become "clients" of "non-profits" which all-in-all do not help those put through these conditions sometimes due to the demonstrable warfare operations being conducted not only so as to lead to these conditions for some, but to use these conditions as a weapon system to be directed at will upon whichever targets they choose, hurling their victims into a social lump "with the rest of them" which destroys not only their lives and livelihoods, but also their ability to interact with and influence others as these conditions also subvert the credibility and seeming or demonstrable merit of these people.  And the longer it goes on, the worse it gets.  And some of these involve the committing of crimes, not only the crime of putting these people into these straights as part of the schemes I mentioned which are severe, treasonous crimes, but also in that these circumstances BREED crime, and also the same guilty parties ABACK these metacrimes further instigate crime through these elements so as to cover their trail with plausible deniability supported by the "trash taking out the trash" doctrine.

Then what do they do when this becomes either so intolerable that it must be changed or else it has reached the limits of its covert warfare utility?  They put all of these instruments, tools, and victims of their crimes on the chopping block like they don't know where they even came from

 Literally, the same fiendish mob "lives" today, and they are the same tools they've always been.  The entire episode of "fifth humanity" has been one of vile, immoral ugliness.  Look in those fifth eyes and know the soul is uglier.  Regardless of what people believe about Him, there is a mythic aspect that transcends His account and grounds it, and there is the mythic aspect that is forced onto it and either is irrelevant to the reality, or usually the opposite of it.  At some point, there is a diabolical twist.  In this case it is the pretense that the betrayal of the fifth mob of the ancient days was benevolently construed in their favor as a Divine Commission to conduct a scapegoating sacrifice on their behalf , and that is the most idiotic thing one can imagine in light of the anthropologically and philosophically important aspects of the story, handed down by corrupt tongues and scribes over the millennia.  That has been better understood by more "secular" lights, who knew that what Christ was really about was opposing the falsehoods and the evil rackets of the Archons of the world.  Guess which side the mob had taken and always have taken.  They rather support criminals by permission (their own overlords and enslavers, such as Thrasymachus) or else they even prefer outright murderous and rapey neanderthals (Barabbas, a vulgar pseudo-hero).  

The fifth worldlings have made their choice rather definitively in the last 500 years once again, culminating in the final takeover of the United States of America under their ignorant, evil racket, especially in the last 100 years especially, keeping in step with technological processes that demonstrate both that "where there's a will, there's a way" and also "where there's a way, and there's a motive, there's an opportunity" and all that remains is an agent to do the deed.  The harm after the fact is demonstrable, but the problem is that the system that leads to this is thoroughly entrenched, and even fantasies that they may develop some 11th hour conscience (whatever the hell that's supposed to be worth) crumble under the realization that Justice delayed is Justice denied, in proportion as one has obstructed and delayed and denied Justice.  So all that would be accomplished is an acceleration of the inevitable, though it would be of some credit to some, but not to the whole.

Face it, one could just as well say "Ecce Homini".  Here are the people, the men, humanity.  Whatever you call them, most of what they suffer as evil in the world is permitted, condoned, and enabled BY THEMSELVES.  As if in a perfect fulfillment of IRREDEEMIBILITY, they continue to do the same evils to anyone who ever tries to even SEE what is going on, to include their own children, and themselves and each other.  What the hell makes them think they are "redeemed" or "redeemable" is BEYOND MY UNDERSTANDING because it is such a PROFOUND LIE.  It is simply to say something like fluoride is good for you, oh wait that was done already.  Thank you, Colgate University, ADA, and various other evil concerns, for already accomplishing the absurd.

Look at this video and tell me it doesn't resonate in some way with the message that I'm conveying: 

In that video's comment section there was an invitation by the channel director (since Youtube claims to be the owner of all content on it), and it requested people to comment and time index their references in the comment so that one could see a part of the video interpreted, and also so that one could see an idea concretely "read into" the video.  Good idea, so I overcame my pseudo-laziness and got to it and will do so until I've exhausted the material to the best of my ability.  Pseudo-laziness results from having too many ideas or impulses at once, or too many overall, which all seem equally compelling or plausible and therefore cancel out one's impetus in any given direction, giving the false sense of a lack of motivation.  One "doesn't know where to begin".  The best thing to do is either follow one's preferences or else just go in chronological order.  Here is where I started in that section:

0:16 World is shaped in a way subtly conducive to becoming a prison (cubical)

0:29 Dark City!

0:43 The Eye of the Pyramid of Power, the Tower/Eye of Sauron

0:49 It receives a dark influence from the Essence of Evil

0:54 Monoliths/Georgia Stones/Hollow Men Servitors channel that evil into a form (Archons)

0:58 Foolish and sleeping "everyman" (hylic man of matter) is easily programmed thereby

From there on out "humanity" is a farce, programmed through trauma and induced to accept various forms of fraud as normality. Slaves to their property rather than owners, they are managed more like trough animals than people.

1:32 Instant communications and covertly controlled internet and cell phone network topologies take over people's minds, as well as there are intimations of psychotronics

1:44 All the above, force multiplied by various social engineering schemes (to be indicated further throughout the video), lead to the adoption of forced and fake personas by people, both on and offline (as they were already developing in their other forms of dupery just mentioned). And "text neck" becomes an interesting side effect also seen throughout the video, where people are converted into various forms of dretchery and trollish deformity as a result of their involvement in cell phone culture and also their spiritual deformity showing through their posture and false personation of "normal, cool, hip" people. All this resulting in mass foolishness 2.0, technologically augmented! As usual, the Archons know how to wring the most out of their dupish slaves.

2:10 They "start em young". Always did, and now they do so with new augmentations, using all at their disposal under false pretexts so as to create soul-destruction as an occult industry for themselves, while the parents who betray their own innocent children are lured into the falsifications that act as fronts for this (false medicine, false economics, false politics, false interactions, false society, false authority, all of which is weaponized against them and their children).

2:17 Don't leave out another amazing inversion, the mental hobbling which passes for education. While Rousseau would have us understand education to involve helping a child reach maturity of mind so that their world is able to make sense to them, here we see that it is designed to ensure that what is wrong, confused and evil will SEEM to make sense to them, while they will be programmed to do senseless and evil violence to themselves and others. All the while, the perverts in charge (PICs) get off on it, and are well-funded by their dupes on the plantation, who launder this process by SUBMITTING THEIR CHILDREN TO IT.

To be continued. 


It has long been something I've noticed about intelligent, well-informed commentators concerning matters of profound importance (controversial to the usual suspects though they may be), such as Jeff Rense THAT they don't seem to be keenly aware, as I am all too painfully aware, that their communications over the internet are likely thoroughly SUBVERTED.  While that is a matter of interest per se, it fits into a larger picture concerning the proper Vocation of Man and its subversion through various VIOLATIONS OF TITLE 18 USC.

Look at this rather GROUNDBREAKING interview that Mr. Rense conducted with his guest, most expert on these matters, Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Ph.D.

After listening to that entire discussion, you will find that you are in another world, or have come into direct contact with one.  Not necessarily one unfamiliar to you, but not necessarily consistent with some of your comfort zones.  Nevertheless, everything they discuss is DOCUMENTED WITH EVIDENCE, to include what are tantamount to confessions by those INVOLVED in these controversial matters.  But it is a trite controversy, an insipid one, that will debate whether these matters do or do not involve violations of the Human Rights, American Rights, and The Constitution of the United States of America, and hence whether or not they are blatant, horrific, large scale violations of Title 18 USC with profound consequences for National Security, Public Safety, and the continued existence of a psychobehaviorally viable, that is a cognitively and morally viable, society.

Here are a series of comments I made on their discussion, which I am sure are whitelisted from their view, just as even if it weren't, their replies could have been whitelisted from my view (the less likely, as these two figures having this discussion are much more well-known to the public than am I).

"Haven't you ever wondered why you are still ON THE AIR? Haven't you ever wondered why you are still ON THE INTERNET? Guess what! Covert manipulation of internet topologies enable your message to be curtailed without your awareness (or anyone else's). DIG INTO THIS ASSUMING YOU GET THIS MESSAGE from my (PROBABLY) subverted internet node!
Using the LAW, and with a sufficient number of able-bodied men to SERVE it, I could roll up this idiotic racket in a week. The problem is that it isn't just these little local oafs running around acting like doofuses, but it has roots in counterfeited money based on falsified debt, war debt mind you (ultimately), and all this is funneled (embezzled) through defense initiatives based upon, as your guest says, motivated and thoroughly brainwashed mobs who buy any narrative fed them through even the most conventional means (mass programming methods without need of psychotronic augmentation). These are "triggered" by massive criminal acts that are, as it were, ritual murder in plain sight (9-11 etc).

With THAT in place, it is also PSYCHOTRONICALLY AUGMENTED, controlled by UTTER PERVERTS in a hierarchical chain of evil pseudo-spirituality.

So it might take MORE than a week to get their butts to fit into a box with "Title 18 USC" stamped on the side, eh?

So what happens when all THAT is true, AND your internet node is subverted both through direct hacking (structural level hacking distributed throughout the internet) and also through Man In the Middle Attacks. The history is well-understood ENOUGH by you and your guests, why do you not seriously consider this logical, necessarily likely danger?"

These people are involved in a racket, existing on all scales and in all aspects of human action, highly subversive and criminal, very immoral, and utterly, disgustingly effective against most people.  This racket could normally be rolled up in a week on the level of the "local participants", whose cowardly deeds are trite in most cases but can be effectively coordinated so as to covertly destroy people.  Just because I identified it accurately, both its causes and its effects, both in its essential being and the attendant, necessarily ubiquitous phenomena in everyday life stretching back through the annals of history of human thought and action, that doesn't mean it wasn't intended to subvert me and THROUGH THAT ALONE, destroy me.  One cannot, upon proper investigation of these matters, expect that there are enough "good men" alive right now to clamp down on such a massive "conspiracy against all life".    Such worlds which engage in such evil actions, become hell before they end up there, and not just for the scapegoats who, rarely but sometimes, can expect a consolation from beyond the reach of the pseudo-world and its accomplices.  Even without their current knowledge of human neurocognitive and other neurobehavioral aspects, even without psychotronic applications of that knowledge being possible, people have no excuse for drowning themselves and their children in 5G.  They also have no excuse for failing to notice the key principals who are operating behind the fragmented facades acting as a front for their racket which illegally converts already existing (and often dubiously constructed) forms of social influence into becoming weapons of social engineering rackets.

But in several places in the discussion, Mr. Rense insists on trying to understand what is the overall MOTIVE and PURPOSE of this plan, and he admits that the human capacity to self-regulate is crippled (in general, but I discern that he must mean also in terms of managing the injustice of his current predicment).  And this confounds him.   It does NOT confound me, as I have explained the complete aetiology of this monstrosity, abberation, and perversion that DARES pretend Divinity, Authority, Meaning, Value and Virtue.   The "metaponerology" has been constructed according to the Duties of my Office.  It has been my Honor and Pleasure to Judge this World, one which I first approached in Innocence and Good Faith, to make sure (among other methods), that I was the World's Defender, allowing it thereby to undermine its own case on its own behalf, against any claims of confusion or distortion on my part. 

They are operating under the impression and under the implicit pretense that they have the right to conduct themselves as if they were applying THIS MANUAL OF OPERATIONS on American soil as though it were a necessary case of the "foreign adversary" having gotten here, sometimes in "homegrown" forms.  Yet this is a perfect description of they who direct this absurd crime against anyone they target for any reason, just as long as they can "sell" it to each agent compartmentalized into its deployment as legitimate.  How can anyone not see that this is blatantly the case, and that this is the ultimate con, and that it is going on right now with ubiquitous effects in this country and the world?  This is their supposed "job", and they have their evil, truly clandestine acts laundered through their operations pretending to operate lawfully and innocently, and by the manifested norms which permit them to L.A.R.P. in this manner, are thereby actually being permitted to pretend to do so and get paid handsomely to do so.  Look at the distribution of guilt from that perspective.

In the context of this racket, which is CWO and IR by definition, although they claim "civil" identities as being their official cover, can literally conduct these operations as if  they were of national security importanceThe reason is that they are, at minimum, training for these purposes and have been given some room to do so on American soil by false legistlation or false applications of valid legislation. This is all part of the same racket going back no less than since the Whiskey Rebellion, but in essence before that to John Dee and his ilk, so that rule by both sides could be established as a permanent drama of the American government and military, and hence political culture (the former produce the latter in a stronger way than the latter produce the former). It goes back way further than that as a methodology of social control, no doubt to before recorded history since as soon as history is being recorded it tells of its precursor realm as being rife with, sometimes near mythical dramas of the same sort fairly ruling over the fates of men and women and their societies.  It is a history and prehistory of control through force, and through influence backed by force, no matter how much fraud is included in the effort beyond that.  It must be said that this is not they way true brethren would treat one another unless it is in the nature of humanity.  

And I say that it is.  It is the modern science on the subject which speaks for me.  It is the very methodologies of thought that they call "heuristic" thinking that faithfully assembles those facts of the world into a proper knowledge "structure" (heuristic governing system), and is the same methodology used by scientists to investigate the causes of well-specified phenomena in the world.  The only problem with the subject I have chosen for study is that it is very socially networked, very politically motivated and often thoroughly manipulated by a handling system of social influence under false pretexts (or under true pretexts then used as cover for committing these  Stassi-style criminal acts in plain sight).  In order to conduct these operations, most of the "objects" of my study or the "subjects" to use their oft-whispered terminology, is that they do a lot of acting in their roles.  They are not simply "acting" their roles, but they are both "acting as" their roles (due to a lack of proper merit or contentual motive or even substantive authority, hence merely "acting as" as in "as if"), and they are acting purely "as if", which is to say pretending without even the actual official badges of authority to even act as cover.  But either way, whether they are a principal, accomplish, accessory, or pure and unwitting unicorn instrument to this racket, they are falsifying that much of the law, institutions of authority pertaining to merit and virtue, and defiling the world in which they and their children will be embedded as future sufferers of the consequences that necessarily  descend from that corruption.

All it takes is a fairly well-adjusted normal person with limited knowledge of the facts, limited resources and time, and perhaps a dose of mediocrity and dash of low self-esteem, to have a perfect dupe.  I don't know this from experience, but from study of the subject and realizing the implications. This has been partly assisted, greatly assisted, by the aforementioned methodology which involves a heuristic of analysis to concrete facts that allow me to see much more behind them than would normal eyes with blinders on them.  Take one of these ones, and him a cell phone, give her a cell phone.  Give them a computer with an internet connection.  You've got instant communication established between most relevant parties.  The system is completely asymmetrically distributed in favor of protecting the privacy of those who administer over it for purposes of  "IO", information operations to augment "PO", psychological operations.  These are then focused in a distributed, pervasive and compartmentalized "influence campaign" to impugn an individual through malicious investigations of him and his, so as to mobilize the nasty "mob" element in human nature in a steady state "scapegoat" culture that keeps the attention of the population misdirected except for purposes assigned to them by the racket conducting this operation, which includes maintaining the economic structure within assigned parameters (likewise engineered for this purpose, just look at the dupes who fell for the effects of the real life monster descibed in The Creature from Jekyll Island). 

Keep in mind that all institutions which are manipulated in this racket have pretexts and pretenses that lend them credibility in part, or as wholes, but also enable them to act completely as a racket (FED and its "boom bust" protection racket) or else partly as one with really excellent covert (FBI malicious investigations conducted as part of COINTELPRO-type operations).  The former use the latter as reinforced cover, both physically and psychologically.  They are still instruments of the principal agents behind the scheme, who seem quite skilled at extortion on many scales and in many forms.  So therefore one can see that this project and its willful agents are operating so systematically, on such a scale, that it sure as hell can't be "an accident" nor a "bad apple in the bunch".  In this context it is necessary to re-evaluate any propaganda interests which pump out tripe to the contrary by eliciting our notice of dramatic stories which operate to illustrate analogies to the structure of our actual world, whilst putting into these dramatic displays personae which do not have even 1/10th of a relation to the real world analogues as they would pretend.  People who have been subducted into this racket "are not John Reese".  Nor are they Harold Finch.  Come to think of it they aren't anybody in this series, as even the extras do a better job of "extra-ing" by a factor of about 10.  Why didn't someone "John Reese" the wonderful Jeffrey Epstein's island, which isn't even mentioned by Wikedpedia.

Although there are some world-shaking shifts in the status quo.  I'm curious how far such shifts can go before they upset some fateful encounter with a very irritable dragon.  If they don't do that, then that will be precisely what marks it as only a show effort.  It is a move in that direction.  Human Rights violators deserving condemnation is one thing, making sure they properly receive it is another.   Dignity is not a "natural resource", it is what stands against the backdrop of a hostile world, and which requires the defense of Virtue and that means both moral and cognitive competence.  There is no Honor in anything short of this, and this is the substance of what Nikki Haley declared to be the Spirit of this action.  This is the Spirit if and only if it continues to act just as if Eternity were not enough time to ensure an outcome 100% in accord with its intent.  With this Obligation comes the Duty of Eternal Vigilance.  This would break down if, in any way, it were tantamount to a mere spectacle (in proportion to the substance it purports being deficient with the image portrayed).  One wouldn't want to be like the EU and simply take from one hand and give to the other.  

Further "Real World" Implications   

The question becomes for those numb to the matter or at least such culpable citizens of the public so as to be utterly ignorant of it, as to whether or not in fact one cannot conduct a just criminal accusation at law against the principals or at least a civil suit for negligence on the part of law enforcement authorities concerning the extensive wide berth, and from various sources of evidence well-attested, likely direct involvement in (if not the chief principals of) the crimes involved here, though likely in most cases as a negligent and even downright incompetent facilitator (which are not light offenses in themselves, certainly worth more than a slap on the wrist).   I've mentioned the Federal Statutes which apply, and they are certainly well-founded on the Constitution.  And their applicability to these crimes is dead certain.  But what of the ramifications of such a state of affairs in a country (and more generally of the world, see Mundi Omnicriminalibus?  The ramifications are such that one cannot reasonably expect calling down the law on those involved, as their actions are directly tied to corruption in law enforcement and in the government.  There is already a bottleneck on what gets taken seriously by courts, so that this will likely be easily a means to further subvert and obstruct justice by those already expert at such action, highly motivated already and now all the more so, and with the perfect opportunity to continue as they have already for so long.

Those with a view that the current events in politics which amount to a demonstration of a polarity severe enough to enable the local rackets to have a polarized characteristic are mislead into believing that there is not a metaracket which is happy to play both sides already, and that it will continue to do so regardless of the changes in political polarity, which can be operated as a theater of distraction just as easily now as it ever has, current issues being thrust into the face of the duplicitous and gullible public being any sign of things.  And they are very much a sign of things, as they are, as they have been, and as they will be for the utterly foreseeable future.  Hence my discussion of a philosophical, a scientific eschatology which foretells rightly, predicts with certainty, that these events will continue to occur unabated in such a way that the entire system of the world, as a whole and in each part, must be assessed in the scales of Justice in a way that must surely lead to a grim fate for the world, one which Arthur Schopenhauer, for all his preeminent understanding of this aspect of the world's evil condition, seemed both unable and unwilling to face it all the way through so as to see that the world was even worse than he had conceived, and he conceived it both on the grounds of the empirical evidence of both his time and of history taken together (of which he was a true expert surveyor), and also on the grounds of the philosophical acumen he brought to the study of the world and the history of the philosophy concerning it which enabled him to weigh in properly on the long running debate and concern by philosophers and many other leading lights on matters humane whether or not the world were a place that were even worth treating as something worth enduring, let alone praising.

And he thought it was, at the rate he was able to examine it and face it, the worst of all possible worlds.  I'm saying that it is worse than he was willing or able to know.  He thought that the evil of the world received its just due, and that even the "innocent" were guilty of the crime of appearing in this place (he said by birth, but what does it matter the means of entry to this domain?).  He could console them only in saying that they weren't actually innocent, so the evil done to the least culpable is just as much what they deserve, and everyone else deserves exactly whatever they get as well, which I'm sure Schopenhauer would think would be in proportion as they didn't even consider upholding their own pretenses of considering people innocent at all as they often claim, or at least innocent before the law, and also pretend to be law-abiding in that respect. I suppose sometimes, in his view, a poetic justice would apply which no one noticed. It would probably least of all be noticed  by those least deserving of coming in contact with it, who are usually unable to shake the sense that in this world the most innocent suffer the most and the most corrupt and evil not only get away with their crimes, but live long, jubilant, honor-clad lives. 

 Neither are served Justice, unless the world is as evil as Schopenhauer seemed to have thought, so that innocence was really just a pretense, and corruption and evil are simply nature taking its course.  To hell with such a world is what I will say.  And it IS hell.  In her astoundingly good book Evil in Modern Thought, Susan Neiman brings Schopenhauer's thoughts into the discussion to find that in certain subtle ways that were uncharacteristic of him to have missed, he seems to have faltered in reasoning consistently on this matter.  In my exploration of his essays and other works other than his main works, I've noticed he possessed a tendency to combine brilliant sensitivity awareness and delicacy thought to literally every matter of importance in human life, yet at times would round out his erudition with poetic evasions of certain matters that he seemed to instinctively avoid gazing into, matters which were exactly to the point of his whole endeavor, viz. the nature of the world, of man, and of reality as such, and what is to be made of all of it as to meaning and significance.

Otherwise, he seems to consider justice vanity rather than inevitable, because no one pretends to believe that simply being  born is a sufficient condition for inflicting upon such a being the "worst possible world" so that even their innocence is an illusion. Technically it is claimed by Schopenhauer that it is not the worst possible world, because that would be if those who were subjected to that world through birth (or other entry) into it were actually innocent.  I say he's simply evading the matter in a twist of wit that leaves the reader to ponder the deeper ramifications.  For surely a world without even any innocence at all in it is THE WORST possible world for those still within it, whereas for the Truly Innocent it would be the only possible relation to that world which could truly improve it for them, namely, to be not in it.  Yet Schopenhauer edged toward as much of a realization as his systemic study of the matter could without directly admitting it. I simply take his marvelously brilliance to its fullest completion.  Schopenhauer seems to have something in common with King Solomon on this point, but doesn't have the hope of a metascale on which these matters are handled, and trusted that the world was what was considered within the scope of his examination of it.  I have to disagree with him.

And in that capacity, I say that it will not end in a simple and quite oblivion for the criminals of the world nor the criminal world as a whole, just as it hadn't been a simple and peaceful existence for the innocent that they scapegoated under the rug of their complacent self-indulgence, if not their more direct participation in the heinous crimes which abound.  Rather those will be punished, if not through the application of human law, then through the application of The Law Itself, which will be brought down on this world from the crown of its authoritative-seeming apex to the core of its dingy and more truthful dungeons.  That is the Justice which actually grounds Reality as Such, not the flimsy idea of justice that Schopenhauer thought cosmically applied.  He was in the Right Spirit otherwise, however.  Can we blame him for not wanting to take to an exponential completion worse in its truth than he was already exponentially more willing to examine and face than his fellow humanity, perhaps at any age?  

I can, if he thinks to be the apex of philosophical realization.  I think he might not begrudge me, but then he might, and in that case he'd get all sanctimonious about accusing me of the accusation he had accepted from someone, somewhere, that he is guilty at birth in some way, fundamentally guilty for his being in some way.  I say that would be his own confession, and I doubt he would be public about a confession that was as truthful as the one I have put forth, as he would think to himself that it was an absurd futility.  But so is the world, in that case, so what is the real loss?  It is the fulfillment of philosophy to face such a truth even while being willing to examine and face the facts of the world which lead to its being deduced.  And so on the alter of philosophy I would sacrifice either his squeamishness or his lack of true merit where such should have been driven home were he quite the genius he seems to have, in some respects, thought himself to be, and by all other counts certainly was. 

I think it must have been cowardice that urged Schopenhauer to reach that utterly strange stagnant assessment of the world, and that it is incompatible with this thought except where it comports with much eastern philosophy and religion, and quite a bit of western religion in the area of Christianity, since in these cases such cowardice (expressed as self-abnegation) are consistent with his theory that the only sensible course of the enlightened man is to despise the will to live which, as Schopenhauer might have said "essentially puts all of us, including the least vile, through this".  He even took this line of thought to the point of suggesting that the violent act of a will to live which leads to suicide or to an otherwise preventable death represents taking the easy way out of a deserved punishment!  That seems a silly thought.  Especially in that he was known to support a person's right to such an act if he should desire to do so, such as when the pains of life by too far a measure outweigh the pleasures, or so that in some other way it seems not sufficiently worthwhile as to stave off a will to, if I may point out, is just as much a self-abnegation as a self-affirmation in any phenomenal sense of the word which is in some properly congruent relation to the world toward which it is partly a response. 

While it is quite insulting that Schopenhauer would dare slink back into such a dismal view of others who were born innocent whether he was or anyone else was or not, it certainly isn't the way people treat infants now is it?  Not publicly, at least.  Certainly much ado is made of their innocence, and excuse those who pay more than lip service to the idea for being insulted by Schopenhauer's wilted judgement at this point.  But what is also insulting is the belief that Justice which is literally attacked and destroyed by the world's institutions which are supposed to uphold It, that such will be served by them within that world where their authority has amounted to nothing if not cover for the perfect injustice.  In that case, the only likely source of Justice is from beyond that world, and it will have the exact caliber needed to address any degree of injustice of which any world is capable, even the worst of the worst.

Notable Features of Modern Culture  

Modern society, as it has been in the last 300 years since Leibniz and Newton, has advanced in terms of its ways and means for obtaining satisfaction of human needs and wants, and the racket is alive and well which is and has been involved with covertly redistributing such discoveries so that their asymmetrical development and application redounds to the benefit of Old World powers and their New World extensions.  The narrative of the this racket is simple, continue doing what has always worked before, and make it more efficient.  Development of the infrastructure that supports this modern day peonage has been carefully doled out over the many decades, as have the narratives of national and international conflict which have been strategically arranged to reinforce a falsification of the public mind so that the rackets that are thereby supported go on either as if they don't exist, or as if they are just... extensions of the way it had always been.   These evil developments are for many easy to ignore until the very day that some aspect of their effect falls squarely upon the heads of those who otherwise feel, as did their ancestors, that they've "never had it better".  At least in the former times evil came up to you and demanded you to account for your views about something, and if you didn't have the right answer, it made an example out of you.  Now it covertly extends its reach of influence far beyond the days of the various inquisitions.

The modern world pretends that things are according to the plans of their various gods, or as their biology tends to strongly and instinctually recommend, to view them as "normal".  The status quo is as it has always been, though all of its contents and the slant of its various forms of effect may change dramatically.  The important thing to note about its power and therefore its significance, is that those who are under its spell, whatever its window dressing, do not believe that there is a meaningful or proper alternative.  Those who do, understand it to be beyond their reach because they also understand that the status quo and the masses of imbeciles that support it and condone it (or are even oblivious to it) stand squarely in the way of any real progress.  Worse, they are often glad to fidget and fuss, bicker and fight, stew and protest about many secondary, or even relatively idiotic trifles, filling the social environment with the shit they disturb for no good or genuine cause, with the result that any meaningful changes to the status quo are bottlenecked out of existence even as possibilities, smeared into background of the confusion thus generated, and even falsified and distorted so as to either be considered red herrings or extremist fascinations or delusions. 

As this racket has built itself up and made itself more and more efficient and difficult to assail, even difficult to acknowledge (like the trick of the devil's nonexistence), it has managed also to increase the degree and multiply the forms of its infiltration into the minds of not only the masses and specialized groups of people engaged in their focused endeavors, but it has even gotten to the point of colonizing the mind of the individual, finding any individual that it deems worthy of its attentions and forcing itself upon them in myriad ways, all while the cover story that passes for the events which take place continue to screen people's awareness that they have even been colonized and dominated as a whole in the first place.  This allows an automatic dynamic of distortion to result due to the forces of ignorance and cognitive dissonance, so that the resulting gestalten suggest to these vulgar minds (of which there are far to many now by sheer weight of numbers, as well as preponderance) that they are the ones who are healthy, sane, and free.  The individuals who ever dare to be the exceptions to this delusion are then easily referenced to these complicit partakers of the status quo delusion as being somehow derelict, deviant, strange, wrongful, perverse, or simply wretched failures who cannot cope with "normality".

All the while, the massive ship of fools continues to drift on.  And while the struggle to maintain its structure and function is a task awarded to the lemmings of talent and energy who may happily take those tasks on behalf of the controllers of the ship, the only thing the controllers of the ship care about really is maintaining their conditions on it relative to any other conditions available.  The  consequence is that they always have the initiative over any groups operating under their surveillance, at their behest,  under their influence, and hence under their dominion.  Total control is achieved compared to the freedom which should have been possible, and which is still falsely sold to the masses through the cultural programming tools ever-available to the manipulation of the controllers.   The raw forms of these manipulations are seen throughout history, and are not new.  Those who control the weapons and the gold on behalf of everyone are the ones who can use those powers to keep anyone and everyone in line.  Your play, your book, your very words have been, for the most part throughout recorded history, as likely to get you deemed an enemy of the king, the state, the people etc as to bring you any good fortune.  And the fickle transformations of these tendencies are obviously generally kept in favor of the powers that benefit from and therefore have a strong interest in controlling them.

But just look at what has happened since the 1950s.  What used to pass for a scary story is now quaint.  The run of the mill involves, decade after decade, enhanced degrees of violence, gore, perversity, and other demonstrations of the evil twists of mind that are favored by the monstrous beings who have generated this influence, to include the foolish people who paid their share of their being fostered so much that the status quo, once again, has accepted into it trough the swill that is now to be taken as normal, even passe.  Monster movies from the 1950s were one thing, and the very power of the cinematic format was just getting into first gear as well, so both the degree of influence and the degree of its being made evil were both very mild by comparison to the 1960s.  But just go thirty years forward to the 1980s and there is a total shift from Bela Lugosi's Scared to Death, to William Malone's Scared to Death of an entirely different sort.  And what has happened around that time is that movies which explicitly worship evil violence were breeding like a virulent disease ever since that time all the way til now.  The internet has also gotten into the act, of course.  Once it is accepted to entertain something, that acts as a sort of cantilever for increasing the stability of further encroachments which can be readily disguised as merely extensions of what has already passed muster as a part of the status quo.

Of course it matters that these things happen in this way, because it says a lot about what people will allow to become normal, but it also matters because it highlights the force with which this normality breeds its own directions of influence without regard to any reference points outside of its evergrowing preponderance of effect as it fills up the public discourse both objectively and subjectively, filling up the venues of human action with its content and also filling up the minds of the human agents who participate in it.  It is no doubt that was with a sense of this pernicious influence which has been called by some "hypernormalization" that many intelligent people have recognized, in various mixtures of astonished despair and bemused disdain, that perhaps even culture itself is a racket, or as one once said, "is not your friend".   In looking at the weaponization of some of its content in the form of grey propaganda in the unfinished series I have been writing called Propaganda of Interest, I was focused on just one item, and along one axis of its relevance to the mind control psyops that dare pretend they have a rightful place on any country's soil in any world. 

These despicable insults to the Rights and Dignity of Man go on throughout the culture, throughout the society, in one for or another, in all nations on Earth.  Indeed it was necessary to break away from the issue of the TV series called Person of Interest in order to focus back upon the essence of law and criminality.  In that process I have been led back to examine the pervasive reach, the extensive array of forms, of evil as such.  In that process I encountered, to my surprise, a rare and true genius who dared to face as squarely as he could these horrific aspects of the reality here that passes for a world. And in reviewing the ongoing commentary by many on the internet who are also witness to various facets of this monstrosity of real life that passes for a civilized culture, I was led back again to the specific phenomena of specific elements of this society's ongoing degeneration, especially in the realm of "entertainment".  I would say that this aspect of culture is not one whit better than the games and circuses of the Old World emperors, and several times more rank and vile. 

Some Ramifications of Cultural Programming in the Age of Brain Science

Over the last 300 years, anatomy, biology, and neurology have grown by leaps and bounds, the progress of which could be measured in some consistent correlation with developments in scientific methodology as augmented by incremental and always dazzling improvements in mathematical science both theoretical and applied, and concomitant improvements in technology which enable all of these developments in science to be more focally applied to phenomena of interest, whether they be the nature of matter at its most fundamental layers of existence, or of human behavior in the ways of most peculiar to the species.  Especially, that is to say, of its cognitive and moral aspects.  I use those terms broadly enough so that by "cognitive" I mean any form of intelligent problem solving, in the service of any goal whatsoever, whether it be about how to navigate around an object or whether it be to study the processes of the thinking itself which is directly involved in comprehending the "meaning" of such an object.  The term "morality" applies to the entire scope of motivated action, but reaches the pinnacle of its special significance for us when we consider it in its strictly ethical sense of deciding what ultimately matters, and how best to go about such actions as redound upon those ultimate considerations.

It can be seen immediately that these terms, as I use them, strongly overlap.  But the cognitive aspect, as with the moral, of the human mind, have at their core an intuitive, qualitatively operant  dimension that exists at the root of being human in the essential sense, not merely in the senses that can be found articulated through the material world and its bodies.  One must have an inherent, ontologically generated sense of what IS in the sense of IS REAL and IS GOOD, and one must have these in the first place, all bodily forms aside, so that in any universe of expression of the essence of a being it is possible to coordinate those inherently essential aspects of the being with the world of other beings in which it would be interactive.  These are not "emergent" properties of matter, but "matter" is the residue of these active operations of beings in interaction with one another, or else any phenomenal expression would be redundant and inexplicable.  

Of course the methodology of science seeks to understand the interstices of the interactions of beings, considering that it is the publicly accessible and "objective" domain.  Not only that, but the interested powers who gain from the developments in science and technology find all their racketeering leverage in precisely that domain, since they have no metaphysical access to the private sovereignty of any other being (indeed, they've sold out any that they themselves had to their "higher powers").  In order to coerce others to comport with the agendas that they want to put forth into the world, so as to fit into the regions of what they deem acceptable, they have to use methodology and technique which give them the necessary leverage required to at once place their stamp on the public mind and its conditions of existence all the while using that as a platform across which to ever steadily and ever more efficiently invade and colonize the individual. 

For this to be applied toward their ideal, there must be a science even to this activity in itself.  We are not talking about spurious talent found conducting various acts of charlatanry in the streets of ancient
 Cerrato, but we are talking about those who have become the world class experts in this sort of conduct, building not only their own civilization around it, but learning how to keep it sustainable within any given civilization that they may infest like the evil termites that they are.  They are the Archons of Gnostic lore, and they are an ever-present aspect of this world's "humanity".  They are a class of beings who range in their function within the "hive" which manifests as their collective identity, and their methods are a direct parallel to that seen in any life form which operates as a parasite and also maintains such a collective cooperation of action.  They have their ruling class, as I have just been describing, but this class cannot exist without its stable of gophers and turnkeys, henchmen and lackeys.  And those form its middle class.  Who are its peasants except the dupes who everywhere live their lives as if nothing abnormal were going on?

Even as I have outlined the progress of the scientific methodology which assists in their creation of their stable parasitism, I have yet not driven home the significance of this aspect quite enough.  In fact, I cannot go far enough and also capture the sense of what they are doing to ensure their evil existence, because if I were to accomplish that, most who would encounter what I have to say would wish that I would just write a movie script or a novel, probably in the genre of science fiction horror.  And that's an aspect of the hypernormalization of these processes which I have been pointing out.  People are numb to the reality which is foisted over them if its cultural representations program them not to take it seriously but rather to view it as, in essence, lighthearted distractions from the serious business of life!  Once that sort of process is inflicted upon a population of minds, what can be done behind that as a screen is in some domain of cases tantamount to what can be done in plain sight

There is research that has been conducted on human beings since long before it was done by the scientific method in an explicit form.  The arts of enforcing the dominion of the monarch over the rest of his society (who are his main enemies, by the way, and vice versa), were in long development, and represents the core monopoly on charlatanry which establishes that all others who break into this domain of evil action must either pay the price by becoming a competition he must squelch, or else serve him in some capacity that may be anything from being a handled agent of his on various precarious limbs of plausible deniability for the monarch or else his personal fool in some capacity, often on public display in some form and acting simultaneously as an intelligence node. (Special not:  what an irony in that case, but one which is NOT true in my case, as  I am exactly what I have openly declared myself to be to the public, both in person and in private, as well as in person and in public, as well as on any platform upon which I can rightfully obtain access.  I cannot rule out that these platforms, and the public itself, may be too fundamentally subverted so that it is impossible for meaningful traction to occur, or else it is at least the case that I am "out of phase" with what counts for "my times").

Well, brain research has come a long way since the days of drilling holes in people's heads in the Hopital General or other such ghoulish places. Gottlieb Burckhardt is one notable sick puppy who may be called the father of modern psychosurgery.  That is, surgery on a person's brain which is intended to either effect a cure for or relieve symptoms of some psychological/psychiatric diagnosis of "mental illness".  It's neurosurgery if it is relevant to an actual, physical disease located on, in or about the brain, but here we are talking about what is done to someone when their behavior has been decided to be abnormal in a "clinical" sense, and it is then labeled as the symptom of a problem that their brain is having functioning correctly, or within parameters of what is acceptable according to the norms and mores of the social microcosm in which this person has the misfortune of being surrounded.  If that doesn't have the makings of a blatant extortion racket, then I don't know what the hell does.  They've gotten very far in their research to how the brain actually functions, enough to know that while it may have certain features in common across all human beings in a gene pool or across gene pools, it is still the case that each brain is fundamentally unique in ways that best capture the facts of their individuation within their own lives and under the conditions specific to them.  The theories and methods which are used to capture any sense of "abnormality" which involves the behavior of persons has been thoroughly debunked on both philosophical and scientific levels of analysis.  Whether to deny the will of the individual in his identity and his own behavior in the world, or whether to assert some false notion of what normality is by which to compare the individual, psychiatry and clinical psychology are in fact FAILED SCIENCES.  Their only function is to manage people that the metarackets find inconvenient for their purposes.  Look at the conspiracy of evil which disguises itself as "helping people" just on these flimsy bases they use for using medical jargon and methods misapplied from medicine for their dark purposes, central to which was the famous miscreant, Egas Moniz:

Moniz hypothesized that surgically removing white matter fibers from the frontal lobe would improve a patient’s mental illness. He enlisted his long-time staff member and neurosurgeon Almeida Lima to test the procedure on a group of 20 patients, mainly with schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression. The surgeries took place under general anesthesia. The first psychosurgery was performed in 1935 on a 63-year-old woman with depression, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, and insomnia. The patient experienced a rapid physical recovery, and two months later, a psychiatrist noted that she was calmer, less paranoid, and well oriented. In the first set of surgeries, Moniz reported a total of seven cures, seven improvements, and six unchanged cases.

But they have managed still yet to develop studies of and evidence for a high degree of correlation between brain function and human behavior (outward and inward), so that even the minutia of a persons cognitive infrastructure is being consistently mapped out so that, whether the brain is the cause or the effect, its detailed operation as the necessary concomitant with any behavior of the human mind is being firmly established in detail (and that is just one example, there are many). With infrastructures and covertly developed instruments with capabilities for invasive detection and influence upon the various cell groups and tissues of the human body, it is only a matter of time before sufficient resolution of information and propagation of energy will be developed so that, in real time, people's very core actions vis-a-vis their bodies can be aggressively attacked or subtly influenced without either their knowledge or permission, all under a giant blanket of falsified pretexts of all kinds, not limited to but also including the psychiatric/pharmaceutical/defense industry complex and its networks woven all through societies wherever they have direct influence.  And where they don't, you can expect unjust wars to be sold to society so as to lead them to allow the mass rape of those places, so that such infrastructures can be forced upon them.  Or if they have their own already, so that they can be usurped from them so as to allow one unified control grid, worldwide, so that there are no foreseeable threats to their racket in time or in space, at least not within the parameters sufficient to be described as a "world".  Namely, this one, with its 197 some odd countries most people seem unable to locate more than 5 of on a map. 

If these processes continue as a result of people's unwillingness to face reality, then it is only a matter of time before they will continue even further, and then as a result of their incapability to face reality, as those brain centers involved in that process will be well-defined and covertly regulated by that point.  As the title byline for the movie Scared to Death (1981) tells us:  "If you're frightented of the unknown... wait until you face reality!"

Evil Ontological Vicissitudes Necessarily  Accompany Evil Worlds

Susan Neiman's scintillating work "Evil in Modern Thought" (2002), which is truly a work worth building an upper division course on philosophy around, or even a capstone course, surely hasn't gone unnoticed by philosophers, let alone by professors of philosophy who in some measure actually are worthy of the title in deed.  In it she produces evidence to us about how evil and its relation to us and our world is understood by great philosophers who are definitely members of the modern era of its pantheon as recognized by the academically extant tradition of philosophy mainly concerned with them.  That world does not include only professors of philosophy, though they may often be the most qualified to speak on that specific aspect of philosophy, that is its academic and institutionally promulgated study thereof.  

But a professor is only one part of that establishment, and he is hired by it to promulgate the meaning and significance of certain ideas which it is philosophy's proper and rightful business to be concerned.  Matters to do with the nature and condition of the world and humanity's place in it.  That is what it purports to seek to understand to the best of his honest ability. And if he is able to do that, then he can possibly produce for the benefit of many people the kind act of his sage advice, as many an individual can learn of things about their world that they may take for granted from even one of his offhand remarks in some cases of the most brilliant of the vocation, which cannot be bought or sold, and cannot be taught in essence (only talked about, those who have a true facility simply discover more and more to talk about as they further address the subject, and others don't, to put it simply and in a way that is strictly true and somehow euphemistic).

The most important part of that institution are the founding authors recognized properly by it, which are the truly great philosophers which are left to us by what seems a battlefield of libracide. And what they have for us now, east and west, is the collective wisdom of mankind to put on display and hopefully concerning which offer some worthy commentary on the important matters thus broached.  This, even if only in perfect analogue to the role of the museum curator, would be just sufficient for the task of preserving and bringing to everyone's delighted and honored attention such a treasure.  When such an institution gives just attention to a work like Susan Neiman's, I feel nothing but a sense of things being in balance, as the quality of her work suits the value and relevance of the material of which she treats.  I would be incapable of envying such a person, but only of admiring her.  Expression of talent put to good use, in my view.  And it is such a satisfying aspect of that work that she focused upon her own grounds when examining some of these treasures of history along lines of a specific dimension of salient, perennial interest:  The Problem of Evil.  And she has managed to create an alternative history of modern philosophy in the process!  Another way of saying that is that she approached the matter by reference mainly to the philosophers of the most preeminent and salient reference to the discussion, who should by now be recognized as part of the pantheon.  Who could not value such a work as would accomplish this wonderful effect?

It's a transcendent value that is added to the work, that it be such a work that highlights in itself the subject matter to which it refers for its sources of grounds for discussion and means of reaching toward a just conclusion.  A conclusion which, from first inspection, does not satisfy in the least, although I think that is on grounds I will painstakingly discover as I finish working my way to it from the foundations laid in the first half of it.  But from the look of the foundation, and then in tandem with a look at the proposed steeple, I suspect that at bottom she is a religious Kantian.  But whatever her reason for saying it, she thinks that there is something to be said about intellectual humility regarding matters such as are sometimes broached one way or another by everyone, and all the more so should it be true of philosophers, who dare to attempt the godlike feat of assessing and assaying the world.  But perhaps she should recognize also, in her familiarity with the subject and its history, that sometimes such an effort is not to be taken as merely a metaphorical gesture, and if there is anything that I might be religious about, it is recognition of the profound and inescapable truth of the fact that the work of the True is, in certain possible (and in our case actual) worlds, the only noble marker of a good character, at least if they are undertaking the task of philosophy.  Because here the practical and the theoretical merge about the most profound matters of the world's concern, no matter what form they take.  And the judgements arranged by those chipping away at this  Titan's Task are every bit titanic in their efforts to be worthy of the task because for them it is a matter of hedonism in the only thing left to pleasure in the worst of possible worlds , that is the discovery of the Truth in defiance of a cult of damned liars and miscreants.

And there is much to be said about how the world as we know it became this way according to its own reports.   And the commentary given on this matter by those who are its proper authors, those who claim the power and the right to observe, examine, and understand the very world, they are certainly not an invisible class of people, although not all of them are professors of philosophy, authors of published books, or intellectually humble.  But I see no point in being so, when I have no evidence to support the need for such a caution.  I am simply about my task, as a wise man said is often the best way to approach something you love and also wish to perfect.  I would prefer not to get into the bitter acrimony with those I consider my predecessors in this Unenviable Task, because in any good possible world, it would be enviable.  Imagine someone like Kant or Schopenhauer, or Hegel or Rousseau, somewhat rather well provided for by their societies, so that they get on in important duties of the state, influence people's thinking through established and reputable venues, and are paid at least decently compared to what they'd deserve if they were only pure charlatans.  That is, nothing but punishment for their presumption or else a recruitment into some order of professional fools for the court's amusement.  Any of them who are pure charlatans must be among their most talented ranks if they fooled the rest of their expert community to append to them the title of "professor" or even just "doctor of philosophy".  Simply the title adds a sense of polish to anything the person will thenceforth say on the subject to anyone listening, just as soon as they find out about it.

But those who have not achieved that esteem in the eyes of such institutions are not, for merely that, unworthy of the title of "philosopher", and many a student in those institutions are worthy of that title though they do  not study the subject, often by far more so than some of those who are professors of it.  Not necessarily all, but some.  I was one of those students.  I was not humble, I was devotedly interested in the subject, in any subject which I studied.  I sought, in the Spiritus Philosophiae, to understand the world, and to defend my ambivalence toward it in favor of granting the world the benefit of the doubt.  That benefit, and my doubt, have been exhausted, though my study of the world's character and deed have not, nor my study of what important philosophers have had to say about the subject.  I don't think that I require the arcane to justify the immediately obvious, I do it because it is my Pleasure and Honor to do so.  I don't do it for the approbation of others, and yet I do not regard their esteem, good or ill, to be anything but relevant to my work.  It has opened many venues of investigation into otherwise inscrutable phenomena, which are often found to be aback of the "phenomena of interest", which therefore makes them "metaphenomena" of causal and semantic relevance to the phenomena of the world of which I speak and of which every philosopher has one way or another attempted properly to have spoken.

And even if I were to value Dr. Neiman's work in this field simply due to her excellent employment of her fine sources in order to explicate the intricacies of the issues involved, and completely disregard the central thesis of her efforts that must underlay her conclusion which in my view is dysmorphic with her foundations and grounds for it.  But if I were to say that of her, it is in no way an insult or affront, but rather it is with a fine appreciation of what she understands and what she is trying to do.  I think that she, like some of the preeminent minds which she solicits to bring their voices to the occasion of this worthy investigation.  Which is not only a history of evil in modern thought, but a spotlight on modern evil, itself.  I'm sad to say however, the when the most tragic and vile figures are to be drawn out for our inspection, the spotlight malfunctions and goes out for a period of time (or a  stretch of thought) which I consider beneath the capabilities of these able thinkers, Neiman herself included.  I think it is due to a certain trepidation, as to take such a proper conclusion of the worlds foregoing and ongoing evidentiary is to have surveyed evidence which, if carefully examined, understood, and developed into its implications, would say something much more dire than she has to say at the end of her work.  Dire for the world anyway.  Probably not as dire for her faculties of reason if, upon further examination of the same evidence in the future she will see what her well-chosen accomplices no longer have a chance to see and admit:  The set of possible worlds which comprise this world and its nearest accessible alternatives, whether past or future or parallel, are decidedly of a strain of  ontological histories, or careers rather, which end in self-destruction.

Not just because it might happen in far better worlds, just as it might happen here, and so "here" may be a not so bad world after all, since "it hasn't happened yet".  Well, it has, its just that it involved the sacrifice of the honorable perspicacity of being capable of recognizing it.  The only further qualification that need be made of that category of worlds is that those who decided its fate in this way vary only one "how much they knew" and "when they knew  it".  Some where dupes before the event, during it and always will be dupes until the very end of time.  Others became witting, and others became dupes though before they were "on to something".  In order for a moment to deliver to Schopenhauer a little of his own style of invective, I would say that he seems to come closest compared to the other voices, but then falls back to certain Cartesian failures of scrupulous metalogic attendant to certain metaphysical subtleties for which Schopenhauer himself criticizes him.  What an irony that is, for the consequence is that there is an end to the honeymoon phase where I inspect the philosopher with the greatest charity, and now I have seen a lacuna already in his otherwise miraculous feats.  What else could I possibly find, anyway?  It is almost like finding the flaw in a Persian rug or some other such fancy.  But there it is.  A shrinking away from the fullness of the truth toward which he sailed balking at those who seemed to him floundering in fear or incompetence behind him, or simply lacking the same degree of admiralty in the endeavor.

The details of these exchanges of view between myself and my interlocutors is to be set aside for a different venue, and those who managed in some way to invade my privacy and my rightful exclusion of their company (in advance and in absentia), well they are nothing but flies on the wall to that occasion, and I suspect that they in earnest know this.  Schopenhauer would have been no such person, and it would have been an honor to contend on specific issues with so fine a mind, and to discover how he would respond to certain possibilities which it seems he had not even considered, and in many cases (in some as Neiman herself notes in two critical pages) that he should have considered and known based on what he has considered and demonstrated up to the point.  Well, that is why I no less than upon Schopenhauer lay that charge of an important, but necessarily explicable lacuna, in their approaches to their investigations.  And while those details are philosophically interesting they are not necessary to this case, which has been laid out for the most part in layman's terms anyway, and which were sufficient to explain what I will say again but only with a different twist. 

Namely, that the world has supplied in the evidence of its phenomena all that needs to be referenced to explicate the understanding of its essence, and this has been determined by a method none other than which could be capable of supplying to precisely that empirical, a posteriori evidence the needed a priori synthesis toward what is otherwise the specific study of the promulgation of its fullest implications, that is, philosophical eschatology.  This is an overlap with classical theology and other religions which involve they use of thaumaturgic or mystic insight but which does not rely upon such visions as spur poets, but formulates essential and universal conclusions based upon particulars in a "metaphysical deduction" and orders its frames of reference to all particulars as expressions of a variant on the "whole" to which they are a proper "part".  This then reaches a radical "singularity" where the practice of knowledge and understanding in this particular field defines, in and of itself, a fact about the world in which that field is practiced.  

And that conclusion is supplied by a reference to the ongoing and aggregate forms of these evidences from the "constituents" of the world, so as to by an operation of simple deduction from facts an assessment about the whole of the world in which those facts are manifest.  All the while, of course, this is the ongoing pursuit that is more or less claimed to be everyone's, and in everyone's interest, viz. to know themselves and their world and the relations that obtain between them.   But in fact, it turns out that some, even those one would never have advance reason to suspect, or even have positive reasons to believe would not, will break in their execution of this endeavor and turn back.  They may be honest about it, and profess a certain humble hope in spite of what they know to be the likely case.  And they may even boldly discover most of the unappetizing truth of it, but then right on the cusp of surpassing les barricades finales, they suffer a damage or deformity to some subsystem of their inner orientation to the world and its phenomena so that they may even sincerely believe they have crossed the dire straight ahead of them but have unwittingly turned around 180 degrees, at the last moment, and put it behind them.  But if they had gone further, successfully, then they would have started from different grounds, and reached different conclusions at the end, and would have included in their going from one to the other some form distinct method necessary to that task, which would have been a more complete execution of the heuristic which I mentioned, but not only that one.  Schopenhauer himself, along with Kant and in some ways Hegel (despite Schopenhauer's deafening protests to the contrary), employed with varying degrees of meritable success this and other metalogical operations relevant to the rather difficult task of fully assessing the world's phenomena expressions so as to discover behind them its True and Essential Character.

What I discovered is that this world is an aftermath of its own self-destruction, playing out the inertial forms and appearances of a substance which it has already encavitated as void in itself in order to make rook for heinous and evil crimes conducted through deceit so as to operate and appear under cover of being special and protected duties for those criminals involved to rightfully practice as an honor to them and a service to us on all our behalves, especially and particularly any upon whom they wish.  It is a most quintessential form of self-destructive phenomena in the Kantian sense of imagining worlds where it is either incoherent or else otherwise undesirable, so that one is incapable of "infinitizing" that stable state of the world into its eternal essence for it would decohere immediately and completely into self-annihilation.  Worlds where everyone is instinctively selfish, unhelpful, and suspicious.  Not individuals, worlds.  Where a world is that way in certain aspects, and when it creates a circuit of ritual evil through those circuits so that they serve as its essential aspects for a "stable and peaceful" world (let alone an honest and just one), then it becomes self-destructive in essentia, and therefore, but for a remainder of ontological inertia on shorter and ever shorter supply, it dwindles into oblivion, while becoming growingly oblivious to this fact in some proportion that will reach its oblivion decidedly first in the race between the two, so that "at the end of history", or the end of time for this world, it will not even be properly present for the occasion.

Privacy, Opacity, Secrecy, and Subterfuge

Each person has his own life which consists of his outer form and inward characteristics.  Those are not anyone else's either to handle or even to inspect outside of what is normally possible in civil human encounters.  Otherwise we enter the unqualified state of nature and the arena of natural law and inevitable violence.  Regardless of the particular variances in what is acceptable or tolerable in regards these norms in any place on Earth, there is a certain polarity of emphasis which reserves an incontestable right to possess and defend the natural dignity of the individual on one end and to protect and value his standing and honor in society on the other.  In different cultures these polarities apply in varied ways to the whole gamut of human living and conduct, and they receive different emphases according to demography and culture. Chinese culture and history teach of these matters using an entirely different language and differently constellated array of ideas, but these yet gravitate around some central notions we can understand in the West quite easily, for example the Confucian concept of "Ren" which refers to being humane.  Concepts of nobility and familial empathy and respect for various roles and their powers, obligations and duties, is nothing actually foreign to what constitutes similar cultural values in China (and other Asian countries) and their corresponding forms here in the West.  But there are various gaps that stand out and one merely need to visit other countries in order to immediately be impressed by the differences in the way people carry themselves, how they interact, what they consider personal space, and to what extent they respect and protect the rights of one another in general and in specific circumstances.

When one realizes that there is a great scope between what passes for normal from place to place in different regions and states within one's own country, and between different localities and between different locations within localities, one can see that this attribute of human social arrangements is very diverse but one gets a sense that it is orderly along the axes of values that populate the spectrum which is polarized between inward and private aspects of worth and outer and public aspects of esteem in perhaps more graduated ways than found in extremely different countries.  There is often seen a geographic spread among people's cultures, traditions, customs and mores which shows in one respect some steady and very gradually or slightly varied root commonalities, and at the same time some divergences which are sharper, more plain and apparent, and even sometimes jarring in their dissonance where they to be mixed in the same environment.  But all in all there is a homeostatic system of correspondences which enable each domain, on whatever scale or in whatever relation to neighboring domains (or subdomains or greater domains), to engage in a relatively consistent and predictable pattern of regular events that enable there to be a sense of at least some cyclical sensibility and order, but often and in various ways a linear and progressive pattern of order, all of which are conducive to the full spectrum of human activities both for individuals and groups of all sizes. 

But what happens when a divergence is so great between two cultures that there is a profound distinction in the way values are understood in either culture.  That is evident enough when one considers all the major differences that indicate at least a variance of degree of respect and valuing of certain rights between such civilizations.  When such valuations on fundamental aspects of life in a society vary so strongly that they would be incompatible in the same social "phase space", then that indicates two things:  That these cultures are so different that they do and may never agree about how those fundamentals are to be valued, and also that they may not agree even on what those fundamentals are or what they mean.  We may be able to generally and superficially understand one another from across such a gap, but the more it resembles a chasm, the more likely that such understandings will not stand up well if we ever "trade places" so that a few from each environment are to be immersed in one another's.  The development of "culture shock" is not the same for everyone, and it may take different forms and occur at different rates, and each person may respond to that condition differently, whether in coping or abreacting.  But the fault lines will emerge on their own, without any need for a person to have any consciously well-defined senses of what those are.  They simply are, and will manifest on mostly subconscious levels although some salient and obvious differences will always be easily observable by the conscious mind.  

But this all changed dramatically after the development of the particularly Western concept of human dignity and rights, and the just need to protect them and manage our societies in a way that reflects a true and honorable commitment to doing so.  In no country is that so definitively displayed in the way that it is in the United States of America.  The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights clearly upholds as inviolable certain of these rights, does so explicitly and  with a systematic exposition and coherent logic that is truly a quantum leap forward in human sociopolitical developments.  It is just not the same in countries like China, and it is blatantly different right on the surface in this regard.  Whatever freedom one has to exercise one's rights here in regards religion, speech and other expression, political ideology, personal or other creeds, and any other issues which pertain to the individual in his own right to live and conduct his life as he sees fit, whatever such freedoms there are as we have here in this country, they are very differently treated in China.  Of course there are complex causes for why such a variance of degree occurs, but it is not as if there is no similarity in proclivities to wish to enjoy and express life in similar ways if the circumstances are right.  There are contextual clues that must be followed in all societies so that the law of the situation always applies.  But there is a very big difference right on the surface even in analogous situations.  How peaceful demonstrations are handled in Beijing are quite different than  how they are handled in Washington D.C.  Just compare Martin Luther King Jr.'s marches to the gatherings at Tian An Men Square.  

There are dramatic issues that confront two very different societies so that while the understanding of the problem or the nature of the issue is relatively similar, such as threats of invasion, certain core sorts of crime, and certain asymmetrical warfare actions involved in terrorism or subversive insurgencies, and the problem of foreign and domestic espionage and clandestine operations, there is still likely to be a dramatic difference in the way such issues are handled.  Indeed, there is something at root similar, such as when political and hegemonic expediency dictates that a dialectic of problem-reaction-solution is employed, and there are clear parallels in the political philosophies developed in these very different cultures at key times in their history which may be considered feudal and post-feudal eras.  Both cultural clusters have their humane sages who often prefer some distance from the fog of human tumult, and both also have their plotting political scientists of a pragmatist and instrumentalist bent.  Some mechanisms of power in the cultural domain cannot help but possess a certain transitivity across very different cultures just as there are certain natural and common law matters which are also transitive.  But at the very least in such cases there will often be a gap in the way they are handled.  

When there is an issue of social, political, and economic turmoil in the United States of America versus in the People's Republic of China, such as the sort of unrest and violence seen in certain demographics of their respective populations, one can see very different approaches unfold right on the surface.  Just look at the way liberal and neoconservative "anti-Trump" types organize and demonstrate versus the way that populist, constitutional conservatives and libertarians organize and demonstrate.  Look at what happens when they engage in violent conflict, and see how the state uses its police power to handle the situation.  In China, this is unlikely to be treated in nearly such a "hands off" manner, at least certainly on the surface.   Just look at the crackdown on Xinjiang Autonomous Region by the PRC, the way that they have turned that region into an open-air gulag.  There may be the reckless and needlessly confrontational violence of a standoff here and there between the Federal Government and some group they wish to contain or dominate, such as with the Waco Incident involving the Department of Justice completely destroying the Branch Davidians, but when one compares this to the way that China has committed mass genocide upon the Falun Gong practitioners, it is like comparing a match to a flamethrower.

But that is not my point, to show how very different the USA and PRC are in certain respects, but rather to show how they are precisely the same, but go about this core sameness in different ways.  And what I'm talking about here is mainly an issue of modern methods of social analysis and control which are being used in both countries to obtain a kind of social order that, while native in form to each country, is yet comparatively uniform in their similar reliance upon certain methods of  surveillance and manipulation of people and their social environments.   Leaving aside the metarackets which antedate and prime these methods and their deployment, they are basically the same systems of social dominance which are employed by the intelligence/security/military apparatuses in both countries.  The assemblage of a massive aggregate of data about populations in both countries is taking place constantly, and by the same methods of direct and "meta" data manipulation, so that basically only the names change:  here its a "fusion center", there its an "integrated joint operations platform".  Here we have a audio-visual surveillance grid, there they have an audio-visual surveillance grid.  Both are ubiquitously deployed.  The computer systems used to assemble, sift, and analyze this data are also quite similar.  The means of using this data is quite the same as well, although they may be deployed more secretly here, and more openly there: law enforcement units, clandestine operations units (military or intelligence or law enforcement), and various classical Staasi-style community policing programs.  While such operations are generally more covertly operated on our end and more blatantly and crudely doled out on theirs, the overall nature of the operations are the same, the overall pretexts are the same, and the necessity of having a public relations machine to constantly justify those operations is the same though the specific rhetoric may differ.

But what happens in both countries is the same.  Privacy is invaded and the dignity of persons is degraded.  Being opaque as one goes about one's business is treated as suspicious if one is at a certain "social score" in either system, and it is treated as simply another person's inner life and is protected as such if one is at another score.  There is a central control apparatus in both cases, and it includes a specialized racket which controls the people's activities both for business and pleasure, and access to technology and information in a way that makes them, in both cases but in different ways, essentially the same as livestock for various uses:  labor, experimental subjects, and fodder.  These conditions are veiled under blankets of secrecy in both cases, so that the only entity whose privacy is inviolable is that of the entities in each case known as the "deep state" or simply "the state".   Both have a relatively endless supply of willing accomplices and dupes, henchmen and lackeys, so as to carry out their dictates under these pretexts in the form of clandestine operations (organized crime using color of authority and national and public welfare as cover).  It is more openly conducted in China, and less openly conducted here.  There is some leeway between how it actually takes place and how it is allowed to be manifest in the public mind, so that it may be taking place in egregious ways unacceptable anywhere, but utterly unknown to be taking place at all.  Or it may be misrepresented as taking place in certain ways that seem a lot milder and more possibly justifiable compared to the way it does take place, and this is usually the middle territory between the two extreme poles.  The only real "play" here is in the power of those who control these operations to also completely control how these operations are exposed to the public so that it is in effect simply a difference in transparency of what is done and style in how it is done, but the same things are done, and in reality are done for the same reasons.  Tyrants want and need control, and will do whatever is necessary according to the most expedient method that is sufficient.

Fine for others to give someone a score in their own judgement system, and fine if a club becomes devoted to score-keeping.  But that should be their own private affair, and expressed only in appropriate ways, like with a fan or hate club.   But if that ever becomes grounds for taking action which in any way violates the rights of that person or anyone else, under any circumstances or for any reason (to include petty motivations, or even noble ones), then that becomes many forms of federal felony offense.  If it is lending someone to being in any sort of trouble or violence then it is a serious felony offense.  Aggravated all the more if it were in any sort of retaliation for anything said, for it at least supplies the motive of the crime.  Then if the outlays are just right and it can be included on the agenda, then the psyop goes forward just as if it were a COINTELPRO project going up against an entity seriously capable of being a threat to the country or its government.  That is a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but there is a long leash given in some of these clandestine operation outfits.  Maybe it counts as a side racket for them.  Maybe many are actually veterans of infiltrating seriously dangerous outfits in order to genuinely help those in danger of some serious crimes.  But once the manipulations are twisted down enough compartments, and propitious circumstances arranged, armed with several layers of information asymmetry and apparently plenty of time on their hands, all expenses paid by (insert oligarch).  I give this world a very negative "social score" when it takes this form to this degree, in which its direct relationship with me is but the tip of the iceberg for those who have a stake in "this world".   Regardless it will manifest as a "symptom of the universe".

From the Mundane to the Profound

 The world is already a mystery to most people, if they are honest and put their acquired beliefs "about" it aside.  Many believe in spirits, and to some a certain variety of angel may count as a demon and vice versa, as compared with what another would believe.   What someone experiences in life is what grounds the decision, ultimately.  Was it "good" for you?  Was it benign at least?  Or was it something which will remain an indelible tragedy tantamount to "throwing it all away".   That may often depend not on any proper expression of our will, leaving out human conflicts of interest, and simply looking at the natural world in a way empirical and unflattering.  Not cold calculations per se... rather a sense of what it is about which one should rather be ashamed than proud, and concerning which one should rather feel ontological dread than flowery giddiness.  This will tend to stand out as more salient and poignant for the sort of character who is of the "Good Will" and not of the being which has a lacuna or even "evil will" in its place.  They may be simply under the evil spell which vainly grants them the illusion in their own mind that they are "good".  It's a way of psyching oneself up to assume a certain identity and to attempt some sort of forcible alteration to the facts of reality to suit that goal.

Well, that is something that, like anything else, is likely to be exacerbated by technology, whether in the wrong hands of the typical agents of its misuse, or else ubiquitously in contact with people so that it bridges the gap between these social groups so as to lend to the former a strong bind of asymmetry against the latter.  The cell phone is one of them.  This thing is a "game changer" in a lot of ways, both for making certain things easier to do and also making man more important things worse. Not only because of the radiation in which one is bathed because of it, and that has been broached before by many, but also because of its directed applications both physical and psychological. This like all other factors compounds each of the other factors as a vicious force multiplier.  As with what technology normally does, it enables there to be a great disturbance in the status quo, just as it would be expect.  The degree of the changes that it incurs compared to what is possible with lesser technology is both more profound and more subtle, and is likely to breed an exponentially spiraling cascade of such alterations in the way things are versus the way that people are growingly simply conditioned to perceive them "as real" and "as such". 

The dangers which can be added to these as if some further alteration to a strong base, modulate its sophistication and extend its power.  Imagine the sort of pranks that can be pulled just from those with a perverse imagination getting around to it.  Then think about the way this and all other technology at the disposal of such persons  could do.  And think of the case where they form a pyramidal hierarchy that disposes of contingencies in the world unless they suit some continuation and preferably an enhancement of the status quo for the instigators of these crimes.  I had already since long ago figured out what sorts of things they were doing so as to cause the sort of harms which I said they were, but I had rarely heard of anything reported on the matter in a way as close to my understanding of how it works as this recent article.  Whatever the truth of it, it mattered to her.  Woe to those who have been inflicting this and other types of evils upon people in the world.  Your doom is incalculable in degree, and very bad according to your evil acts.  Expect to get what you deserve.

But in the meantime, don't ask why this is the appropriate judgement to render.  These forms of hideous mob mentality expression are simply condemnatory against who else but those who engaged in such action.  It shows their character clearly and plainly, it shows "what they are made of".  Those who conspired to weaponize technology in this manner, so as to falsely excuse its domestic use as an irregular warfare weapon, are even worse than those who use something like Twitter to communicate with mobs so as to encourage illegal actions.  We are talking about covert operations tailored to suit whomever is behind them, using the mob as a scapegoat, and doing so in secret in a form that can be maneuvered so as to seem plausibly deniable for the perpetrators, and passed off as some other event by the appropriate manipulations of first response units and using various guises of compartmentalization (national security, classified, top secret, need to know, public safety, ad nauseum), so that by these means a crime is conducted and covered over not unlike the sort conducted in an assassination of a US President or in order to generate a false flag excuse to go to war.

What a coincidence.  But the primitive intent is basically the same as when these actions are not conducted very efficiently as to their trail being covered, and that is fortunate.  We can see the same basic action take place in plain site, we can see the same basic range of motives, the same intent, the same methodology, the same effect, but all in a more transparent form due to the less expert handling in cases like this.  Child lifters, indeed.  Who probably would use such a nefarious accusation in such a format would likely be, or have knowledge of, "child lifting".  What do criminals love to do whenever possible except to have a handy scapegoat to deflect attention from themselves?  Child lifting does go on in India, no doubt, as it does in every country, even the "most civilized".  That is of concern.  But a mob is not the intelligent "go to" agency for obtaining intelligence or for taking action against such crimes.  These actions must be taken in a public and accountable fashion, and kept as transparent as possible for the sake of justice.  But this is not the intent of a criminal, is it?

And these diseased disturbances may yet lead to symptoms of adaptation in the social organism which do not, in and of themselves, constitute aberrations, but are possibly even reasonable directions for human action to take, but only were they taken by better people without becoming accessories to a large scale metaracket.  Adaptive economic behaviors, and other social behaviors, are what enabled the integration of certain waves of technological intrusion into the everyday world of everyday lives of everyday people.  These constructs could have had other forms of manifestation, or taken different routes as to their development for our use, so that they were not weaponized.  But they were weaponized, no matter what is claimed to the contrary by the turnkeys involved.  Even human nature becomes a "turnkey" to such a system if it is subducted wholesale enough.  Even if it were not already so much so.  It is a process that reaches its finest fruit only after thousands of years in some cases.  Just the right evolution of nuances in what passes for normal, what constitutes praiseworthy character and action, what matters most to the tribe or the individual, and which should matter more, the tribe or the individual, and in what cases.

Nevertheless, there are minimums of sense which must obtain in order for a common law (however distorted) and a common sense (however deformed) to manifest.  Those will enable the "grundnorm" of such a system of evolution from what is adaptive within the realm of genuine morality and what is not, but which is supported so as to appear so through distortions and deformations in the grundnorm of that society, whatever its particulars these general laws will obtain.  Within this framework roles are developed and institutions evolved so as to design their longevity and preeminence in society.  When these rituals are permitted over a long enough period of time, and therefore are subject to the corruption which inevitably ensues then, even assuming a golden age at the beginning and innocent virtue and genuine authority, even so doing one would have to understand the tragedy which has been programmed to ensue unless the "Tree of the World" which were thus grown were well-nourished by virtuous acts in firm resistance to that corruption.  Human history has shown some bright spots in it where it looks that at least a portion of those who might have taken up that fight properly made the attempt.  The rest do not get so glowing of a review.  

Which brings me back to that astounding figure, Arthur Schopenhauer, who had already made a rather metaphysically soaring examination of the world in his day and this on the foundation of such a deep and broad learning of so many relevant subjects that he is to counted as a definitive specimen of sage.  The fact that he was so at odds with the academic world of his day is, in my view, just the symptom of the deeper issue, which is that he was at odds with their corruption, and more to the point and more truly, the depths of human corruption that had led up to the world of his experience and which threatened to do nothing but become more robust by the generation. It is not as though his conflicts were petty necessarily, though petty forms may have been the medium of the occasion.  The true nature of the world was being assessed!  He was fulfilling his vocation, his passion, his claim and his duty to be in the position of one who not only can, but must and cannot help but lay witness to the evidence which is required to suit such a task, and that the accumulation of such knowledge as enables the structured integration of that evidence into a just knowledge of the matter to which their sum gives proper reference, and the heuristics of that process, and the judgement toward which they are properly to contribute, and the details of that judgement, must then naturally all proceed.

Indeed, the metaphysics of this are so profound, and the structure by which their clear lines are drawn so sure and complete, that I simply won't sully them with a presentation on such a corrupt platform and format as this, nor entertain the world with their grave beauty.  Let it just be said that consequences ensue from reality which will not depart from those who inherit them, and ideally they shall be the ones who sowed that relationship so that the latter falls upon the former as a matter of the vindication of the natural existence of "poetic" justice.   One cannot go around expecting pears from a tree that just last summer bore apples.  But there is a period of time where one may imagine what one wishes, because the firm demonstration of the evidence that proceeds from the truth of the matter which diverges from one's fancies has not yet arrived.  That is the season of injustice in its arrogance, in its duplicity, in its self-approbation as 'the just and good'.   And it will of course have all the spoils of the world at its disposal during that time, and able to treat of every good and every propriety as its own proper costume, to be given out only in lesser form and on strict loan with heavy penalty to any others, who are at best favorites of the status quo.  How else can I understand this modern form of Germany?  Surely it was a confluence of MK-ULTRA/NAOMI/MONARCH/PROGRAM/MOCKINGBIRD/MK-SEARCH/OPERATION NORTHWOODS/GLADIO-type crapola!

In economics there will still be ongoing developments that lie in a similar grain with what might have been and might even ought to have been, such as the restructurings of products toward something healthier or safer, or more efficient services.  As the major media crashes, there is a (deeply rigged) development of more localized forms of the same service, and not only on the internet per se.  In terms of major transportation industries being undercut by a wave of people who want to get the most out of their own overpriced and underleveraged capital, you will find Airbnb and Lyft and Uber and such.  I needn't blanket these and many other developments with any direct accusations, as they might have reasonably been expected to occur under certain prevailing economic circumstances (regardless of the question of the cause and justice of those circumstances themselves), and can at the same time dovetail with purposes which were conceived by the same nefarious influences which caused them in the first place.  There is a sort of 2nd world status which has been acquired in this process, so that even when there is some rationale to these things, there is also another consideration, that people would rather be well off enough to do what they prefer to do as work, not be forced into resorting to taking on second and third jobs and use for work what some class still yet and all the more is able to use for pure luxury. 

But those facts to the side a bit, there is still the emergent and technologically relevant way that these developments, however natural in some respects and however contrived by old paradigms of oligarchical control, serve the purposes of those same architects of this sort of strategic evil, this peculiar influence racket "anocracy".  They have created systems by which to cybernetically alter the social domain without needing to resort to any of the appropriate and already-existing mechanisms which the undeformed spirit of their culture's ground norms would allow and have already provided.  These have been truncated in various ways, both direct and indirect, and the "underground" mechanisms of this cybernetic science of social control have finally born a sort of fruit which was deeply imagined for hundreds of years, and explicitly formulated by thinkers of high caliber in many fields, sometimes with rather explicit descriptions of how it should go, and all the more as these 30 some odd decades have come down to us now as they have finally proven to be, that is, as the nascent proclivity toward which the sprout had in some way always intended.  No wonder it was prophesied by those with some special knowledge, or predicted by those with a special form of general knowledge.   The technological utility of these many otherwise 'innocuous' and even benign-seeming developments is exactly what one should expect to find lurking within them.

Those details should be explored in another section, one which will integrate several aspects of this staged freedom and demonstrate it to be, once again, a labyrinthine hall of smoke, mirrors, secret compartments, false walls, and is thoroughly infested with demons and an army of their fearful and disdainfully guilty charlatans.  Envy and schadenfreude wear the multiplicity of masks which pretend and feign concern in this maze, but then lead one into traps and simply wish to drown their fear of their inevitable compensation for their wickedness with the pleasures of ill-gotten plunder.

Ramifications of Corruption and Metacorruption Make Their Being Unadressed Inculpatory
While those who have a built in eristic device for cancelling out versions of events espoused by reports from others whom they doubt to be credible authorities, it is hard to argue with the public claims that people make who are precisely in positions of authority whose peculiar office is to pay attention to any salient evidence brought to their attention by anyone who seriously makes claims concerning any event which may be a crime, especially a crime against children or nuclear facilities.  When such reports are made, when such evidence is garnered by such authority figures, it is the official status quo of the public which supports the institutions of such authority to investigate and act as warranted by the evidence.  Either that or one must suppose that such crimes rarely ever happen, a spurious supposition which the evidence of history and crime statistics, as well as popularly accepted versions of events contradicts.  But it wouldn't be my contention in the first place.  I am of the view, hard as it is to accept as true and impossible as it is to accept at all, that these events really do happen.  There really are grotesque, evil people who do these things, and task forces are required for dealing with these vile emergencies.  It would never be my position otherwise.  The only way this could be otherwise would be that the situation is by far worse than what is reported.

How could it be worse?  Sadly, if corruption is involved, if people are in some hierarchical fashion either entrapping (true criminals or framed innocents) or setting up useful patsies who may be guilty of something anyway, or even if they are simply using valid investigations and ongoing operations which are legally valid in their intention and primary effect as cover for any operation which can be defined as a crime (framing/extorting/falsifying evidence/abusing authority in any way) so as to be engaged with any other operation which acts to use any means, especially "special" or "irregular" means to obtain influence over arbitrarily designated "subversives" or "persons of interest", then that is a malicious act being misrepresented as a necessarily honorable act.  It would in any case be a gross misuse of such an institution, such an operation, such an authority and would be a very sacrilegious thing both morally and legally.  That would be such a severe crime in itself that it would have to be addressed as a severe and grievous violation of the public trust to a point damn well near to treason,.  Miscarriage of justice would be so severe in such cases it is hard to look at the assassination of JFK as being anywhere near an equal crime.  This would be likely the crime of those engaged in such acts as the assassination of such a President. He was probably hated by the same group that invented the pejorative term "conspiracy theorists".

So be the actual ultra-evil crime rate of whatever degree, the use of such a scourge as cover to commit any crimes would be clearly sacrilegious to the law in that such a sort of crime as "child trafficking" (to include especially trafficking in the suffering and abuse of children), is the sort of crime that has to be handled as with other crimes, as something to be taken seriously, and not used as some sort of convenient way to commit a crime under color of law.  That may not happen but once, and it would be a crime that would be heinous and would indicate just one application of a methodology of organized crime to maintain its legitimacy behind a front of keeping the peace and maintaining justice.   Why would such a thing ever be done, other than that those who would do it would, in certain cases if the stakes were right, be willing to do such a thing if they thought they could get away with it, but especially if the possible reasons against it were weaker than the reasons for it.  Bribery, blackmail, intimidation, extortion, or any other form of carrot or stick could be employed if someone had the gall to attempt it and believed they could get away with it.  It would be a sort of handy side gig for the politically corrupt who may be deft in such vile intrigues.  Certainly there is no shortage of "fake news" claims going around, so that at least this dirt is being thrown.  But aside from cases where dirt eventually sticks, is it not the case that these things do happen, these evil things which often have gone reported in the news and in history?  Then how could one believe that only saints have ever been charged with the authority to investigate them when that is absolutely ridiculous on the face of it, given the long tradition of recognizing and addressing such crimes?  And that form of crime, corruption, is not foreign to evil interests that have a black market for them and harbor a certain utility for their evil purposes.

What they do with one hand, they accuse others (rightly or wrongly) with the other.  Even if one understood this to be only a potential with peripheral significance.  First the immediate criminal phenomena that seem to stand on the face of things, only then giving formal thought to further ramifications which may be developed from that evidence, further leads concerning further crimes.  But the issues that have been at stake are not only these trafficking rings, but also the politico-economic infrastructure that has been expert at just about anything but stamping them out, except possibly in what are but a fraction of what is maintained without danger of being addressed by anyone because the principals of the crime are "too big to be guilty of them".  There is no limit to what such corruption will do to defend itself, as there was no limit to what it would do to usurp what it had taken from the innocent in the first place.  In other words, if I am not to be distracted from the important duty to bring justice to these victims of such real crimes, I must not forget to investigate other rackets which make such things possible in the first place, which incentivize them from without the simple spark of a single perverse opportunist.... That is only a specious form of the extent of this crime, which must be suspected of being institutionally protected either by insular use of various offices as utility (if only as cover) so as to assist such crimes (if only by selective prosecution of them).  If this is the case, then it must seen as a challenge to be met to address it and deal justice against it.  If it is not, then why do not other important rackets which clearly rob and denude people (including children) of what is rightly their own?

It is my suspicion that many violent events are generated from a similar fusion and symbiosis of inherently motivated actors with those capable of and interested in the manipulation of those actors within the frame of such events so as to create a spectacle that has about one part genuine and inherent reality and about three parts counter-intelligence/irregular warfare operation force multiplied by a Mockingbird Mass Media intent upon "Mastering the Human Domain".